Jay Glazer calls a play as NFC wraps up Pro Bowl win


The NFC spent the second half of the Pro Bowl running out the clock in garbage time after building up a 42-7 halftime lead, and in the fourth quarter even FOX’s Jay Glazer got in on the action for the NFC side.

Glazer was patrolling the sideline when he got permission from Falcons coach Mike Smith to call a play for the NFC team. The play was supposed to be a go route from Drew Brees to Calvin Johnson, but Johnson was on the sideline and already done for the day, so they settled for a pass down the field to Jason Witten.

The play turned into a strange one: Witten caught the pass but then dropped the ball as he was getting tackled, and Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather picked up the loose ball and took it the other way. Meriweather, who during the regular season became one of the poster boys for helmet-to-helmet hits, then got knocked to the ground courtesy of a helmet-to-helmet hit from Carolina’s Jordan Gross.

And then that fumble and the Meriweather return were waved off, as the officials ruled that Witten had been down by contact.

That NFC drive featuring Glazer’s cameo as offensive coordinator led to a field goal that made the score 48-28, NFC. The ensuing kickoff was then disrupted by some fans running onto the field and being tackled by police. As the police escorted the fans off the field, Darnell Dockett was shown lying on the ground, laughing hysterically.

Everyone is laughing at this mess of a game.

28 responses to “Jay Glazer calls a play as NFC wraps up Pro Bowl win

  1. as much as it doesn’t really matter, could somebody tell the commentators that there’s still a game going on? Maybe they could explain how an incomplete pass on 4th and 4 turns into a 1st down instead of talking about how dumb Terry Bradshaw was when he got drafted?

  2. Lighten up.

    The game is a joke. So what? Did anyone attempt to sell this game as a super serious death match?

    What is so horrible about watching players who spend an entire season trying to kill each other have a little fun together?

    These guys, after all, are not the mortal enemies fan boy america wishes they were. They are colleagues- members of the same union, practitioners of the same profession.

    Have some perspective. Either enjoy the game for what it is, laugh at the silliness and let go of your own pre-conceived notion of how your heroes should act- or don’t watch it.

    If they want to treat this as an end of the year office party, so be it.

  3. I fell asleep after the first quarter ended & feel so much smarter than those who watched this. Why is this even a game ??


  5. And apparently is only 5” tall, seriously the next the man interviews Matt Ryan get him a foot stand.

  6. Not sure why all the fuss. There’s not one all star game in any sport that is taken serious anymore. Apparently fans don’t care if the players take it serious. They still watch the game and buy tickets to the event. If most fans really cared about these all star games, they’d stop going to the games or watching it on TV until players took it seriously.

  7. I agree with Realitypolice. This isn’t the superbowl, it’s the all-star game. You get upset when the NBA all-star games turns into a dunk contest.

    They are there to have a no pressure, fun game. It was obvious they let the guy from Cleveland score at the end. The game was over and these guys showed great sportsmanship in that. I actually enjoyed the game. Of course I’m a Panthers fan so watching Beason return a pick for a TD was the highlight of my season, but it was still fun to watch them have fun with the reporters, each other and their coaches.

  8. I think the MLB all star is the only one which actually has some importance attached to it. Something related to winner getting some advantage during playoffs ?

    This is just an end of the season party, so it is all sh*ts & giggles to me lol

    I don’t watch it but I suppose something(Pro Bowl) is better than nothing(no game on Sunday before Super Bowl) ?

  9. “They are colleagues- members of the same union, practitioners of the same profession.”

    Unless of course there is a photo controversy, then they hate each other.

  10. The Pro Bowl is exactly how Roger Goodell wants all NFL games to be played: no real hitting or tackling by players on tough defenses; no smack talking; no head-hunting; etc. Just lots of points and fancy plays.

  11. They still watch the game and buy tickets to the event.”

    I saw a lot of empty seats… what is the capacity of the stadium versus ‘paid’ attendance. i’ll bet there is alot of ‘free’ tickets

  12. xcountrytrevor says:
    Jan 31, 2011 12:21 AM
    They should do like the NHL, skills competitions and entertaining stuff. I loved the NFL’s fastest man competition. DHall running the 100?!

    This. They need to bring it back to having the QB competition, 7 on 7 drills, etc. Have some fun with it and don’t just show a lame game no one wants to play because no one wants to get hurt. If they did like MLB and maybe say the winner ‘wins’ something, but it can’t be any advantage in the super bowl because no one from those teams is playing.

  13. The Pro Bowl reminds me of a baseball game. Everyone, including the players, know the game’s outcome doesn’t really matter so nobody cares, making for an extremely boring game.

  14. Yeah, um watching that first half, I’m not sure how anyone could flatly say the NHL All-Star game was a joke.

    At least it was remotely competitive.

  15. Free trip to Hawaii and a touch football game. It’s basically a reward for these guys not a game. So be it, it’s better than having it after the Superbowl when it was starting to go un-noticed.

  16. Why would anyone go to Hawaii to watch the Pro Bowl! You are in Hawaii, there are a lot more fun things to do!

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