Le’Ron McClain chimes in on Zorn firing, Flacco reaction

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco made waves on Saturday, going on the record to state his disagreement with the team’s decision to fire quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn.

On Tuesday, Ravens fullback Le’Ron McClain applauded Flacco’s move during an appearance with Jerry Coleman on FOX 1370 Sports Radio in Baltimore.

“I’m glad he said something,” McClain said.  “That was big on Joe, you see how much he has matured from his rookie year to now, him just making a statement on that.  He had his coach’s back.  I felt the same way that he felt.  The guy that had his back and stepped [his] game up a little bit this year, a lot this year, and the way [he] threw the ball and go through all that, and get rid of [his] coach.  [He] just had to say something. . . .  I can see where Joe’s coming from.”

McClain also said that he was surprised by the firing of Zorn, and that Flacco was “different” this year with Zorn’s involvement.

“You could see it in his stats and how he played,” McClain said.

McClain added that Zorn was a “great coach with us” and a “great friend to me.”

It remains to be seen whether any other Ravens add their two cents on the matter.  For now, the tally is Zorn 2, Ravens 0.

25 responses to “Le’Ron McClain chimes in on Zorn firing, Flacco reaction

  1. let the blame game begin! actually ray ray started that when he said the defense did their job!! no they didn’t and cam cameron needs a fall guy! harbaugh’s losers

  2. Hasselbecks plummet to total suckiness started with the departure of Zorn to the Washington zoo. He’s one of the best QB coaches and will one day likely be a very good OC.

  3. Say what you will, Le’Ron, Cameron has his fingers in his ears to block “the voices”. He can’t hear you!

  4. Maybe Zorn can get back with the Seahawks, they are switching to the West Coast offense.

  5. i think everyone in baltimore was happy to hear flaccos comments about the firing of zorn. most people say flacco is to quiet so even if he disagreed with the firing, people were happy to see him show it.

    “I’m glad he said something,” McClain said….

  6. I’m curious how Zorns career plays itself out. He has had a bit of a roller coaster ride for the last few. Goodluck

  7. Sounds like Undead Al needs to have the switchboard operator connect a call to Zorn. Maybe he can continue his magic touch with JC.

    Le’Ron McClain to Oakland? Just like Jared Gaither, another move that makes too much sense, according to Raiderkarma law. He can keep his cousin Rolando outta trouble.

  8. Obviously this was a fight between Cam Cameron and Jim Zorn, and that tally would be 1-0 Cameron.

    Let’s keep the coach that went 1-15 on Greg Cammarillo’s back. Ironically, beating the Ravens to get the one victory.

  9. Maybe the Ravens arent the great organazation that everyone thinks. Zorn was in over his head in Washington which wasnt all his fault and he goes there and Flacco has a great year and hes fired??? doesnt make sense.

  10. Flacco really matured instead of going 4 out of 12 for the game like he did against the pats, he went 4 out of 12 with 2 fumbles and an int in the second half against the steelers

  11. It’s almost starting to sound like Zorn was starting to upstage Cameron a little bit and Cameron got Zorn fired before it was too late. Cameron is an average coordinator at best and was just out save his own a**.

  12. Obvious move by Harbaugh to take the blame off the totally incompetant Cam Cameron and blame it all on Zorn.

  13. The Ravens better win the SB next year and Flacco be the offensive MVP or the firing of Zorn will look like a mistake. I hope it is not too big of a task for Cam.

  14. @somisseagle …

    Are you kidding? For some reason, people throw flowers every year at Norv and Phil out in San Diego because they light things up the second half of the season … and have NOTHING to show for it but some good stats for people who had Phil on their fantasy team. I’d rather have Ws in the real win column and Flacco has given the Ravens that.

    This kid was in the AFC Championship game his rookie season. He was back in the playoffs the following year, and this year he went 13-3 and improved every stat. It is a competitive division, doofus. The Ravens not winning against Roethlisberger sure as heck can’t be laid on Flacco’s shoulders. Neither can all those dropped balls in the championship game. Do you have any idea what Minnesota, Miami, Jacksonville, Arizona, Seattle, Cleveland–shoot, even Cincy the way Palmer seems to be deteriorating–would give to have a young QB with Flacco’s win percentage? You can say it’s all defense … but it’s not.

    @dafixisin …

    Hon, nothing against Le’Ron, but Ro would definitely be the more level-headed of those two. He doesn’t need Le’Ron to keep him out of trouble.


  15. Flacco has a great start to his career, and I hope he continues in spite of the drama in the office. Being a lifelong Skins fan, I really hope that the Ravens do not sink to Skins level and self-destruct because of one or several ego-idiots in control.

  16. I don’t know how you could claim that Flacco got better. He looked like an abortion out on the field when I saw him this year.

    Flacco has regressed since coming into the league. For example, now all he throws are touch passes. He has a huge arm and he floats the ball for no reason.

    Jim Zorn is among the worst coaches I’ve ever seen. If he is anywhere near as bad as a QB coach, he should have been fired.

    Jim Zorn has one thing going for him: He’s a nice guy who does a lot to make people like him. He’s just not a football smart guy.

  17. @descendency

    I don’t agree that Flacco has regressed, but has absolutely progressed, however I certainly cannot take a comparison of an nfl qb playing poorly to an abortion, that’s a disgusting comparison.

  18. The reasons that the Ravens lost had absolutely NOTHING to do with Flacco. By all accounts, Flacco keeps improving and Zorn’s influence certainly didn’t hurt and probably helped.

    Here are the reasons the Ravens lost:
    1. Conspicuous drops by receivers. At a couple of key moments, Flacco put the ball in exactly the right place and his receivers simply dropped the ball.
    2. Defensive idiocy. The Ravens’ pass rush was working most of the day and then in third and long situations they kept rushing only 3 and played “prevent defense” which only prevented them from winning.
    3. Lousy officiating. (Defensive holding being called on a defensive lineman. Huh?)

  19. smellmyface says:
    Feb 1, 2011 8:40 PM
    Maybe the Ravens arent the great organazation that everyone thinks


    I have to dissagree. What makes the Ravens a great organization is the fact they let the coaches run the team the way they see fit. Ozzie and Steve do not get involved in the coaching. Ozzie makes sure the team gets the best players in the draft and the best players they can bring in during FA. But when it comes to coaching issues they do not get involved except at the end of the season when they have the team meatings. But as far as brining new coaches in and letting coaches go the front office leaves that up to the coach and his assistant coaches. That to me makes a good organization. But if the coach has a track record of making bad decisions the front office will act ; )

  20. It’s clear to me that Flacco progressed, but he has a lot more to learn to continue progressing. I don’t think he knows how to throw the right pass at the right time just yet. Far too often, he threw touch passes when it needed to be thrown on a rope or vice versa. I also think he needs to get a better feel for the types of touch passes that need to be made. That said, it was only his third year. I’ll take this over the Boller days anyday!

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