Ravens were concerned about Zorn becoming “insubordinate”

Jim Zorn and the Ravens seem to be having a messier separation than Jeff Fisher and the Titans.  Even though Zorn was only there one year.

Amid reports that Zorn and offensive coordinator Cam Cameron had communication problems, the Baltimore Sun reports that the Ravens staff was concerned with Zorn becoming “insubordinate.”

Mike Preston and Jamison Hensley also report that the Ravens were concerned about Zorn’s teaching methods.   It seems like Cameron and Zorn are two strong offensive minds that didn’t agree and Cameron wanted more control.

There seems to be a lot of post break-up “he said, she said” going on.  A league source tells PFT that quarterback Joe Flacco spoke up in Zorn’s behalf.

It didn’t help: Cameron will get more responsibility with Zorn out of the picture.

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  1. hmm, maybe Snyder should get a slight apology for the way he “treated” Zorn. Seems like everyone treats Zorn this way. There definitely isn’t any horny for Zorny these days…

  2. Ravens emphasized the importance of proper subordination in seeking to fill Zorn’s spot. But none of the applicants spoke English or had the necessary documentation to work in the country.

  3. Seem to remember Cam Cameron having a pretty big ego even as he was running the Dolphins into the ground. The Ravens offense underachieved this year – maybe Cameron’s really the big issue here.

  4. txttn says:
    “The Ravens offense underachieved this year – maybe Cameron’s really the big issue here.”

    Or maybe their slow footed, concrete hands WR’s are the issue. Way to make those big catches against Pittsburgh, Boldin and Houshmanzwhatever.

  5. Great…we have Cameron with a questionable track record & ego/control issues who takes an offense loaded with talent (Flacco, Heap, Rice, Boldin, Mason, McClain) and what was a strong O line & runs a lousy offensive system with this group…and everyone’s calling for his head…and Harbaugh sides with said coordinator over his franchise QB, and just about everyone else inside & outside the team.

    First we had years of Billick wasting a championship quality defense…now we have Harbaugh doing the same. I just hope when this offense falls flat again next year that Biscotti shows Harbaugh the door along with Cameron. Needless to say, I hope they prove me wrong. But if they don’t, Harbaugh deserves to swing as well.

  6. Aside from the fact Cam Cameron’s playcalling is horrible and the Ravens can’t seem to get past the Steelers (as it should be) it just looks to me that Cam Cameron found the one thing in Baltimore that he couldn’t find in Miami; A fall guy.

    Cameron is holding the Ravens back. A fact that’s bared out by the fact Flacco supports Zorn in this situation.

    Congradulations, John Harbaugh! You’ve just won yet another season of “we’re good but not that good” press confrences.

  7. UH OH! Looks like a Tennesee Titan redux on the make in Raven land. Sounds eerily similar. a dissatisfied QB. Coaching squabbles. An above the fray head coach who is really the center of the storm.

  8. I bet that 7 hr meeting included a conversation similar to this one:

    Cameron: Jim, you should have made Flacco better.

    Zorn: I did; look at the stats, assuming you can read, and try again.

    Cameron: We had higher expectations due to your past experience as a head coach

    Zorn: I thought the receivers you recruited wouldn’t drop the ball at crunch time, and I had higher expectations of the play calling.

    Cameron: You were a poor head coach and we shouldn’t have placed that much faith in your abilities.

    Zorn: My team didn’t go 1-15 like yours did; how did you even get this job?

    Cameron: Get out!

  9. There is no Tennessee Titan redux. Flacco isn’t like that.

    God Cam Cameron sucks. I’d take Zorn over him any day.

  10. @baboushka – definitely similarities…however, what we don’t have is a meddling owner. We have Ozzie! We may yet suffer more years of not getting over the Steelers/Colts hump…but our whole team is not imploding ala the Titans! Harbaugh/Cameron don’t hold us together ala Jeff Fisher, either…and the team would easily survive (if not flourish) with their departure.

  11. Good Come back msravens. I stand corrected! Hope this over flys over quickly. Because, while the Ravens are not my team. I love their style. Love to watch them play. And I hope they get back to the big show before Lewis and Reed call it a day.

  12. I am happy to hear that Flacco stood up for Zorn. That shows me that Flacco knows who and what the real problems are. You could tell that he and the rest of the offense were more than unhappy with the play calling and were showing the frustration of it. Zorn getting canned to me is there way of saying ” we know something is wrong and here is a sacrafice to make people happy ) Problem is it was the wrong sacrafice!

    Flacco stepping up shows me that he is a leader on the team even if he is not demonstrative on the field. Reading that made me feel much more confident in him as the QB of my favorite team.

  13. 3octaveFart says:
    Jan 28, 2011 11:29 AM
    Funny, a team full of felons and miscreants, worried about a bad attitude.

    3952 i Rate This

    EVERY team is full of felons and miscreants so shut it, second, this is about a coach, NOT the players, third, this organization is one of the best ever just ask anyone whose ever worked for them, the Ravens org is one of the classiest organizations in the NFL if you don’t know that you have no IQ or research to support your claim

  14. This is about Cam Cameron getting to make his own decisions as he makes his last chance attempt to get the Ravens offense over the hump and to a championship. When the season is over, barring major injuries to key players, Cam Cameron will be the one on the chopping block if the offense falls short. Joe Flacco also needs to know that until he wins a superbowl, he will never be considered an elite QB. Harbaugh knows that unless he wins a superbowl, he will not be more than just a “classy” coach. At this point, there are no better OC options for the Ravens than Cam Cameron. They seem to have indirectly upgraded their DC in a positive way and remained “classy” in the process. The Ravens have the talent, the ownership and the management to win championships. They have to prove that they have the coaching to do the same.

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