Titans take down large Vince Young photo from LP Field


In Cleveland, they dismantled a large image of LeBron James after he left town.  In Nashville, they’re not even waiting for Vince Young to go.

Courtesy of our friends at Music City Miracles (actually, we don’t know them, but they seem nice), the Titans have removed a large photo of Young that had been applied to the exterior wall at LP Field.

So, basically, the Titans weren’t kidding when they said that Young won’t be back.  (Then again, they also likely weren’t kidding when they said that coach Jeff Fisher would be back.)

The Titans have said that they plan to trade or release Young.  Still, it’s hard to believe that anyone would trade anything of value for a guy with one year remaining on his contract and total compensation of $12.75 million in 2011, including a $4.25 million roster bonus due only days after the next league year begins.

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  1. Not sure where this team is heading? No coach, no QB and looming CBA problems/uncertainty. I’ll bet they’re not doing to well on season ticket renewals. It’s a shame there are still some really good players there.

  2. Seems like they would have already done this since they reported he wouldn’t be welcomed back about a month ago.

  3. “(Then again, they also likely weren’t kidding when they said that coach Jeff Fisher would be back.)”

    Did Fisher get a settlement? If not, then it probably went like this.
    Fisher: “I sure hope they fire me”.
    Titans:”We’ve decided not to fire Fisher and he’ll be back for the last year of his contract”.
    Fisher: “Damn, they didn’t fire me. I quit.”

    Err something like that….

  4. Let the Andrew Luck sweepstakes begin in Carolina, Cleveland, Buffalo, SF, Arizona and Minnesota. Vince will be award as the booby prize.

  5. iluvwikileaks says: Jan 31, 2011 3:29 PM

    I hope the Titans will be on the Steelers schedule next season. Twice would be nice:)


    Once in the regular season and then the playoffs?

  6. lhaveprettyfeet says: Jan 31, 2011 3:21 PM

    But he’s an ELITE quarterback isn’t he?

    Yes. He’s won more games than you have.

  7. tatum064 says:
    Jan 31, 2011 4:11 PM

    Yes. He’s won more games than you have.


    And yet he’s quit in more games than I have (2-3) and we’ve won the same amount of playoff games.

  8. Oh! That’s worse than your girlfriend taking your picture off of her Facebook page.


    In an unrelated story, Bud Adams when asked about the looming lockout had this to say, “We are moving forward as if there will be football next year….”

  9. There is no way on Earth anybody gives the Titans a 12 pack of anything… Not with that salary.

  10. Any team acquiring Young would potentially have the capacity to use the franchise tag on him in 2012, presuming that it comes back in the next CBA. Moreover, the high salary is for just one season. It’s not an impossible scenario: draft a QB in round 2 or 3, trade for Vince Young (even if it’s simply a 2012 pick that hinges on his 2011 performance), and be set at QB even if you’re in a tough spot like Minnesota or Arizona at the position.

  11. Not totally sure about the timing of this. I hope the Titans do well next year, but they HAVE to find the right coach. I think that means taking a serious look at out-of-house coaching candidates.

    Next year is probably going to suck, but at least there’s hope on the horizon. There wasn’t any with Fisher here. He had become stale over the years. I appreciate everything he’s done, but it was just time for a change for both parties (like Green Bay turning to Rodgers over Favre). Fisher will probably have success somewhere else after he takes some time off, but he wasn’t going to do it here in Tennessee. He has had excellent talent to work with, but only found five playoff wins in sixteen years.

    Vince wasn’t going to bring success to the team, either. Eventually his unpreparedness and immaturity were going to implode the team, as it did this season (though the entire collapse cannot be hung on his shoulders). He’ll go somewhere else and have success, but not playoff success and he’ll probably be more cumbersome than productive, unless he takes this as a learning experience and matures (i.e., grow up).

  12. Addition by subtraction is the most overrated term in sports.


    The Cleveland Browns
    The New England Patriots
    The Oakland Raiders
    The Washington Redskins

    and now….

    The Tennessee Titans

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