Ready for a Super Bowl week focused on football

The streets of downtown Dallas have been very quiet the last two days.

There are a few fans clad in Steelers and Packers jerseys milling aimlessly about, but it doesn’t feel quite like Super Bowl week yet.  (With the exception of Florio recounting stories of old West Virginia games at dinner.)

The real action starts Monday, when the Steelers and Packers arrive in town.   The media center will get busy, guests will start pouring into PFT Live, and it will be gameday before we know it.

I’m especially looking forward to this Super Bowl week because it might actually be about football for once.  At least more than usual.

There will be no questions about the Patriots going undefeated or the improbable Cardinals.  The feel good Saints and Peyton Manning’s place in history won’t be debated.

What we have this year is an uncommonly good matchup.  It’s the lowest point spread for a Super Bowl in 27 years.   The two quarterbacks are just entering their primes and among the game’s most exciting players to watch.  (Not to mention most effective.)

We have the best defense in the league (Pittsburgh) against perhaps the most explosive passing attacks. We have two of the wisest defensive coordinators matching wits with exceptional linebackers on both sides.  We don’t have a lot of drama.

Sure, the return of Ben Roethlisberger to the big stage after his sexual assault allegations last offseason will get a lot of attention.  Please just don’t try to say that winning more football games than last year redeems him or anyone as a human.

Roethlisberger’s talents throwing the vertical pass and escaping sacks should be enough to talk about without turning into amateur psychologists.

For once, here’s to hoping we have a Super Bowl week that’s mostly about football.

9 responses to “Ready for a Super Bowl week focused on football

  1. For once, here’s to hoping we have a Super Bowl week that’s mostly about football.

    No chance. I’m sure we are going to be bombarded with Ben answering questions about the alleged assault all week. Winning won’t make him a better person, but it will make it easier to root for him……as long as your not a Steeler hater. Winners get forgiven right Ray??…Kobe??

    Can’t stand the hype. Can’t wait until kickoff!! Going to be a great game.

  2. “For once, here’s to hoping we have a Super Bowl week that’s mostly about football.”

    Uhmmm…you’re the one that brought up Ben’s recent sexual assault allegations. Kinda defeats the purpose of your artcile.

  3. “For once, here’s to hoping we have a Super Bowl week that’s mostly about football.”

    Good luck with that. The media will always find some way to invent a story where there is none. (Especially if there is none – nature abhors a vacuum.)

  4. This will defiantly be an epic game between these two teams. It will not be the shootout that is was last year. Last time around the Steelers played without Troy Polamalu and the Packers Pass D is much improved over last year (due to not having Jarret Bush on the field). I do feel that Raji will abuse their backup center which (as I believe you have pointed out already) could be a game changing type of advantage for the packers. I am predicting Packers 24-Steelers 17.

  5. Despite my hatred for the Steelers, I have to admit that this is probably the best match-up we fans could have asked for. Now lets just prey for a competitive nail biter of a game. What is intriguing, is that despite the Steelers having arguably the largest fan base in the NFL, they are playing the role of the bad guy. It seems the majority of the country is pulling for the Packers in rather overwhelming numbers. Be it on the web, or at my local sports bar, it seems it’s going to be the Steeler fans vs. the world this Sunday. The only non-Steeler fans I can think of not pulling for The Pack, are bitter Bears fans. Can’t say I blame them though.

  6. Really?Really?!?! PFT is telling people to just focus on the game?! This is like the paparazzi asking everyone to just enjoy the works of celebrities without disturbing their personal lives.

  7. Cancergate, Kneegate, China Dollgate, Photogate.

    All within a week. Way to keep the focus on football yo.

  8. So if what I am
    Hearing is correct,
    Everyone is looking to play

    Some good football. If you ask me
    All the past SBs have been
    Impressive. I
    Didn’t think the Packers would even be

    Near the SB, especially with how bad their
    Offensive line was last year.

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