Forte on possible extension: “I haven’t heard anything”


Since Mom let me out of the basement this week, I may as well try to speak with as many NFL players as possible.

I tracked down Bears running back Matt Forte to go over the NFC Championship aftermath and look towards his future in Chicago.  There has been speculation that a contract extension for Forte should be high on Chicago’s list of priorities, but Forte indicated that there hasn’t been significant progress yet.

“I haven’t heard anything,” Forte said when asked about a possible deal.

Forte confirmed that his agent has spoken with Bears G.M. Jerry Angelo, but it didn’t sound the Bears are ready to do a deal before a new labor agreement.  I asked Forte if the Bears have expressed interest in extending the rookie contract.

“Well,” Forte said with a pause.   “I’ve expressed my interest.  . . . Obviously I’m on my rookie contract and I’ve had a lot of production and hope to continue to produce.”

Forte was in town to promote a program that teaches kids how to manage money.   It’s fitting, because Forte has had to be relatively careful with his coin while playing out his second round rookie deal.

Forte stressed that he loves playing in Chicago and is confident things will work out.   The Bears should love having him.  Towards the end of the season, Forte often was the Bears offense.

“Hopefully we talk a lot with the Bears this offseason,” Forte said.   “I’m just sitting here waiting and looking forward to seeing what happens.  I love playing for the Bears.”