Arthur Blank says he’s “still pissed” about playoff loss

Falcons owner Arthur Blank plans to spend some time in Dallas this week, attending events preceding the Super Bowl.  He’ll go to the owners’ party on Thursday.  He’ll attend the Commissioner’s press conference on Friday.  He’ll visit Radio Row thereafter.  (Perhaps we’ll finagle a visit with him on PFT Live.  Reggie?)

But Blank won’t attend the only sporting event that requires a basic understanding of Roman numerals.

“I’m coming home Sunday morning — mostly because I’m still pissed about our game,” Blank told Jeff Schulz of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Blank, who has seen some very low lows during his tenure as team owner, continues to struggle with the one-and-out performance by the top seed in the NFC.  He found a kindred spirit at ownership meetings occurring only days after the deflating 48-21 loss to the Packers.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft, whose team lost to the Jets in the division round.

“There we were, the owners of the two No. 1 seeds, having lunch,” Blank said.  “Nobody else sat at our table.  We were two sorry sacks.  You never get used to it.”

Still, the Falcons are moving in the right direction.  They’ve strung together three winning seasons for the first time in franchise history; before 2009, the Falcons never had won more games than they lost in back-to-back years.

But now they head back to the valley of 0-0, where they’ll have to contend with the Saints and the Buccaneers in 2011, and beyond.  The challenge will be for the Falcons to find a way to play in the postseason like they’ve played in the regular season.  During their unlikely resurgence that began a year after the Vick-Petrino debacle of 2007, the Falcons are 0-2 in the games that matter most.

51 responses to “Arthur Blank says he’s “still pissed” about playoff loss

  1. All the more proof that those who endure to win the Super Bowl each year truly are Champions!

  2. Yup 0-2. Yet to win a playoff game since Vick left. But in due time I’m sure they will. I hope Vick beats them to a Super Bowl though.

  3. Over-hyped/over-rated is how i’d describe them. As a Buc fan, i can attest to the fact that we had ’em on the ropes twice, and only our youth and inexperience let ’em off the hook(thanx, Denny Green).

    The Pack went in there, punched them in the mouth, and they didn’t know what to do. Team is used to playing from ahead, running the ball, and grinding out the clock. Peter King stated, “Matty Ice, time to retire the name” and i truly agree. Would take Josh Freeman over him 8 days a week.

    As a fan of the youngest team in the league, i can see my team is on the upswing whereas i believe the Falcons are as good as they’re gonna get.

    Lookin forward to seasons ahead.

  4. At least he feels the pain the ATL fans feel ….

    Not sloughing it off …. like most of the players do.

  5. “There we were, the owners of the two No. 1 seeds, having lunch,” Blank said. “Nobody else sat at our table. We were two sorry sacks. You never get used to it.”

    This made me laugh. He seems like a personable (at least quotable) fellow.

  6. Yes assnfootball, it’d be fantastic if Vick beat the Falcons to a SB since they so greatly wronged him(insert sarcasm). Dude signed a massive and screwed the Falcons with multiple off the field issues(Ron Mexico, drug compartment inside water bottle, dogfighting), then lied to Blank about it. Kudos to his comeback, but his leaving the ATL was entirely self imposed.

  7. Crawl, walk, run. Nice regular season by Ice and the Falcons. I didn’t expect them to get this good so quickly after losing Vick and the coaching fiasco.
    So far this season, the Pack sacked two Head Coaches and pissed of at least one owner (who publicly admitted it). Can the Pack cap it off by ending the dreams of a nation….Steeler nation?

  8. ATL Overrated just like many have been saying all year.

    Matt Ryan the next “elite” QB. Sad fact but “Bert” Flacco has won more playoff games each season than Matt Ryan has total. Mark Sanchez has won 4 playoff games in 2 appearances.

    The majority of NFL fans knew the Falcons were frauds, then they went out and proved it.

  9. Number one thing they need is a backup quarterback that can run or pass….so the defense can learn how to tackle a quarterback with decent moves. Aaron Rodgers made them miss tackles like high schoolers. If Cam Newton is available, they should take him. And be readied when Ryan goes down next year with another stubbed toe. Cam Newton will be great. He can run, but doesn’t want to, and won’t, after getting shellac-ed a couple times. At least Cam Newton has a father that gives a crap about him. That was more than half of Mike Vick’s problem.

    Matt Ryan cannot improvise under pressure…..he is more like Drew Bledsoe…good enough for 11-12 wins, but too predictable, and interceptable in clutch situations.. Never a running threat, and no pump fake to mention.

    They need another decent running back. Doesn’t matter how big the guy is. Just a bonafide star running back with moves and not prone to injury.

    And, Michael Jenkins played pretty good, just not champion quality. If the defense shuts down Roddy White, and Gonzalez…..The next guy has to be better than Jenkins.

    Another Cornerback would be useful, that Christoper Owens was about as bad is gets against the Packers. It would be shocking if that guy doesn’t get cut. Boy did he stink!

  10. As a former vendor to Home Depot when Blank was involved with the company, I say GOOD RIDDANCE! Oh, and did I mentiion that I’m a life long Packer fan?

  11. Not a Falcon fan, but I am an Arthur Blank fan.

    Mr. Blank has been exceptionally classy through some periods of great disappointment and adversity.

    It’s not just the Falcons’ on-field struggles. Blank also handled the Petrino flameoute and the Vick debacle with a dignity and humanity a one doesn’t always see in NFL ownership.

    A few examples of the latter:

    – Bud Adams’ double-fisted one-finger salute from an owners’ box

    – Al Davis’ macabre displays before the mic where he tries as “best he can” to open up a 55 gallon drum of whoop-ass on the Lane Kiffens and Tom Cables of the world; Davis trying to marginalize Marcus Allen; Davis repeatedly suing the League, etc. (yup, the greatness of da Raiduhs)

    – Daniel Snyder berating old lady employees in absurd tirades and charging fans for everything, including watching the Redskins practice and even park to watch practice

    Along with Dan Rooney, Jerry Jones, the Maras — Blank is one of the good guys. Gotta feel for the guy.

  12. vick’s last 2 years in atlanta he squandered 6-2 and 5-3 starts to finish 8-8 and 7-9.

    yes they went 2-6 down the stretch 2 years in a row.

    this speaks to lack of prep, huge ego, insufficient talent, distractions, and i would suggest, possibly throwing games.

    this season the eagles backed into the playoffs amid embarassing losses where vick looked more than confused. from the bears game on they were 3-4, shades of the mid 00s. take away the jackson punt return and they likely dont go to the playoffs.

  13. An icy Gatorade shower one game, a warm urine bath the next.

    Maybe it’s time to go to Lowe’s for a thermostat that works consistently.

  14. The Bucs are coming in their rear view mirror. Fast. And flashing to pass.

  15. I laugh at all you fools that thought Matt Ryan could fill Vick’s shoes 🙂

    I bet Arthur Blank is not thinking now, that he is in a better place than Vick is in.

    I mean come one, how can you expect a player that plays 5 years of college ball and still throws 22 picks in the 5th year?

    There is only 1 Mike Vick – Sorry dog losers 🙂

  16. Hard to say that Matt Ryan is overrated because he is so young and he did have an impressive stat line this year. But for Bucs fans’ perspective, just about every QB in the game is overrated compared to the attention Freeman got this year, while in his 2nd year and surrounded by rookies.

    25 TDs 6 INTs

    3451 yds passing

    95.9 passer rating

    second highest rushing total for a QB (364 yds)

    numerous 4th quarter comebacks

    23 years old.

  17. They have an overrated QB that is 0-2 in the playoffs, they have only one real WR and their depth is suspect when you lose one starting DB and his replacement contributes highly to their loss.

    Other than that, Blank should be happy.

  18. He kinda looks like a silent movie star, maybe he should take that message, and stay silent…Funny how the dirty stadium emptied during the GB game. Lame ass town team and owner….Get used to one and done……many more to come….

  19. Both Flacco and Sanchez have amazing defenses, so let’s remember that while we are talking about Matt Ryan and his playoff record.

  20. I never believed the Falcons were for real. The were a good team that just didn’t make mistakes. A team with real offensive and defensive talent was always capable of destroying them. The Packers uttely humiliated them in their own stadium. That was a beatdown of epic proportions.

  21. “I hope he doesn’t morph into a Jerry Jones type of owner where it is all about him 24/7.”

    Well considering he likes to stick himself and his wife in Falcons commercials and he has this thing about making a grand entrance onto the sidelines once a victory is assured, he’s getting there.

  22. “Slap the pads on and do something about it.”

    Ha. Obviously that’s a joke, but could you imagine? The guy knows jack squat about football. I remember a game against the Bears a few years back where Michael Jenkins made this terrific toe-tapper on a last second drive to win the game… and Art is over there excitedly jumping up and down and waving it incomplete (I’m pretty sure he thought it was a baseball-esque “safe” signal).

    The only interests he has in this team succeeding involves straight cash, homie.

  23. Shouldn’t he be more pissed that one of his employees designed the team mascot to look exactly like him? hook-nose and all?

    watching that freaky commercial where they’re all harboring little kids on their bus and jamming to some song, it’s hard to tell Blank and the mascot apart.

  24. Heartbreaking loss a couple weeks ago, but this year was still a very successful one in the big scheme of things. As long as the team learns from the loss.. that is what matters to me. Go Falcons.

  25. The thing about the Falcons is they really were not that great. A lot of their games were more about luck than anything else. The Bucs nearly and probably should have beaten them both times. The Saints beat Atlanta in the 2nd to last game of the season pretty easily.

    You need more than luck to win in the playoffs.

  26. I’m amazed they did as well as they are; perhaps they had a cake schedule; dunnno; but I bet they played all the teams Seattle’s division; I think he is just mad that his team went out before Vicks!

  27. The Falcons are still a young team as well so all you Bucs fans that think we are over rated and won’t be a threat next season you’ll see we will be back. I can admit the Bucs are a good team but the Falcons are just as good and mark my words we will be back for sure. Everyone always hates on the Falcons and I love it when we prove them wrong. You don’t finish a season 13-3 being over rated. Ryan is still young and will only get better. Ryan has only played 2 and a half seasons and I am proud of my team. See you next year when we take the NFC South again.

  28. Worst number 1 seed of all time that’s funny at least we didn’t lose to the worst playoff team in playoff history. It’s all good the Falcons are no joke anymore so just keep thinking we are no good. The people who matter have respect for our team. The Bucs and Falcons will be 1-2 in the South next season.

  29. But now they head back to the valley of 0-0, where they’ll have to contend with the Saints and the Buccaneers in 2011, and beyond.

    I think Mikey you forgot a team that is up and coming and a team that has new faces and the number 1 pick this year and possible next year. I understand you hate them but do understand you will be talking about the Panthers and how they finally changed the face of the franchise. The Saints are getting older and Drew will start to see a decline this year. Go Panthers.

  30. If I spent upward of five hundred million for something, I would certainly expect a return on the investment. Blank loves his Falcons because of the cash it generates; he also loves Home Depot for all the cash it generates. I’m sure he doesn’t feel that pissed off because the cash keeps rolling in.

  31. “There we were, the owners of the two No. 1 seeds, having lunch,” Blank said. “Nobody else sat at our table. We were two sorry sacks. You never get used to it.”

    Must be rough for them? They’re billionaire NFL team owners eating lunch in a place most of us couldn’t get into.

    Cry me a river.

  32. As is Ziggy to the Saints, but teams move on. Viking fans are over the Saints loss, the owner probably never will be, we know we gave it away and now have to watch the Packers in a Super Bowl, but thats todays NFL. It’s different for owners as it is their own money.

    However, while Viking fans have moved on from giving the Saints the Super Bowl, we’ll never forget losing in ’98 to Atlanta. That loss was way worse then the Saints game. That 98 Viking team would step onto the field with any team and play them into the ground. So, from Minnesota, we don’t feel too bad for the Falcons but we can comprehend. Plus, its the Packers and we all know how popular the Packers are with the Vikings.

    Favre going into Lambeau for the NFC Championship would’ve been way more hyped up then that stupid ‘epicenter of humanity’ thing. Bears and Packers respect each other, OK? Vikings and Packers HATE each other.

  33. aaronrodgersbelt says:
    Jan 30, 2011 11:36 AM
    Am I the only person who doesn’t think Ryan is worth nearly the accolades that he’s receiving?


    No sir, you aren’t. He’s a fraud that happens to be really good at locking on to Roddy White. My qb, on the other hand, threw 25 tds, 6 ints while throwing to rookies. He’s more “ice” than Matty and next season, the rest of the NFL will recognize it. Falcons will belong to us.

  34. blountforce says:
    Jan 30, 2011 5:01 PM

    No sir, you aren’t. He’s a fraud that happens to be really good at locking on to Roddy White. My qb, on the other hand, threw 25 tds, 6 ints while throwing to rookies. He’s more “ice” than Matty and next season, the rest of the NFL will recognize it. Falcons will belong to us.

    Remember all those wins “your” (don’t think you suited up) team had against teams with winning records this year? Don’t count the one at the end when your opponent sat all of its starters at halftime cause the Falcons were thumping the Panthers. 0 is the number you’re looking for. Quit your whining about “youth and inexperience”, winners go out and win ball games. Losers “let them off the hook”. “You” lost to Detroit AT HOME!

    Statistically, “your” QB threw for less TD’s and yards than Ryan. And he didn’t hit half of the clutch throws that Ryan made to keep drives going and his team winning. But he sure can tear up that excellent Seahawks’ secondary! Give me a break.

    The only stat that matters is wins:

    Freeman 13-16 (.448 winning percentage)
    Ryan 33-15 (.688 winning percentage)

    Is Ryan a Peyton Manning – Tom Brady type stat machine? Heck no, he’s not that good. But he’s a damn sight better than Michael Bishop, Jr… I mean Josh Freeman.

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