King clarifies Goodell remarks on Roethlisberger

Peter King of Sports Illustrated has issued a clarification of his report that the teammates of Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger didn’t support him in discussions last year with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

King writes that Goodell “talked to an estimated two dozen NFL players, and not two dozen Steelers players, before reaching his disciplinary conclusion” regarding Roethlisberger.

Goodell originally told King that the Commissioner spoke with “I bet two dozen players. . . .   Not one, not a single player, went to his defense.  It wasn’t personal in a sense, but all kinds of stories like, ‘He won’t sign my jersey.'”

King explains that he incorrectly assumed Goodell meant that he had spoken to two dozen Steelers players.  Goodell informed King on Monday that Goodell was not referring to Steelers players.

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  1. Turns out they were Women’s Field Hockey players from the University of Georgia. Which is not to say they were wrong in their opinion.

  2. Roethlisberger is photographed in his Gentle Ben persona. Shortly before morphing into Grisly Adams.

  3. So Goodell sought the input of OPPOSING players in trying to decide whether to suspend one of the leagues best QB’s? Why didn’t he just poll Ravens fans?

    And King botched the quote….Another fabricated story by the media.

    Nice work, fellas.

  4. what sense does it make to talk to players on other teams? These are competitors who don’t know him. He may as well have based his decision on message board rumors and comments.

    What were the suggestions of the “impartial” players?

    5 guys thought he should be suspended for the whole season.

    3 thought his achilles tendon should be severed.

    1 thought he and troy polamalu should be traded to the Browns for a 7th round pick.

  5. HMMM…way to backtrack when you get called out…must’ve gotten a phone call from GODell.

    LOTS of backtracking by GODell as well:

    Mr. Harrison, we are sorry we went overboard on your fines. Please accept this major reduction as my peace offering.

    Mr. Roethlisberger, we are sorry we went overboard on your suspension. Please accept this two game reduction as you were never charged with anything other than bad judgment.

    Dearest Congress, we understand your disbelief on how we misplaced…….err…..destroyed the evidence on the Patriots videotaping….err….cheating.

    Please just forget it, you know the Commissioner’s office will.

    Dearest league members, please allow the commissioner’s office to explain why we waited all year to fine the Jets.

    We do know that they should have been fined/suspended for making lewd comments to a reporter in their locker room, tripping a player by forming a wall on the sidelines, covering up Favre’s texts/pictures and the whole Mr. & Mrs. Ryan’s sexual escapades.

    What’s that Ray Anderson? We never did anything to the Jets? Oh, nevermind.

  6. Still completely inappropriate comments by the league Commissioner that are detrimental to the league.

  7. I’m sorry Peter, I usually enjoy your reporting, but today’s mistake was really, really lousy.

    I have a hard time believing that you didnt think it sounded a little fishy to write that not a single Steeler came to Ben’s defense.

    That statement is just so illogically nonsensical that any good journalist would have either (1) fact checked (aka ask some Steelers) or (2) not printed what obviously was a misquote.

    Even players who are notorious for destroying lockerroom chemistry aka TO have plenty of players who would defend them. Ben has never had a rep for having a personality that is that caustic that NO ONE would defend him. As I posted earlier, he is nicer to his OL than any QB in the league, always defending them no matter how crappy they protect him (Unlike Manning who routinely throws his OL under the bus)

  8. Goodell talked to 8 Ravens, 8 Bengals, and 8 Browns. All of them were pissed that Ben didn’t sign stuff for them. Case closed. Suspension warranted.

  9. So either Goodell is lying about what he said, or Peter King is an idiot who can’t understand a direct quote FROM THE COMMISIONER about one of the biggest stories of the year!!!

  10. That doesn’t change the fact that the NFL Commissioner was discussing a player suspension investigation on the record with the media. Where is the NFLPA reaction to this??? I’m questioning their unionhood!!

  11. Does anyone else find it extremely unprofessional of Goodell to give out this kind of information to the media? Especially considering some the players involved are about to play in the Super Bowl, which is a media circus already. Did Goodell not realize this would create a distraction for one of the teams involved or did he just not care? You would think a private meeting with the Commissioner would, you know, remain private. Whether you like Ben or not, it doesn’t give Goodell the right to spill the beans to Peter King about what he and the players discussed about him. The guy is a schmuck and unfit to run this league.

  12. So the big news story yesterday that all the Steeler teammates didnt stand up for Ben was just wrong ????? WOW you mean something was actually wrong that was reported is shocking to me . So trying to dig a wedge between Ben and his teammates has failed once again . Keep up the good work trying to bash the Steelers at ever chance you get . One more good false story aught to be enough to get this team ready to piss off the world and get another SB win for the Burgh . Thanks media for your rentless mistakes .

  13. Talk to Steeler players? That’s like asking for a job reference from the applicant’s mother.

    Doesn’t change the basic underlying fact that Rapesagirl is a scumbag. That remains the whole point of the story.

  14. ‘He won’t sign my jersey.’


    And Ben is the one with the problem? Somebody get these guys their binkies before they burst into a full on tantrum.

  15. He apparently interviewed Michael Irvin, Pacman Jones, Shawne Merriman, Chad Ochostinko, Frostee Rucker ….

    Allegedly, one player said Big Ben wouldn’t sign his breasts, and after he went through all the trouble of shaving his chest.

    So once again, what Big Ben was suspended for was being a lout.

  16. now why would womeone come out an say what behind closed doors(pun intended). that classless rodg.

  17. Is ANYTHING true anymore, anything at all?

    I can’t think of one football “journalist” that has a shred of credibility left.

    Everybody is hell bent on being the first to report something, not caring whether it’s true or not.

  18. I sure hope that reporter is planning to issue a retraction. This is the kind of stuff that ticks me off actually. If I had a discussion with my employer – behind closed doors, with a lawyer present, etc… – and said employer went out and discussed my punishment with people I worked with or who didn’t like me… Honestly, I think I’d sue.

    I’ve tried to give Goodell the benefit of the doubt, but he’s proving to be an @ssclown at every step in the game. Get rid of him.

  19. Goodell should have never made these remarks…period.

    My question is: why did it take so long to clarify the remarks?
    MMQB was posted online before 7am. At a certain point, it was the feature story on Ben and other Steelers were commenting on it throughout the day. A clarification didn’t come until close to 10pm. King, Goodell, and SI lost a lot of face in my book today. News outlets should be fair/balanced. Goodell should maintain confidentiality in scenarios like this. But this isn’t how things work in the real world.

  20. Roger Goodell is a lieing cheatin back-stabin sumbich. He ain’t even a pimple on big bens a$$. If Goodell had even an ounce of guts and leadership an agreement would have already been reached between the league and union. He needs to be replaced immediately. He even looks like a scaredy cat. i bet you could scream “Boo” in his face and he’d jump 5 feet in the air and scream like a little girl. I’m a Saints fan and let me say this, Big Ben is one of the best QBs to ever play the game of pro football. “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God”. Including me and Roger Scaredy cat Goodell. Are yall sinners out there? Act like it! Geaux Saints!

  21. Well, I think its finally happened. After decades of fantastic leadership the NFL finally hired a hack.

    I sit this morning drinking my coffee trying to think of anything Goodell had done that I respect. Standing strong against steroids. No wait, he just continued policies brought forth by Tagliabue.

    Nope, can’t think of anything.

  22. So it’s a league wide perception that Boorish Ben is a cad. Nice!!
    The clarification makes BB look even worse.

    PS – never forget how the victim in Georgia went to the police IMMEDIATELY after being assaulted.

  23. Is it just me, or does PFT seem to need to fill their quota of stories so badly that the just throw up anything that comes along and worry about verification later?

    Do they even have a framework in place for verifying stories? Perhaps rules? Ethics??

    Peter King knew exactly what he was doing when he leaked that quote from Roger Ramjet — driving up interest in his upcoming column. He can feign embarrassment and ignorance all he wants — cat’s out of the bag and he knows it. Just like he planned.

    As I said before, a clever ass, but an ass nonetheless.

    And PFT, by enabling this kind of slapdash reporting, is no better.

  24. Peter King is a HOF writer/journalist. This isn’t even a blip on the radar screen of his career. He’s right 99.9% of the time and WAY ahead of everyone else. Look at the LA Stadium’s naming rights article here on PFT…King reported that 2 months ago.

  25. Way to go Goodell! Guess what, I spoke to two dozen teams in the NFL and they all agree that you are SOFT (why you didn’t make it out of high school football) and none would come to your defense! Please resign….Please!

  26. Peter king is the biggest joke in sports journalism. If it’s a rumor he embellishes and writes it as fact.

  27. Hang on a second – what about all the Steeler fans crying yesterday that Goodell was manipulating events to make sure they lose the SB??? You mean they cried into those yellow snot rags for nothing??? Their conspiracy theories prove false??? I’m just plain shocked! …even though they are owed payback for the league giving them the VLT against the Seahawks!

  28. King should just do what he does best and thats reviewing coffee houses, other than that he’s lousy.

  29. I wouldn’t challenge either King or Goodell in a backstroke race at your local swimming pool. Both of these boys are getting out of this story ASAP.

  30. Goodie doles out the punishment, BR serves it and it’s a let’s move on . . .

    BR becomes upright citizen with his public image.

    King and Goodie talk about the BR the week of the team’s biggest game, and this time bringing in his teammates.

    Classless act by Goodie and King.

    but you can’t talk about the refs . . .

  31. So players comments were considered in making the decision on Big Ben… were any considered on the non-punishment of Favruh????

  32. Peter King is a HOF writer/journalist. This isn’t even a blip on the radar screen of his career. He’s right 99.9% of the time and WAY ahead of everyone else. Look at the LA Stadium’s naming rights article here on PFT…King reported that 2 months ago

    No he isn’t “way ahead of everyone”. Jay Glazer owns the NFL beat and Peter King is simply a lap dog for Roger Goodell. Glazer actually waits to confirm his info before dispensing it to the public. Peter King was Brett Favre’s personal media mouthpiece and Glazer still beat him to the punch on every single Favre story the last 3 years…….from helping the Lions game plan against the Packers to his arrival in Minnesota.

    And just what the hell is Adolf Goodell doing interviewing players from OTHER teams in deciding Ben’s fate regarding an alleged event that had nothing to do with football? And then what’s he doing divulging that so-called information to the media? Just proves Goodell’s “investigation” was nothing more than simply caving to the media witch hunt.

  33. I went to the same small college as Goodell. The place is full of guys just like him– they can’t get over the fact that they weren’t good enough to play Div. I ball. Now he’s enjoying being a bully. He’s just looking stupid at this point.

  34. PS – never forget how the victim in Georgia went to the police IMMEDIATELY after being assaulted.


    And never forget that “victim” in Georgia had a full rape kit done……..which proved not only that her claim of “unprotected sex” false, but also proved that no sex even took place.

  35. Hey Roger, keep you damn mouth shut and be a pro. If you are going to be implementing justice, I STRONGLY suggest you shut up after you have reached a conclusion. A little advice, Roger, next time someone asks you about individual player fines or suspensions for off the field conduct, you reply “that is between myself and the player”.
    You look like a total ass.
    Super Bowl week and everyone was waiting to see who would be the idiot in the media (today being media day) to bring it up and stir the pot…. turns out the good old commish fans the coals of controversy.
    I suppose the next thing is “we know this won’t be a distraction for Ben or the Steelers”.
    This is an all time bone head move by any commissioner in any sport.
    You just couldn’t keep your mouth shut Roger.
    Thank For Everything
    Steeler Nation

  36. King’s an idiot, a terrible journalist so this should be no surprise.

    What gets me though is these morons (Peter King, Bill Simmons, etc etc etc) who keep saying that PigBen (and Michael Vick) are REDEEMING themselves because they are playing well. King was on PTI yesterday spouting that nonsense.

    Good football playing does not forgive attrocious and illegal behavior – (unless you’re a Pitt fan of course)

  37. “tim1999 says:
    Feb 1, 2011 8:00 AM
    So it’s a league wide perception that Boorish Ben is a cad. Nice!!
    The clarification makes BB look even worse.

    PS – never forget how the victim in Georgia went to the police IMMEDIATELY after being assaulted.”

    Actually her friends went immediately to the police. And when the police asked the alleged victim if she was raped, she said “No”. She was then asked if she had sex with Roethlisberger, and she said “I don’t know”. Don’t let the facts get in the way of your bais.

  38. Well, well, well, Mr. Goodell. You can run, but you can’t hide.

    Right now, we all know that you can ‘run your mouth’. In about 5.5 days, we’ll all know if you are man enough to get up on that riser and present the Vince Lombardi Trophy to the Rooney Family, Mike Tomlin, Ben Roethlisberger, James Harrison, Hines Ward and the rest of the Seven-Time Super Bowl Champion Steeler Team.

    I sincerely hope that with that hand-over, you are man enough to also offer up an apology to the entire Steeler Team, their Fans and, even more importantly, to Mr. Rooney who has faithfully stood by his team and his quarterback.


  39. Lets gert real here fans, this goes along with how God-del has been all year. I don’t condone what Ben has done but I surly don’t condone what SI reporter King and the commishner have decided to spread. How does a reporter get away with this with out some recoil from SI. Another example of more important to get a story printed than to get the facts straight. And God-del should be man enough and apologize to the Steeler players as well as Ben. I don’t see anyone covering this false statements on the tube today.

  40. lawboy2000 says: Still completely inappropriate comments by the league Commissioner that are detrimental to the league.

    Detrimental to the league–can we suspend Goodell for this?

  41. The PR correction attempt made this story way worse interviews with opposing players that are mad ben didnt sign jersey for them factored into a suspension….every time I think Goodell couldnt do anything more dumb he has to go and prove me wrong….the leagues current operating procedures under this clown are beyond a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep talking Goodell because every time you do you expose yourself as a complete fraud!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Earlier in the year Goodell said that the league was opposed to a players panel because of the conflict of intrest in having a say in determining another players suspension…way to be consistently inconsistent goodell

  43. Good for King for admitting he was wrong, but frankly he’s not the one who needs to be held accountable. Goodell had no business releasing this info to the media, ESPECIALLY as he timed it to happen right before the playoffs started. This is an outrage, and designed to hurt both Ben and the Steelers. I never — never — want to hear another word from the haters about how the league “favors” the Steelers. Yeah, some favoritism.

    Goodell has had it out for the Steelers all year, from Harrison’s baseless fines to this last — and greatest — outrage. Suspend this guy now, he violated the conduct policy.

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