Hines Ward: “I don’t foresee this being my last game”

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On Monday, Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette passed along “several” indications from Hines Ward that the career Steeler has no intentions of retiring after Super Bowl XLV. Bouchette’s Monday story included no quotes from Ward.

His Tuesday story does.

“Whenever the time comes, trust me, I’ll let you guys know,” Ward told reporters after arriving in Dallas early Monday. “I don’t foresee this being my last game.”

Devolving into a block-first receiver and third-down possession option, Ward hasn’t topped 45 receiving yards in the last seven weeks. He’s been outplayed by third-round rookie Emmanuel Sanders and, at times, sixth-rounder Antonio Brown.

If the Steelers win, going out on top might not be such a bad option for Ward, who turns 35 this March. He’ll lose playing time — and perhaps even his starting job — to Sanders next season.

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  1. Keep playing until no one wants you. Him and Driver. They’re nearing the end, but it’s not the end yet.

  2. He wants 1000 catches. Then he will retire.

    However, going out right now would probably be best for him because they beat the Ravens, again. The Ravens never really got the best of Hines, and at some point Hines is going to get blind sided.

  3. guess he wants a few more cheap shots, don’t look while do this!! maybe nick collins can lay him out right on the dallas star! keep your head on a swivel hines!

  4. Shocker that an older football player does not recognize his own decline. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  5. Hines Ward is passionate and LOVES to win. Whenever the Steelers have lost Hines Ward always wears his emotions on his sleeve and you know he is taking it very hard unlike the Chicago Bears players who were all smiles and laughing after they lost the NFC championship… You have to admire Ward’s Love of the game. I wish all teams had a Hines Ward instead of these bumbling idiots who laugh and smile after a loss and then go out for STEAK (cough cutler) after losing the biggest game of their lives.

  6. Ward isn’t going anywhere. There’s no refuting that his touches are down this year, but I see that more as a product of the # of playmakers on this offense. And you have to consider the fact that the Steelers had the last ranked passing attack for the 4 games Benny was out. As long as the Steelers window to be successful is open, I see older players like Hines & Farrior being a factor on this squad.

  7. Another thing to consider is this guy’s game never was built on speed. Hell, I think he has like 1 ligament combined left in both knees. His playing style is one that will allow him to keep playing, because he never had a step to lose in the first place.

  8. 1. Hines Ward is actually a bumbling idiot.
    2. I hope he puts on his best cry baby face after they lose Sunday.
    3. If there is no season next year, this will most likely be his last game.
    4. He looks a member of the Village People in that hat.
    5. GO PACKERS! I’m your biggest temporary fan on Sunday.

  9. You are so short term in your views.

    Hines will start next year. He had had 4 100 yard games this year, while only having Ben at QB for 12 games. He is a fantastic blocker and is feeling as healthy as he has for a long time this late in the season.

    He is a thousand dollars he starts next year. Care to make it interesting?

  10. Keep in mind that Ward is getting paid about $11M over the next three years, so he’d be nuts to retire. At some point, PIT will quietly let him know that it’s time for him to hang it up, at which point he will quietly say goodbye.

  11. Hines Ward is one of the toughest guys in the game and any of you who don’t realize that he plays the game the way it was meant to played, don’t understand what football is all about. He has always put the team first, he NEVER takes a play off, he fears no one and he doesn’t get in trouble off the field. Go ahead and cry about how dirty he plays. Those of us who don’t hate him simply because his team has been consistently better than your favorite team, know better. The only people i remember crying about him being dirty were the 250+ lbs linebackers who got their a$$es handed to them by a 200 lb WR. This is a guy that you want to be a mentor to those talented young WRs. He plays the game the right way. To quote one of the national commentators from a recent Steelers game “if you had eleven Hines Wards on a team that team would probably beat you in any sport you want to play.” If he has a lesser role next year, my guess judging from his attitude throughout his career, is that he will embrace it and do whatever he can to help the team win just as he has always done. Its unfortunate that there are not more professional athletes like Hines out there.

  12. To all you non-Steeler fans out there, tell me with a straight face you won’t want this guy on your team.
    The real measure is the number of coaches and football people the claim they’d love to have him play for them. Players hate playing against him…for a reason.
    Oh, I know, he blind-sides guys. Funny, it’s OK to blind side a receiver coming over the middle as he’s about to catch a pass. Maybe Hines should give guys a warning.
    “Excuse me, I’m about to block you”
    He’s caught more passes than Stallworth and Swann combined. He’s a Super Bowl MVP and he’s the toughest player pound-for-pound out there.

    Keep your head on a swivel boys!

  13. i would be willing to bet that ummm 2/3rds of the Packer fans in this thread are really Raven and Jet fans…Band wagon fans…i have seen bandwagons burn before and i see this one burning real hot after the game sunday.

    and then these rooms will be rid of the Steeler Haters….lol

  14. I consistently see Hines Ward ripped on by jealous fans of other teams. Lets see, the guy works his butt off on every play, is a total team player, is clutch as hell, is a great mentor to young teamates, is loved and admired by his teamates, and is a hugely positive influence in his community…………Gee, what a a hole this guy is!!

    The fact is that you hate him because he consitently kicks your butts and makes clutch plays!! Oh, poor babies, he smashes your poor db’s and linebackers, boo hoo! Well, your defenses have had more than a decade to get after him, and you know what, he just keeps getting back up, inflicting more pain, and winning Super Bowls!! He puts himself out there just like your defenses have to, so go take your shots, because he is going to lay you out. If its so easy to lay people out as a WR, then why don’t more do it?? Because they don’t have the sack that the Steelers wideouts have always had. That is the influence of one of the great leaders in the game, Hines Ward.

    Congratulations on a great career Hines Ward, and lets bring home #7

  15. To the touchy Steeler fans:

    I don’t think anybody would deny Ward’s greatness as a player. That’s proven.

    The guy is still an all around f stick in a lot of people’s OPINION.

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