Franchise tags to be available February 10

Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe reports that the league has informed all NFL teams that the franchise tag will be available this offseason, beginning February 10.

Teams were previously operating under this assumption. Confirmation came today.

Also according to Bedard, the Patriots will “likely” place the tag on impending free agent guard Logan Mankins, who has indicated that he does not anticipate a long-term extension offer.

The most players in league history are eligible for unrestricted free agency, meaning we may see the most franchise and/or transition tags in league history as well.

Obvious candidates to be franchised: Mankins, Ravens defensive lineman Haloti Ngata, Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali, Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson, Cowboys tackle Doug Free, Vikings wide receiver Sidney Rice and linebacker Chad Greenway, Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams, Packers defensive end Cullen Jenkins, Jets linebacker David Harris, and wide receiver Santonio Holmes, Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss, and Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley.

21 responses to “Franchise tags to be available February 10

  1. People (including Mankins!) need to remember that slapping a franchise tag on a player doesn’t mean a negotiated deal isn’t forthcoming.

  2. “Manning gets a contract, no franchise for him”

    If he doesn’t get a contract before February 10th, he’s getting franchised. Doesn’t mean that he won’t negotiate a huge, long-term contract eventually. Franchising a player who is set to be a free agent that you absolutely won’t allow to leave is simply a sensible decision as it simply denies a player and his agent the leverage of being able to say “well, I wonder what this other team would say I’m worth.”

    Teams franchise players as a prelude to a long-term contract negotiation all the time.

    The only reason you wouldn’t franchise Manning is if there was somebody else that you needed to use that tag on more urgently.

  3. Mankins proved his worth even in a limited season – I’d think he and the Pats could come to terms.

    If Mankins wants to play it out like last season that’s his right too – but with a lockout looming it seems to me that Mankins would be a fool not to accept a fair offer that pays him now

    Either that or its still his choice if he’d rather wait til free agency in 2012 (when the Pats might STILL be able to tag him) at the age of 30.

  4. I think that the whole owners versus players game is a charade to draw more attention to the NFL. The league is full of theives that steal the public’s money yearly. PSL’s / Season Ticket / NFL Ticket, you name it & the whole leagues in bed together.

    I predict a deal gets done quick with the owners making more of a share than previously with more money to be divided up. They’ll call it a win for both sides, which only the fans lose out on ($).

  5. @p4hbiz: I think they can technically “Franchise” Nnamdi due to the fact that a clause in his contracted voided it, not the team. With that said, the way they franchise tag works (average of top 5 salaries for players at his position or a 30% upgrade to his last contract with the team), Al Davis should basically sign over the franchise literally to Nnamdi with the amount of money he’s going to be getting paid (close to 20 mil for the season) if I got the facts of his contract correctly.

  6. “Can the Raiders Tag Namdi?…”

    No. His last contract included a clause that prevented Oakland from tagging him. Nnamdi Asomugha is free and clear.

  7. This past season Santana Moss put up pretty good numbers,93 rec. 1115 yds. So why would`nt the Skins want to franchise a player that consistanly plays hard every year???.Believe it or not,As bad as the Skins were they managed to have a top ten passing offense.Just because a team is sorry that doesnt mean that every player on the roster is sorry.Next time do some research before you make a stupid comment!

  8. Snyder will probably franchise Devin Thomas.

    “Mr. Snyder, he’s not even on the team anymore!”
    “If I says ‘Franchise him’ then franchise him! And you’re FIRED!”

    Look out, Matt Millen – your illustrious career as Lions’ GM is being rivaled by the biggest moron in the NFL… well, Goodell will always be #1.

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