More Packer photo fallout: Jermichael Finley responds to Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers team picture controversy is still not going away, as tight end Jermichael Finley has now joined linebacker Nick Barnett in taking to Twitter to say quarterback Aaron Rodgers was wrong to criticize injured players who didn’t rehabilitate in Green Bay.

Immediately after Barnett hit back at Rodgers on Twitter, Finley weighed in with a tweet of his own, siding with Barnett: “@NickBarnett TRUE FACTS RIGHT THERE.”

A few hours later Finley added, “For my followers that want to know why im rehabbing in AZ, bc I get the top of the line training. Its YOTTO folks. Think before y’all speak. Fans listen, I love u all, and have been working my tail off 5 hrs a day since I have arrived in Arizona. I love the packers. Everyone in the NFL knows that this is a business and if I don’t take care of my body to be Best player than I can be, then I won’t even be around to win a Super Bowl in the future. I’m a packer for life, AROD is my guy!”

It’s amazing that something as seemingly trivial as a team picture has become a source of such controversy this week, but these are the things that happen during the week off before the Super Bowl. And every player on the Packers needs to know that every word he speaks (or tweets) on the subject will be amplified by the thousands of members of the NFL media who don’t have much else to write about this week.

89 responses to “More Packer photo fallout: Jermichael Finley responds to Rodgers

  1. Nevermind the fact that just a few minutes ago Finley tweeted that AROD is his guy and he loves the Packers. Just minute details.

  2. Luckily we’ve got PFT sitting here reading all the Packer’s tweets. That way we’ll know that there is still a controversy.

  3. Sure wish these guys that had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the Packers getting to the Super Bowl would shut the F*** up!! See you in a Browns uniform next year! Maybe you can rehab in Green Bay then!

  4. At this point i don’t think the Packers players really care…I wouldn’t doubt they keep stoking the flame just for the fun of it. Not sure it is possible the story can go any further after they take the photo though…they’ll probably have fun with it.

  5. How is this a negative post, he is just explaining his reasoning for rehabing elsewhere? Besides he supports Rodgers, so again how is this “fallout”? Just making something out of nothing is you ask me. Love Rodgers, Love Jermichael, Love the Pack!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’m sorry but Aaron Rodgers is right. If you’ve been injured and left to recover somewhere else and haven’t been around the team all year, then why would you be in the photo? you wouldn’t. but regardless this is a stupid thing to get mad about. You still get a ring when the Packers win. stop whining. grow a pair

  7. what has this guy, and Barnett done to help the packers go to the superbowl, absolutely nothing. They both went down during the beginning of the season, and to say that they want to be in the picture for doing nothing wow really. If it was me i would not want to be in the picture or even have the ring(if the packers win) if i have not played in the SB, i think its quite safe to say that everyone agrees to this. You look at the ring, and then they ask you, what you do in the game, what are your stats> you respond= oh nothing, i was in IR, but i still made the picture and got the ring.
    This two i think we all know could get traded, obviously the packers dont need this two cry babies.

  8. Its funny that Finley now says “Think before y’all speak” to the fans on Twitter, yet that didnt stop him from having a hissy-fit and ripping the team earlier this week, saying among other things that the Packers “didnt care about the IR guys”.

    Its amazing that Finley and Barnett continue to run their mouths, despite the fact that they have both been rebuked in public by their head coach and their quarterback. Kinda shows you the “me-first” attitude each of these idiots have.

  9. Here we go again with another non-story. First, it was the cancer survivor that Rodgers allegedly ignored at the airport, then Cutlergate and now a team photo. Let us whip up a story because we need something to gossip about before the superbowl. Was does PFT have against this guy ?

  10. Enough with this YOTTO crap.

    How about the year of staying healthy and acting like a proffesional??

    I love Jmic’s talent, would love to see him stay with the Pack if he decides to grow up, BUT, the Packers played pretty well despite him being injured and Greg Jennings was complaining about a lack of balls and also was not producing when Jmic was in the lineup. Jmic went out, and he blew up.

    If someone wants to give us a 1st rounder for him, I wouldn’t shed a tear over this big mouth.

  11. “laxer37 says:
    Jan 29, 2011 9:31 PM
    Meanwhile the Steelers are busy putting together a game plan.”

    Yeah, Im sure the Packers players are losing tons of sleep over Jermichael Finley and Nick Barnett having a Twitter war.

  12. I like how these grown men have the maturity to confront each other privately instead of airing their conflict out in the open. As bad as a bunch of teenage girls.

  13. It’s a story, just face it.

    The Packers already tried to brush it away early in the week and the guys keep going back and forth with it.

  14. Sure wish these guys that had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the Packers getting to the Super Bowl would shut the F*** up!! See you in a Browns uniform next year! Maybe you can rehab in Green Bay then!


    Doesn’t get any more ignorant than that, folks.

  15. Just unbelievable. The organization is on the brink of obtaining its extremely rare goal goal and these ______s want to be in the team picture.

    Or, do they want to be in Dallas having a party.

    IF GB loses, these guys are toast. I don’t think anyone will want to have anything to do with them.

    What is the trade value of Finley??

  16. Finley and Barnett are right. Getting to and winning the Super Bowl is a process and they were important players that helped the Packers develop into a Super Bowl caliber team. Even this year, Barnett and Finley contributed towards victories. Remember, the Packers needed every last win to even reach the playoffs. They should, without a doubt, be included in the team picture. Rodgers should just keep his mouth shut and focus on the Steeler defense.

  17. this is a nonstory, but i will forgive and forget if this can just be the end of it, for the love of all that is holy

  18. Had the organization’s decision to have the entire 2010 team be in the picture from the beginning none of this would be happening.

  19. It’s really no big deal being in the team picture . . . ever since the advent of PhotoShop, I’ve been in the team pictures of every Super Bowl team. I have wall full of them.

  20. I have to say, I’m enjoying this. Let the Packers absorb the entire spotlight while the Steelers slip under the radar, just like they always do.

  21. If I were a player on the IR, and had good reason to rehab somewhere else – no big deal. But, I would still make an effort to fly back at least every other game to support my team – especially when in a playoff run. I see slot of IR’d players on the sidelines of there respective teams. Just saying…..

    I am a lions fan, but forth Super Bowl….Go Packers!

  22. Hey Jermichael,

    You’ve been working your butt off 5 hours a day? Where I come from that’s called a part time job.

    Don’t bust me up with your part time job in sunny Arizona. You could get the exact same attention from a highly qualified physician in Wisconsin.

    If you want to be a part of the team when it matters to the team most, then you should have been a part of the team getting to that point.

  23. @dawgpound2010

    PFT is not at fault here, Rogers is the one who fueled the fire.

    The Head Coach also bears the brunt of blame-can’t control the players on the eve of the playoffs.

    Does not bode well for the Packers

  24. laxer37 says:
    Jan 29, 2011 9:31 PM
    Meanwhile the Steelers are busy putting together a game plan.

    yes…they are recruiting Univ of Texas girls for Big Ben this week

  25. It’s amazing that something as seemingly trivial as a team picture has become a source of such controversy this week

    Yes, gee, how could this be happening? It’s almost like some website needs to fan the flames of this worthless story for hits during a slow news time. It’s mystery wrapped up in a riddle.

  26. Am I the only one totally stunned at this?

    I mean, there’s disagreements, point of principle, agree/disagree with, etc.

    But at the end of the day, the Packers need to be concentrating on preparing for the SB, and anyone who isn’t helping to that end, is hindering.

    (p.s., the Steelers must be loving this!)

  27. Laxer, you hit the nail on the head.

    No one is smiling more right now than the Pittsburgh Steelers. All that talk about Pouncey? Swept under by “Photogate”.

    All they are doing is preparing like professionals and champions. They’ll still have to get it done on the field. But something tells me this won’t go away until it’s time for the game to be played.

    Seattle in 2005, Arizona in 2008.

    Green Bay in 2010. You’re next to fall to Steeler Nation.

  28. Dang! Its terrible to me to see alot of Packers fans turn on the players that’s still on the team and is on ARod so much not to see he’s even had a hand on keeping this distraction going he shouldnt of answered the question on this.. a true leader would of kept this in house and went to them like men.. & still them 16 IR players contributed to the team getting to the SB its not jus the players in the NFCC game that got the team to the SB some of those players helped in practices and even played in games during the season some of them players have been good teammates and fought to win and get to a SB on the team for years! All them players had a hand in getting the team to the SB since mini camps to training camp to the regular season to the playoffs a team doesnt jus get to the SB from the starters! The Packers drop the ball on this and totaly brought this mini contrivory on them selves there should of been no question to them players being in the photo and their 1st comment about it was a joke.. seems like they wanted to save a quick buck and not let the players fly on the plane and take in the SB experiance! The Steelers have never had this problem looks like they understand every player on IR or not had a hand in getting the team to the big dance! Jus sad though that since this story broke fans have been talking bout the players are not on the team and they did nothing and dont worry you wont be here next year and they a distraction I mean some even apoligized and the starting QB keeps it going and everybody has something to say about the injured players! Seems like the fans for the Pack are more on the Owners side for this labor thingy cause seems like no loyalty to the players!

  29. When you rehab elsewhere you are not in the team meetings, learning your system better. They are missing out on getting better mentally. To me it shows a lack of commitment to his team.

  30. The reason these players want to be in the photo is simple. If the Packers win, a player that has a ring and is in the team photo is seen as a contributor to getting the championship. There will be questions to answer if a player has a ring but is not in the team photo. Think of it this way, 5-10 years from now when a player is talking about his team’s superbowl run will the majority of people remember who was on IR for that team?

    Not being in the team photo takes away the bragging rights for these guys. And if you don’t think that professional athletes like to brag you are naive.

  31. So let me understand what you people are saying… Im sure some of you have kids that play little league, pop warner or rec league basketball and probably wouldnt play unless the league had a minimum participation rule. So your kid sits there and when they do play they do nothing to help the team win or get to the championship game so should they shouldnt be in the team pic right? and if the team wins they shouldnt get a trophy right? Ive never seen people so stupid to say these people shouldnt be in the pic or be a part of the team.It doesnt matter if they got hurt the first day of training camp they are still on the team. Thats the bad thing about sports being so popular its a bunch of idiots that have no clue about sports or what its like to be a part of a team.

  32. I don’t know how in the hell these players on IR can be stupid enough to draw their own team into such a ridiculous controversy the week before the biggest game of their lives.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    Is it important to them to be in a team photo? Sure.

    Is it worth going public via Twitter like a teenage girl and causing a major distraction for the entire team?

    Do these morons realize how stupid they look and the harm they are causing their teams?

    Grow up, your teammates have better things to do than argue with you through Twitter.

  33. Barnett and Finley keep calling attention to themselves. It brings to mind a song called “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by –how ironic!–Simple Minds.

  34. The Packers should suspend these two idiots for conduct detrimental to the team and not allow them to attend the super bowl or be in the picture. Their TEAM is preparing to play in the Super Bowl and they are wearing their feelings on their Twitter sleeves instead of being professionals and being supportive of their TEAM. These two divass need to shut up. Their feelings are hurt because the Packers got to the Super Bowl without them.

  35. You mean he’s working a whole FIVE HOURS PER DAY???!!!??? Wow how can he do that – that’s amazing effort. That’s incredible, working 5 hours per day in Arizona, how dare Aaron Rodgers criticize that amazing effort. What if everyone had to work that hard? Wow.

  36. Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice, Big Ben, Silverback, The Flying Hawaiian and the rest of the Steeler Friends prepare their forthcoming attack diligently.

  37. I love the posts stating “meanwhile, the Steelers are gameplaning.” Or “meanwhile the Steelers are practicing.” As if the Pack is not. Give me a break. All of this is so trivial. If this is the only thing the Pack has to worry about, good.

  38. I don’t see this as big of a deal as Nick Barnett’s comments. Finley had a positive attitude in his tweets, he just was defending why he was rehabbing elsewhere, which I think is fair in response to Rodgers’s comments. Nick Barnett, however, lashed out at Rodgers and had much more negative tweets.

  39. catman72 says:
    Jan 29, 2011 11:25 PM
    I’m asking myself why Aaron Rodgers got sucked into this crap in the first place?
    Could be that Rodgers doesn’t have brains either. Talk about airing out dirty laundry in public. Why don’t these guys just talk to each other and figure it out.

  40. Regardless of who was right or wrong, the Packers are showing their inexperience and lack of ability to handle these issues internally. They should have immediately put out a press release stating the picture was rescheduled to accommodate the injured players and the initial date was simply an oversight. Instead, two of the leaders of this team (McCarthy and Rodgers) come out publicly during a week that is known for meaningless distractions and make the issue seem like a big internal conflict. Its easy to sit here and rag on Finley and Barnett – but the real issue is a question of the leadership handling distractions during a critical week. Meanwhile, we have yet to hear a single story from the Steelers…

  41. if barnett and finley were in green bay we wouldn’t have this chat! that’s the point, tauscher is there rehabing and helping bulaga on the sidelines! crybabies

  42. Hey dumb @ss Finely…think before you post “I’ve been working my tail off for 5 hours a day”.

    Forget YOTTO…

    JASPA – Just Another Stupid Pro Athlete.

    BOYCOTT – what happens when these idiots (players and owners) fail to prevent a strike and/or lockout

  43. Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop! The biggest game in 13 yrs and these guys are letting this inside issue get more ink than it deserves.
    The players on IR deserve to be in the photo but they should not have come public with their feelings. Rodgers needs to worry about preparing for this game that will cement his place in Packers history instead of responding to his “teammates” riffs. Barnett is the nucleus of this D, don’t pencil Bishop in as the starter just yet, please remember that he didn’t see the field for four yrs for a reason!
    Finley was and will be next year the focus of this offense, this O was build around him in the offseason and he was the main playmaker until he went down. Jennings did not get hot til JFin was out!
    ARod, keep your mouth shut Bro, we have coaches to handle this!
    Go Pack Go!

  44. This is one of the reasons this team is going to lose. They face a little bit of controversy and they’re at one anothers throats. Football is a team sport, and whether or not you’re playing next Sunday or not is irrelevant. Each and every one of those men, on the current 53 man roster, or on injured reserve has played some role in getting them to where they’re at, and yet, they’re calling one another out over a photograph! C’mon!

  45. Few things:

    1.) Some of you criticize Finley for his ‘5 hours a day’ comment… This isn’t burger flipping, this is rehabilitating your body and maintaining your fitness. 5 hours sounds great to me as a Packer fan.

    2.) This is not a shot at Rodgers, this isn’t fallout, this is Finley clarifying why he’s in Scottsdale rather than Green Bay. Some of you say he could get the same treatment in GB, well, opinions are like… You know. Everyone has one.

    3.) I can’t believe anyone here seriously thinks this is distracting the Packers from preparing for the SB. What they hell do you think they’re doing during practice? NOT PRACTICING?

  46. The Super Bowl team photo is for those who play in the Super Bowl. Period. When Barnett whined about being left out, McCarthy should have ignored him. And if Barnett and Finely loved the Packers half as much as they seem to love their own egos, they’d shut up.

  47. Rodgers DEFENDS Jay Cutler, but CRITICIZES his teammates for not rehabbing in GB? Sounds like someone is starting to believe his media hupe, … now, he’s A-ROD too? He’s starting to sound a little self- centered like his baseball namesake

  48. Guys on injured reserve rehab away from the team all the time. Generally, trainers are more concerned about getting the guys on the active roster healthy for the next game versus doing rehab for guys that won’t be playing the rest of the year.
    If Rodgers spent more time thinking before he speaks and less time working on his porn stache, this whole episode wouldn’t have happened.

  49. Finley and Barnett…way to make it all about yourselves and not the team.
    If distrations can lose a team the Super Bowl, JF and NB just did it for the Packers.
    Shut up and let the team get ready for the game!

  50. Dear IR players.

    Collect your money and SHUT UP! There are people who are going to play a game in a few days that need to prep for it and play to their potential with out you distractions. SHUT UP!

  51. goodguyjohn says:
    Jan 29, 2011 10:49 PM
    Pittsburg +2.5 is the best bet I’ve seen in many, many moons. All in
    Sounds more like “All broke” to me. Pack 34 Steel 20. Go Pack Go!

  52. I think TT has assembled a group of soldiers that has nothing on their minds other than beating the steelers.

  53. @jc1958coo

    When there are two really good teams playing (and they are both really good teams) and one has a roster filled with Super Bowl experience, and that team is an underdog, I would say it is is pretty far away to say that is the “worst bet you can make!” I think even the biggest cheese heads will admit that they are 100% certain their team will win. The Jets beat the Pats, and the Colts, and the Seahawks beat the Saints. I don’t think any bet you make in the playoffs is a horrible one, because upsets happen all the time. I think this game has a good chance of being extremely close (which of course means it will be a blowout) so making bold predictions just makes you look bias and stupid.

  54. Just a thought . The Packers might want to consider that there is a world championship game called the Super Bowl coming up in just seven days from now . There time could be better spent worrying about their opponent who has won this very game twice in the last five years . To me , a Vince Lombardi trophy is more important than a photo . Just a thought .

  55. The responsibility for maintaining team decorum resides with the players on this issue, and their ability to understand the ramifications of their electronic opinions. If for any reason whatsoever these players are thought of to have had a role in (the unlikely event of,) a Packers loss next week, who do you think will be among the first guys gone next year….and now their pictures are in the group photo too? ….better take two photos.

    Players that are activated for the game need to concentrate on getting the job done and deal with these uninvolved inexperienced attention-hound “twits” next season.

    The Pittsburgh players are laughing their asses off at the inexperience the Packers are demonstrating. Eliminate distractions! Thanks teammates. It’s “little” things like this that get your ass kicked.

    And one last nod to Aaron. He’s right and he’s in charge.

    GO PACK.

  56. “…have been working my tail off 5 hrs a day ..”

    I know I am impressed. I mean the guy has been working hard, 5 hrs a day!
    Hey man, the rest of us work our asses off for 8 -12 hrs a day and make a heck of a lot less than you. STFU d-bag.

  57. It’s a legit story because it really speaks of the attitude of the Packers and their head coach.

    It was a mistake to exclude guys from a potential SB team photo. Guys that have made very real contributions to this team to get them to this point. And this is all the fallout from a dumb mistake by McCarthy.

    it’s devisive, disrespectful, and sends a message that the Packers only care about who’s on the field at that given moment. That’s fine for a team like the Raiders or somebody, but the Packers used to be a class organization. Not anymore.

  58. aaron rodgers did stick up for barnett & finley when he met with mc carthy! thats why they’re in the photo! no one can take critism anymore

  59. If management wasn’t so tone deaf, they would know how divisive something like this could be at a point in time when you need absolute unity as a group to win the game. Who needs the distraction and the inevitable hard feelings created between the IR and active players two weeks before the biggest game of their lives. Rodgers is some kind of dufus for saying anything at all. Just let this thing play out and get yourself ready. With some teams, this would never have been an issue because they would have said of course we want the entire team, IR or not, in the picture, rather than wait to gauge the fan fallout before sheepishly changing your mind and including the IR players. It is exactly what Washington does. Why couldn’t the NFL standard be at least a little higher than that?

  60. For any of these posters or footballs fans that think this is a distraction to the Packers, well, that’s just stupid. They are preparing as hard or harder than the Steelers.

    In the end, the QB answered a dumb question and two IR players, who by the way will have nothing to do with the final outcome of the game next Sunday, responded via Twitter, the single dumbest invention in the world.

    One of those players (Barnett) just signed his train ticket out of town and the other mistakenly thought he was just defending himself. Both should just shut down their Twitter accounts and behave like adults.

  61. If GB management wasn’t so tone deaf they would know how divisive something like this could be two weeks before the SB. Why permit such a distraction and the inevitable hard feelings that will exist between IR and active players before the biggest game of their lives? Rodgers is an idiot for opening his mouth. Just let it play out and get yourself ready to go. With some teams, (the Jets, Steelers) this would never even come up because to them, putting the entire team, IR or not, in the picture would be a no-brainer. The Packers waited to gauge the political fallout and then sheepishly changed their position to include the IR players in the pic. That is exactly how Washington does things. Why not set the bar a little higher than that?

  62. I know you Rodger’s lovers (the newly converted – how do you convert a 4 to a 12 on a jersey?) out there might not like this, but this whole issue shows that Rodgers is a little out of touch with his teammates, and if not for the amazing performance he’s had this playoffs, there might be a bit more smoke to questions regarding his leadership. Guys like Nick Barnett, who have been through the wars for 9 years and are truer leaders in the traditional sense (i.e. absent the position he plays on the field), recognize that it’s in their best financial interest to make sure their injuries are rehabbed 100% in order for them to keep making a living (the Packer already signed Barnett’s backup to a contract extension).

    Does Rodgers really think there isn’t a difference between a QB rehabbing on IR and a LB or TE? When you have that many guys rehabbing, on top of keeping the active roster healthy enough to keep playing on a week in, week out basis, it’s easy to understand that the higher quality players are going to invest in higher quality treatment (individual treatment) to ensure that their careers can continue at the highest possible level. Once you’re on IR, you’re toast in terms of the team, unless you play QB (the only meaningful contributor to the weekly game plan). So Aaron, instead of alienating some of your more important teammates to tote the company line, keep your nose in your playbook and your mouth closed.

  63. Look…. ARod was absolutely correct… but that doesn’t mean he SHOULD have said it. Sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut.

  64. I just saw a picture of Packer players #56 & #88 in of all places the Webster’s dictionary. Simply looked up the word Stupid.

  65. This is what we get…one week before the Super Bowl???…Kind of makes me nostalgic for the days of feet and (alleged) gutless QB’s…

  66. “Hey, who wants to rehab in Green Bay and remain connected with your replacements, teammates, and coaches?”

    “Not I, said the little red LB…not I, said the little red TE.”

    “Hey, who wants to show up for SuperBowl credits?”

    “I do, said the little red LB….I do said the little red TE.”

  67. Somewhere, Brett Favre sits clutching his cell phone laughing at the lack of Packer leadership.

  68. Finley and Barnett need to grow up. They are acting unprofessionally and their actions could easily have a negative impact on their careers. Their twitter pages are entertaining and a great way to build fan relationships, however, issues regarding the team should be handled behind closed doors. If they have an issue with the team picture or with Rodgers they should call or show up in GB for a sit-down.

    Rodgers was responding candidly to a question made by a reporter. I doubt it was meant to say Barnett or Finley weren’t part of the team. It seems that he meant the picture should include those members who have been in the locker room in this playoff run and who will be in the locker room at the Super Bowl. Commenting on the situation was probably a bad idea, but if anyone has a right to speak on the issue it’s the team’s leader.

    Either way, as I’ve stated before, this is more of an issue on internet message boards. Rodgers’ comments were made in a routine interview and this “story” really hasn’t materialized in the locker room. The only people it is affecting, negatively, are Barnett and Finley.

  69. Green Bay needs to pull a Hosni Mubarak and kill all Twitter and Internet access or this team is going to lose before the game even starts.

    //F Mubarak

  70. This issue is not a distraction to the Packers. It is a mere annoyance. We will have no Stanley Wilson or Barret Robbins moments.

  71. “I have been working my tail off 5 hours a day!”

    J-Mike later listed other accomplishments, like never beating the crap out of a women and not stealing for over 6 months.

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