Gregg Williams could be a candidate for Titans job

With the Titans firing coach Jeff Fisher, speculation has arising regarding the possibility that former Titans assistant Gregg Williams could return in a higher capacity.

Mike Triplett of the New Orleans Times-Picayune dissects the possibility that Williams would be interested in returning, if he were to become a candidate.

Of course, becoming a candidate is the first hurdle.  Multiple reports have centered on offensive line coach Mike Munchak being the favorite, and no other specific names have emerged, yet.

Williams worked for the Oilers/Titans from 1990 through 2000, predating Fisher’s ascension to head coach and rising to the level of defensive coordinator before becoming the Bills’ head coach in 2001.  Triplett points out that Williams’ relationship with Jeff Fisher could be an impediment, if Williams isn’t inclined to step into his friend’s job.

Another fact that could make a return by Williams far less likely arises from the same nepotism issue that may have been the catalyst for Fisher’s departure.  Former Titans tight end Frank Wycheck, host of a morning show on 104.5 the Zone in Nashville, said Friday on The Dan Patrick Show that Williams’ potential return as defensive coordinator after leaving the Jaguars was blocked by Williams’ desire to hire his son, Blake, who currently works for the Saints.

Regardless of whether Williams would want to bring his son to Tennessee, the fact that he wasn’t able to do so two years ago could be enough to keep Williams from wanting to return.

And though few men say “no” to the chance to hold one of the 32 most coveted jobs in sports, Williams passed on a chance to interview for the vacancy in Denver.

5 responses to “Gregg Williams could be a candidate for Titans job

  1. Greg is a coach that Nashville would gladly accept. Fans here have not forgotten that defense is what made the Titans a top franchise and they believe he can deliver in that area. Still, until the QB situation is resolved, the offense will be a question mark regardless of the coach.

  2. greg williams would be a great hire. However the Titans are ran by Bud Adams aka “the Al Davis of the South”, and making sound decisions like bringing back Williams just makes too much sense for Adams. Look for him to go cheap and internally, and 3 yrs later after rebuilding the Titans fire him and replace him with a nobody.

  3. well none of them want a possible rival for team control as an hc.

    obedience counts for much more than ability or or knowledge or initiative or experience (in the eyes of most bosses), as i have learned all these years in the world of work.

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