Browns may go without offensive coordinator

As the Cleveland Browns continue to search for an offensive coordinator, the best candidate for the job may be no offensive coordinator at all.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Browns have hired Mark Whipple (pictured) to serve as quarterbacks coach, a step that’s being interpreted as an indication that the Browns won’t have a traditional coordinator to run the offense.

Whipple, who served as quarterbacks coach in Pittsburgh before heading to the college ranks, wasn’t retained by the University of Miami in the wake of the Randy Shannon firing.  Whipple also was considered to be a finalist for the Connecticut job.

Browns coach Pat Shurmur, who served as offensive coordinator in St. Louis during the 2009 and 2010 seasons, has said he’ll call the plays in Cleveland.  That reality necessarily makes the job less attractive to a candidate who would be hoping to truly run the offense.

The only potential concern is that Shurmur may be stretched too thin.  If he is, he can always rely on team president Mike Holmgren to lend a hand.  Especially since Holmgren seems to be eager to have more involvement in the coaching function in 2011.

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  1. The biggest knock on Shurmur coming out of St. Louis was his crappy play calling. He was out-coached by defensive coordinators week in and week out. No better examples than losses to Kansas City and Seattle on the road for the division championship. Don’t expect much cleveland fans.

  2. No OC in Cleveland? Did the Browns have one before? It seems the coaching structure is still “the old cronies network” with more interest in personal power than creating a backbone upon which a team can be built. It’s all for the self-aggrandizement of Big Mike, as he shuffles a staff that will never overshadow his own self. Nothing has changed in Cleveland since the Policy debacle.

  3. I doubt theres anything at this point that could stretch Holmgren “thin”. I would pay admission to watch him and habitual liar Andy Reid fight it out at the all you can eat buffet.

  4. Thanks for the heads up Bigguy but after 45 straight years of this stuff we pretty much expect the worse with every coaching and coordinator change. Whats sad is I think there was more excitement in the air when we brought in Crennel and Mangini. Feels as if its going take something just short of a miracle for this Shurmur era to succeed.

  5. This is a major concern for me.A first time ever Head coach on any level calling plays as well as head coach.Thats a awful lot in that situation.

  6. If anyone in Cleveland is still LISTENING, you’ll recall that Shurmur said he’d be calling the plays INITIALLY. And what you’re hearing out of the fans/media in St. Louis doesn’t match what the players were saying. They called Shurmur a “great teacher”. So, is it possible, Browns fans, that (a) they might be pursuing an “interim” OC who would take over the play calling at a certain point during the season; (b) they might be pursuing someone on the Green Bay staff who still is unavailable until after the Super Bowl; or (c) Holmgren is going to directly mentor Shurmur in play calling while Jauron takes care of the defense? Just sayin’ ……

  7. Browns public relations needs to do a better job of communicating progress with this team. To the fans it seems like a not so funny sitcom. Hey front office – we need some hope out here!

  8. The only thing that matters is winning, obviously. If Shurmur wins, the fans will come. If Heckert continues to make good personnel moves (the Hardesty reach notwithstanding), Shurmur’s job will be easier. Overall, the Big Show seems to have put together the most cohesive front office/coaching staff since 99. Of course, it could be another dud, but last year’s team was a marked improvement over the previous two seasons.

  9. First instead of bringing in Gruden or Cowher, you bring in a member of a staff with the most NFL losses of the last 5 years. Then, you decide not to hire an OC? Things are looking pretty gloomy in Cleveland. Looks like Butch Davis all over again….

  10. Remember Holmgren brought over some of his more senior staff members from Seattle?? They are still here, they just have better titles than OC. There will be plenty of people being hands on with our “offense”.

    To the point about the lack of hype … maybe thats a good thing? I will give you to examples of a lot of hype and no production … Butch Davis … Charlie Frye … Brady Quinn … Romeo Crennel (I dont care what anyone says the 10-6 season was just luck) … and Eric Mangina (10-22 is just not good enough)

    woops got a little carried away

  11. The bottom line is that there will be nothing resembling offense in Cleveland if they dont get some better talent on the field. Robiskie, Massaquoi and Stuckey arent going to make you playoff contenders. Cribbs also regressed last year.

    Brad Childress is not a bad option as OC. I still don’t understand why the Browns opted for Shurmur. But what is done is done. At least, we wont have to watch the knockoff version of the “Wildcat”.

  12. This is why there are so many ex Browns fans. You have a coach who has never coached a single game but he wants to call his own plays. They hire retread assistants, and you wonder why this team is always rebuilding, So much for Holmgren having a better idea, same old , same old, for the “new” Browns.

  13. As a former OC, Shurmur should know the importance of that position. If he is going to be in charge, he needs to humble himself and learn to delagate. If he can’t do that, he should stay where he’s most comfortable.

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