Mankins paints a more dire picture of his future with the Pats

Earlier this week, Pro Bowl guard Logan Mankins seemed to be willing to consider re-signing with the Patriots.

Now?  Not.

Elaborating on comments that left the door open to stay in New England, Mankins has strongly hinted that it’s not.  Well, almost not.

I would never say the door is totally shut,’’ Mankins told Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald.  “But the way it’s looking right now, I don’t see it happening.  I don’t see them trying to keep me, unless it’s with the franchise tag.’’

And what if the Patriots use the franchise tag?

“I wouldn’t be happy about that, if that’s what they chose to do, to be dealt that kind of hand,’’ Mankins said.  “But we’ll see what happens.’’

On Thursday, the league said it expects the franchise tag to be available for 2011, despite language in the labor agreement that would support an argument against viability of the tag upon expiration of the agreement.


62 responses to “Mankins paints a more dire picture of his future with the Pats

  1. Itd be a tough task to find a replacement for Mankins. Do they do it in free agency, or with their 1st round pick, or their 2nd 1st round pick, or with #34, ( I think they have that one) or possibly one of the other 6 picks in the first three rounds? Actually most of the best guards are found in the later rounds so nevermind.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him tagged and traded. Given how underwhelming the talent likely to be available at 17 and 28 in the first round for their positions-of-need is, getting good compensation for a Mankins trade and selecting another guard may be a real win-win.

  3. I would hate to see Logan go, but if it’s going to be all about the money, it will be with another team. It’s easily addressed in the draft if need be.

  4. oh well, I guess he can join Vrabel, Seymore, Milloy and Moss on a boat/yacht somewhere and curse out BB – but deep down they wish they were still in the club.

  5. I really think this is about the solidarity, or colusion of the owners. They know they need to break the will of the union, and how better than to agree not to sign any free-agents to be.

    Once signed, players become the backbone of the union. Unsigned and they are fighting for self interest, and the union is easier to break.

  6. It’d be really interesting if he painted a self portrait, and the painting took all the injuries that he suffered while he stayed healthy.

  7. We’ll see what Brady’s really made of when he doesn’t have the same top caliber o-line he’s enjoyed his entire career.

    It becomes difficult to check down to the 4th reciever when you’re on your back.

  8. Hold out. Complain about use of tag. What’s the going rate for someone who obviosly isn’t a team player? Get rid of his fat @ss now and get somebody in the draft. He wasn’t gonna play to his full capability anyway.

  9. Considering that there’s no Franchise tag designation for “offensive guard” (the tag is simply denoted “offensive line”), if the Patriots Franchise Mankins they’ll be paying him like a top flight left tackle.

    I think he would be excited to get paid that much money for a season.

  10. After you’ve played for Belichick and New England, how in world could you expect this guy to sign with an organization as pathetic as Miami?

    They won’t draw flies in free agency.

  11. pukey60 says: Jan 28, 2011 10:38 PM

    oh well, I guess he can join Vrabel, Seymore, Milloy and Moss on a boat/yacht somewhere and curse out BB – but deep down they wish they were still in the club.
    what club would that be? “The one and done in the playoffs club?”


    “Not for Long” especially for any would be “dynasty.” Those days are long gone.

  12. Would be too bad if we can’t hang on to this guy. He is a stud and a great teammate from what I hear. With so many defensive needs it would be a shame to put the O-line on the front burner during the draft. But the team would have no choice if he bolts. Pay the man!

  13. Time to get off some of that cash Jeffrie Lurie,in the last 2 seasons the Eagles have chose to do nothing and this guy instantly improves that line !

  14. now you now why the owners opted out with one yr left on thee agreement! they want 6yrs before free agency! thats a joke then your stuck somewhere and can’t get what your worth!

  15. if he’s gotta go, can we at least make a strong play for Larry Fitz, so Tom has a deep threat again? A deep threat that is one of the top 3 most physically gifted WR in the league ( AJ and CJ as well)

    Brady ain’t getting anyn younger and imagine the poetry of Brady to Fitzy for the nexet 5 years

  16. tatum064 says,

    “dynasty” days are long gone.

    Spoken by a fan of the saddest joke of a football organization of the past decade.

    Maybe you can suggest who should the Patriots draft with the 1st round draft choice your team traded for a player you had under contract for one season before being franchised for 12 million last season and a FA this season ?

    Its always funny when fans of the Halloween franchise led by a senile owner make comments.

  17. If the Bears don’t make a move to get this guy then Jerry Angelo needs to be thrown out of a tall building.

    Hell…. he needs to be thrown out of a window anyway.

  18. This guy has plenty of money. He still lives with his parents and drives a ten year old truck. It’s about principle, not money. How far will he go? Only he knows.

  19. Makins. Great player. Walking bag of greed and nothing more than another NFL scumbag.

    Hope he takes the high offer from some crap team and like many former Pats becomes injured and fades into obscurity.

  20. I recently saw Mankins and Bill Polian together at St Elmo Steakhouse. Future Colt? Sure looks like it.

  21. They are clearly better with him. But you can’t keep everyone, especially if they don’t want to stay.

    Whatever happens will happen and it will happen before the draft. I don’t want to speculate on Patriot personnel moves until then, assuming a new CBA gets ratified. Otherwise, it’s all moot.

    Go Celtics! Go Bruins! Go Sox!

  22. Mankins was available last year and nobody wanted to spend millions on a guard. I see no difference this year unless he adjusts his $10m/yr target.

  23. From what I saw in the Jet-Pat game, they better sign Mankins. Brady was flinching while alone in the pocket–never a good sign. He’s gone SOFT with too much botox. I can’t be the only one who noticed his face was different in the beginning of the year.

    Must suck having to root for a QB who wears a skirt. Can’t say I have much respect or fear of a QB who should be wearing a too-too.

    BTW, chowdaheads love their Patsie so much cause their snowed into their 100 year old houses 1/2 the year. They’ve got nothing else to do. Have some guts and move out of the dreary ass constantly complaining place.

    Got to go tee it up.

  24. How many years since these losers won anything? When they did “win” they were given the game against the Raiders and spygated their way to the others.

    BTW, those teams “won” with defense, not bc of the pansy playing QB. He sure looked scared to me. I never saw Marino or Elway look like that.

    Must suck to be locked in the house with nothing to do. No wonder why there’s so many drunks up there.

    Peace–time to hit the links. SEE YA

  25. I can’t believe he would consider leaving Brady, especially after he got all upset when Polamalu bent Brady’s neck back at the goal line when the Steelers played them this year.

  26. Mankins is the best offensive lineman the Pats have had since John Hannah. There have been many good players on the line since then but this guy can beat anyone in the league one on one. Please stay in Foxborough.

  27. @ ampats

    tatum064 is still RIGHT about the “dynasty” remark …no matter what you say about ANY team.

  28. Deb says: Jan 28, 2011 11:50 PM

    @pukey60 …

    Didn’t think Vrabel wanted to leave–thought he was just traded. Did he badmouth the Pats?
    I’m not pukey (well not most of the time :)) but allow me to answer.
    Yes, Vrabel was traded but there have been rumors here and there that his unflattering public comments on Kraft’s Patriot Place sucking money away from the team had something to do with it. Have no idea if it is true or not though. Vrabes was one of BB’s most favorite players . He could be kind of a sarcastic dick sometimes (like BB :D) but most of the time he was pretty funny. He along with Brady, Bruschi and Harrison was one of the few guys BB let say whatever he wanted pretty much.

  29. @ lawyermalloy

    “Mankins just assured his exit by publisizing his displeasure; BB doesn’t play that game!”

    Mankins is a smart guy and a beast of a player. He wants out and in my opinion he (Mankins) knows thats all he had to do was say it into a microphone. BB’s iron grip is becoming a thing of the past.

  30. @Deb;
    Vrabel indeed shot off his mouth, by criticizing Kraft’s investment in Patriot Place. Mankins has apparently learned little from Vrabel’s case, or from his own holdout last season.

    Besides overestimating his value, Mankins shot off his mouth last fall and made Bob Kraft take this personally, to the point that when the dust settled, Mankins left millions on the table. He won the battle, but lost the war, coming back for a mere pro-rated $800K instead of the $7 million he was seeking.

    Instead of firing the jacka$$ agent who led him down this path, Mankins is incredibly enough going right down the very same path again!!!!!

    No one can deny that while the Patriots line did a solid job without Mankins the first seven weeks, the guy made a noticable difference when he returned. Still, the fans don’t want to hear this kind of crap from him, AGAIN.

    Hey, moron, have you not realized that your big mouth cost you millions BEFORE, and maybe you shouldn’t negotiate through the media like you did before? You are only going to piss off Kraft and Belichick to the point where they’ll trade your sorry A$$ to Carolina or Arizona and go back to the line that was good enough through the first 7 weeks of last season, and the fans will be sick of hearing your bellyaching and threats.

  31. @CKL and rich …

    Thanks for the info. Vrabel began his career w/the Steelers, and watching his success w/the Pats, I used to say “Why why did we let him go??” Thought he was one of BB’s core group, and he seemed miserable in Denver. Googled Patriot Place … looks like a kind of mall complex around the stadium. What an odd thing for a player to be commenting on … how Mr. Kraft invests his money.

    Can’t believe Mankins is doing this now, with a lockout looming. He may find himself out of work for a year and coming back to some hideous team. Bet if you interviewed all the players who left great teams for money, most wish they’d taken a little less to stay with winners–like Randy Moss.

  32. Mankins needs to talk with Deion Branch and then learn to shut his mouth. These fools all seem to be guided by ego and it ends up hurting them. It’s ego that’s getting in the way here with Mankins. He’s a top 5 guard in the NFL and he wants to be paid #1. He should just negotiate a real good solid deal and stay with the Pats and be happy winning year in and year out. If he lets his ego get in the way then he’ll very possibly end up team that doesn’t have the winning culture and team comradery that he gets with the Pats. He needs to speak with Deion Branch before he lets his ego lead him down a road he ends up wishing he didn’t go down.

  33. Deb,I wish I could say that the ex Pats who left as FAs have some regrets about leaving but the reality is that the ones who have rings especially were bound and determined to get max dollars elsewhere. Now do I blame them? No, it is 100% their right as a FA. I just don’t like when they say they want to play for championships and that’s why they left (hello Asante Samuel). Just be honest and say, “I wanted to make max dollars.”

  34. CKL, how can you leave teams like the Pats and Steelers and say with a straight face that it’s because you want to win? That’s nuts.

    I never blame guys who leave us to make more money–as long as they don’t badmouth the Steelers. It may work out well for younger guys, but vets often regret it. Was just watching a mic’d-up thing on Jerome Bettis and he was on the sideline telling someone money was most important to a lot of guys, but sometimes getting more money means giving up a better quality of life. He said for him the quality of life was more important. That’s one of the many things that set Bettis apart.

  35. what kind of mental midget comes on a national Football site and insults entire regions of the country for no valid reason?
    “NBCBLOWS is the kind. RU surprised that of the 25 responses to your misplaced, childish drival, only 1 was positive?

    Go back to white-trashville and work on your wretched golf game, and leave the big boy sites to the adults. They oughtta require users of this site to pass an intelligence test before being able to post….seriously

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