Chiefs lay off eleven, including Pete Moris

The Jets weren’t the only team to shed a chunk of the work force last week.  In addition to the release of 30 employees whose jobs in connection with the sale of tickets to the New Meadowlands Stadium were eliminated, the Chiefs have laid off 11 employees.

Pete Moris, a 17-year employee who most recently served as Associate Director of Public Relations, is the biggest name to be relieved of his duties.  The other 10 employees came from various different portions of the football and business operations.

Spotted at the Super Bowl XLV media center, where Moris is one of many team P.R. staffers assisting with the mammoth credentialing and media relations undertaking, Moris was in very good spirits.  He spoke favorably of the Chiefs, and he jokingly taped the words “unrestricted free agent” over the Chiefs logo on the shirt he was wearing.

Moris won’t be a free agent for long.  We wish him well as he searches for his next NFL destination.

8 responses to “Chiefs lay off eleven, including Pete Moris

  1. have to cut back or the owners are going broke! tells me how greedy people are, guess the owners are getting ready for a long hold out!!!

  2. Maybe if the owners had to carry all of the people on their payroll, they might be inclined to get the CBA done sooner. Once again the working people suffer while the mogul enjoys his three martini lunch.

  3. Pete Moris is a heck of a PR man and will land on his feet in a better place. I am sure he would agree that it is not right to ommit the other employees who also were let go. Take some time and be fair, they deserve better. Good Luck to all of them in finding meaningful employment soon.

  4. Agreed. Pete is a fantastic PR guy and has given his heart and soul to the Chiefs for 17 years and deserves better. Anyone that has ever dealt with Pete Moris knows that he is one of the very best in the business. Good luck to you & your family, Pete!

  5. Chiefs are so cheap.

    They can’t even afford to paint their field.

    The sacred KC Arrowhead and AFC logos were taken away from their end zone art this year. Next year, they’ll be lucky to have grass and yardlines painted on the field.

    They don’t pay for players either. All they pay for is tributes to Lamar Hunt.

    They play a real scheduled next year – so back to 4-12. Then, the egomaniac Todd Haley won’t get canned because he’ll admit his mistake of not hiring an O-coordinator, and they’ll give him yet another year….

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