Chad says he’ll keep Ochocinco as last name

Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco vowed to change his last name to Johnson if Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis shut him down in last year’s playoffs.

Revis shut Chad down, but Chad didn’t change his name.

Chad vowed to change his last name back to Johnson again in an ESPN interview last week.

He’s still not doing it.

Interviewed by Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer Wednesday, Ochocinco had the following to say when asked about another last-name change.

Did I say that? There’s enough Johnsons in this world. There’s only one Ocho.”

And hopefully that’s the last we hear about that.

But it won’t be.

27 responses to “Chad says he’ll keep Ochocinco as last name

  1. jarrman46 says: Feb 2, 2011 9:25 PM

    Most overated player in the history of the game. He couldnt play special teams on these two Super Bowl teams.


    6 Pro Bowls
    2 time All Pro team
    1 time second team All Pro team
    Has led the NFL in receiving yards
    Led the AFC in receiving yards 4 times in a row (which has never been done by anyone else)
    And since his rookie year, this has been only the second year that Chad has failed to reach 1000 yards.

    All of that despite having the handicap of playing for the Bengals his entire career, and the handicap of playing with Carson as QB for the past 4 years.

  2. Evan says:
    And hopefully that’s the last we hear about that.
    But it won’t be.

    It won’t be because every time you hear it, you repeat it. Johnson couldn’t get his names in the news this week if the press just refused to acknowledge his endless mouth. Shame on you.

  3. I think he’s a good player. I hate his name bs, but the reason he didn’t get 1000 yd’s this year. TO took alot of the balls this year. He shouldn’t have tried 2 get an even better WR 2 come 2 his team.

  4. I used to like Chad Johnson. He was funny, his celebrations were entertaining, and he just had a genuine enthusiasm for the game. People called him a diva and a mini T.O. back then, but I saw him as a guy just trying to have some fun, even though he loved the media spotlight. He wasn’t a bad teammate and didn’t have a terrible attitude like T.O. did. But ever since he became Ochocinco it has all changed. He’s caught up in promoting himself and keeping his name in the headlines, and he hasn’t been that guy with the good-natured sense of humor. Now he’s become that bad teammate and diva WR. He used to be entertaining back then, now he’s just annoying. I mean for god’s sake, who actually watches that T. Ocho show? And this season T.O. seems to have been a bad influence on him, as well. I was hoping a name change back to Johnson would mean getting the old Chad Johnson back, but I guess I was wrong.

  5. Biggest joke of a player in the NFL. Once he mans up and remembers how to play ball without crying he will be relevant again. Just another reason why they call them the bungals.

  6. You should be relevant in the league if youwant people to care about anything you say or do chad.

  7. Chad vowed to change his last name back to Johnson again in an ESPN interview last week.

    He’s still not doing it.

    Nobody cares.

    I take it there is nothing to report on Brett Favre’s retirement and impending divorce…? As tired as we all are with him, he is much more interesting than whatever nonsense comes out of Asso Holo’s mouth this week. I cringe at the thought of what you’ll report on this offseason without having the annual “will he/won’t he” Favre retirement debate to fall back on when things get slow around the league.

    Then again, Mike Vick is loose on society with a lot of idle time on his hands, so it may well be a long, hot summer down there in Philthy…

  8. Wow, what a loser. I think it’s a disrespect to your family to change your last name. Above that ochocinco is a dumb last name. This guy has got some major issues with his last name changes, but, he does put up big numbers so I guess Cincy fans should be happy.

  9. It would be the last time we ever heard of that if you would stop reporting it. The guy can talk all he wants you guys are the ones putting out his words.

  10. I remember back in 2004 saying, “If Chad Johnson didnt play for the Bengals I would probably hate him” You put up with all the crap when there is production, when it drops off the shtick gets old. Ask Manny Ramirez, T.O, and any other guy that runs his mouth too much when there skills start to decline. You become a joke. Hello, Simpson where have you been?

  11. Hey Johnson, maybe you can use the name jackass. If you only performed like you talk we might call you gridiron god. You should have lived in the day of pt barnum you would have made a mint Oh thats right you ARE making a mint.

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