Akers’ personal issue was six-year-old daughter’s cancer scare

After Eagles kicker David Akers missed a pair of field goals in a wild-card playoff loss to the Packers, teammate Quintin Mikell said that Akers was distracted by a personal issue.  Akers’ agent downplayed the issue, saying that it was “nothing major” and that Akers wasn’t using it as an excuse for his errant kicks.

As it turns out, it was something major.  Akers and his family were waiting to learn whether his six-year-old daughter, Halley, has cancer, according to Ashley Fox of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Two days before the game, the Eagles excused Akers from practice as doctors conducted a two-hour MRI and then an ultrasound exam on Halley.  Doctors said that Halley had a growth on an ovary, and that it possibly was malignant.  On Monday, the day after the playoff game, the family and doctors would reconvene to discuss surgical options.

“They used the word tumor or cyst or growth,” Akers told Fox.  “And you’re like, ‘OK, what does that mean?’  Cancer is what that means. . . .  You just think about your little girl.  I think for me as a father it was harder than for her mother, because you think of her as ‘Daddy’s little girl.'”

Akers played with those worries on his mind.

“In this position, no matter what, you have to be able to put [your personal life] aside for those few hours and go do your job,” Akers said. “There are so many people depending on you, other players who have put everything in, the coaches, the fans. . . .

“I feel like I can play through anything, but I didn’t play well enough, so maybe that had something to do with it.”

Akers’ wife, Erika, knew that it was affecting him.  (Really, how couldn’t it?)  “I could tell he was there doing his job,” Erika said. “But he wasn’t there.”

The news makes even more surprising — and disappointing — the decision of coach Andy Reid to cast blame on Akers for missing two field goals during the eightfive-point defeat.  “We can all count,” Reid said.  “Those points would have helped.”

Reid should have also blamed himself.  He knew what Akers was going through.  Reid could have signed another kicker for the game.  At a minimum, Reid should have opted against kicking a field goal when down by 11 points early in the fourth quarter and facing fourth and one from the Green Bay 16.

Halley Akers later was diagnosed with cancer, but doctors believe that the surgery successfully removed all of it.  She left the hospital once day after the surgery, and she’s doing well.

But it’s fairly safe to say that Akers won’t be back with the Eagles.  His contract is up, and there have been no talks regarding an extension.  Given the head coach’s post-game comments, it’s hard to imagine Akers wanting to play for Reid again.

Akers likely won’t be out of work for long.  The other 31 teams should look at the Pro Bowlers’ ability to even take the field and not collapse to his knees while in the middle of an unthinkably stressful time as proof that he’s the consummate professional.

103 responses to “Akers’ personal issue was six-year-old daughter’s cancer scare

  1. Andy Reid Knew this and still made comments like that,hmmmmmmm hey fatso maybe if you could put the GAME of football into a proper perspective to LIFE your own kids wouldnt have ended up in prison……

  2. How can one expect Reid to be able to empathize with Akers being so deeply affected by his child’s nightmare when the whole world knows how Reid was so stoic with his own kids problems.

    Because one of these guys is a family man first……….

  3. I can’t imagine doing much of anything if my little girl was in the same situation. You are welcome on the championship side of the state Mr. Akers.

  4. Even after all of this between Andy and David, David will still be an Eagle next year. The guy is getting better in his latter years and the Eagles aren’t dumb enough to let him walk knowing what trash is out there looking for kicking jobs.

  5. there is no doubt in my mind that Akers will be an Eagle next year. bedause of the c.b.a. or lack there of there are no contracts being talked about. it gets done in due time

  6. So happy to hear Halley is doing well!! I’ve NEVER been an Eagles or Reid fan (for just plain fun / competitive reasons… I live near DC), and I now know I never will. I can’t wait to hear where Akers ends up next… Good luck, David!

  7. i just went through a similar scare with my 3 year old daughter right after christmas (she had to be tested for leukemia….thank God it wasnt that…turned out to be a sort of juvenile arthritis). any parent who has to deal with something like that cannot POSSIBLY put it out of their minds. im suprised akers was even able to be out on the field. hopefully his daughter remains healthy.

  8. The news makes even more surprising — and disappointing — the decision of coach Andy Reid to cast blame on Akers for missing two field goals during the eight-point defeat. “We can all count,” Reid said. “Those points would have helped.”
    It’s not suprising if you’re an Eagles fan. Reid is an arrogant, ignorant, self serving extension of the organization. Who by the way, hasn’t won a damn thing. Akers is probably the longest tenured Eagle, and he had alot of good years, but Reid also referred to him as “that guy’ during the press conference. It’s just another classless moment by a classless organization.

  9. Well, if the Eagles could score more than field goals in the most of important game of the year, then it wouldn’t have mattered. But in the red zone that is all this Andy Reid coached team can score. They need much help on boths sides of the ball. The ability to score more than 3s in the RZ and the ability to stop someone in the RZ, too. Wish they’d put the responsibility squarely on Reid and tell him to get it right or leave.

    On a separeate note, It was little reported that while vacationing on the island of Aruba, enjoying a Mojito on the beach, a crowd of concerned beachgoers gathered around Reid and tried to roll him back into the water.

  10. and PS….if reid made those comments knowing what akers was going through, then i think he’s a POS.

  11. Being careful Mike to not pass judgment on Reid too quick (we all remember the Rodgers/cancer patient thing), on it’s face this really doesn’t make Andy Reid look too good. It’s one thing to be disappointed, but it’s another to openly take a shot at your kicker during the post-game when everyone in the room is already thinking about it. And in light of this post, its not long before the reader thinks back to the difficulties Andy Reid has experienced in his own personal life (his sons) and what were the causes and effects of that. I mean, at a certain point, its okay to be distracted by personal issues, because it probably means those need attention. Andy Reid may be able to block out/ignore those issues until they blow up (like both kids getting locked up on drug offenses).

    The most impressive thing about this story is that, while Akers stayed the quiet professional, one of his teammates spoke up for him, even while his coach was throwing him under the bus. Once again proof that winning is the only thing that matters to Andy Reid, regardless of the cost. If that’s your thing, then you love him.

    In the end, the only important thing is Akers daughters health.

  12. It really irks me that Reid calls out a long time player and good human being like Akers when he is suffering, but is all buddy-buddy with thugs like Michael Vick. This is one of the many reasons why the Eagles are becoming a less and less likeable organization when compared to the baseball team across the street from them.

  13. Wow. I have to believe Reid wasn’t trying to throw Akers under the bus there. He was just speaking matter of factly….those points would have helped. I mean, a coach/boss wouldn’t be THAT cold would he? Please, somebody restore my faith in humanity!

  14. First off, here’s hoping everything will be A-OK with Halley.God Bless and love that little girl.

    Now about Akers. Guy was one of the most solid kickers in the NFL for how many years, and fat assed Andy tosses him under the bus.Yes bloato, we all can count. Like 1-2-3, the average number of timeouts per game you dick up.Or how abou 1-2, the average number of challenges you screw up.

    I hope he does sign elsewhere, and comes back to haunt Mayor McCheese each and every year.

  15. It would be awesome if all of the posters on here who crucified Akers after the game would take a moment to reflect on the fact that they have absolutely no perspective on the proper place sports should have in their lives, and maybe reevaluate their priorities a little.

    But instead, I’m sure they’ll all rush to defend themselves by saying they couldn’t have known the situation. Some will probably just attack him again- saying he should have been able to put it aside.

    Have fun with your rookie or veteran retread castoff kicker next year, Eagles fans. Couldn’t happen to a better bunch.

  16. If we don’t re-sign Akers, I will have lost any remaining faith in Reid’s ability to lead this team. He’s one of the best placekickers in NFL history, you don’t let that walk away because of one bad playoff game.

  17. As a season ticket holder I know he will not be back and the reason is when the Eagles offer you a contract and you turn it down you are absolutely “out of town”.This is the way the Jeff and Joe show works,they put a price on your value as a player and offer you that number and will go no higher….now me knowing all the holes this team has to fill this off season I would up the offer and get a deal done and have one less hole to fill .So far the genius that is Howie ,Jeff and Joe have won zero super bowls and if they don’t change the way they do business that will NEVER change….EVER.I am glad I am not holding my breath waiting for that super bowl parade but thats OK we do have a champion across the street in the Phillies so for now that will have to do….

  18. Whoa man, I mean this is really a seriously poor response by Andy Reid during that time. I suppose that his drug addicted / messed up children he financially supports getting sick wouldn’t mean much too him either.

    You’re a father Andy, do you not understand ?

  19. Reid should understand family stresses and the impact of your children being in grave danger. Given his own personal turmoil in that arena. He should’ve signed a replacement for that game even if Akers wanted to go. Or maybe Reid’s comments simply shine a light on the kind of man he is. And why his boys are the way they are.

  20. First and foremost, best of luck to the whole Akers family as they deal with this.

    I don’t feel like Andy threw him under the bus. He was asked and question and he answered. Certainly sounds bad out of context but what was the question?

    I really hope that the Eagles aren’t dumb enough to let Akers (the all-time leading scorer for the Eagles) walk. He had a fantastic season that included a NFC special teams player of the month award, and still has a handful of pro bowl years ahead of him.

    Get well Halley!

  21. I hope she makes a full recovery with a clean bill of health!

    Some things are so more important than football.

  22. Sad story for Akers, and I hope everything works out. But you guys a PFT keep the drama going.. Why wouldn’t he be back with the Eagles, yea Andy made comments but he didnt throw him under the bus…. You guys make football a soap opera…

  23. Wow, that must have been the toughest couple of days in his entire life. No one should fault the guy for being distracted. I don’t even know how he suited up.

    Prayers for a speedy recovery for Halley, and for the entire Akers family!

  24. God bless the Ackers family and Andy who will be gone in 2012. 3 points would have helped? So would a Defsive Coord. who can do better than last in almost every Catagory. If I remember correctly Andy’s choice for def. coord gave up another 3 Red Zone TD’s a total of 31 for the season and last in all football. We need to move on from Andy Reid. Winning record or not. Question….When is enough of Andy Reid?

  25. wishing his daughter a speedy recovery. I can’t even imagine taking the field with that weighing on my mind.

    I just gained a lot of respect for Akers.

  26. Best of luck to Halley and the Akers family….thoughts and prayers are with you.

    As to the head coach, while I don’t always agree with Reid on his coaching decisions, I have always respected him as a decent, loyal man. Wow, has my perception changed. That is how you treat the guy who has been 12 years of nothing but money for you? You throw him under the bus while he is going through that? Damn….what a fat piece of crap. You should be ashamed, Andy. Especially given the family issues you have been through.

  27. Reid is all about Reid. The pressure is now on him like never before and look how he’s behaving. Blaming everyone else for his failures.

    I wish Akers would stay and Reid would leave.

  28. Puts the games in perspective. He may have other shots at the postseason, he may not, but his daughter’s health is more important than any kick he’ll ever make. I wish him well with whatever team he lands on.

  29. “Those points would have helped.”

    good job trying to spin that into Andy Reid didnt care about Akers personal life at all.. typical reporters.. and you really think Reid should have signed another kicker?.. like there was no way Akers said i can deal with it, and tried to play the game and get his mind off it, even tho it didnt seem to work.. and you even mention no talks of a contract extension?? really? because how many players that are set to become free agents signed new contracts already?

  30. Maybe if Reid took as much interest in his children and cared as deeply for his sons as Aker’s does with his daughter, then perhaps Reid’s sons wouldn’t have wound up junkies, pushers and convicts.

  31. First off the fat slob should have coached his team a little better and not rely on a man whos little girl had cancer. After all Reid is use to off the field distractions i.e his jailbird sons and his dog killing golden boy. Man boobs is wrong here and Akers is better off with a new team.

  32. Apparently to get a considerate act from Andy Reid, one must be a convicted dog killer or a life threatening, drug-addled relative. Be considerate of a Pro Bowl player with a 6 yr. old cancer patient? PUHLEASE!!! Stay classy, Andy!!

  33. I can’t believe Andy Reid, of all people, would have the nerve to criticize Akers in this situation.

    Then again, maybe I can. After all, it’s not like the Eagles lost to a division rival by three touchdowns just two days after Reid’s two eldest sons were sentenced to jail terms stemming from living in Reid’s home – which the judge termed a “drug emporium.”

    No, it’s not like that at all.

  34. you would have thought Reid would have been a bit more sensitive regarding a players family problems, especially considering how his felon sons are doing.

  35. I guess Reid feels “Hey if I can coach while my
    kids are running around town selling drugs and stealing
    cars I coulda made the kicks”

  36. Disagree. If Eagles want him, Akers will stay. This is confirmed by his previous statements. Also, Akers is type of guy who now thinks he owes his teammates and wants to make it up to them.

  37. From his completely incompetant game management, to coddling a sociopathic dog killer, to his raising two sons who are total drains on and menaces to society, to his handling of Akers’ situation, I’m glad that Andy Reid is nowehere near my football team.

    Guy’s picture should be next to the word “clueless” in the dictionary.

  38. theKING is torn on this topic.
    1) As a father, I couldn’t & wouldn’t work if my daughter had a scare like this. Who could?
    2) Reid answered a question, he didn’t throw Akers under the bus. He said “those points would’ve helped”. What part of that is untrue?
    3) 1 of the FGs would have put the Eagles in a position to WIN the game with FG on final possession. Imagine if they got to the point and D.A. went wide right to win a game that would have enabled them to get to the SB.

    Life-long Eagles fan and I can honestly say, I have never had confidence in Akers. Always scares me, always will. He should, he is a K and they are on the field 5x per game.

    Agree with some Andy bashing here, NOT the bashing on his post-game answer to a direct question. Nice job on the name calling! Bullying starts in the home (or on websites) & trickles down to the schools. Way to role model excellence~

  39. I’ve always like Akers and always will, but I can’t help feeling even worse for the guy because he did miss the kicks. I can’t imagine what he and his family were going through at that time, but the kicks just add salt to the wound.

    Glad he has the right perspective in place and values his family above all else. Regardless of who you pull for, I doubt very many people would do anything other than welcome him to their team with open arms.

    Sidebar: Not sure how else I would word the title, but to me, there’s a distinct difference between cancer and a “cancer scare”.

  40. @Jdandcoke….I am so glad to hear that your daughter did not have leukemia. It is a scare. My wife and I went through the same kind of scare. My daughter was 9 months old when she was finally diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis…she is now almost 13 and a state champion softball player as well as an incredible basketball player. I wish your daughter and your family all the best.

    I was so impressed with all of the comments on here. Thoughts and prayers go out to David’s little girl and his family.

  41. “God bless Akers and his family especially Halley”

    For the 11 people with thumbs down may you yourselves be stricken with it.


    If you hate Philly so much then you would say that we deserved McNabb. He will always be a big game 4th quarter failure just like the fans knew he was and is.

  43. This is exactly right, Mike:

    At a minimum, Reid should have opted against kicking a field goal when down by 11 points early in the fourth quarter and facing fourth and one from the Green Bay 16.

    Plus, c’mon Andy, be bold. Look where you went being a weeney. Home. Playing it conservative, so you aren’t criticized. Bah.

    Pittsburgh killing the clock against the jets, Sean Payton in last year’s super bowl. That’s what I like to see.

  44. kcjohnson2 says:
    Jan 30, 2011 11:42 AM
    Eagles fans didn’t deserve Donovan McNabb and they certainly don’t deserve David Ackers.

    Classless fan base.


    First of all, his name is Akers. His name is plastered all over this page and you still spelled it wrong.

    Second of all, clearly you don’t live anywhere near Philadelphia, so your ignorant insult is nothing more than a lazy generalization based on the actions of few. The fact that you would choose this article to bash other fan bases proves that you’re the classless one.

    I hope your daughter is alright, Akers. It’s a scary, scary ordeal that I am very sorry you have to go through. I hope to see you back in midnight green next year.

  45. Ackers won’t be back. I have it first hand that Reid is promoting the water boy to Kicker. Hey look how well The McMutt thing went…..Seriously speaking Reid has to many flaws in his personality to ever get us to the Big Show. Who is it that said” doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a differnt result is insanity” last I counted its been 12 seasons under Reid. God Bless David and his family. Family values…Hey couldn’t Andy help with that?

  46. Way to feed the Andy-hate, PFT.

    Of course, those comments were taken out of context. He was asked a very stupid question about whether or not he was frustrated by watching Akers miss those two field goals.

    And, no, he shouldn’t have gone for it on 4th and 1 early in the 4th quarter in a close game.

    And no, he shouldn’t have signed another kicker because Akers’s daughter was awaiting a cancer diagnosis. You would have given him just as much heat for that.

    You can be certain that Reid and Akers had a conversation about all of this before the game and they’re all on the same page now. If it’s time to move on from Akers, it’s not just because of this one game, or comments that you’re blowing out of proportion.

    My deepest sympathies go out to Akers, Halley, and the family.

  47. Reid should have also blamed himself. He knew what Akers was going through. Reid could have signed another kicker for the game.

    Yep, that’s what it comes down to. You have a kicker who just found out his daughter has cancer and you don’t think it might be a good idea to sit him down and bring in someone else temporarily? How could something like that NOT affect a kicker’s concentration?

  48. All Reid said was “I can count, we could have used the points.” That was in response to the reporter trying to egg him into blaming akers, which he didn’t. They COULD have used them. And “Reid should have signed a kicker for that game.” Huh? I’m sure he asked akers if he could go and he said yeah. If reid came out and said, “It’s all david’s fault. He sucks and it’s inexcusable”, then I could understand dogging him, but he didn’t. Everyone is calling him a “p.o.s.” for no reason. Way to trump up a non issue AGAIN, pft.

  49. people are really stupid. What is AR suppose to say? Seriously. We did not need those 6 points to win the game?? Think before you spew **** out your mouth. Yes it is tragic what Akers is going through no doubt about it. He should have taken that day off and focused on family rather than the game. I highly doubt anyone forced him to be at the game if he was going through what he was going through…especially AR. No one here knows enough about what went on behind the scenes to comment on this. And to flat out say that he is not going to be back as an eagles is bull. You do not know that so stop making baseless comments and trying to stir up the pot.

  50. Sounds like Reid is as good a boss as he is a clock manager. Have fun with Michael “Can’t Read a Blitz” Vick.

  51. spizzy123 says: Jan 30, 2011 10:26 AM

    wishing his daughter a speedy recovery. I can’t even imagine taking the field with that weighing on my mind.

    I just gained a lot of respect for Akers.
    Seriously, I wouldn’t even be able to think, let alone suit up.

    Kids are #1 to me and above anything and everything else combined.

    Good luck with your little girl, David.

  52. And btw… He didn’t “just find out his daughter had cancer.” She was getting checked out and they were waiting for results. Still very scary but I just wanted to clear that up.

  53. people are really stupid. What is AR suppose to say? Seriously. We did not need those 6 points to win the game??
    Well, for starters he could have acknowledged that there were other points in the game which played just as big a role in their defeat.

    For example, how about the 7 points that the league’s only dog drowning felon threw away at the end of the game?

  54. I wish Akers and his family well .Maybe Andy didn’t know about this problem.And to the person that said your just a number to Jeff and Joe ,well this must be how all of Philadelphia works.I work for a company out of Philly and they couldn’t care less about you .You can work your tail off and do everything perfect and they treat you like dirt but yet they take care of the suckups that screw up all the time.

  55. fonetiklee says: Jan 30, 2011 9:55 AM

    If we don’t re-sign Akers, I will have lost any remaining faith in Reid’s ability to lead this team. He’s one of the best placekickers in NFL history, you don’t let that walk away because of one bad playoff game.
    No doubt, Akers is solid. I think we saw the nadir of PK overall this past year or so too which points out Akers’ value even more.

    I would hope that if they do decide to part ways it isn’t over one playoff game either since Reid enabled & made excuses for that choker McNabb for years.

    For Akers, I feel terrible for his family and his little girl and hope they did get all the cancer removed and she lives a healthy happy life. There’s only one other situation I can recall with a PK even remotely similar and that was with Matt Bryant (?) when he was in TB. His son had just died (I think)and he went out and kicked the GW.

  56. The Reid syphocants on this site and in the delaware valley crack me up…..Reid knew damn well what was going on in Akers personal life, and tell me the last time Reid ever EVER threw one of his players under the bus during a press conference, it has never happened. Reid threw Akers under the bus, his standard line would have been, as coaches we gotta put the players in a better position to make plays, so this crap about what do you expect him to say is just that….crap. Reid knows, full well, that he hasn’t delivered a damn thing in a dozen years, and to continue to collect his 5 million a year plus salary, he has to place blame for his inability,…First Akers, then McDermit, and the Vick thing fell into his lap when Matthews knocked out Kolb, was no stroke of genius, it was blind luck…Have you people paid attention to Reid’s press conferences for the last dozen years, no reporter baits him, he grunts and answers, never have they baited him…..Reid’s true colors came shining through, a classless man who like Lurie and Banner, are only in it to line their pockets….

  57. Again… taking someone’s comments out of context.

    Of curse: Akers’ missed field goals affected he outcome of that game. Usually he makes them, but his difficult situation made them harder.

    But those missed field goals affected the Eagles. And yes… if we count the points it would have been enough to win.

    That’s the truth. Everybody said it right after the game.

  58. Andy Reid proves what kind of a thoughtless jackass he is. Couldnt even take care of his kids. How will he understand other people’s children woes.

    And he is a coach that CHOKES all the time when the pressure mounts.

    My prayers to Akers and his family. Am sure his daughter will make a full recovery.

  59. I am a lifelong NYG fan, but I always respected (and feared) Akers as one of the most professional and consistent kickers in the league. Now I respect him even more for the way he handled this entire situation. Good luck and best wishes to the Akers family.

  60. Oh boy. Another excuse for folks who aren’t secure in their own lives to bash the Eagles / Eagles fans / Reid / Vick / the city of Philadelphia / etc. / etc. / etc.

    Gotta love PFT. Oh, the drama.

  61. While I love a good Andy Reid bashing as much as the next guy, he might have acted uncaring because Akers requested that the media not know about his personal issue. I only say this because Mikell changed his story to say it was a minor issue, which it obviously was not. I’m guessing Akers asked Mikell to change his story a bit to afford the family a bit of privacy and asked the team to not say anything to the media. But hey that’s just a theory, Andy just might be a jerk. That said it will be a HUGE mistake for them not to sign him to a new deal, few kickers are as reliable year in and year out, as for his postseason struggles, it wasn’t too long ago that he set the record for consecutive postseason kicks, even the greats have a bad game sometimes. Wishing you the best, Akers family!

  62. How horrible. Here’s hoping for a full and speedy recovery for Halley. Thoughts are definitely with the Akers family.

  63. Reading through these comments is like thumbing through a Days of Our Lives graphic novel.

    For whatever reason, this website is JAM-PACKED with folks who are simply too insecure to be objective. And that includes the writers…

    Let me get this straight: After a five-point playoff defeat Reid said, effectively, that those two missed FGs were a big deal.

    OK then. Nothing to see here.

  64. Here we go with “insensitive” Andy Reid. And make sure you read this whole thing before you pass judgment on me.

    Very sad about Akers’ daughter, but six points would have helped. Whether it was Akers’ foot or maybe finding the endzone on an earlier drive. You CAN do the math and see 2 FGs wouldve won game. But they didn’t. Oh well. By saying “you can do the math” in reference to not putting more points on the board is not throwing a guy under the bus. Is it a lie? Lose by 5, left 6 points in FGs on the field. He was asked if the two missed field goals would have helped. What do you want him to say? Very, VERY sad about Akers’ daughter but he was just stating a simple truth.

    Do you really think that Andy Reid is such a terrible person when all players ever say is how great of a guy he is? Six points is business talk and its not Andy’s job to inform the rest of the media/fans that Akers was going through things with his daughter or bring it up in the slightest. Not his place. He handles business, Akers then has the option of divulging his family situation or leaving it be and keeping it private.

    Look it’s terrible about Akers’ daughter, but Andy CANNOT go up on that stage and say “I forgive Akers bc he has personal issues going on..” Then the media hounds Akers about his personal life whether he wants to talk about it or not. Andy stuck to game talk, left personal stuff for Akers to bring up when he felt it was right. It was wrong for his teammates to say anything about it when they did as well unless they asked Akers about sharing even a minute piece of information beforehand.

    This has nothing to do with me liking/disliking Akers or Reid. I’m just providing a voice of logic, or attempting to. Reid also said in his postgame presser, “We have to do a better job as coaches and players the whole way around, but third downs in particular” and “That guy’s a Pro Bowl kicker…But he missed it, and things happen.” However, those quotes where he did place the blame on himself and the rest of the team/staff do not get air time. One more instance of people picking and choosing which quotes to reference and ignoring others.

  65. @greggy
    Reid threw Akers under the bus because he didn’t agree to the contract extension offered to him earlier in the year….Simple as that…..Take off the blinders, it’s a business, Reid is here to make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  66. Prayers out to the Akers family – as someone who had a close family member (wife) that had cancer (and beat it) the word strikes fear in your heart, and the days grow long and dreary waiting for the news that it has been beaten.

    If the Eagles coaches/management knew that David was dealing with this, why didn’t they make him inactive for the game or the entire postseason and sign another kicker? Also, if Reid’s post-game comments were directed towards Akers, I would think that Reid would have exercised some common sense – it wasn’t too long ago that the drug trafficking issues with his sons was out in the press for all to see. I seem to remember quite a few people wanting to cut him some slack for dealing with that…

    I really don’t have a “favorite” team – I enjoy the game. But whenever I watch an Eagles game, I’m always amazed on how so poorly managed the games are. It’s like Andy Reid is a first year coach at the Pee-Wee level (poor time management, coaching challenges, bad play calling on both sides of the ball). If the Loria family is happy with the occasional trip (one and out) to the playoffs and a 10-7/9-7 record, then the Eagles will be that type of team.

    The mindset needs to change for the Eagles to take the next step – and maybe the first thing for ownership to do is to fire Reid and the coaching staff.

  67. cjjetsfan says:
    In the end, the only important thing is Akers daughters health.
    Rational football fans would all agree with this, however ……we’re talking about EAGLES fans here. Akers could take her out to midfield before a game to thank everyone for praying for her, and the louts would boo her ’cause she made her Dad miss two playoff FG’s.

  68. Akers makes those easy kicks and the Packers are eliminated in round one. Combine that with the fact that the Packers ‘won’ a 3-way tiebreaker to even make the wild-card game….and you have to wonder when their luck is gonna run out.

  69. Wow I feel like a bleephead. As an Eagle fan I know I cursed Akers after the game. My 4 year old is everything to me and I couldn’t even go out and function if that happened to her. I hope everything turns out ok for that little girl. That sucks big time. I don’t even know what to say. It sucks when anyone gets cancer or another life ending or changing disease, but a 6 year old kid? Thats a horrible thing, like almost no other. God Bless you Ackers family

    I also think it would be a big mistake to not keep Akers. I think the Eagles know that.

  70. “So which part of Andy’s comment is so bad? Are we to believe that those points would NOT have helped?”

    Here is why it is bad…pretty simple really…football is a team game and your leader shouldn’t call out a player who missed some field goals when ultimately someone else screwed up (it is the fg kickers job to fix the offenses mistakes). Good leaders aren’t going to call out a player who messed up publicly, when perhaps better play calling and coaching would’ve (should’ve) led to a TD instead of a fg try.

    NOW add in the fact then Reid knew what Akers was dealing with and he made those comments anyway is even worse. This man obviously has no respect for his players or fans (he will lie right to your face).

    There are coaches that are decent coaches, but not leaders or real men…and I put Reid in that category. What tiny bit of respect I had for Reid I do believe is gone.

  71. God help Akers’ daughter and family through these horrible times, I can’t even imagine.

    Reid was accurate in saying that those points would have helped, hell any points would have helped. What I can’t get over is how he says this knowing damn well why Akers was not 100%. What a leader! Your supposed to stick up for your guys regardless, even if Akers didn’t have to deal with this. What he should have said was it’s a team effort and everyone failed. Akers has saved his fat ass plenty of times.

    Then again knowing Reids background as a father I am not a bit suprised.

  72. Everyday of the week some father goes to work making $10 an hour and must do his job if his family is to eat…No sympathy for Aikers here….

  73. Andy Reid is the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.. Of course he would be angry when his kicker messes up a game that would essentially lead them to the superbowl. (most people would agree whoever won that game would represent the NFC in Dallas). When you are a professional athlete, you must be able to do your job. If I was unable to perform at my workplace, I would be sent home. A kicker should have been signed after Akers told his team he was too distracted to perform at a high level.. or at least the basic level.. I like Akers, he is a good family man, but he cost the Eagles a win. There is no excuse in my mind for that.

  74. First and foremost, I hope Akers’ daughter will have a complete recovery and remain cancer free.

    As for the Reid aspect of the story, I’m wondering what the big deal is. If this was a slap in the face delivered to Akers, then it was done with a velvet glove. I’m guessing the part of the discussion not mentioned in this article was a question from a reporter as to how costly the missed field goals were. The article, however, simply posts Reid’s respones: “We can all count,” Reid said. “Those points would have helped.” It’s a matter-of-fact response to an obvious question that some reporter was guaranteed to ask. He didn’t say that Akers had let the team down or anything else to single him out. What else was Reid supposed to say? He could have pointed out Akers’ personal issues, but the family was still waiting to see what was going to happen and it really wouldn’t have been Reid’s decision on if or when the news got out. Everyone’s jumping to the conclusion that the comments made by Akers’ teammate were meant to defend him against Reid’s criticism, but as a lifelong Eagles fan I’d expect it was made to defend Akers from what would have been coming from some of my less rational and more reactionary fellow Eagles fans. While I believe that much of the bad press Eagles fans get is exaggerated or overblown, if the fans believe you’ve cost the team a chance at the playoffs or to win a playoff game, they will let you know about it, and not always in the most polite language. Personally, I think Akers’ teammate was more worried about having that heaped on to what Akers was already dealing with.

  75. fightingwombat says: Jan 30, 2011 3:36 PM

    I really don’t have a “favorite” team – I enjoy the game. But whenever I watch an Eagles game, I’m always amazed on how so poorly managed the games are. It’s like Andy Reid is a first year coach at the Pee-Wee level (poor time management, coaching challenges, bad play calling on both sides of the ball). If the Loria family is happy with the occasional trip (one and out) to the playoffs and a 10-7/9-7 record, then the Eagles will be that type of team.

    The mindset needs to change for the Eagles to take the next step – and maybe the first thing for ownership to do is to fire Reid and the coaching staff.
    Not to be rude, but you clearly don’t know much about the Eagles. As a lifelong fan, let me give you a quick lesson. First of all, the owner is Jeff Lurie. As for Reid, you can question his use of time outs all you want (we certainly do) and his clock management to a lesser degree, but the man tends to have the team ready to perform and he knows how to make the best use of his players…especially his QBs. In Reid’s 11 year tenure as HC, the Eagles have been to 5 NFC Championship games and 1 SB. While I would have loved to see more SB appearances and some SB trophies in the case, that’s hardly a record that backups your one and done track record comment. That was simply the case the past 2 seasons…seasons that were seriously plagued with injuries and saw a dramatic turnover on the roster. So, even when the team is in rebuilding mode, they remain highly competitive. Also, during Reid’s tenure, the Eagles have a winning record against the Cowboys, and they’re currently enjoying a 6 game winning streak against the Giants. That’s big for Eagles fans. While I was disappointed with the playoff loss, that disappointment is tempered by the fact that the best case predictions for the Eagles coming into the season was pretty much 8-8 and 3rd place in the division (with a number of analysts predicting them to be cellar dwellers) after trading McNabb. So, in hindsight, the team did better than anyone expected them to do, and is well positioned to make another run at the playoffs (hopefully a much deeper run this time). They just need some more depth at O-line (injuries have killed them there) and a new starting CB to pair with Asante Samuel (paging Nnamdi Asomugha…I know, a pipe dream, but a pleasant one).

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