Ravens feared too many voices on offense

Rosenthal stirred things up a little on Friday, pointing out a Baltimore Sun report that the Ravens parted ways with quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn because the team feared he would become insubordinate.  The report, and Rosenthal’s decision to mention it, resulted in a statement from coach John Harbaugh that disputed the report, and that mentioned we had mentioned it.

So what really happened?  We’re told that the Ravens simply feared the presence of “too many voices” on the offensive side of the ball.

Of course, that could be regarded as a very kind way of saying that the Ravens eventually feared Zorn would become insubordinate, especially if the alternative to firing him was telling him to shut up, which then would have increased the possibility that he would have become insubordinate.

The statement from the Ravens didn’t address something else Rosenthal mentioned on Friday — that quarterback Joe Flacco spoke out on behalf of Zorn.  A separate source confirmed that, indeed, Flacco was happy with Zorn and supported him.

Apart from Flacco being happy with Zorn, we can understand why Flacco would prefer that the quarterbacks coach not be fired.  Dumping the offensive line coach sent a message to the world that the Ravens didn’t think the offensive line is performing up to snuff.  In turn, firing the quarterbacks coach possibly sends a message to the world that the Ravens don’t think the quarterback is performing up to snuff.

That perception isn’t accurate.  Flacco’s career numbers compare favorably to Matt Ryan’s, and Flacco has won four playoff games in three years, all on the road.  Flacco has been improving each season, with 2010 being the best of his three-year career in yardage, touchdowns, interceptions, and passer rating.

These developments serve only to place more pressure on offensive coordinator Cam Cameron.  With the Ravens’ moves arguably sending the message that the team isn’t happy with the performance of 6/11ths of the offense, Cameron could be the next one to go.

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  1. Take a look at the picture of Flacco. ‘Cause shortly after this moment, Troy bursts onto the scene and chops the ball out of his hand:)


  2. scapegoats all around in this league!! if baltimore had beaten pittsburgh no one would have been fired! harbaugh is the coach, starts at the top and roles down hill!! s#%t

  3. Maybe Harbaugh should look in the mirror when deciding who to blame for the offense. He decides to “get more involved” with the offense now????

  4. That’s strange….if you listen to Baltimore talk radio 80% of the callers wanted Troy Smith before we released him and now they all want Bulger. Hmmm….because Bulger had those great last couple of seasons in St Louis…

  5. I love it Ravens , keep it going . The sky is falling in Baltimore and as a Steelers fan its sweet music . Who’s next to go ? Cant wait to see .

  6. “Take a look at the picture of Flacco. ‘Cause shortly after this moment, Troy bursts onto the scene and chops the ball out of his hand:)”

    Love the post, but this was not the play. Also love Palomalu, but sometimes wonder if he is the next Bob Sanders….guy has trouble staying on the field.

    Either way, Packer fans are pathetic, so GO STEELERS!

  7. The road to the superbowl for Joe Flacco will always be through Pittsburgh, he would have to learn to play against the Steel Curtain, expect lots more drama from raven’s camp, they’re just not getting it done.

  8. Speakin of Flacco’s numbers, here’s his numbers against the Steelers:

    Game 1: 16/31 192 Yards 1 TD 0 INT 5 Sacks 2 Fumbles (1 Lost, Returned for TD) Result: Lost 23-20 OT (Ravens started OT with the ball)

    Game 2: 11/28 115 Yards 0 TD 2 INT 2 Sacks 1 Fumble (0 Lost, but it knocked them out of FG range late) Result: Lost 13-9 in Battle for AFC North Crown

    Game 3 (AFC Championship): 13/30 141 Yards 0 TD 3 INT 3 Sacks (Pick-6 late by Troy sealed the game on an attempted game winning drive) Result: Lost 23-14

    Game 4: 23/35 289 Yards 1 TD 0 INT 5 Sacks 2 Fumbles (1 Lost) Result: Won 20-17 (Vs Dennis Dixon in first career start in Baltimore on SNF)

    Game 5: 13/25 166 Yards 2 TD 1 INT 4 Sacks 1 Fumble (1 Lost) Result: Lost 23-20

    Game 6: 24/37 256 Yards 1 TD 1 INT 1 Sack 1 Fumble Result: Won 17-14 (Won game in last minute with 4th stringer Charlie Batch as Steelers QB)

    Game 7: 17/33 266 Yards 1 TD 0 INT 4 Sacks 1 Fumble 1 Lost Result: Lost 13-10 (Late Flacco fumble gave Steelers ball at Ravens 9, scored a TD 3 plays later with AFC North Crown on the line)

    Game 8 (2010 Divisional Playoffs): 16/30 125 Yards 1 TD 1 INT 5 Sacks 1 Fumble 1 Lost Result: Lost 31-24 (Ravens led 21-7 at half. Ravens had 126 total yards of offense. Both Flacco turnovers gave the Steelers possession inside the Ravens red zone)

    Games VS Ben: 86/177 (48.6%) 1005 Yards (167.5 Y/G) 5 TD 7 INT 23 Sacks 6 Fumbles (4 Lost) QB Rating: 59.17 Points per Game: 16.2 Record: 0-6

    Playoffs: 29/60 (48.3%) 266 Yards (133 Y/G) 1 TD 4 INT 8 Sacks 1 Fumble (1 Lost) QB Rating: 38.61 Points per Game: 19 Record: 0-2

    Overall: 133/249 (53.4%) 1550 (193.8) 7 TD 8 INT 29 Sacks 9 Fumbles (5 Lost) QB Rating: 68.5 Points per Game: 16.8 Record: 2-6

    …just sayin.

  9. @steeltownpride

    How is the sky falling in Baltimore? because we fired our QB coach? hahaha that’s funny.

  10. As much as I give the Ravens a hard time, I do respect them. Suggs, Lewis, Ngata, Reed, Boldin, Rice, Heap, Mason (and many more) are all good players.

    With that unbiased platform setup, I say this:

    Joe Flacco is not a good quarterback.

    Slightly above average, yeah… but there are way too many QBs in todays league to keep up with. Slightly above won’t get the job done. Puts up decent (but not great) numbers and then absolutely folds every time the game’s on the line (especially against the Steelers). Nothing against him or the Ravens (for once) but they’ll never go anywhere if he doesn’t improve. Of course he still has time to, but you’d think you might see some promise by now. I’m not sure if it’s there.

  11. You only fired one coach ? Didnt 3 get fired and your D cord left for college ? lol That doesnt alarm you any ?

  12. gforce90 & 52crabcakes appears strangely similar to another well known, name-changing, talks-to-himself, Steelers-bashing troll on another board…

  13. Stller43,you need a hobby!Besides perming your mullet and trimming your mustache!!!!!!!GO PACK,your secondary is going to be exposed for the average group they are!

  14. BubbyBrister-

    “Puts up decent (but not great) numbers and then absolutely folds every time the game’s on the line (especially against the Steelers).”

    Really, what about week 4 @ Pitt. Flacco threw game winning TD with less than a minute to go.

    Trust me, i’m not a Ravens fan, I’m a Vikes (don’t laugh) fan. I just am bothered by people who blatantly ignore facts.

  15. @Bubby Brister

    He’s not good? He’s one road playoff win away from having more than any other QB in NFL history. His numbers are pretty good too. He’s getting better every year. he’s good and is only gonna get better. He may not be great right now, but in 2 or 3 years he’ll be pretty awesome.

  16. Tombrookshire
    I am a Steelers fan and you are correct that they go rid of the wrong guy, they should get rid of the Cam he is the trouble with the Ravens. Why do you think why they got rid of him. He had conflicts with Cowher the other teams did the same thing He is nothing but trouble. It’s seems that it His way or the Highway.
    So as for the Steelers it would be better to keep him.

  17. @steeltownpride

    nope we didn’t lose anybody important. Pagano will more than make up for Mattison leaving. so far we’ve found good replacements for every coach that’s left. As long as Ozzie Newsome is GM i’m not worried

  18. Seems to be an inordinate number of Steeler fans on here for whatever reason and despite what they seem to be preaching and would like to think a 99% of what they are saying is not supported by facts.


    In regards to the string of firings, Matsko the O-Line coach was on his way out before the season ended due to the abysmal performance of the offensive line and the yards per carry average dropping nearly an entire yard from a year ago, which would have certainly helped flacco if the ypc was up in the 4.8 range from a year ago rather than the 3.9 this year. In regards to the Zorn firing, it may surprise you that some teams don’t employ a qb coach for the very reason of increasing communication between the offensive coordinator and qb so they can share more ideas on how to be more effective and efficient. And finally Greg Mattison, the former Defensive Coordinator was on his way out as well due to his non aggressive approach to defense that Baltimore and the AFC north in general is known for. And with the recent hiring of Chuck Pagano as DC many fans and the media in Baltimore will tell you he’s a much better fit for the personnel we have on defense and better fits the personality of how Baltimore likes to play defense, which is an attacking and aggressive style of approach, much like Pittsburgh. So in summation, to answer your question, no I am not concerned, in fact I am pleased with the recent personnel moves and I believe it will improve our team from where it was just this past season. But I’m glad you asked the question.

  19. Hey gforce90 & 52crabcakes, on Super Bowl Sunday, this Steeler fan will suck allright! I’ll suck beer after beer while I’m enjoying MY TEAM on the biggest stage in Pro Football! In of all places, DALLAS! The only way it could be better is if we were playing in BALTIMORE!


  20. Flacco already has too many voices inside his head.

    As for his supposed playoff success, it is fair to say he has been the QB of record for four wins, but did he win them? Ah, no. The Ravens D won most of those games. In the playoff win against NE a couple years back he threw for 34 yards and had a 10 rating for crying out loud! He’s really only had one really good game and that was against the Chiefs. Up until then he had never even thrown for 200 yards in a playoff game. His career playoff rating is 61.6 people! Ignoring facts? Me thinks you are the ones ignoring the facts. Look at the body of work. 4 Tds. 7 ints in the playoffs. Hardly noteworthy.

    Try telling Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs and Ed Reed that Flacco won those games.

  21. Why do my fellow Ravens fans hit the panic button on a 3rd year QB and 3rd year HC who have made the playoffs 3 straight years?

    People in every other city *SANS* Pitt, Indy and NE dream of making the playoffs 3 straight years. I bet DET would give anything for just once!

    Our problems are: 1.Pass Rush. We need another rusher to get to the next level. 2.Oline- other than Ben, Young and Vick, what QB goes to the SBowl with a bad line (EX.. Mr. Peyton Manning can’t!) 3.Audibles. Joe needs to make his calls or prove that he can so we can take the next step.. Ozzie can fix 2 in the offseason. Can Joe fix the 3rd?

    FYI, don’t panic. Here are Flacco and “Golden Boy” Matt Ryan career stats. Why are we worried?

    Overall Reg Record: 32-16
    Overall Post Record: 4-3
    Stats: 62.6% pct, 10206 yards, 60td, 34int, 19fum, 87.9 qbrating

    Overall Reg Record: 33-13
    Overall Post Record: 0-2
    Stats: 60.8% pct, 10061 yards, 66td, 34int, 10fum, 86.9 qbrating

  22. Sometimes when you get five people in a room working on a problem, you get five different answers. It is a sure fire recipe for failure.

    Getting everyone on the same page does not guarantee success, but it is a step in the right direction.

    That’s all there really is to this whole “controversy”.

  23. Tha Ravens are an old slow team all around! I seen them finishing 3rd behind the Steelers and Browns next season.
    The 70 Steelers beat Dallas twice, Minnesota and the Rams ( about 60 miles from their home) while the Whiners beat an overrated Denver team, bad Charger team led by Stan Humphies and the Ben gals twice?? THE BENGALS????

  24. @ Bubby Brister

    I must dissagree with you. If you have not watched the games this year then it is hard to explain the clear steps forward that he made. He had more come back wins this year then his first 2 seasons combined. He took control of the locker room when needed. He played well against the steelers this year ( of whom i have alot of respect for ) The Steelers defense can make alot of QB’s look ordinary and Flacco is no different.

    People who are expecting Peyton Manning Jr or Tom Brady Jr to walk out on the field in Baltimore are talking out there @$$ and are either biast or die hard fans. Flacco is a top 10 QB in the NFL. His numbers have been getting better each year. He had 10 INT’s this year, if not for a horrible 2nd game of the season against cincy he would have had only 6 int’s to 25 TD’s ( by the way that was 23 TD’s to 6 int’s in the next 13 games ) His maturation process has gotten better with each season and hopefully they will get some of these offensive pieces back in place so there is a comfort level with them. Get a burner in the draft/FA/ or by trade to keep teams guessing and we should be ok. Just one more thing He put up his best numbers in his 3 year career in the Ravens worse rushing season EVER (based on amount of rushes – production )

  25. Who cares about the Ravens? They are insignificant. They can’t beat the Steelers when it matters.

  26. Ravens have talent, but Flacco just isn’t that good. The Jets (I hate to admit it) are pretty good, and make Sanchez look relevent. Same deal with the Ravens. Minus the strong defense and Ray Rice, and Flacco looks very similar to Chad Henne.

  27. @carson9

    Are you kidding me?! Henne is absolutely awful. Flacco is head and shoulders (or troy polamalu-commercial reference) above henne. Henne threw 3 picks and 0 tds when he came to bmore and flacco three 2tds and no ints and the dolphins have a better pass defense and pass rushers than the ravens, that’s asinine.

  28. Steve Bisciotti statement regarding O-Line coach Andy Moeller & DUI: “The caveat being that it’s his last chance and he knows that.”

    Steve Bisciotti implication regarding Cam Cameron and losing in the playoffs: “The caveat being that it’s his last chance and he knows that.”

  29. There may be too many voices, but they’re all saying the same thing: How do we beat Pittsburgh when Ben’s playing?

    gforce90 says: Pittsburgh still sucks!

    We sucked enough to beat you in the playoffs 🙂

    ravensfan4life52 says: How is the sky falling in Baltimore?

    I live here and the Ravens stuff is put away and it’s all Orioles talk–that’s another losing season for the city (not saying the Pirates are any better).

  30. You can take the Browns out of Cleveland, but you can’t take the stink out of the team.

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