Raiders may be waiting for Darren Perry, too

There’s an increasing belief that the Eagles haven’t hired a defensive coordinator because they’re waiting for Packers safeties coach Darren Perry.

The Eagles may not be the only ones waiting.

Jerry McDonald of recently reported that the Raiders may be interested in — and thus waiting for — Perry, too.

And we may as well throw the Cardinals into the mix, too.  Coach Ken Whisenhunt reportedly wants to interview members of the Packers’ and Steelers’ staffs to fill the defensive coordinator position in Arizona, via the Philadelphia Daily News.

One major issue remains the willingness of the Packers to let Perry leave, if he’s under contract beyond the current season.  With Perry saying he’s ready to be a coordinator and with teams apparently lining up for his services, the Packers either have already made it known that he’ll be free to leave, or a problem is looming that could made the whole team photo Twitter thing look as meaningless as, well, the whole team photo Twitter thing.

23 responses to “Raiders may be waiting for Darren Perry, too

  1. Go with the Cards and you may have Ken’s HC job in 2-3 yrs. Go with the Raiders and knowing Al Davis you may be the HC by December. Go 2 the Eagles, and be stuck behind Fat Reid for the next 2 decades. Good luck!

  2. you can wildly speculate.


    you can realize that McCarthy wants his staff to advance in the league. I believe he’s publicly said so .

    Where are all the hit-stories on Dick Lebeau leaving?

  3. Never made a defensive call in his life. He is a dime a dozen. I hope this is a smoke screen. Eagles need a proven Successful Def. Coord…..Trgovac. Please not another Reid gamble

  4. Many here forget that Perry was a DB coach here in Oakland just a few seasons ago. He’s a good coach and a player’s coach at that. Now that Oakland has a formidable defensive front line, being a defensive coordinator becomes a whole lot easier.

  5. Whoever gets him, they’ll be much better off having him. Darren is the only NFL football player I’ve ever known (we belonged to the same golf club once in VA) and I can’t say enough good about him. I think he’d be better off not going with the Eagles, though…he’d never see the light of day from behind Andy Reid.

  6. I’m a Raiders fan. Perry would be crazy to even consider them until Al Davis is no longer in the picture.
    He is better then that.
    Al Davis is a bitter old man who need to think outside the coffin… because he’s killing us.

  7. The Raiders will win in the end… But that would mean a 3-4 Dee coming to Oakland… I think Hue sees more of a Raven style Defense w/our personnel.

    Go RAIDERS !!

  8. “Al Davis is a bitter old man who need to think outside the coffin… ”

    I like that, “think outside the coffin.” Tres originale and apropros for Undead Al.

    Gonna have to make that go viral, over time.

  9. thetooloftools:

    You can’t be a Raider fan and put down Al Davis because Al Davis IS the Raiders.

    If you don’t understand that, then you’re still in your first pair of shoes.

  10. Al davis is still looking into it, im sure whoever gets hired as d coord. has the fastest 40 time of all available candidates

  11. dear larrymcj…You played golf with him so that makes him a Def coord.? Stop please just start naming the proven Def. Coord. avail first…Mangini, Trgovac etc.

  12. I think the best place for him is to go to the Cardinals because he could work with alot of the old Steelers coaches and can help make the wests version of the Steelers.

  13. raiders, philly lets see hue done nothing jackson, andy super bowl coach reid, i think perry should stay in green bay! but he won’t, please make the right choice!!!

  14. thetooloftools says:
    Jan 30, 2011 3:34 PM
    I’m a Raiders fan. Perry would be crazy to even consider them until Al Davis is no longer in the picture.
    He is better then that.
    Al Davis is a bitter old man who need to think outside the coffin… because he’s killing us.

    Your not a real raider fan.
    Coach Davis is God.
    You listen to the media to much. You probley think Mr Davis calls the plays too right?
    Real Raider fans know the truth, your a media blow hard.
    Yeah Mr Davis calls the plays.. How is it possible when he is not even at some games????

    Please dont be a raider fan. You probley turned a raider fan in 2001. Bandwagoner

  15. Last time I looked the Raiders record was equal to or better than 18 teams this year. Make fun of them all you want but with a little better defense they could make the playoffs.

  16. I hope you all know that we as fans understand that we know NOTHING about what goes on behind closed doors in the NFL. I hope we understand that BECAUSE of PFT we have access to damn good info, but still know nada. Opinions allowed, but I hope we are not taking for granted the real beauty of this league.
    Players want individual success. Coaches want team success. Manangement wants team success, and visible players that add up to financial success, and owners want money.
    Typically a healthy combo of all of the above can make everybody happy, and produce a winner.
    The HOT cerebral coach the year Green Bay named McCarthy Coach was Brad Childress.
    Put it in your pipe. Smoke it.
    You only get 1 best year of your life.

  17. time will tell, but I would think Winston Moss is the raiders guy.

    Also I would have to think that pretty much almost every coach has a clause in their contract that allows them to take a job that is a promotion.

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