McDermott firing raises questions about Andy Reid’s future

The curious decision to fire defensive coordinator Sean McDermott only three days after coach Andy Reid declared that the hand-picked replacement for the late Jim Johnson would return was regarded by many (or at least by us) as another example of a coach saying what he had to say, even if what he had to say wasn’t the truth.

But there have been whispers that the decision to fire McDermott came not from the guy who supposedly runs the football operation, but from someone higher in the organization.  If that’s the case, then the man who as of Thursday became the longest-tenured NFL head coach could be reaching the end of his tenure, absent a stellar 2011 season.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer makes the case for possibility that Reid is running out of time.

We didn’t believe it when we started reading the column.  But by the time we hit the end, we were starting to wonder whether McLane is onto something.

If he is, Reid could be moving on to other opportunities after the 2011 season.

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  1. It would not surprise me if Reid is running out of time:

    Lurie and others obviously have been hearing the calls from fans who CLEARLY want Reid out as HC, especially since in 2012, Jeff Fisher among others will be available. The McDermott firing may very well have been a case where ownership was kowtowing to fans who wanted change and want it now.

  2. I think this type of rumor should have surfaced after McNabb was ditched. He and Reid were bosom buddies, with Reid taking a lot of flak for Donovan’s shortcomings and personality traits that are not enjoyed in (at least) Philly.

    And BEFORE that didn’t Joe Banner get a little promotion with Reid getting a demotion?

    I think Andy is too soft on his team and the front office has decided to grow a pair and make decisions Andy couldn’t do. Now, if he WOULDN’T make those decisions then I think you’re on to something (if not 12+ months late) but I think Jeff Lurie is going to think it over for a LONG time before canning Reid.

    Regardless of Reid’s ability to get a Lombardi trophy, Reid surely has lined Lurie’s pockets.

    And that’s something every owner appreciates in professional sports.

  3. There is no doubt that Andy needs to show that he can still contend and eventually win a championship but he will coach out his contract at a minimum. Heckert is in Cleveland under Holmgren who is effectively calling all of the shots. I think what people are forgetting is the fact that Andy is an offensive head coach. McDermott is in Carolina where Ron Rivera is a defensive head coach. The other team interested in McDermott was Denver that has a Defensive head coach. As far as McNabb is concerned I don’t think anyone is arguing we made a bad decision. Andy has been in Love with Vick since he came into the league. Remember Kolb was draft a few months before Vick got into trouble. It’s obvious the Eagles organization is thinking ahead by promoting Roseman to GM because he now has the control over player personnel but, the other two factors McNabb and McDermott I don’t think you can correlate the two. Reid will move on eventually that’s no shock.

  4. you dont think the contract extension that he received last offseason, goin into a ‘rebuilding year’, was a clear indication of how they felt about Reid.
    Our owners were goin into this season expecting to be .500 at best, & they threw him a four year deal.

    && about this supposed article or blurb.
    You can get NO information from what Andy Ried says. You have no idea what he will do, everything he gives his local media is complete gargbage. He never states his intentions, never gives answers to questions, & RARELY tells the truth.
    Frankly i think andy is a clown & treats the media and fans like toilet paper. Kinda pisses me off.

    He’s was a great coach & is now a good offensive of coordinator.

  5. Andy Reid should have been fired years ago. The fact isthat Jeffrey Lurie cares about $ first and then titles second. If he were to fire Andy and the Eagles go on the next year and miss the playoffs($), Jeffrey would not be happy. He has playoff stability in Andy although Andy cannot win a SB with his game techniques. His coaching style and stratedy died after the birds lost to the Pats in the SB. In short, as long as Andy is the head coach the team has come up short. Solution: FIRE ANDY AND REBUILD!

  6. now i am just venting,

    Andy Reid made the Eagles soft. thats the worst thing you could be in football, or life.. SOFT.

    byu.. soft

  7. Get a grip…..Everyone who can see two feet in front of them , knows Howie Roseman has more juice than fat andy, if you’d have paid attention to the inner workings of the NFL, insread of looking to bash Aaron Rodgers for not signing an autograph in an airport, or whatever else makes the hit banner sing.. you’d have realized this…..But after posting a Reid article earlier, and seeing the page hits, you have decided to follow up…Damn, you are so predictable now……

  8. “Regardless of Reid’s ability to get a Lombardi trophy, Reid surely has lined Lurie’s pockets.

    And that’s something every owner appreciates in professional sports.”

    True words.

  9. If they let Reid go for nothing, they deserve to not make the playoffs for the next 5 years.

    I root for a team with real coaching troubles, I assure you that Reid would be very well accepted at my favorite franchise.

  10. Naaaah! Reid is pretty well set in Philly as long as he keeps making the playoffs. What some people, especially Eagle fans, tend to forget is that the Eagles sucked before Reid. Two names: Rich Kotite (10-6,11-5, 8-8, 7-9), Ray Rhodes (10-6,10-6,6-9-1,3-13).

  11. The time has come (and frankly, passed) to Fire The Walrus. Lurie is cheap and won’t pay two coaches (particularly if there’s a work stoppage), therefore Reid is here through next season. But the writings on the wall. Fire The Walrus

  12. Reid has his downfalls, But he is a damn good caoch i think, I have never enjoyed a coaches tenure with our team EVER, Dick Vermeil was the Puss, when we lost they super bowl HE fell to pieces. Andy didnt I will admit, the last few years has been hit or miss with the draft, like most teams. But Reid didnt lose us the SB, McDumba** did. we actually had a great game plan during that playoffs, till we had to throw big mouthed T.O in there, and change the whole dam game plan. Reid will be fine, we just need a GREAT DC and decent Draft and FA pick up.

    As long as reid fields a team thats capable of winning and dosent collapse im good

  13. If you follow Philly sports, you would know that McLane has no inside info. His embarrassment last year concerning the Donovan McNabb landing spot show that football insiders treat McLane as an unpaid intern.

  14. I love how the column repeatedly used the “time’s ticking” metaphor, as clock management is far from being Andy Reid’s forte.

  15. They were completely outcoached and embarassed by MIN, a team with inj and no business winning in a crucial game. But that’s what you get when you live and die off the big play. A steady team playing ball control with decent D can make you look foolish. Like what was happening for most of the game at the NYG, another game they should have lost save for an onside kick and some lucky breaks.

    Not even sure they have the right players for this system. Jackson and Maclin have speed but some days they forget how to catch. Mohrningweg still keeps forcing his schemes and giving the ball back to the other team. This team was hopeless last year on the road w McNab and only looks slightly better w Vick.

  16. please dont tease us eagles fans with the possibility of Andy Reid getting fired. We are very vulnerable right now..haha

    Whoever the coach is…E A G L E S EAGLES!

  17. Jeff is geting rich with or without Reid. Season tickets are and have been sold out for years. Best bet is Jeff has it on his mind. Same old same old every year. If he doesn’t do well (NFC Champ. Game at the very least) I think Mr Laurie will look to the future and see who could get The Eagles to the Super Bowl. I have said and will continue to say….. BILL COWHER if and when.

  18. Ray down the losing Rhoads left this team in shambles as much as I don’t agree with everything Andy does he is still a really good coach.His offense is great but they need to hire a great defensive coordinator who has experience with the 4-3 defense to win a Super bowl.

  19. Andy Reid sucks! Big deal 9 years in the playoffs in 12 seasons with 6 division titles and 5 NFC championship appearances. Its a weak division with the Cowboys, Giants, and Redskins. Any other coach would have gotten us at least 10 or 11 playoff seasons in that span.

  20. If Reid is available in the market I am sure more than half of the NFL team will make a run for him. He is too good a coach. My Team would make a run for him in no time. I wish to see him in our sidelines. Good coach and have a chance to become great(Win multiple superbowls).

  21. @Gitlin I guess 2-3 people couldn’t see the sarcasm there.

    Anyone that thinks there is a better coach for the Eagles out there right now is off his rocker.

    If the Defense doesn’t give the Cardinals a 21 point lead in 08 the Eagles would have easily beaten Pittsburgh for a superbowl.

    Hell, if Mcdermott was a DECENT DC the Eagles would have been playing in the SB next week. As someone said before the Eagles need a DC that can hold a the avg opponet score to under 21. If that happens the Eagles are a lock to win a SB real soon.

  22. By this time next week there will have been 45 Super Bowls played out of the 45
    The Giants have 3 the Deadskins have 3 and the cow pukes have 5
    The Giants lost one the Deadskins have lost 2 and the cow pukes have lost 3 so that means in the history of the Super bowl 11 games have been won by the NFC East and the East has been in 19 only two belonging to the egals who are 0-2

    So the historic stats show clearly that the egals suck

    Maybe Jeff wants him one of them Trophies for his office

  23. Shegal fans don’t understand how much pleasure the rest of the NFC East gets out of hearing Shegal fans whining about their shortcomings. I have posted numerous times about how Philly not only sucks now but how they have always sucked. Their only response is about how many NFC East titles they have won. Excuse me, but do they even award a trophy for the NFC East title… that not like being the world’s tallest midget? I will agree that it has been a few years since anyone from the East has won a Super Bowl, but the Shegals have NEVER won a Super Bowl. Once again, win one before you talk about how great you are….again, the Shegals aren’t even the best team in Pennsylvania HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  24. jpmelon says: Jan 30, 2011 3:44 PM

    If they let Reid go for nothing, they deserve to not make the playoffs for the next 5 years.

    I root for a team with real coaching troubles, I assure you that Reid would be very well accepted at my favorite franchise.

    EXACTLY. Andy Reid would be unemployed for about five minutes. This is why the fans sit in the seats and the front office sits in the box. If the Eagles start listening to the fans, the result is going to make the Rich Kotite era look like the good old days.

  25. Ummm Ive only been saying that for how long?

    Speaking of which, I just posted this extremely telling stat of Andy Reid’s at Andy Reid is a career 118-73-1 overall, with a winning percentage of .618. Of those 118 wins, 70 have come against teams 7-9 or worse and only 48 against teams .500 or better.

    Andy Reid’s winning percentage against teams 7-9 or worse: .787
    Andy Reid’s winning percentage against teams 8-8 or better: .466
    That’s a 32% difference! Translation: Andy Reid’s teams beat the teams they should, but struggle to win when it counts… And the playoff numbers are almost identical. Another reason to Fire The Walrus.

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