Jeff Fisher: “I’m tired”

Titans owner Bud Adams phoned in his appearance at Friday’s press conference to discuss the departure of coach Jeff Fisher.  Literally.

The 88-year-old owner briefly spoke on a telephone, presumably from his home Houston.   We’ll give the guy a break because of his age, but that’s a pretty poor effort considering Fisher was the team’s coach in 17 years.

Adams and Fisher both spoke glowingly of each other Friday.

‘This isn’t personal, it’s just time for a change,” Adams said.

The Titans coach, who often looked weary at the end of last season, admitted he needs a break.  He says he won’t coach again right away.

“I’ve been coaching for 25 years and I think I’m tired,” Fisher said.   “I need a rest.”

Fisher left reporters wanting more on Friday.  He spoke wistfully of his time in Tennessee and refused to get into specifics about why he left.  He only said he owes nothing but gratitude and left a classy presser after about ten minutes.

Titans Senior Executive Vice President Steve Underwood, who also plans to leave the team later this year, only said the Titans and Fisher had “differences” they weren’t able to resolve.

UPDATE: Underwood confirmed Fisher could coach right away if he choose to.

24 responses to “Jeff Fisher: “I’m tired”

  1. “The 88-year-old owner briefly spoke on a telephone, presumably from his home Houston. We’ll give the guy a break because of his age, but that’s a pretty poor effort considering Fisher was the team’s coach in 17 years.”

    Great grammar. Excellent job.

  2. I don’t think the MSNBC bloggers/writers proofread their stuff. It’s quite annoying and the errors are increasing. No excuse.

  3. Dear Mr. Fisher,
    Please come and coach the Colts when you’re refreshed! As I’m sure you already know, our current coach is a complete moron! Thanks.

  4. “Underwood confirmed Fisher could coach right away if he choose to.”

    this sounds something ralph wiggum wrote…hey mr. adams…i (don’t) choo-choo-choose you…

  5. Polian and Irsay arent deserving of Fisher.

    They got Caldwell and will soon pay the price……and I cant wait.

  6. It’s been 25 years for Jeff and time for a change. So he is throwing out all those outfits he’s been wearing since 1985 and finding a new hairstylist.

  7. Why would anybody want this guy around?

    Mediocre overall record, minimal postseason success, and he’s leaving the Titans as a team that’s better known for dirty play and immaturity than good football. That he somehow lasted for 17 years doesn’t prove he was great, or even particularly good.

  8. @Sylar

    Really dude? An appearance in the Super Bowl and making the playoffs all three years isn’t enough? They just need a new defensive staff that can teach those guys how to play, not an overhaul.

    Bud Adams isn’t turning into Al Davis. This is just a case of a marriage growing stagnant over time. Neither one is completely wrong or right. They just need to part ways and start fresh elsewhere. Fisher taking a break is a good idea.

  9. How thoughtful of you guys to give the 88 year old a break.

    I’m sure that was a gigantic relief to Adams, as it most certainly was to all of us.

    Whew. I was about to have an anxiety attack, worrying about whether or not PFT would give Adams a break on that one.

    Wow! That was close!

  10. This is just me talking/thinking, but when this broke yesterday, I could only think of how Bud Adams was screwing Fisher the only way he could (Al Davis’ “No, I will not pay your guaranteed contract.” not withstanding). He released a coach that many consider one of the top third of the league AFTER all of the other possible jobs had dried up. Not only have all of the head coaching jobs evaporated, but the position and coordinator jobs, as well. Aside from the Browns & Chiefs offensive coordinator slots and the Eagles defensive coordinator slot there are no other jobs to be had.

    Pretty sneaky, sis.

  11. This makes the classic song by Lilly Von Schtupp in Blazing Saddles all the more funny. Picture Fisher in a montage of his career’s struggles with the song “I’m Tired” dubbed over.

  12. So Bud Adams is his own GM now??? no one thinks there may have been foul play here? No meddling going on? No drama or Dissention in big T?

  13. For the guy who said
    ((Al Davis, please take note. It is possible to fire a coach and not publicly slag the guy.))

    Look if the guy at McDonalds messes up your fries I bet you would get upset and they are only $2… so Al Davis pays his Coach over a million and the guy goes out and breaks a jaw … hits his wife.. and brings the team a total record of 17-27 .. Then he sues you….

    I would’ve ripped him to Pieces too…. This isn’t like Wade Phillips getting fired… Cable Screwed Cable

  14. Fisher is a top 3 coach in the L, he deserves a vacation.

    Any team that needs a coach will want him whenever he comes back

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