Jets eliminate 30 jobs on business side

On Friday, a tipster tipped us off to the fact that roughly 30 employees had been laid off by the Jets.  But before assuming that this was the tip of an iceberg of job losses in the event of a looming lockout, we obtained confirmation and an explanation from the team.

According to Jets spokesman Bruce Speight, roughly 30 jobs were eliminated in connection with the completion of the sales effort at the new stadium.

It’s unclear why the effort ended less than a week after a playoff run, especially since now would be a good time to redouble efforts to sell tickets and PSLs and other stuff for the 2011 season.

Then again, with the real possibility that there will be no 2011 season, the sales effort would have been a little bit harder.

So, yeah, it looks like job losses tied to the lockout already are beginning.

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  1. When is profootballtalk going to be renamed “jetstalk”? Sheesh, I thought they got eliminated?

  2. Have the Jets achieved “sold out” status for every seat at every game for 2011 – assuming there IS a 2011 season? If yes, then the sales staff has done its job and is no longer needed. If not, clearly the Jets are bagging these 30 people as a cost cutting move made possible because NO tickets can be sold if there is a work stoppage.

    If this is the case, congratulations to both the owners and the players; 30 families have just been thrown under the bus because these two groups of gluttons cannot agree on the proper way to share billions of dollars.

    This isn’t going to sit well with the avergae fan, who has more in common with those 30 laid off workers than they do either the players or owners. The heat has just been turned up a notch under the fans of the game, on whom those billions depends.

  3. The millionaires and billionaires are arguing, and it is the regular people who get screwed (as usual).

    Keep fighting and then slashing the working class jobs, dickheads. Pretty soon you’ll be on VS. or HDNet.

  4. 2011 will truly be an ugly year for america. no nba, no nfl, possible serious economic decline and recession, possible war, etc.

    Then comes 2012, and we all know what the mayans said. heck, it all makes sense now! we may be possibly witnessing the last super bowl ever…

  5. As someone with knowledge to the situation I have to shut all you idiots up. These people were TEMPS brought in to sell tickets. They had a set date as to which they were supposed to be eliminated and it actually went about a month past that date. This is not news. They didn’t even have offices, they were put up in a temporary trailer parked at the facility.

    Please try to provide us with football news.

  6. they had to fire some to make room for all the kinky foot masseurs that Rex wants to hire!

  7. It’s gonna be a difficult off-season with Bill in New England sucking his thumb, Al in Oakland sucking air, Bud in Tennesee plain sucking, Ted in Green Bay sucking —-s , and Rex in New York sucking toes………..if Vince Lombardi were still alive he’d be sayin’ “what the hell is this world comin’ to.”

  8. Jan 2007, The dems took over the house and senate. unemployment was 4.6 % and the nation was a few TRILLION less in debt than it is now.

    After 4 years in total control of the house and senate and 2 years of “guess he can’t” plus the total control of the house and senate the country is poised for total economic collapse.

    The 111 th (democrat controlled) congress spent more than the first 100 combined !! and unemployment went up!! Our children will pay for their reckless irresponcible wasting of trillions for decades.

    It is impossible for any nation to tax itself into prosperity.
    Every day our nation dies a little more under Barry Soetro the talking head, hand puppet of the US media lie machine.

  9. @benh999

    I hate to admit it but that was good,

    be careful Bart Scott doesn’t like anyone critizing Rexy

  10. @iownyou2,

    No kidding. I’m sure these were high school drop-outs one job removed from pumping gas that call everyone who ever purchased a ticket with a phone number on file.

    I went to a single Seton Hall basketball game with a friend who went to the college they were playing. Ever since, I get nearly a call a week during the season (and a month or so before) trying to sell me tickets.

  11. They were holding in the hope of selling Super Bowl packages. As they were let go they were reportedly told they would be hired back next year when Rex Ryan really will deliver on his promises to win the championship, to which some replied “can’t wait”.

    As for neverend1, you related to Van Winkle? Ah, hate to tell you but your economy is already in the crapper, you are already at war and the NBA stopped being watchable years ago.

  12. Businesses, at least well run ones, are continuously doing cost/benefit analysis of all of their processes, making sure the amount of labor/equipment/resources etc. committed to a certain function are equivalent to the organizations need for whatever it is they provide.

    Put simply, someone in the organization, through the analysis of a number of factors, determined the Jets could sell out all their tickets with 30 less people doing the selling.

    A perfect example of this is when the Miami Heat basically fired their entire ticket department when they signed LeBron James. They figured the tickets would sell themselves.

  13. skoobyfl says:
    Jan 29, 2011 12:06 PM
    The beginning of the end. Remember MLB? I don’t after the lockout.
    MLB reported all-time record revenues in 2010 despite the recession.

  14. “The beginning of the end. Remember MLB? I don’t after the lockout.”

    Lol – a reliever like Rafael Soriano gets 36m guaranteed over 3 years for pitching 70 IP a year (About 5% of his team’s IP). Isn’t that the same yearly avg that Revis gets but unguaranteed for playing 90%+ of his team’s snaps (when healthy)?

  15. realitypolice says:
    MLB reported all-time record revenues in 2010 despite the recession.
    Didn’t we just read an article this week that said while MLB is fast approaching the NFL in popularity for the first time since 1984, its popularity levels are still half of what they were then? Imagine what MLB’s revenues would be today without the drop-off in popularity due to strikes and lockouts over the last 20 years?

    While running errands this afternoon, I heard a caller to a talk radio show say that while he considers himself a life-long hockey fan, he doesn’t feel the passion to watch as many games the last few years. When pressed by the hosts for an explanation, he said he started losing passion after the NHL lost an entire season over a work stoppage.

    He’s right, since that lost year, hockey across the country has suffered a decline from its once-strong base of support. There’s a message in there somewhere for both the owners and the players.

  16. obamaczarofussa what you say is so short on facts and long on Fox News talking points I don’t know where to begin. You still had a republican president and senate through 2007 and 2008, the regulators who should have caught the real estate problems and mortgage mess were under the direct control of George W. Bush and they have admitted they were told not to enforce all the rules. Further, George W. Bush was in office for a doubling of the national debt from 5 trillion to 1o trillion, he hid what he was doing be keeping his wars off the books. Additionally, he lowered taxes in a time of war something that had never been done before. The Iraq war was bogus and should not have been started and fought. It caused him to take the focus off of Afghanistan and turn that into a quamire but putting a corrupt drug addict, but former oil company executive in charge. As to the bailouts they saved this country and millions more jobs and were the product of Hank Paulson (Bush’s Treasury Secretary) and Bush agreeing that they needed to be done. And lots of republicans voted for them because they knew the outcome of not doing anything would be a depression. As for the stimulus, the one republicans say didn’t work, it was 25% tax cuts for the middle class, which helped folks get through a hard time. Further, with the country in desperate recession what you have is lower tax receipts, making the deficits worse. And your free trading buddies have moved 50,000 factories offshore in the last 1o years. Do you think that helped our economy?

    I could go on but you get the point.

  17. the workers applied to an inside sales rep job that was said to only of lasted 6=9 months and it lasted over a year for most of them. Most of them were newly graduated college kids who got a great experience with the Jets. They were nothing short of a first class organization

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