Barnett hits back at Rodgers as Packers picture controversy continues


Just when we thought we were out of the Packers Super Bowl team picture controversy, the Packers pull us back in.

To review: Packers linebacker Nick Barnett said he was disappointed that, as a player on injured reserve, he wouldn’t be in the team photo. The Packers said, tough luck. Barnett kept complaining. Then the Packers reversed course and said injured players could be in the photo. Then Packers coach Mike McCarthy said everyone had overreacted to the whole story. Then Barnett said he wished he’d kept his mouth shut. Then Aaron Rodgers took a shot at Barnett by noting that he hadn’t stayed in Green Bay to rehab his injury with the team during the season.

And now Barnett has taken to Twitter to hit back at Rodgers.

“Well looks like people have something to say about where some people choose to do there rehab.. Try rehabing with 16 others then 53 more,” Barnett tweeted, referring to the 16 Packers on injured reserve and the 53 on the active roster. “Doubt you get the full attention needed.. It’s easy to speak about others when you are not in their position.. Talk about ‘union’ ha.”

Barnett later thought better of those tweets and deleted them, but as Matt Hasselbeck discovered this week, once you put something on Twitter there’s really no deleting it.

After deleting the tweets aimed at Rodgers, Barnett tried his best to put the toothpaste back in the tube with a series of conciliatory tweets.

“Forget it… Anyways god bless,” Barnett tweeted. “Goodbye twitter… It was fun while it lasted.. But we need to focus on important things.. Before I delete this page just wanted to say I was never trying to be a distration… I am packer have been one for 8 going on 9 years. I love this team this city.. All I wanted to be is included as a teammate nothing more.. Looks like it has back fired on me.. I guess. That was asking too much… Sorry if I offended anyone.. That was not my intention.. Never that.”

And with that, Barnett seems to be done tweeting. The Packers will now hope that what should have been a very minor story doesn’t devolve into sniping among teammates during Super Bowl week. And the union will hope that the inability of its members to refrain from ripping each other on Twitter won’t keep them from showing some unity as they negotiate with the owners during the looming labor battle.

74 responses to “Barnett hits back at Rodgers as Packers picture controversy continues

  1. This sissy soap opera As the Packers Turn is quite comical. Instead of preparing for the Steelers they are worried about trivial garbage. Lombardi is weeping. Steelers are laughing.

  2. Rodgers is an idiot, always has been. Not all players can rehab there, some have to go where they can get the proper attention.

    Rodgers needs to keep his mouth shut and focus on the game ahead. I agree with those that say the IR players should have been included from the start. They are part of the team.

  3. Who ever thought we’d have a battle of tweeting football players. Vince Lombardi is rolling over in his grave.

  4. Trade Barnett.

    Call Minnestoa First. They seem to want the things we are done with.

  5. I bet Barnett’s agent called him after reading the story and told him it was in his best interest to stop talking. If this guy was on trial for domestic abuse, he would probably end up convicted for murder. SHUT UP!

  6. Maybe this phrase has already been offered up, but if not:

    Twitter + Idiot = Twitiot

    Barnett is not alone in this. Otherwise bright people who think their every rash and fleeting thoughts belong on universal viewing access.

  7. Does twitter drop everyones IQ below double digits, or was it already there with these guys?

  8. Rodger’s message was simple- Want to be part of the team? Act like it. Withdrawing yourself from the team and then whining about not being included is, well, childish.

    Nick never should have taken this public to begin with. A leader would have kept it in house rather than taking to twitter. Nick is obviously anything but.

  9. Get rid of him! We don’t need him. TT will find another player twice as good as he ever was.

    That attitude is unacceptable. I agree with what Rodgers said. You’re expandable Barnett. Acting like an idiot will not help your cause. Trade him to the Raiders just to prove a point.

  10. I’d suggest biting him in the neck if Rudejerk wasn’t such a bloodless little person.

  11. Hey the QB is never the problem, for model teams. Its not Rodgers fault, he can speak his mind!

    Hah oh god I can’t keep a straight face, although he is a captain Rodgers should have kept his mouth shut.

    Specially since the defense saved his behind vs the Bears. Or did I watch the wrong game where Aaron didn’t play good.

  12. In a related story…….Steelers players are hitting each other….in practice. For they, unlike the Packers, want to win the Super Bowl.

  13. Isn’t there some kind of game coming up, like some important event these guys should be preparing for? Oh yea the super bowl… usually teams are talking trash to the other team.. taking small shots… this team is bickering with each other like married couples… shut ur mouth.. put differences aside and concentrate on the most important game of your career… then after u loose it due to your lack of being a team… talk ur crap and point fingers… then u can talk bad about each other for a reason

  14. If Barnett could still run and/or stay healthy, this would be moot.

    Also, I find it funny that Barnett said:

    “Goodbye twitter… It was fun while it lasted.. But we need to focus on important things.. Before I delete this page just wanted to say I was never trying to be a distration… I am packer have been one for 8 going on 9 years. I love this team this city.. All I wanted to be is included as a teammate nothing more.. Looks like it has back fired on me.. I guess. That was asking too much… Sorry if I offended anyone.. That was not my intention.. Never that.”

    …even though he took to twitter and opened a team situation to the public.

    Never trying to be a distraction, when I posted that distraction.

    As for Pervy, two words: Sour Grapes.

  15. Typical whining from the Packers, this time from within. I cannot wait to see the Steelers roll these turds!

  16. get off of Twitter, get off of facebook and LIVE. who has the low self esteem that they have to tell the world where they are and what they are doing… we don’t care

  17. The Packers should release Barnett from the IR now and be done with him. That is the one injury that actually helped them get better. Without Barnett and his constantly running mouth, AJ Hawk and Desmond Bishop excelled. Time for this guy to shut up and quit being a distraction to TEAM as they prepare for the Super Bowl.

  18. i’m not a big aaron rodgers fan, but seriously, he made a great point…and another thing, all these players going back and forth on twitter is so juvenile…nick barnett is an idiot!!!

  19. Oh no, an article detrimental to the Packers. Where are you now Jimmy? Is this Favre’s fault too?


  20. These players never should have been put in this position to have to of said anything. Most players never get to see a Super Bowl while they play and if on a team and helped contribute to the team during any part of the season they should be in any Super Bowl pic, receive a ring if win and so on. People running the show should have made sure of it, to me this stir up is on the ones that made the decision to keep them out to save a buck.

  21. The difference is Rodgers was asked a question by a reporter and he answered. He was honest. Read his comments before you make judgements some of you.

    Rodgers was not tweeting. Barnett was. He was not asked to comment he just had to put his own negative comments out on twitter for all to read.

    If I was Ted and Mike I would tell him he is not welcome in Dallas.

    If he can not refrain from twitting and distracting during this super bowl opportunity, well there is no possible way he can refrain from getting in the 106 ears on the roster next weekend.

  22. Yes, Im sure the Packers are dividing in the locker room over a player on IR that has hardly been with the team this year.

    Give me a break.

    Rodgers is a well-spoken guy who, if you ever watch his press conferences, always thinks before he speaks. Making comments like he did means the team in general feels the same as he does, and Rodgers went ahead and said it. Part of being a team leader is making comments that may make others uncomfortable, but they are comments that need to be said. There was no reason for Barnett and Finley to act like they did on Twitter…the Packers have captains and McCarthy has an open-door policy for this reason. If Barnett was so concerned about it, all he had to do was call up McCarthy or contact one of the team captains directly instead of acting like a child and whine on Twitter. Same goes with Finley. Rodgers shot in his press conference today was a direct one at Barnett and Finley, basically saying grow up and bring up your concerns the right way.

    Barnett deleted his stuff because he realized his roster spot is far from guaranteed next year. The Packers can easily go with Bishop/Hawk or with Bishop/draft pick in the middle next year and dump Barnett. Apparently he has forgotten that Thompson and McCarthy had no problems moving on from Favre, and its not like Barnett is irreplaceable.

  23. Nick, welcome to Oakland.

    Where your career will die like that of Desmond Howard and Javon Walker.

    Take care.

    Oh…try and stay out of the tub this year!

  24. I can’t believe he’s running his mouth just before the biggest game of his career. Is say he pretty much pounded the last nail in his own coffin with that one. See ya next year nick, when we play the queens.

  25. bbrophy1 says: Jan 29, 2011 5:44 PM

    These guys putting this stuff on twitter for the world to see are either drunk or stupid. Hey Nick, I remember my first beer!

    You’re being narrow minded about this They could be both stupid and drunk.

  26. This is only an issue on ESPN and internet message boards. I doubt it’s getting much attention in the locker room.

    As for invoking Vince Lombardi, Lombardi had bigger distractions on his Super Bowl teams. Max McGee stayed out all night before SB1 and had to replace Boyd Dowler. He played half drunk and was a hero in the game. Paul Hornung consistently missed curfew to go drinking and carouse for women, but was still Lombardi’s favorite. In addition, Vince would have an assistant coach pass through the hotel bar to warn players and give them a chance to exit.

    Lombardi would be more disgusted with the media than the current players actions/words.

  27. vbe2 says:
    Jan 29, 2011 5:43 PM
    Rodgers is an idiot, always has been. Not all players can rehab there, some have to go where they can get the proper attention.

    Scottsdale is the ONLY place Finley can rehab?
    How do you think the other players that chose to stick around Green Bay are doing it?

    Oh and please, save the recycled Jeff Foxworthy jokes. it’s an ignorant and tired topic.

    I do agree that this whole “mess” should have been handled inhouse. If only everybody had been INhouse.

    As for the haters gleefully thinking this issue is going to derail the Packers, give it a rest.
    Come game time Rodgers and Co. will be ready to play. If the Steelers stop them it will be because they are just a better team.
    It will have nothing to do with this petty crap.

  28. Barnett has always been a poor example of a leader. He has no body to blame but himself for his whiney antics.

    It would have been nice if Rodgers didnt say anything about it. But like what has been mentioned, Rodgers is not stupid (other than the troll idiot above who thinks he is dumb. LOL)

    Its my bet that this was a planned point that he intends to use somehow to motivate his team. How they jelled this year making due with 3rd and 4th stringer, rookies and guys off the street!

  29. Packer fans, gotta love. They expect loyalty out of the players. But when the team and fans are “done” with them they were “garbage” all along. You are the most pitiful fans on the planet. This team will be destroyed next week. I, for one will never let you hear the end of it. Keep running your mouths it will just hurt more when they get crushed.

  30. wafflestomp says:
    Jan 29, 2011 7:03 PM

    Oh and please, save the recycled Jeff Foxworthy jokes. it’s an ignorant and tired topic.
    Foxworthy jokes? Where did I make a Foxworthy joke?

    Rodgers is a moron, always has been and always will be. Maybe next week he’ll ignore a dying child.

  31. Rodgers has a point…rehab your injuries as needed, but when your team makes the playoffs you should show up to the games. These players are highly paid. They have no reason to be absent on game day.

    As for PervyHarvin…ignore him/her. I have followed his posts on many subjects/teams. His comments at best are borderline rational. I wonder if he really is an adult or a 12 year old girl?

  32. LMAO, Barnett will most likely be a Viking next year. Everybody knows they just take the packer castoffs since they can’t draft their own talent. Have fun wearing purple next year and losing 11 games Nick.

  33. “It’s easy to speak about others when you are not in their position.. Talk about ‘union’ ha.”
    Yes, how can we forget the “union”?

    Between the “union” being led by a jackass and the players backstabbing each other, the owners are laughing while they dig their heels in.

    As for Twitter, it should be reserved for little girls.

  34. Nick Barnett just punched his ticket out of town! As for Rodgers, he spoke his mind when asked, you can’t criticize honesty! He’s the NFL’s new golden boy! No way Rapist Ben wins this game…the NFL does not want him as their Super Bowl poster boy any more!

  35. Glad to see some of the PFT regulars back. Been missing you guys since you lost and your seasons ended. Where ya been??? Wallowing in jealousy? Wait until Sunday, you’ll be back here crying even more after the Pack destroys the Steelers.

    If this is the “dirt” on the Packers, I just gotta sit back and laugh at the pathetic attempts to make the Pack look bad.

    All this crying from a guy who won’t even be a Packer the day after the Super Bowl.

    After all the Pack has done for you Nick, you ought to cry yourself to sleep in shame for this pitiful distraction and self centered attention whoring you’ve done this week.

  36. Wow, most of you tards act as if Aaron Rodgers is your father and Barnett deeply offended you because he made a comment about your daddy on twitter. Who cares about this? It won’t have one effect on the game. Seriously, all you can come up with is that ” he won’t be a Packer next year ” Wow, got some real sharp knives on here.

  37. Those who want to blast Aaron Rodgers or Nick Barnett, try reading their comments in context before making yourself look a fool.

  38. I would go so far to say that this is an issue only for the PFT posters, nothing more. Nick Barnett is a egomanic loser and the Packers will move on without him. It might look too vindictive if they just cut his ass right now but if they did, I would love it.

  39. Barnett is just mad his backup is playing better than he ever has and got an extension.

    Better call the fire dept Nick. Those burning bridges aren’t going to put themselves out.

  40. aldavisisthenfl says:
    shouldn’t that dude be somewhere hanging on to the back of a garbage truck………

    Careful, pal.

    Deb knows some trash guys and she’ll be all over you ……like Big Ben on a drunken co-ed!

    For what it’s worth, I came into this week wanting the Packers to win, both because I respected how hard they played the Patriots with Matt Flynn under center, and because I want to see Roethlisberger win a third Super Bowl less than I want to see Sanchez win his FIRST.

    But all this Tweeting BS is embarassing to mature, professional football players and especially to the Green Bay Packers organization, and now I almost want to see them lose just to have them realize how stupid and counter-productive all this was.

  41. nitemare1 says:
    Jan 29, 2011 7:35 PM

    “you used to love barnett–he was you special man”


    I’m sorry, Pervy, could you translate?

    I don’t speak moron.

  42. Meanwhile, the Vikings and Bears are sitting at home. Notice their fans are the ones predicting a Steeler “blowout”. I suppose the Bears would have beaten them down though right? Lol. I guess we’ll never know because the Bears and their sissy qb lost last week.

    This is such a non factor in the game guys. Stop sounding so desperate.

  43. The only thing you did wrong Nick Barnett was not stick around college for a couple more years to Ted Thompson could draft you. If Ted isn’t responsible for you being a Packer your days are numbered. I think Donald Driver is the only Packer who was ever extended by Ted that wasn’t a “Ted” guy

  44. I have a question…..who will be the team in last place in the NFC north next year ?
    Thumbs up if vikings
    thumbs down if any other team…

  45. I love how all GB fans come on here and post little defensive comments. What a pathetic state. I guess when all you have other than pro football is serial killers, farm houses, and Amish (no offense to the Amish, you actually have class), you “ain’t” got much else to obsess about. Keep opening your mouths packers fans. Im sure Pittsburgh has got something ready to shove in it.

  46. Nick Barnett isn’t a bad guy, just not always a smart guy. He’s been licking the edge of trouble since he’s been in Green Bay. He’s always reactionary, thinking about himself first. Twitter in his hand is like giving a sharp oblect to a toddler; sooner or later they’re gonna get cut. Ultimately, so will Barnett. He can’t stay out of his own way. I’d much rather keep a guy like A.J. Hawk, who is a polar opposite of Nick. When Barnett gets cut, he should realize he did it to himself.

  47. who would’ve thought rodgers’ allergy to vagisil would include tweets? hope he doesn’t break a nail on this, especially before photo day.

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