Chad Ochocinco doesn’t understand Bratkowski firing, ready to whoop ass

While Bengals fans might be happy offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski is gone, receiver Chad Ochocinco doesn’t like the move.

“I don’t understand what the firing was for, I don’t understand what the firing was about,” Ochocinco told PFT in an interview that will be shown on Wednesday’s PFT (Almost) Live.

(He also promised to whoop Florio’s ass when he sees him.  Mine too, although he passed on the chance Tuesday.)

The Ocho disputed reports that discipline was a problem for the offense and noted the great years they had with Bratkowski.  He wondered aloud to Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald whether firing Bratkowski was just a move to make Carson Palmer happy.

I asked Ochocinco how Palmer’s situation compares to when the receiver tried to get traded a few years ago.

“The difference is I would be scrutinized,” he said.  “In Carson’s case, they would  do everything they can to fix the situation.”

Finally, Ochocinco said that he wasn’t criticizing Bengals owner Mike Brown a few days ago when he talked about certain workers that cared more about their business than ownership.

“I was referring to the porn industry,” Ochocinco said.

34 responses to “Chad Ochocinco doesn’t understand Bratkowski firing, ready to whoop ass

  1. I know he has his “Dancing with the Stars” and “T.Ochocinco” memories but do you think that when Ochocinco retires he will deep down regret never having won a playoff game?

    Just kidding.

  2. Why must you post a story every time this moron tweets? You’re playing right into his hands. Over rated on the field but he knows how to stay in the press.

  3. Bengals please let him out of his contract…. you guys are worse than trying to get a prisoner out from Iran or Korea !! Let Ocho Go….. To the Raiders that is…. with Daddy Hue !

  4. I am big time bengal fan and I have always liked Chad Ochocinco (Johnson), but when it comes to defending Bratkowski, “CHILD PLEASE!!” He has not been successful in years. He either focuses too much on the run or the pass, he is incapable of mixing it up. Not to mention how predictable he is in every situation. Thanks for everything, but this is a long overdue good bye Brat. And as far as comparing what Chad did a few years ago and what Carson is doing now there is no comparsion. Carson had a meeting with Mike Brown behind closed doors and has not said anything else about it, where as Chad got in front of any camera and/or media outlet he could find to show his “frustration” about being a Bengal and that he wanted out. I would love to see Carson back in stripes next season, but unfortunetly I think its time for the Ocho to be relocated.

  5. This guy is never happy. God forbid they fire Bratkowski and get a coordinator that might come in and jumpstart the offense. I actually feel bad for Cincy fans and this is coming from a Ram’s fan

  6. I’m a Chad fan but this is moronic. He’s just talking to make his gums flap.

    Everyone with half a brain knew this was a necessary move for the Bengals to make.

    If you don’t understand the futility of the offense you were in last year Chad, you need some serious help!

  7. The question remains, “will losing Bratkowski be as traumatic for Ochocinco as it was for him to lose his Johnson?”

  8. Maybe someone should ask Ocho (well I will ask, since he’s reading this) why the offense flourished when he and Owens were out with injuries at the end of the year.

    They should ask him who’s fault it was on all the false starts, since he says discipline wasn’t the problem.

    They should ask him why an offensive coordinator would go into shotgun on 3rd and 1, note… several times during the season.

    C’mon Chad. Quit playing politics. We know you are trying to place the blame on Marvin and Carson.

    Maybe if you didn’t run stray routes some of Carson’s picks wouldn’t have happened (T.O too).

    That being said, I love ya. But as a Bengals fan, I also say goodbye. You and I both know you are not playing for the Bengals in 2012.

  9. I think the fans of the Bengals deserved last year’s addition of T.O. to the Cincinnasty circus…look at all the entertainment that came out of that!

    Yah, keep the dynamic WR duo, and get rid of Palmer. That should do it.

  10. Thought you wanted to play for the Jets, Chad ? Make up your mind! There wouldn’t be enough stages on Broadway to hold all the drama in NY if T.O., Chad, Braylon and Santonio were the Jets! The production would be called DramaQueens in Green.

  11. Mr. OchoCinco, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  12. Och was disappointed to learn that he had “overlooked” Rosenthal amongst a group of average sized reporters of both sexes, but promised to scrutinize the crowd more carefully next time.

  13. He wants to win a championship next year…
    He better go to oakland because theres no way any team is going to beat the raiders next year.

    I honestly dont know who will be able to compete with them next year.
    Obviously nobody in their divison can we all seen that this year and if Se bass hits a chip shot FG in arizone Raiders are in the superbowl this year.

    Next year will be espns WORST NIGHTMare.
    PFT will close their website down

  14. Once a diva, always a diva. If Chad did more work on the field then he did running his mouth off the field, he might have stayed a Bengal.

  15. I wish this moron would change his name to ‘RETIRED”…Who cares what this attention whore has to say about anything

    …Now he’s throwing his qb under the bus…and is crting that the Bengals will not appease him,but will do what Carson says…..Way to help pull your team back together there big guy!!

    How Marvin Lewis can even look at this guy in his locker room anymore is beyond me….He is just not worth all the incessant whining and endless self promoting garbage that he spews day after day after day…..

    He cant catch the football on a consistent level,runs atrocious routes,never shows up in big games,and cannot get the separation any longer against any good corner……. he is a complete wast of time,and does nothing but make the sad state of the Bengals worse..

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