Herschel Walker wins his MMA fight

Herschel Walker is now a 2-0 mixed martial artist, winning a first-round technical knockout against an overmatched opponent named Scott Carson on Saturday night in San Jose.

As he always does, Walker looked to be in incredible shape, even at age 48 (video here). It’s hard to judge how good he actually is as an MMA fighter, however, as Carson was a hand-picked opponent who never threatened Walker at all.

Walker is one of a handful of former NFL players to try their hands at MMA. Some, like former Lions, Chiefs and 49ers receiver Johnnie Morton, have embarrassed themselves. (Morton was knocked out in less than a minute and had to be taken out of the ring on a stretcher the only time he fought.) Others, like former Giants defensive tackle Matt Mitrione, have been successful. (Mitrione improved to 4-0 in the UFC last week.)

Walker is somewhere in the middle: He certainly hasn’t embarrassed himself the way Morton did, but he’s not fighting a high caliber of opponents the way Mitrione does. Walker said after the fight that he loves MMA and wants to stick with it, however, and sticking with MMA makes more sense than attempting an NFL comeback.

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  1. “Walker said after the fight that MMA makes more sense than attempting an NFL comeback.”


    Sounds like Carson at least managed to knock some sense into Walker before getting TKO’d.

  2. That guy is 48, its incredible that he can compete at that level. I guarantee he’s more fit then 98.7% of the jobbers reading PFT.. Give the man credit, he’s not afraid to put himself out there and go after what he wants.. Good for him..

  3. I’m picturing that Seinfeld episode where Kramer spars with physically overmatched twelve year-olds in his karate class and justifies it by explaining that “we’re all at the same skill level.”

  4. See the shape he’s in, maybe the Pack could pick him up, cause their runnin game isn’t going nowhere against Steel Curtain.

  5. carson9 says: Jan 29, 2011 11:51 PM

    See the shape he’s in, maybe the Pack could pick him up, cause their runnin game isn’t going nowhere against Steel Curtain.
    uh you hardly blew out the Seahawks, and got ticky tack calls to “win” that one. The Cards went prevent on defense (because they had that game won, too).

    Steeler fan…remember the 2007 Giants. The same fate awaits…Green Bay will score and score and score and score. Its a likely shoot out.

  6. Maybe it was one of his other personalities that was planning on an NFL comeback. I wonder which won tonight’s fight.

  7. I can see Clay Matthews whooping some ass in the ring!!!! I would love to have him in Philly…..since we can’t, ill take Casey for the helluvit

  8. My concern is that this could be another situation like Mark Gastineau as a boxer, which helped shred the little bit of credibility boxing had at that time.

    Gastineau was put in the ring against ham n’ eggers, and built up a good record. People started to hype him as a real fighter. History has revealed that even the chumps he was knocking out were actually taking dives.

    When Gastineau was scheduled to do a marquee fight on a PPV, he was also scheduled for a tune-up fight on USA network (to help hype is PPV). Apparently the low-end journeyman he fought on USA didn’t get the memo (or take the money). He cleaned Gastineau’s clock, made a fool of him, and ended Gastineau’s brief boxing career.

    All of that comes back to Herschel beating what appear to be smaller opponents and racking up what appear to be legit wins.

    In MMA, even those small guys can kick serious ass. At 48, Herschel won’t have the speed to match a younger opponent who has really trained. This just doesn’t look like it’s headed someplace positive for either Herschel or MMA.

  9. In the MMA circuit, the former NFL running back will be fighting as “Hershel the Human Growth Hormone”.

  10. Maybe the NFL can start a senior league for older players that uses 2 hand touch & a smaller field. That way HW & MM can have something to do besides embarrass themselves.

    Senior NFL would go over well in Mexico & most spanish speaking countries, like a real man’s sport.

  11. The left that supposedly knocked that stiff down didn’t even connect, or so it looked to me.

    Walker looks awesome though, gotta give him that.

  12. I can’t believe so many are criticizing Herschel for the opponent he faced. He’s 48 with one professional fight on his record, he’s facing exactly the people he needs to be facing. You have to see how good they are in live fights before moving up in competition. Ask Bobby Lashley about it, last time he fought everybody was talking about him facing a hand picked tomato can and he lost.

  13. @deathmaskdivine – I don’t think anyone is criticizing Walker. It’s more of a knock on Showtime and Strikeforece for putting him on a televised card already. You’re right, he should be fighting tomato cans. He should also be fighting them on untelevised amateur shows in front of 200 people. Strikeforce is using this as an attention grab and it has Kimbo Slice written all over it.

    As long as Strikeforece doesn’t overhype him into something he’s not, then I have no problem with any of this. I just don’t want to see him get hurt in a cheap attempt at a ratings grab.

  14. Say what you want about his MMA ability, dude’s body looks like he’s 22! WTF? Sometimes you see an older guy and say, “that guy looks good for (insert age)”. Herschel doesn’t look good for 48, Herschel looks good for 28 . . . or 18! You look at that guy and you see absolutely zero signs of aging. Makes you wonder how much we could increase the life expectancy in a country like America if we worked out every day and ate right instead of eating cheeseburgers and parking ourselves in front of the TV 10 hours a day.

  15. I really want to see the salad this guy eats- since he has claimed for years he only eats one meal per day, and it’s a salad.

    Of course he has incredible genetics, too. He must. Getting off the couch and putting down the cheeseburgers will not help 99.9% of the population get anywhere close to his shape.

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