Cedric Benson’s happy to see Bob Bratkowski go

Players usually pay some lip service to feeling bad about the departure of a fired coach, but Cedric Benson didn’t get that memo before talking about offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski’s departure from the Bengals.

Benson, who stands to be an unrestricted free agent whenever the new CBA irons itself out, didn’t pull any punches when discussing Bratkowski’s departure.

“It’s good to see them make some moves and it will help,” Benson said. “It will be a benefit in a positive way.  It was a smart move that can benefit the team and everyone.”

It’s not too surprising to hear Benson crow about Bratkowski’s departure. Their problems have been well-documented over the three years that Benson has been with the team and their relationship cast doubt on Benson’s return. Bratkowski’s departure, as well as all the other offensive uncertainty in Cincinnati, would seem to swing the pendulum back in the other direction.

Benson took a step backward in 2010. After rushing for 1251 yards on 301 carries in 13 games during the 2009 season, he posted 1111 yards on 321 carries, with five fumbles, in a full 16 games. That’s a drop in 0.7 yards per carry, a significant number to weigh when considering a long-term contract for a 28-year-old. At the same time, the Bengals don’t have someone waiting in the wings to pick up Benson’s workload so perhaps they’d utilize the franchise tag if that remains part of their arsenal.

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  1. I can’t believe the guy had 1000 yards this year. Didn’t seem like he did anything. I guess that’s to be said about the whole team, though.

  2. 1000 rushing yards for an individual RB was established as the benchmark for a a good year back when the regular season was only 12 games. It’s nothing exceptional anymore.

  3. Following up on what wryly1 said….100o yards is 62.5 yards a game. Imagine every Sunday your team’s RB gained 63 yards. Would you walk away thinking “wow” I’m glad to have this guy on my team? Not likely. The new standard of excellence should be in the 1500 yard range.

  4. Bottom line it’s a step in right direction, Bratkowski’s play calling had become stale and predicable. Not to mention he was a push over with players and let them get away with murder (not the Ray Lewis type). In typical Bengals fashion they cut him loose 4 weeks to late and have missed the boat on the top OC’s. Now they must find an innnovator that will spark Carson’s fire, or they see there “guy” retire to get away from the circus that is Mike Brown and his Cincinnati Bengals.

  5. Bengal backs have run up decent numbers even in the worst years (Corey Dillon had 6 straight 1000 yard seasons in the stripes, for example). Bigger problem is that they don’t have a real #2 back behind Benson, and likely won’t find one in the draft. Brandon Jacobs, maybe?

  6. contraryguy, have you ever seen a bengals game? Saying bernard scott isn’t a real #2 back is moronic, dudes got legit talent

  7. @jerruhjones says: Feb 1, 2011 9:50 AM

    Fewer yards on more carries? Yep, I blame the OC.


    When the play calling is as predictable as it was this past season surprised he rushed over 1000 yards, it makes it difficult to be a good running back when they dont utilize the play action and make their running plays obvious before they break the huddle.. Benson will be back to his 09′ form, if there is a season next year…


  8. contraryguy, Bernard scott is one of the best second backs in the league. even thier 3rd back brian leonard is good.

    Anyways Brat NEEDED to go. People point out that benson had 5 fubmles this year and less yards. 1. we didnt have a full back until the last 2 games. 2. our O-line is terrible.

  9. Expect Ken Zampese as the new OC, not Childress…

    And EVERYONE is glad that this move was made.

    1k yards may not be a big deal in a 16 game season, but given the fact a 3 year old could tell you what play was coming out of Cincy’s O the past 5 years, something should be said for gaining even 500 yards!

  10. yankees5775 says: Feb 1, 2011 12:06 PM

    Show me anyone on the Bengals who says they aren’t happy Bratkowski is gone, and I’ll show you a liar…

    The whole Bengals defense. Practice wont be as easy now.

  11. I thought it’s been past time for the Bengals to make a move at OC, but Benson hardly has room to criticize.

    Outside of that Buc game, I don’t recall him playing well, but being fed the ball in that offense anyway. Most weeks, I recall him topping out around 60 yards on a generous amount of carries, which isn’t going to help you to a balanced attack.

    Besides, Carson Palmer was busy turning the ball over early in games and putting the team in impossible holes nearly every week, effectively killing the running game as a viable option.

    Hmm, so you have a QB who can’t throw the ball past 5 yards, a deep threat who can’t get deep anymore, and an RB who averaged 3.5 yards a carry on over 300 carries, but they can’t figure out why they’re picking 4th in the draft?

    That’s obviously all Bratkowski’s fault. Zampese or whoever takes over the offense should have them back at 11-5 next year.

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