Eagles to use franchise tag on Vick, listen to offers on Kolb

With a long-term extension for Michael Vick not an option in the short term, the Eagles plan to place the franchise tag on their starting quarterback, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The news doesn’t come as a surprise.  In fact, any other decision from Philadelphia would be a little crazy.

Schefter also reports that the Eagles will be open to listening to offers for Kevin Kolb.  Andy Reid said he’d love to have Kolb back in 2011, but he also said Donovan McNabb was his starting quarterback a year ago at this time.

Kolb is only due $1.4 million this year, so the Eagles could afford to keep both players if they chose.  (In fact, they would spend roughly the same money on quarterbacks in 2011 as 2010 if they kept both.)

The lack of a collective bargaining agreement could make any potential trade of Kolb difficult.  Let’s say the owners and players didn’t come to an agreement until mid-August.

A team may not give up full price for Kolb when they wouldn’t have much time to get him ready for the season.

39 responses to “Eagles to use franchise tag on Vick, listen to offers on Kolb

  1. Great news! Not a surprise at all. But… who’s the D coordinator?

    Even though winning the NFC East (again) wouldn’t surprise anybody, that’s simply what the Eagles do, we really need to shore up this defense to give ourselves a shot in the playoffs. Here’s hoping.

  2. What we do not know is what they think of Mike Kafka. They will determine what they do with Kevin Kolb.

  3. Trade Kolk for a 3rd rd pick and get on with it. He may have potential, but hasn’t proven anything yet, and his 2010 performances hurt his draft value.

  4. Kolb might be able to start for several other clubs, but they aren’t going to give up a King ransome for him. Reid needs an experienced backup for Vick, whose style of play almost assures he won’t make it through a full season.

  5. As an Eagles fan, I wish they could keep both but Kolb didn’t grow up dreaming to be a backup. At least it will cut down on obnoxious media-fueled drama.

  6. Good now all the people he stole from can get there money back and the Egals will go with out a Super Bowl yet another year

    And Vick will resort to his old self scum dog killer

  7. Vick has said that he would take the tag because he wants to play here. The only reason he wouldn’t is because his agent is telling him not to. It makes most sense. You need to see what the guy can do over a full season and if he can replicate his success without being oft-injured, he will deserve a new contract. He’d be making $20 million or so and he would have no reason to complain about it.

    However, I find it ludicrous in reading that the Eagles will “make it official” next month by giving him the franchise tag. First off, we have no clue whether or not the league will be doing business next month. Secondly, even if a new CBA is agreed upon by the start of the new league year, it might not even have the franchise tag option in it. In the Eagles ideal world they will place the tag on him, but it’s not even a definite option at this point.

  8. go get him titans. it still remains to be seen if this guy is good enough and durable enough to play well weekly and take a team to the playoffs, but given the circus that has been tennessee lately, it should at least be on the table. of course, you need a head coach first.

  9. I can understand Philly wanting to convert Kolb into draft picks or veteran help, but they better have a plan ready if Vick goes down. Vick’s style of play leads to him getting beat up. You don’t want to end up like the Bears, with Todd Collins and an unproven rookie as your only options.

  10. A little crazy…..Would be the fact that no one has heard a peep from the Eagles organization about anything in about 20 days, but schefter works for BSPN and they need bottom of the screen scroll fodder……What joke

  11. Keeping both makes the most sense… Give Andy Reid and Mike Vick this season… If they don’t get it done.. Let em both go.

    Then give Kolb one of the Eagles famous “financial apologies”, give him the keys, and rebuild this thing. Alot of young talent on this team, it would be a shame to waste it with an idiot like Andy Reid in charge.

  12. I am still not sold that Vick has changed. Money can change a person, and he is still very much in the red with his debts. There is no doubt that he had a great season and his recent play deserves a contract in line with the top QB’s, but I want to see if he will maintain his “changed man” persona when he is out of debt.

  13. I don’t think a long term deal is not an option. I could be wrong, but I believe the 30% rule is based on base salary, not signing bonus. The franchise tag for QB’s is expected to be about $24 million. Tom Brady just got 48 million guaranteed on a 72 million dollar deal. Vick won’t get that much. Couldn’t the Eagles give Vick a $24 million signing bonus and the maximum allowed 30% bump in his 2010 pay which would put him at tabout 6.5 million? Then another 30% bump the following few years? If you bumped it 30% each year, this would equate to 64 million over 4 years, but only the first year (about $30 million) would be guaranteed.

    This way the Eagles don’t risk too much more than they would be forking out already, but get him locked up for 3 extra years at a decent salary.

  14. There’s 2 ways the Eagles can go:

    1 Not go with Vick bc there’s just not enough around him. However the front office would disagree. This team needs a CB, C, OG, OT, 2 LB’s although not going to happen and probably a DE bc Graham will give you nothing next year and quite frankly although again unrealistic to happen 2 bigger DT who can push the pocket, to go any further. Simply put, there’s not enough wholistically around that you can go with the one-man-gang philosophy. They’re still not gonna get any further in the playoffs.

    What they should do is let Vick go and go with Kolb, let him work into the role along with everything else you need to change, and set up the squad for the rest of the long term of the decade. Vick probably doesn’t have much juice left in him so go with some more of the youth movement they originally began, but have now abandoned.

    But first the team would have to agree that’s the large number of needs they have, so throw that off the table bc they probably don’t.

    2: If you’e gonna let Kolb go, this is the draft to do it. You’ll get the same player in the draft that Kolb is from that 2nd tier of prospects that will drop to the 2nd-3rd rounds. Mallet, Ponder, Devlin etc or whoever else you want to put in that category. Good fundamental guys with some skills that you probably want to sit for a yr or two. Exactly what Kolb was.

    So if you really believe this team is only 1 or 2 players away (which I don’t) then if you think you’ll fill that in the draft, then go with Vick and still be able to get your future guy at a reasonable draft slot.

  15. Cleveland may trade Seneca Wallace and their second round pick for Kevin Kolb. Wallace has played in the West Coast offense for most of his career. Wallace is a decent backup in NFL and Philadelphia needs another quarterback on their roster if they trade Kolb. The connections with Reid and Holmgren/Heckert/ Shurmur to make the deal happen are similar to NE trading Cassel to Kansas City.

  16. BIGBLUEFAN, Instead of referring to Vick as a “dog killer”, maybe you should start calling him the “giant killer”. You can include Desean in that same category as well.

  17. The Eagles had the same record with Vick as they had with McNabb last year, also one and done in the playoffs.

    I wouldnt sign him to a six month contract, much less long term. He makes a few exciting plays, but in the end he is the same as he was with Atlanta, fun to watch but doesnt get it done in the end.

  18. I wish vick would have killed people instead of dogs, that way we wouldn’t have to hear all the hateful comments. Nobody cares about people who rape, murder and steal from other people, only people who hurt animals.

  19. jroneputt, the QB in Atlanta didn’t get it done in the end either….in fact i guess you think a whole lot of QB starters in the NFL shouldn’t get extensions seeing as only 2 made it to the SB.

  20. This was bound to happen, Ima Kolb fan, but i understand him wanting to go some where else, he will be a great QB for some one, He will end up in a warmer climate i bet, Miami, Carolina, tenni one of those, AS FOR Kafka, the guys a dam Good QB, Go back and read the Preseason articles, he was the BEST QB in training camp. He made outragous throws, right on the money, the eagles brass love the guy. He and riley cooper raised hell in the camp. BUT being on the field is another thing. he has the tools, now he just needs those Pro Sized balls.

  21. I think its pretty obvious what the Eagles think of Mike Kafka. Not much.

    If they trade Kolb they’ll go out and get one of the many journeyman quarterbacks who will be looking for a job, and will pray that Vick can avoid serious injury.

    I think the one thing that we can be 100% sure of is that the new backup QB that they bring in will NOT be Donovan McNabb!

  22. vick is the same guy from atlanta, he can make plays but gets beat up by the end of the season. eagle fans can only hope that mccoy and jackson can help take the pressure off him next year.

  23. I think resigning Vick to a long term cotract is the way to go.Before he went off his talent and didn’t work hard and now he works his tail off and Andy and Marty are turning him into a great passing QB to go along with him being a great athlete.Vick can do things Kolb can only dream of. As for Kolb it would be a great move to trade him .He’s only a little bit younger than Vick and he don’t have half the talent of Vick.Kafka is a good young QB who played at a high level at a big 10 school not a weak conference USA school whos offense make a QB look good.

  24. It kills me that there are actually some “football fans” that think Kolb will be a great QB. Where do you see this?

    Is it that “rocket arm”? The “great decision making”? The “tremendous pocket presence”?

    Please show me where this insight into how great he WILL be after 5 years in the league and still a backup.

  25. i’m sure andy reid will keep the bet QB!!! so long kolb, probably end up with the titans, sucks to be you with greg williams!!! fall guy in 2 years !

  26. Kolb is probably having nightmares at the thought of possibly going to Cincinnati or Buffalo.

  27. Excellent – now that Mike the dog slaughterer is getting a bunch more cash – he can get the old posse back, buy a huge crib, and start being Mike the dog slaughterer again. Personally, I can’t wait for this POS to implode again!

  28. To Monkeyshine911: You wish Vick had killed some people instead of animals because he wouldn’t get bugged so much. Say what????? That is probably one of the most twisted things I’ve ever heard. Torturing and killing animals or humans is the worst thing anyone could do. You’ll have to blame the news for not spitting out the articles on people who are tortured and killed. It’s just as important but it seems what is in the news is Vick because he’s a sports star. That seems to trump anything. Vick will always be synonymous with torturing and killing dogs and enjoying it, just like Ted Bundy is synonymous with torturing and killing people. That is how it works. There’s no forgetting when someone tortures and kills a living thing.

  29. Vick is a loser. We dont want dog killers in our NFL… GET OUT! Shame on the beagles, for giving him work. Karma got you in the playoffs. Thank the giants for the GIFT to even being there.

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