Titans determined to trade Vince Young

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It won’t be easy, but the Titans are determined to try to trade Vince Young.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Titans plan to hold on to Young through a possible work stoppage and then try to trade him afterwards.  Young is due a $4.25 million roster bonus.  While some believed it was due on March 10, it’s really due on the tenth day of the next league year.   (Whenever that league year is.)

So the Titans can hold on to Young during a work stoppage, then they’ll have ten days to deal him when a new CBA is signed.

Considering Young’s contract, we find it hard to believe they will find any takers.

26 responses to “Titans determined to trade Vince Young

  1. Good luck. I can’t see any team trading for him. Everyone knows the Titans don’t want him. Might as well wait it out until they cut him & get him on the cheap. That’s better than giving up the draft pick & absorbing that contract on top of it.

    Besides, if you pick him up off the street, maybe he’ll have some motivation to work hard for a better contract.

  2. “bw82b says:
    Jan 30, 2011 11:49 AM
    Leslie Frazier needs to pick up the phone and make a call asap………”

    …….to Zygi Wilf just to make sure he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to trade for Vince Young.

  3. VY is an enigma. If his maturity and stability were half what his athletic ability is, he’d easily be a top 10 NFL QB. Unfortunately, he’s got a steep uphill climb to get back. What coach is going to trust him – and what GM is willing to take the risk, especially at that price.

  4. TV we dont want to see….

    Next season on NFL HardKnocks : Vince Young, Colt McCoy and Chris Simms battle it out for the starting QB job in Cleveland. All three suffer high ankle sprains and staph infections during the first week of OTAs. Meanwhile, Coach Shurmur looks to inspire his team by taking them on paddleboats up and down the Mississippi river.

  5. turk2875 says:
    Jan 30, 2011 1:17 PM
    Vince Young believes he’s worth two 1st rounders


    Is that 2 “first-graders”, LOL
    If any team is crazy enough to be interested in VY, then they might as well opt for the poor man’s version of VY…..and that would be TJoke!

  6. I’ll give you $20 and a bootleg copy of “Gran Torino”, you aren’t going to get much better than that.

  7. The deal will probably include a good deal on one or more players the other team actually wants, in order to get them to take on this headache.

    Something like the deal between the Lions and Oakland. Raiders had take problem child WR Mike Williams to get Josh McCown (whom Oakland thought could be a possible starter).

  8. Eat drink sleep and dump aka Vince Young thinks will get traded for 2 number 1’s and 2 number 2’s. Also to a winning team who will give him a monster contract…Then he will move in town with his whole family who will continue to coddle and praise him. He will be done by 2013.

  9. dolphins should go after him instead of pissing away more picks on draft busts…at least get a guy that might fit with that stupid offense they run down there…although Young>Henne=notsayingmuch

  10. Just another JeMarcus Russell, let the old loon in Oakland trade for him.

    Only two things come out of Texas…..

  11. He needs therapy. And he’s going to have to come out of it knowing he has to be a better man.

    Not betting either happens.

  12. I hate to pick on my fellow bloggers here. But the negative Vince Young crap is old, tiring, nonsensical and extremely narrow minded. And that’s putting it mildly. The only one who got it right was wryli1 above who said:

    “VY is an enigma. If his maturity and stability were half what his athletic ability is, he’d easily be a top 10 NFL QB. Unfortunately, he’s got a steep uphill climb to get back. What coach is going to trust him – and what GM is willing to take the risk, especially at that price.”

    This entire problem was 80% very poor handling by Jeff Fisher and 20% VY (as described by wryli1). Vince has said absolutely nothing negative about Fisher or the Titans to the press. In fact, he has shown remarkable restraint for someone who is allegedly so immature. Yet he has been crucified and vilified by Fisher and his Titan management sychophants secretly in the media. How stupid is that! To publicly devalue someone you hope to trade! Whew! No wonder that organization is exploding like a ton of Firecrackers! And that has nothing to do with VY!

    VY will mature. He will grow up (he’s only 26 or 27 years old!). He will get much better as a football player and person. And he will continue to win as he always has. I have never seen a success like Vince Young vilified as much in these blogs with perhaps the exception of, let me see, Donovan McNabb, JaMarcus Russell (deservedly so), Michael Vick, Tavaris jackson, and Jason Campbell. Anyone with eyes, ears and a brain get the drift of those ignorant, xenophobic comments.

    But to lambast a kid (yes he is still very young!) who has been to the Pro Bowl 2 times and was rookie of the year during his first four years in the league is just plain stupid! The Kid Got Injured and Frustrated! Because he is a competitor. He didn’t handle it right. So What! Don’t fool yourselves. NFL GMs and coaches know what happened in Tennessee. And at least 20 teams will jump on VY when conditions are right. They are just posturing right now. And you know why? Because they know VY is fundamentally a good person in his heart! And he has a history of winning games and championships!. What QB in the upcoming draft even if Andy Luck was in it, has anywhere close to VY’s talent or potential? NONE! For that matter, what young, budding QB in the entire NFL has his potential upside when he turns it around and turn it on? Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, Jay Cutler, Josh Freeman and no one else! But there is a shred of truth in what the xenophobes are saying. Most GMs are smart. And they will let the Titans sweat this poor decision making out. They won’t touch Young with his current contract under the current circumstances. They will force the Titans to waive him. Then Katie bar the door down. The trade balloons will fly like furry cats, as teams try to jockey up to claim Vince and redo his deal. And they will give him MORE than his current contract. His agent isn’t stupid. He know what he has. He and the lucky team will meet in the middle and structure half of money in the deal with lucrative performance and conduct incentives. Everyone will be happy and Vince Young will lead the right team to a Super bowl or 2.

    The wild card in this entire saga is the Tennessee Titans. Who I think is Bulls!?$ting everybody on this. I don’t think Bud Adams has any real intention of letting VY go. He’s sweating everyone out on this matter, including VY and scoping the market! That’s why he is purging all of the anti VY snakes out of his organization under the radar. SMART OLD MAN INDEED. In my book that is. At the 11th hour, I believe he will hire, Perry Fewell, Tony Dungy, Brian Billick, or Bill Cowher. Give them free reign. And he will give them a challenge to develop VY into a perrennial All Pro QB if they chose to keep him or trade him in year 2 if he is unfixable in their eyes (after they reestablish fair market value for him). Frankly, the kid has always shown he can be a Pro Bowl QB. He just needs to become All Pro mature under a coach who wants him and respects him. And any of those Coaches can help him get there. VY will flourish under any of them or with Les Frazier in Viking land. He is an immediate, quantum leap upgrade to anything in Minnesota, including Brett Favre! With Vince
    Young, the Vikings go from Last to being one of the favorites in the NFC Central immediately.

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