Vince Wilfork: “18 games don’t make no sense”

NFL players are nearly unanimous in their opposition to Roger Goodell’s desire to increase the regular season to 18 games. But few players have gone off on the subject like Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork.

As we noted in today’s one-liners, Wilfork gave an extensive interview on the subject to Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald. And he let it rip.

“I can tell you one thing, 18 games don’t make no sense,” Wilfork said. “Eighteen games turns into 20 games because the two preseason games you have to play your veterans and your starters. So that’s 20 games. If you look at it from that standpoint, it’s a stupid thing. It’s just too stupid to be adding games.”

Wilfork noted that it’s odd for the league to say it wants to emphasize player safety, and then say it wants to expose players to more injuries in more games.

“You talk about concussions now with a 16-game season, you just think about what would happen with 18 games, and with other injuries? It would be real crazy if you have some of your key players missing games because they can’t make it through,” Wilfork said. “If you get to Games 17 or 18, and your key guys are missing, what happens then? I don’t know, it’s all crazy. I just think it’ll be real stupid if they do that. That’s all I’m saying.”

Still, Wilfork acknowledged that if the owners insist on an 18-game season, it’s something that the union might have to concede.

“It’s going to do whatever the NFL wants to do, anyways,” he said. “It’s one of those things where you just have to sit and see what happens.”

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  1. Umm Vince, I love you and all but 16 regular season games and 4 preseason games also turns into 20 games. This math class brought to you by “The U”

  2. Only a hand full of people think that an 18 game season is smart. With with Vince, one of the dumbest things I’ve heard in a while. Not only injuries but, for most teams, the season is over at weak 14, imaging having to endure watching the Bengals and Panthers this year go 1-17 instead of 1-15. Or the Pats sitting out their guys weeks 16, 17, and 18.

  3. Perhaps increasing the amount of players on the roster would help with depth, thus countering key injuries. More players get paid, less pressure on key players, everyone should be happy.

  4. Umm Vince, I love you and all but 16 regular season games and 4 preseason games also turns into 20 games. This math class brought to you by “The U”

    Not in terms of time spent on the field for starters. This “enhanced season” will have starters on the field more during the pre-season and more during the regular season…….as opposd to maybe playing a total on 1 game during the pre-season as it stands now. I’m quite sure Wilfork has a much better handle on this than some couch potato armchair QB. And where, exactly, did you attend school?

  5. I understand the players’ concerns over the extra games. But really…how much opposition would there be if they got a commensurate accoss-the-board pay increase to make up for it? How about a rule where every player must sit out 2 games? How about 1 or 2 additional bye weeks? My point is not to pick any one of these alternatives…but to point out there are plenty of them. The real problem…as is almost always the case when it comes to ‘problems’ in the NFL…can be traced to owner greed. If the owners were to just say that season ticket holders would not be forced to buy preseason games anymore, everyone would be happy…except for the 31 greedy owners. In the NFL, it is *always* the tail wagging the dog.

  6. Ok Vince, ok… I’ll refrain from railing upon your University of Miami scholarship provided, ahem, “education” and get to the even more glaring and obvious problem. Players unanimously “stand united” against an 18 game season because of injury yet when one QB goes out of the NFC Championship game with an MCL injury, said “union”turns and accuses him of “not being tough enough to play through an injury.


    Vince, you can’t have it both ways.

    Guess what Vince, whether it’s 16, 18, 20 or even 4 games,you and every other current and future NFL player are going to get hurt. It’s a violent game. As fans, that’s what we like. We don’t care about you, your family or really, your future. We care about big hits, punishing tackles and vicious impacts to the turf. We want to be entertained every Sunday watching you bash each others’ brains in…. and while we enjoy the gladiator-esque game of football, you enjoy the millions of dollars it brings to your bank account.

    Sounds like fair trade to me.

    Big picture, if you’re going to complain about injuries then don’t turn on one of your brethren when he leaves the field due to injury.

  7. Nice try and the cheap shot gronk, but Vince is correct and you obviously don’t understand his point. Right now the front line players get in perhaps a quarter to a half at most in those 4 preseason games. In terms of game snaps they may play the equivalent of 1 to 1.5 full games. Add that to the 16 and you get 17. With an 18 game schedule and only 2 preseason games, the starters are going to play a lot more, perhaps up to a half or 3 quarters. So under an 18 game regular season, a starter will now play about 19 to 19.5 games. That is a lot more football and these guys are correct for complaining about it. It will lead to a lot more injuries. I’m with the players on this. Keep it at 16 games in the regular season. The real problem is that the preseason games come as a full price ticket and that’s the thing that the fans hate. The owners need to drop the price of those tickets and offset that with slightly higher prices for the regular season.

  8. God forbid you play more games that the fans want to see, and actually earn all that money is given to you… don’t make no sense!

  9. While I agree that Vince’s grammar might need correction, his point on the math is correct. Currently there are 4 pre-season games and 16 regular season games. In those 4 preseason games, the starters probably play a total of 3 qtrs. If they went to 2 pre-season games, they would HAVE to play a lot more. Now don’t yall feel stupid?

  10. If he doesn’t like it, get an education – which he clearly lacks – and get a real job like the rest of us. He won the genetic lottery and he wants to bitch and moan about having to play a game two more times than he normally would. Shut up and play and be thankful you’re well compensated for doing so.

  11. Are there really people correcting the grammar of a dude who is paid to run into other giant dudes for a living? You folks should become NASCAR fans. The drivers have a brilliant grasp of the language.

  12. the guy’s pretty clearly a bafoon but you guys miss the point here.
    -Veterans and starters don’t really play through all 4 preseason games.
    -If you take away two of those and make them regular season games, then the vets and starters have to take the other 2 pre-season games serious, meaning they have to play all 20 games, instead of really playing ~18 right now.

  13. yea clearly there are not many real football fans on here if they need an explanation of how wilfork came up with 20 games compared to 18…have u guys even ever watched a4 games of preseason they neevr play all 4 games thay barly play 2 and they use those 2 to get ready for the season..therfore with an 18 game schedule with 2 preseason games to get ready for the season that would be 2 games…4 preseason games with 16 regular season games the starters will only play 18 games….and u guys are insulting wilforks education maybe some of u guys need a better education

  14. Wilfork is right “18 games don’t make no sense.” Saying larger rosters will offset the longer season is idiotic. As a season ticker holder I have no interest in seeing the 54th, 55th, 56th and 57th best player the eagles can find if Vick/Jackson/Maclin/McCoy get hurt. The channel flipping faux fan will just move up the dial and watch another game. And more meaningless games is inevitable in a longer season. It is the individual greed of fans AND owners that will win out at the expense of the competitive balance of the game. And the NFL won’t move the season start to before Labor Day. Look outside your window and picture having what the divisional round of playoff games THIS weekend on Sat and Sun night. 16 ‘s nuff.

  15. So Vince, you mean it makes sense??

    Thank God for that education you received on someone elses dime.

    What a moron.

  16. “I can tell you one thing, 18 games don’t make no sense,” Wilfork said.


    this was Wilfork’s reaction after learning that they would have to continue playing on if they beat the Jets in their first playoff game, the 17th game of their season.

  17. To all of the wiseguys saying that they already play 20 games, you clearly aren’t as smart as you think. He is saying that if you only have 2 preseaon games, the starters will have to play a lot in both of those games to get ready for the season. As it stands the starters barely play in t preseason games, especially the last on.

    What he is trying to say is that you will not be able to take the preseason games so lightly if there are only 2 of them. Thus, they will actually be playing in 20 games + the playoffs. Whereas they probably play about 18 games including preseason right now.

  18. karlpilkington says:
    Feb 1, 2011 10:08 AM
    I guess your english teacher didnt make any sense either big guy.
    ————————————————–He went to the Emmitt Smith school of english!!

  19. well I guess the owner who pays you thinks it do be a good idea

    So shut the hell up and sit down or find yourself doing the other job your have training for

  20. If the NHL can play 82 games plus 6-8 pre-season games I’m sure the NFL can play 18 games + 2 pre-season games.

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