“Slim” chance Jared Gaither re-signs with Ravens

The one thing that the Ravens would need to know from Jared Gaither is something that he can’t possible tell them when they sit down to talk on Wednesday.

The Ravens need to know if they can count on Gaither to both practice and play in games for them during the 2011 season if they are going to re-sign him. That’s impossible to know in February when Gaither is coming off a year lost to a foot injury that may have resulted from his showing up at camp in poor shape as a result of back problems and unhappiness with the lack of a contract extension.

The injury problems are bad enough, but the questions about his work ethic raised by last summer’s issues have made it hard for the Ravens to put a full level of trust into Gaither. That explains why a Ravens official told Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun that the chances of Gaither returning for another season were “slim.”

If Gaither does leave, the Ravens will have a big hole on the offensive line. Michael Oher was less effective as a left tackle this season than he was as a rookie on the right side, although that move was planned before Gaither’s injury. Marshal Yanda took over on the right and did okay while simultaneously making it clear he was a better fit at guard. The struggles of the offensive line were fingered as a big reason for Baltimore’s offensive slowdown down the stretch of the regular season, which means the team needs to be sure about the direction they take heading into next year.

The labor uncertainty might actually wind up helping the two sides find a common ground as a short offseason would hamper the Ravens’ ability to replace Gaither with a rookie or a free agent from outside the organization. A lack of trust is a lot to overcome, however, and it would be a major stumbling block to any discussion of a long-term contract with the Ravens.

11 responses to ““Slim” chance Jared Gaither re-signs with Ravens

  1. Whether it’s his foot or back, he’ll still make a lot of money in free agency if there is one.

  2. I wasn’t aware that Jamison Hensley, known in Baltimore as a total hack…is also the GM for the Ravens, and knows who they are going to sign.

  3. I would think the Ravens would have the inside advantage to working out a good deal. I don’t know how much market ‘demand’ there is for a player who earned questions (since college) about his work ethic and is coming off foot and back injuries, having missed a full season of play.

    Other than they hoped to get him practicing and playing last off-season.., what was said that was so bad?

    All things considered.., Jared Gaither would be smart to work out a short-term contract.., maybe 2-3 years and earn some value for a better payday. He’s got a lot of football left in him and there’s no big payday waiting for him as a free agent right now.

  4. This situation has Raiders written all over it. IF Hue Jackson signs off on Gaither, the football player, then Undead Al could end up adding another Terp to his offense. Whether it’s at RT, next to Bruce Campbell or at LT, with Veldheer swapping sides, this just sets up so nicely. When you factor Jackson’t previous association with Gaither, plus the Raiders’ obvious needs along the offensive line, this one looks too obvious. Plus, you know the Ravens aren’t franchising him ahead of Ngata.

    Sometimes Raiderkarma actually works FOR the Raiders. It’s rare, but it happens.

  5. guy has a million dollar body, a ton of talent and absolutely no heart. he would fit in perfectly in dallas!

  6. Gaither would look REAL good in Silver and Black. Unless Hue knows something that we don’t from having worked with him when in Baltimore. If he’s healthy and ready to play, then go get him Al!

  7. A gaither with a bad back is better than a Winston Justice with a good one. Go get him Andy….you need some meat to protect Vicks blind side. Then draft pouncey to sit next to him. Right side of the line fixed!!

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