Flacco sounds off on firing of Zorn

Multiple league sources previously have told us that Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco opposed the decision to fire quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn, and that Flacco spoke up for the one-and-done effort from the former Redskins head coach.

Now, Flacco has gone on the record to make his displeasure known.

I’m not happy about it, and they know I’m not happy about it,” Flacco told Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times.

As we explained earlier today, the perception is that the Ravens fired the quarterbacks coach because they weren’t happy with the performance of the quarterback.

“I also feel like a little bit like I’m being attacked,” Flacco said.  “You fire the quarterback coach.  Usually when your fire a position coach, it’s because you’re not really happy with how that position did.  And when I look back on my season and our season as a team, I mean, we won 13 games.  I felt like I had a pretty good year and you’re firing the quarterback coach?  It’s kind of an attack on me, I feel like.

“You know, it is what it is.  It’s not that big of a deal for me to feel like it.  I’m not happy about it.  They know that I’m not happy about it.  It’s not news to them.  They know I’m not happy about it, and my feelings aren’t going to change.  I’m not going to be happy about it, for a long time.  This year will be what it is.  We’re going to be successful this year.  I would have just liked him to be a part of it.  He would have liked to be a part of it.  And I think it would have been good for him to be a part of it.”

The fact that Flacco feels that way is bad news for the Ravens.  The fact that Flacco would say so publicly is worse.

“I’m disappointed and they know I’m disappointed,” Flacco said.  “I don’t think it was a good decision, and they know that.  I expressed that throughout the whole time it was going on, I expressed how much I didn’t think it would be good for us.  My opinion isn’t going to change.

“I think Jim was a great coach, I think he was great for our team.  I think he was great for me.  That’s how I feel about it.”

The numbers don’t lie.  Flacco’s performance improved in 2010, with career highs in passing yardage, touchdowns, and passer rating.  He also had a career low in interceptions.

We generally believe that issues of this nature should be handled privately between player and team.  By taking it public, Flacco has revealed the existence of a rift between himself and the coaching staff.  It’s the last thing the Ravens need with a lockout looming, given that they’ll need Flacco to be ready and willing to organize and preside over player-conducted workouts.

And now we know why the Ravens moved quickly on Friday to issue a statement disputing a report that the feared Zorn would become insubordinate.  Apart from ensuring that they didn’t burn bridges with Zorn, the Ravens didn’t want to do anything else to tick off the best quarterback the franchise has ever had.

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  1. well dilfer did manage the O to a sb win… grbac was accomplished before he got there… mcnair had 1 good year… flacco needs a little more to erase even that not-so-stellar group.

    otoh, i would be inclined to chew cameron’s arse since the last time i looked he hasnt won jack.

    they need outside speed. stallworth cant stay on the field. and the trio of mason, boldin and housh cant stretch jack.

  2. As a Ravens fan who wishes Flacco would get rid of the ball faster and take advantage of the Boldin catch radius that Warner was raving about, I love him speaking out like this.

    “By taking it public, Flacco has revealed the existence of a rift between himself and the coaching staff”? Did you miss the line he gave earlier after the last game that they needed to be more aggressive if they are going to beat teams like the Patriots and Steelers in the playoffs? McGahee and the never-used Stallworth both confirmed that Cameron didn’t like Flacco audibling. Mason ripped the offense as bad. McClain has been frustrated with it. Boldin has said all he needs to with his facial expression.

    Expect a lot of audibling this year, whether Cam “-4 Yards And A Cloud of Dust” Cameron likes it or not. Flacco has some serious swag, coming out like that. My favorite line was ““I guess Cam is going to take more of a role in the quarterback room, he’s always in the quarterback room.”

  3. Pretty soon Ravens fans will be calling him Captain Checkdown. Plays the same as Trent Edwards and even has the same number.

  4. Were they afraid Cam’s feeling would get hurt??? It’s about time grew a pair and got with the program. It’s not about feelings but about the Ws’. 13 for the year is not shoddy. They will have to “improve” on this number or look like a bunch of adolescents. I hope Ozzie was on board or this can really blow up.

  5. i think it’s refreshing to hear flacco say what he really thinks about the ravens decision to let zorn go and i disagree with the notion that this should be kept in house…obviously, flacco made his feelings known in house and it didn’t do any good, way to go joe!!!

  6. Since when did Jim Zorn become such a hot coaching commodity? I mean people are getting upset at losing Zorn and others are dying to have him on their staff? Really? Jim Zorn??

    Anyone remember the press conferences he’d give after any of the many Redskins losses he presided over?

  7. This could be another one of those, “Either the coach goes or the QB goes” situations. This time, I think the coach will go.

    Flacco is right. Zorn arrives and his numbers take a big jump. To me, that signals a good relationship and a positive training atmosphere within the QB bubble. Why on earth would you want to destroy that? The last time Cameron presided over the development of QBs was the Heath Schuler/Gus Frerotte tandem. And Heath will go down as one of the biggest busts in draft history.

    Harbaugh kicked the wrong guy out of town.

  8. Flacco is overrated and his stats are misleading. You’re talking about a guy who can’t read coverages and blitzes nor does he have any pre-snap reads to his game like the other elite QBs in this game

    He’s so predictable with the game on the line. Flacco, 5-step drop, hes holding the ball too long, SACK!

  9. Attention Joe Flacco: You earn your yourself a Sperbowl ring and then you will have some say in coaching decisions! Flacco had a great season stats-wise but he failed again to advance to the superbowl. Until Joe does advance to the Superbowl, he will only be a good QB, he will not be an elite QB. Joe should know this. There are consequences to failing to achieve a championship, one of those consequences is that you can’t say you had was what you needed. I hope Joe is pissed about losing Zorn… pissed enough to lift the team on his back and shoulder them through to the superbowl. If he does that, we can bring Jim Zorn back to coach him in the superbowl.

  10. As much as I hate the Ravens, I have always felt that Flacco isn’t the “leader” of the team like he should be and like other QBs are. People always say Ray Lewis is the leader, and that’s not the way it should be.

    If Flacco wants to be “elite,” he needs to start speaking up and take the reigns. For the most part, he’s got the performance down, but he needs to take that “leader” title away from Lewis. Flacco is the future of the Ravens, not Lewis.

    He comes across as quiet and shy–and he needs to get over that and be the voice of the Ravens–if he spoke up earlier about this, maybe Zorn wouldn’t be gone. Hate Ben all you want, but he likes Arians and spoke up about it and (unfortunately) Arians is still around.

  11. I’m getting tired of Flacco. Saw a Raven insider on TV discussing how he comes up short, prior to the playoff loss. He’s not exactly clutch. Maybe he’s taking more of a leadership role, but quit the yapping and win some crucial games. How he doesn’t take more advantage with Boldin on his team is beyond me, whether him or coaches, gotta realize the top talent and utilize it.

  12. I wonder what Flacco really thinks about the firing of Jim Zorn? His comments are hard to read…

  13. It may well be that Zorn is yet another example of coaches reaching their top level of coaching ability. He stank as a HC, but, at least according to Flacco, was a pretty good QB coach. If Cleveland picks him up to work with young Colt McCoy and ends up developing him into an effective WCO QB, then the Browns will FINALLY have a little revenge on old Ozzie Newsome. Remember, Zorn is from the Holmgren tree and played in and knows the WCO very well. The Ravens don’t play the WCO, so ………

  14. Hey Joe,
    When you learn to get rid of the ball and get enough first downs to give the defensive unit a breather in the second half, then open your mouth. Your stats are very misleading. A lot of the times you were out there in wonderland. We should’ve had at least 2 more wins if the offense gives the “D” a rest in the second half. A whole lot of us (Ravens fans) wanted to see Bulger because you acted like Will Rogers “Lost In Space!”

  15. We generally believe that issues of this nature should be handled privately between player and team.

    I mean, it’s not nearly as big of a deal as, say, IRed players being in the Super Bowl team photo..

  16. So everyone complains that Flacco doesn’t show enough emotion and fails to lead. He correctly spoke up and he gets grief for that.

    I repeat…it was your receivers and defense in the second half that lost the Steelers game.

    Baltimore had better stop following the San Diego and Minnesota model of management mediocrity.

  17. Let’s not forget this was only his third season. Most guys haven’t developed to their full potential in 3 seasons. And let’s also not forget that his performance probably has just as much to do with his slow receivers and Cameron’s playcalling as it does with his talent.

  18. I understand the criticism of Flacco in the playoffs and against good teams, and it is fair criticism, but many people fail to realize that young quarterbacks don’t make the playoffs that often, and when they do their numbers usually are less than stellar. EX. Matt Cassel this year, 9/18 for 70 yards, 3 INTS. Sanchez vs. the Colts, 18/31 189 yds 1 INT. Even Aaron Rodgers struggled this year in his first game, 17/30 244 2 INTS. Matt Ryan 20/29 186 1 TD, 2 INTS. Young quarterbacks tend to be erratic or terrible in the playoffs. The criticism is heavier on Flacco because he has had exposure in the playoffs and has came up short. You don’t tend to start seeing consistent performance in the playoffs by a quarterback until they have a few years in the league, and are a little bit playoff seasoned. As always there are exceptions to the rule, but that’s just a generality. Flacco will be just fine, everyone needs to take a deep breath.

  19. halftermguv, I appreciate your passion but the defense had done amazing all year when quarterbacks other than Fitzpatrick or Schaub had to go the length of the field. In fact, they were still about 60-40 stopping Schaub going the length of the field.

    Roethlisberger only moved the ball on the Ravens when there was a bad call (the 37 yards on the first drive on a bogus Josh Wilson PI, the missed offensive PI on the last drive in the postseason game) or great field position.

    The truth is, the biggest turnover was the one that was pre-meditated: Flacco’s. The others were fluke incidents that just happen. However, why was Heap the only option down the field on the pick?

    Cam Cameron is still my go-to guy for blame. Sure, that was only his 3rd-worst performance of the year, but Boldin should have had more than 2 catchable balls passed at him. Would people blame Demarcus Ware for whiffing on a QB in a playoff game if he was only sent twice?

  20. I read the article but couldn’t find any reference AT ALL as to how Flacco felt about the whole situation. One might imagine that he ‘might not be happy about it’ – but thats just a guess.

  21. @jvw1982 … Boldin’s lucky Flacco hasn’t thrown him under the bus for dropping perfectly thrown balls in big games.

    Flacco finished each of his first three years in the playoffs with double-digits in the W column–which makes him a winner. Zorn helped him improve in every area … but Cam is upset about that? Cam doesn’t want the QB to audible. Cam wants more control over the QB position.

    Cam sounds power mad.

    No matter how much Miami fans want to blame Saban, Cam is the guy who took a pretty talented Dolphins team to 1-15. Flacco isn’t Brady, but there are probably at least 20 teams who’d kill to have him. Who can blame him for being frustrated?

  22. @Deb

    You’re objectivity is a breath of fresh air, considering you’re a steelers fan you’re almost making me consider rooting for the steelers in the super bowl, however as a ravens fan, i can’t, i hope you understand

  23. What is funny is reading all this garbage commentary from posters who aren’t Raven fans and wouldn’t know Joe Flacco from Joe the Plumber.

    And while he doesn’t have a ton of 4th qtr comebacks, he did manage to beat the Steelers this year in a 4th qtr comeback, should have beaten the Falcons if the D didn’t piss down its collective leg, and if Q or Housh actually did their job would have had the Ravens tied or winning the playoff game despite the bad numbers. The pass to Q was easily catchable and the one to Housh was right in the hands between his numbers.

    So spare me the crap about how he isn’t a leader etc. The guy is in his 3rd year from a D2 school. Has more playoff games and wins than Matt Ryan who gets all the press and the love and still hasn’t won a playoff game. He is one of a few QB’s to pass for over 10K yardage in his first 3 years in the league and has managed to get better every year.

    This whole story is a smokescreen. He doesn’t like Cam Cameron. Thinks the guy is a jerk and that his game plans are terrible. And guess what? He’s right!!! Most of the team can’t stand Cam Cameron. Notice how Drew Brees and Phillip Rivers exploded after Cameron left as the OC? Well, now Cam has no one to blame but himself if the offense sucks.

    Flacco is not Manning, Brees, or Brady. He certainly is not Rapisburger who despite lousy stats puts together wins. But Flacco is better than the large majority of QB’s starting in the NFL and he keeps getting better. He is not perfect. He is not a great reader of defenses. Has trouble with a cover 2 (what young QB doesn’t?). But the guy has a rocket for an arm. Has not missed a game despite some really heavy hits from our rivals the Squealers. Throws the best “out” pass in the NFL by far. What we need is an OC that is willing to take advantage of what he does well instead of trying to force him to do things that he is not ready for. And while I think he needs to be challenged to grow as a QB the best coaches fit their scheme to maximize the qualities of their players and not the other way around. That is why Cam lasted all of one year as a HC and why he will likely be fired after next year. Flacco on the other hand will be wearing purple for awhile and from my perspective that is a good thing.

  24. @stixzidina

    What about Week 4 in Pittsburgh?

    What about Atlanta? (Even though we lost Joe still put up a TD in the last minute)

    Joe is starting to come up big in close games. I think his future looks bright, and anyone who thinks different is either a Steelers fan who just likes to talk trash about the Ravens (which is completely understandable and I don’t have a problem with that. I like to do the same thing with the Steelers) or a complete idiot

  25. First of all, to compare Flacco to the “Elite” QBs in this league is an insult to the actual “Elite”. I am sorry but the kid does not belong in the conversation. He has just completed his 3rd full season as a starting qb on a VERY good team. A team that is a legit Superbowl contender, and at very least Division Champion every year. Remind me how many SBs, or Division titles the Ravens have in those 3 years? An Elite QB would have at least 1 of either of those accomplishments. Lets break down whats gone wrong and what has been done to rectify it year to year.
    1st year – Rookie enough said – Experience in the system and in the NFL has been given to him, and to his credit, he has remained healthy enough to gain enough of it. He still made it to the AFC Championship game, very commendable, and looked like a very bright future for the Blue Hen, despite his awful post-season performance, but understandable.
    2nd year – NO wide recievers, however, he had a diesel TE, and a STUD RB and FB. That said, in a QB dominated league you need recievers. Still he had a part in beating the Pats in NE, but ultimately stunk up the joint against the Colts, and lost. Still commendable, and the organization did their part and surrounded him with Boldin, Housh, Stallworth, and he still has Heap…..that is quite a lethal skill position group.
    3rd year – Expectations were and should have been SB or Bust….Boldin should have had a minimum of 75-90 catches for well over 1200 yds, and 10 TDs, and without a doubt should have been the leading reciever on the team in terms of catches….Sure Flaccos numbers were better, but where were the game changing plays, what happened to Boldins anticipated impact on the offense, did Housh play, Stallworth are you there? Why was Ray Rice the leading reciever? How is it that the only impact plays made were negative ones? He did not progress at all, did not show the leadership emotion needed at that position on the field, and regressed in terms of expectations. This guy finally speaks out, and it happens after the season is over, and it references a QB coach that has been FIRED because of HIS development. Then he says he thinks he had a good year because they won 13 games? He is satisfied with that? Where is the mouth on the field, when his O-Line is allowing free rushers to plant him on his rear end before he has a chance to make his favorite throw…..the almighty check down to Ray “lets inflate Joes numbers because I’m a Beast” Rice? Where is his emotion prior to the game getting his recievers all ampted up? Where are his in-game adjustments at the line when he sees a defense set up to stop the play called (I know the answer to that one, he is not trusted enough to audible)?

    Fact is, Rogers, Brady, Manning, Brees, and Roethlisberger are far and away better players. Give them the Ravens Offense and you would see a SB appearance every year. I know Joe has only played 3 years, but this year he showed signs of regression in terms of the intangibles necessary for this team to reach its ultimate goal. He got his toys, he got his experience, he has a defense (when they actually rest for a series or two), he has a running back (actually 3, even though they are not utilized properly)……with all of that, and the expectations the Ravens have, there is no excuse for this team to implode prior to the AFC Championship game. Zorn is out, ultimately because of Flacco.

    Maybe if he gets this emotional, and vocal on the field, in the film room, and at the line of scrimmage, his QB coach will not get fired. Personally, I do not see it…..after this year and all the expectations, and resulting criticisms thrown his way, I think the pressure will get to him and he will wilt under it (kinda like he does when his line breaks down and he decides to run out of bounds for a 10 yd loss instead of throwing the freaking ball 10 rows into the stands). in 2 years, the Ravens will be looking for another QB. I hate to say it, but Sanchez is progressing way faster than Flacco and he is a year behind. Matt Ryan is also a good comparison, although, I feel he is under the same amount of pressure as Flacco, the difference is, I think he will thrive in it, where Flacco will wilt……he is a Blue Hen afterall, what did you expect?

  26. Why do my fellow Ravens fans hit the panic button on a 3rd year QB and 3rd year HC who have made the playoffs 3 straight years?

    People in every other city *SANS* Pitt, Indy and NE dream of making the playoffs 3 straight years. I bet DET would give anything for just once!

    Our problems are: 1.Pass Rush. We need another rusher to get to the next level. 2.Oline- other than Ben, Young and Vick, what QB goes to the SBowl with a bad line (EX.. Mr. Peyton Manning can’t!) 3.Audibles. Joe needs to make his calls or prove that he can so we can take the next step.. Ozzie can fix 2 in the offseason. Can Joe fix the 3rd?

    FYI, don’t panic. Here are Flacco and “Golden Boy” Matt Ryan career stats. Why are we worried?

    Overall Reg Record: 32-16
    Overall Post Record: 4-3
    Stats: 62.6% pct, 10206 yards, 60td, 34int, 19fum, 87.9 qbrating

    Overall Reg Record: 33-13
    Overall Post Record: 0-2
    Stats: 60.8% pct, 10061 yards, 66td, 34int, 10fum, 86.9 qbrating

  27. @Deb – Amen, sister!

    Once again, decision to throw in with Cam…and not your franchise QB & just about everyone else with a voice other than Harbaugh = big mistake. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m really disappointed in this widely respected organization for taking sides with an apparent control freak ego-maniac OC with a less than stellar track record. I have to believe that Harbaugh is the reason we still have Cam. If true, and if this fails, I hope Harbaugh is shown the door. Consistency like the Steelers have attained is the ideal, but you can’t chase an ideal to no end by compounding a bad decision. Gonna be a telling 2011 in Bmore!!!

  28. “im not happy about it and they know im not happy about it, im not happy avout it and they know im not happy about it” well you kbow what flacco sucks and maybe john harbaugh isnt happy about 4 out of 12 with an interception and 2 fumbles in the second half of the steelers game and know you know harbaugh isnt happy about it flacco so shut your piehole and throw to someone besides ray rice you freakin overrated bum!

  29. Wow, listen to Flacco – you would have thought he had actually accomplished something in the NFL by listening to him talk.

    To quote the Rock, he needs to “know his role and shut his mouth”.

  30. tleg81 says:

    what happened to Boldins anticipated impact on the offense, did Housh play, Stallworth are you there? Why was Ray Rice the leading reciever? This guy finally speaks out, and it happens after the season is over, and it references a QB coach that has been FIRED because of HIS development. Then he says he thinks he had a good year because they won 13 games?

    Those questions aren’t answered by the quarterback. They’re answered by the offensive coordinator. That’s why so many Ravens fans are frustrated with Cam Cameron.

    Haven’t you been paying attention? Flacco’s development IMPROVED this season. He increased in touchdowns and quarterback rating and threw fewer interceptions. But they fired his QB coach anyway. That’s why he’s upset.

    And yeah … 13 wins is a good season 🙄

    @mswravens and 7370355q …

    Thanks–I try to be fair 🙂 Definitely understand where you’re coming from 7370355q. As an SEC fan, I always root for fellow SEC teams in their bowl games. But as an Alabama fan, I’d have cheered for the Hounds From Hell before I’d have rooted for Auburn in the National Championship 😉

  31. You guys ragging on Jim Zorn, need to take a step back. Jim was always seen as a Good QB coach, and is credited with helping mold Matt Haselbeck if I’m not mistaken. The issue in washington, is that he was hired as Off Coordinator before a Head Coach was hired, and then elevated. Clearly he was out of his element then. That doesn’t mean Zorn doesn’t know Quarterbacks. Some guys just aren’t cut out to be head coaches.

  32. Obviously Harboaugh did not want the former head coach around .

    Called job security. Shows Harbaugh is running the show in MD. He still can’t beat a team when it matters.

    The shame is they take a shot at Zorn – for something that they made up in their own heads. Welcome to W KY manners. We will see more of this in SF this year.

    That hillbilly family is sure fun to watch.

  33. Well I’m a Ravens fan but not a Flacco fan. What difference does it make to have good numbers if you have nothing to brag about. It’s bad win you can look at your schedule and count your loses up front, 2 l’s to the Steelers if Big Ben plays both games, Indi and Manning, Pats with a healthy Tom Brady and any prime time night game. The Ravens never show up for prime time. Now go and check those stats. How many game winning drives have Flacco produced. Every Flacco win against the Steelers was when Big Ben was not playing, talk about a monkey on your back. As good as his numbers may be, he is still a frustrating QB to watch in big games. Each year the Ravens do something that exposes Flacco and it seems like next year won’t be no different. Now it’s all on Cam, to produce or he should be the next to go. We might be a few years late on that one like we was with Billic. Do we even no if Flacco can audible at the line. If he can’t read defenses how can he audible. Well it appears that I’m starting to vent so on that note I’m out but still a FRUSTRATED RAVENS FAN……….

  34. ravensfan4life52 says: Jan 29, 2011 9:44 PM

    What about Week 4 in Pittsburgh?”

    What about it?
    The Steelers were ahead with a minute to go, and were playing behind a 3rd string QB.

    Beat Ben and we’ll talk,

  35. If Zorn was let go because Cameron is insecure it’s a lame reason. The spin that they came up with to justify the firing was equally as lame. Zorn was about to become insubordinate, that he and Cameron were not on the same page, and that Zorn was a lousy QB teacher. This crap happens all the time in the corporate world, there aren’t all that many NFL coaching jobs and you just can’t pull the rug out from under a guy who was successful coaching his position just because he made the OC feel insecure. Flaccos’s stats rose 2010, meaning that either Zorn had a postiive effect on him, or that Flacco improved in spite of Zorn. Either way Zorn’s coaching was neither poor or ineffective according to Flacco. And who would know better?

  36. Good, now he knows how Ravens fans feel. Every time you choke in a big game, you lose your credibility and permission to talk. Shut your mouth and win something Joe.

  37. @Deb – you are as objective as they come…particularly for a Steelers fan! 🙂 I try at times, but at other times enjoy the trash talk!

    We just have that one major disagreement…

  38. @mswravens …

    Now don’t start that again! Besides … you’re wrong. 🙂 (Seriously … I do have inside info.)

  39. This franchise seems to be the AFC version of the Eagles. Always a lot of expectations, somehow always finding a way to fall short. Is there a power struggle between Cameron, Zorn, and Harbaugh? Hell, there OUGHT to be, with three HC’s on the staff. What each of them needed to figure out is why EACH of them was there? Not to argue, but to combine strengths and WIN.

    Couldn’t do that, so the back-biting kicked in.

    Did Zorn improve Joe Flacco? Yes, and no. Yeah his “stats” improved, but I sure haven’t seen the promise that Flacco showed us at the beginning. Maybe Zorn did do a good job, but Flacco isn’t the stud that everyone in Baltimore thought he was, and no one is going to get more out of him?

    Zorn was in a no-win deal, trying to put polish on a less-than-stellar QB and fighting off two other HC’s in the process. He’s not the issue.

    Joe Flacco IS.

    How many of those 13 wins were HIS, and not the defenses? How many years does that defense have left fighting their a$$es off and hoping they get a talented QB to take care of the offense?

    Clock is ticking on Joe Flacco.

  40. FoozieGrooler says:
    Jan 30, 2011 9:39 AM
    ravensfan4life52 says: Jan 29, 2011 9:44 PM

    What about Week 4 in Pittsburgh?”

    What about it?
    The Steelers were ahead with a minute to go, and were playing behind a 3rd string QB.

    Beat Ben and we’ll talk,
    Yeah, the Ravens were behind and Flacco went down the field against your number 1 defense.

    Nobody says Flacco is elite. I didn’t see it in this article or anywhere else. Nobody says that, he is in his third year and better in that then Ryan, Manning, Brady, Brees, Rivers or Rodgers.

    He didn’t mouth off, he was ASKED in an interview.

    No as a Raven fan this is frustrating and I have to agree that we might have at least one SB with a different QB in the last two years but that is not how it works. What is the answer, a new unproven QB???? Flacco has done as good a job a rookie QB as doen in a long time.

    I have to strongly disagree that the Ravens “imploted” against the Steelers. There was apoint in the game where the Ravens put up 21 unasnwered points. I have to question a game plan that has not more balls thrown down field which the Steelers struggle the most with and of course the dropped balls.

    Last time I looked around there is no better QB available and have to agree that at least 20 teams would love to have him.

    The Steelers went some 10+ quarters without offensive TD. Ben had no TD against the Ravens until the D put him on the 5 yard line. Ben summed it up perfectly when interviewed by Cowher during the R/S playoff game about being here for the third time, he said luck.

    It drives me nuts when the Steelers find a way to win which they do. there is no two ways about it but to say that Ben outplayed Flacco this year is ridiculous. He finds ways to win despite … and that is part of a great QB. But the Ravens did not lose three games at home, did not get blown out by anybody, played more road games and won then anybody except for the Packers.

    Play calling was insane all year. The Steelers win in Baltimore, came after being dominated for 55 minutes and no TD for the Steelers. We gained 5 yards on a first down run play. Then a pass play was called which was the game winning strip by Palomalu. A PASS PLAY called after 5 yards on a run, with 5 minutes to go, leading the ball game. All you have to do is run out the time, if no first down then punt and the game is over. Ben was sacked by Suggs all day, had his nose broken by Ngata and was unable to move the ball. Entire season would have a different outcome and nobody would be talking about trading Flacco or drafting another QB.

  41. @tleg81:
    I am a Ravens fan through and through and have supported Flacco’s growth throughout his first 3 years. In all honesty, I have to admit, I have felt much (if not all) of what you wrote at one time or another this season. Pure frustration!

    Everything you wrote seemed to strike a chord with me because, again, at one time or another throughout the season, I remember speaking or thinking those same words.

    My family refuses to be in the same room as me during a Ravens game!

    I can tell (or at least I would like to believe) you are a very frustrated Ravens fan (as am I), because if not, dare I say, you are one (really) freaked out stillers fan. One that I would most likely consult with Pittsburgh’s finest about…in order to prevent some sorta “suicide/dirty bomb” attempt on the city of Baltimore.

    But I digress…
    Even though I played ball in high school and I’ve coached pigskin football for many years and have been very, if not intimately, involved with the game plans of high school teams (that my sons play on), and generally feel very comfortable with both offensive/defensive schemes called/executed with any game…

    I am not a season ticket holder and I am not a part of the Ravens staff., so I can’t focus a camera on Flacco for 100% of every play, for every play of the game, and I cannot break down film like the Ravens staff can. (but I would cherish the opportunity to do so!)

    …and correct me if I’m wrong, but I doubt you can adequately do so yourself?

    It’s so very easy, to judge the wrongdoing’s of a certain position from the confines of one’s couch. I have to catch myself on that every time I watch a Raven’s game.

    We (you and I) don’t have all the facts to be judgmental of Flacco for what he’s worth…assuming you don’t have a camera pointed at him during every play.

    You (and I) may very well be correct in the assessment, but I have to believe the Ravens staff are much better qualified to assess the situation. They are, after all, very highly paid for that job. Being a Ravens (organization) fan, I have to believe they know what they are doing…it’s called faith.

    Without it (faith in the org) we are doomed to a shortened lifespan!

    Hope this helps?

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