Vehicle driven by Raiders’ Rolando McClain hit in shooting

Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain was unhurt, but his vehicle was struck by a bullet, in a shooting in his hometown of Decatur, Alabama.

Fox 40 in Sacramento reports that McClain called the police and reported that someone had shot at his SUV. Investigators found one round stuck in the rear hatch. No one was injured.

McClain and his passengers talked to the police, and the incident is still being investigated. Local law enforcement has not publicly identified any suspects.

The 21-year-old McClain was the eighth overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft after playing college football at Alabama. He started 15 games as a rookie.

34 responses to “Vehicle driven by Raiders’ Rolando McClain hit in shooting

  1. dude , you got millions now…get out, and stay out of the hood…….donate some money to help build a program for kids there so they don’t grow up shooting cars.

  2. radrntn says:
    Jan 28, 2011 2:46 PM

    dude , you got millions now…get out, and stay out of the hood…….donate some money to help build a program for kids there so they don’t grow up shooting cars.
    You are assuming the shots did not hit the intended target?
    He need not have been up to anything,
    hometown jealosy could be in play.
    Hopefully it was a random mistake.

    Some kid showing off, tripped, the gun went off, they scatter.

  3. mybuttsayspft says: Jan 28, 2011 2:46 PM

    Wait you forgot to add your lame parting shot at him since he’s a Raider.


    That’s just Cincinnati and Dallas nowadays… Raiders have long ago stopped signing miscreants and besides they wouldn’t want to offend their source for almost everything… Chris Mortensen..

  4. I say per capaita that Decatur, Alabama is the crime capital of the world. I live close by and I tell you the news is full of violent crime that goes on in this relatively small town. It is all about drugs and Im not saying that Ro is involved in that its just that its dangerous to be out and about in alot of the areas of this town.

  5. patpgh,

    It depends. Looks like the picture is of a tackle on Sproles. If it was right after a reception then it’s possible he did get fined. However, there is no penalty or fine for helmet to helmet contact on a runner, so if it was on a handoff, there would’ve been no flag or fine on that play.

    I don’t recall McClain getting fined for any illegal hits other than the Amendola DDT early in the season.

  6. If you want to talk about high murder rates per capita, I think Salinas, CA is pretty high up there. The gangs and gang violence are crazy down there. Im sure every single state has their fare share of violence though.

  7. @radrntn …

    It’s not always that easy. Ro can move out, but it’s his hometown and he can’t take everyone he cares about with him. When Jennifer Hudson became successful, she tried to move her family out of the Chicago projects where they were murdered, but they didn’t want to leave their home and lifetime friends. The players may be able to afford to live in better circumstances, but they’ll still want to visit their friends and relatives from before. And a lot of those areas are dangerous.

    Thank God he wasn’t hurt.

  8. Ok for al the fat 50 year olds here.
    First of all He was not in the “hood”
    Mclain is not as gangsta or thug by any means.
    He listens to Metallica and pantera.
    He has lots of white family members.

    So that will put a rnd to all you racist…
    Oh and by the way The Raiders are winning the superbowl in 2012…..Most talented team in the NFL. Mclain will be the best LB in NFL history

  9. patpgh says: Jan 28, 2011 3:32 PM

    So how much did McClain get fined for the helmet-to-helmet contact in this photo?

    That looks like the hit that put the little fella to sleep. If so, it was shoulder-to-helmet contact, and it was nice.

  10. Dear Rolando,

    For the love of god please be safe. If you have t0 find a nice suburban white family to stay with during the offseason please do so.


    The Raider Nation

  11. @ adammanab08

    I don’t know. I live below Camden, NJ, and they have the highest violent crime rate in the country. And they just laid off half their police force.

  12. Murder rates per-capita:

    1) New Orleans, LA
    2)Richmond, CA
    3) St. Louis, MO
    4) Detroit, MI
    5)Baltimore, MD
    6)Baton Rouge, LA
    7) Flint, MI
    8) Newark, N.J.
    9) Birmingham, AL
    10) Hartford, CT

    Source: FBI

  13. There’s already been 8 murders in Toronto this year.

    There’s usually between 50-60 in a whole year, not good.

  14. if you listen to Metallica or Pantera you cant be hood, apparently.

    also, he has white family members. cant be hood. at all.

    also, Hue Jackson ^^ apparently knows his way around Decatur, Alabama.

    this guy never ceases to amaze me with his stupidity.

  15. Oh, torontojoe, guess the comment I posted HOURS ago has been censored, too. But this isn’t a Rosenthal thread. Would love to understand what the objection is. 🙄

    @huejackson …

    You assuming the commenters are “fat 50-year-olds,” then announcing that Ro listens to Metallica and has a lot of “white family members” to prove he’s not a thug is just as bigoted as someone who’d assume a guy is a thug because he’s black.

    McClain is a terrific, smart linebacker and loved by his Tide fanbase. I have no doubt he’ll be a great NFL player. Yes, the Raiders are a very talented team … with some big management issues. You might want to at least get back to the playoffs before you declare a Super Bowl victory.

  16. i was at the game when Rolando gave Sproles the concussion. I remember all the chargers fans were mad because we cheered. Like they wouldn’t have cheered if somebody put a hit out on McFadden. Oh and he was deemed a runner not a defenseless receiver so he was not fined. He was fined for the body slam against the rams i think. Pretty sure it was the Rams TE

  17. @joetoronto …

    If the link was to youtube, there shouldn’t have been a problem. But they won’t post links to videos on the NFL’s Web site.

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