Report: Cutler took painkiller at halftime

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Disclaimer: Those who will continue to question Bears quarterback Jay Cutler’s toughness regardless of the facts need read this post no further.

Citing a source close to the situation, Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun Times reports that Cutler took a painkilling shot at halftime of Chicago’s NFC Championship Game loss to Green Bay. Many have accused Cutler of not trying hard enough to play the final two quarters of the game through a torn knee ligament.

According to Jensen, it’s “believed” Cutler suffered his torn MCL on the first play of the second quarter, when Packers defensive end Ryan Pickett landed on Cutler’s left knee. Pickett, nicknamed “Big Grease” during his time in St. Louis and a former nose tackle, is listed at 330 pounds.

Cutler went on to finish the entire half and play the first possession of the third quarter.

Jensen also passes along belief that the Bears intended to hold Cutler out of the full second half after diagnosing the torn ligament in the locker room.

Just before the start of the half, all signs pointed to backup Todd Collins starting the third quarter. Collins was warming up with receivers, while Cutler came out of the locker room helmet-less and with no football in hand.

Cutler then abruptly put his helmet on and gave it a go.

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  1. This matters none. Irrational hatred for all things Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears will continue unabated. People will continue to somehow see a season that ended in the NFC Championship game as a failure, even though most observers picked Chicago to finish behind Detroit and Minnesota in the division.

    No credit given, but at this point, there’s none wanted from any of the arrogant, pompous, pretentious blowhards that make up the NFL media.

  2. The Bears suck, they didn’t deserve a super bowl. I’m happy to see the Packers get there. Packers’ fans are much more classy and deserving of this opportunity. Bears’ fans are only a step above the horrid Eagles & Jets fans as far as the lowest of the lowest common denominator.
    They deserve Cutler and Cutler deserves them, it’s just too bad a kid like Forte has to be involved with that organization + fans.

  3. This has been over for 2 weeks. Nobody cares anymore. Focus on the game that’s coming up. I mean there are more important things going on that reporting what Cutler may have done 2 and a half weeks ago

  4. I find it hard to give this report too much credibility. This could have all easily been fabricated, and the Bears have more than enough motivation to do it. Why is this just coming out now?

  5. shortbuscrew says:
    Feb 2, 2011 9:04 PM
    does anybody give a $hit about this story anymore?

    Apparently you do. Why else would you read this article and comment on it?

  6. Ya, I don’t really care about his toughness.

    What I do care about is that he’s an obnoxious little brat. I mean really, he’s on record saying he has more talent than Elway did. Can we just stop printing stories about the jagoff?

  7. Well, I care a bit. Enough to read the post. As did all of you typing stuff. If you don’t care then read about something else. Guys trying to report on a legitimate news story. I’ve never known so many current or former players to jump on a guy like they did to Cutler. It is news and this information is germain to the story. I’ve torn an MCL. It hurts. A lot. Good look with the knee Mr. Cutler.

  8. Chicago fans just cannot admit defeat and they are determined to hang this guy. This is a city that actually believed that Mike Ditka was a great coach and Jim Mcmahon was a great quarterback. Bears did not over achieve this year. They just rode an extremly lucky wave. Three victorys against teams with starting 3rd string qbs. Stealing a wijn against the Lions in week 1 and having the refs hand you a win against the packers in week 4. This was an 8 -8 team at best.

  9. I feel the need to squirt a few tears for the poor boy–Jay. Poor boy Jay, might be a good nick name for the wimp.

  10. LaDainian Tomlinson circa 2008 must be loving every minute of this. He got off easy when he pulled himself out of the game against the Pats. Gotta feel bad for Cutler. He doesn’t deserve this.

  11. Bring on the haters but I’m not a jay cutler fan mainly cuz broncos are my second favorite team… Anyway I hate him he’s a whiny qb but he is the easiest target in the NFL and deserves recognition for staying at qb for a majority of the season with being sacked the most

  12. I heard that he begged the coach to amputate his knee so he could continue without the pain, guaranteeing that he could ‘hop in’ from the one yard line if that’s what it took…

  13. @ilovefoolsball – there is not a fan base more or less “classy” than another. Each team has morons and losers that make the rest of the fans look bad. You’ve proven that theory beyond a shadow of a doubt. I don’t even know who your team is, but you’ve desecrated them all the same with your attempt at an intelligent post.

    @jarrman46 – your argument holds zero truth. The Packers (you know, the team that’s representing the NFC in the Super Bowl) lost to the Lions, who by the way, played their third string QB. The only thing the Bears did in those situations is what good teams do…win. Also, get your story straight. The Vikings came out with Favre. The lucky Bears, got a lucky sack, that luckily knocked Favre out of the game, which luckily lead to Joe Webb (who beat another playoff team in the Eagles) coming out and then they luckily forced him to throw 2 pics…

    Here’s to next year.

    Go Bears.

  14. I’m sure he took many more pain pills after the game was over and started hearing all the stories about him… But good for him, i finally made a smart decision LOL

  15. cutler sucks either way. He is like bret farve.
    I dont get why the media likes these people.
    Yeah bret farve throws lots of tds but he also throws 4 ints a game!
    He won 1 superbowl because of a weak NFL that year.
    Trent dilfer won a superbowl to does that mean he is great?
    I know on ESPN he pretends he is a HOFer but He sucks.
    Cutler just throws and prays.
    Thats why he will never win a superbowl.
    The media makes people believe who the best qb is like brady or manning just because they like them and they do interviews.
    but in reality Jason Campbell is the best QB in the NFL

  16. I’m as sick of this saga as anybody, but this story is worth reporting. Everyone’s trying to say that Cutler’s a punk and he didn’t try to gut it out. He did. And if you remember watching the game, you remember that his accuracy struggled mightily in those last few series. If you’ve ever torn an MCL, you know that the real pain doesn’t come from basic movement, but from planting and putting a lot of pressure on your knee. Throwing a football takes precision and fluid motion. Running around and blocking is something you can gut out. Consistently throwing a football with accuracy… that’s a different story.

    He tried to gut it out. He just wasn’t effective as a passer. Which explains why he kept his pads on as the emergency third QB. He could play… just not effectively.

  17. Yup … Cutler took a painkilling shot at halftime, and then went shopping the next day.

    Bears fans have been taking painkilling shots everyday since then.

    ‘Bar Keep’ … make’m a double ….

  18. go on and hate cutler all you want he does not care what you have to say or what the media says about him. we as bears fans do because he is our qb and you trash him you trash the team which why his teammates all stood up for him.they knew the story you didn’t,once again just because he did not get in front of the cameras and cry for the media he is crucified. I realy don’t care if is a jerk or acts like a spoiled brat as long as he wins and the bears won 11 games and their division when everybody had them finishing 7-9. the fact somebody leaked this does not mean they are making excuses,it just means they are sick of you idots continuing to trash him weeks later. to bad you do not like him or how he lives his life but he is the one with the money and hot girl not you! bottom line is he likes who he is and so do the people who matter to him,not you or the press get over yourselves.

  19. Bash me all you want, but Cutler has effectively sabotaged his own career with the way he’s acted in Denver and now Chicago.

    Is he tough? Yes.
    Is he a leader? No.

    People can sit here and say they don’t care about how he acts on the sidelines, but that’s a lie. The overall narrative in the NFL for the last 5+ years has been how the QB is the most important position on the team and how the QB’s leadership is the most important. Sitting there, aloof, disconnected, acting like he really doesn’t care about the outcome of one of the biggest games of his career is not the hallmark of a leader.

    I don’t question his toughness. He stands behind a terrible O-line and gets the snot beat out of him. But, painkillers or not, he doesn’t exude leadership or confidence. I highly doubt he will be welcome by the fans in Chicago next year, and when they have a dismal season and they see the Mike Martz offense for what it is (a constant hail mary pass), Martz and Cutler will be shown the door. Between his incidents in Denver and Chicago, and with the crop of QBs coming up in the draft, I hope Cutler has invested his money wisely, because he probably will have a terrible time finding a suitor.

  20. LMAO! all you want this story 2 die,but if it was vince young you would still be talkin crap about him. Brett favre voted toughest player in the nfl a few years ago even though he was addicted 2 painkillers.LOL you ppl still wana kill nick barnett,even though aaron rodgers was the one who fueled the flames by bringing up the nonsense after it was a dead story! GO BIG BEN!!!

  21. But because Cutler IS a jerk IS WHY THERE AEE SO MANY HATERS. Pro football fans would not react this way to a Jim Kelly, John Elway…Cutler is aloof and not likeable and this venom is the result

  22. first he couldn’t take painkillers due to diabetes, now the story is he took painkillers

    next story will be how ronnie lott refused to help jay cut off his own leg so he could go back into the game

    this smells like the media wanting to keep on liking jay cutler even though he’s a prick

  23. I’m failing to see how the painkiller angle undermines the lack of toughness accusation. Players take painkillers all the time.

  24. Yeah, well I had to take a painkiller as well! Just to make it through watching his back-ups play.

  25. I’ve been a long suffering Bears fan for many years and you need to take a pain killer before watching most of their games!

  26. Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer and Jay Cutler star in “Two and a Half Men.” Apparently the show is currently on hiatus while Jay recovers.

  27. They should have passed out pain killers to the fans. Because that loss had to really Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurt.

  28. huejackson says:
    Feb 2, 2011 9:56 PM
    cutler sucks either way. He is like bret farve.
    I dont get why the media likes these people.
    Yeah bret farve throws lots of tds but he also throws 4 ints a game!
    He won 1 superbowl because of a weak NFL that year.
    Trent dilfer won a superbowl to does that mean he is great?
    I know on ESPN he pretends he is a HOFer but He sucks.
    Cutler just throws and prays.
    Thats why he will never win a superbowl.
    The media makes people believe who the best qb is like brady or manning just because they like them and they do interviews.
    but in reality Jason Campbell is the best QB in the NFL

    NEWSFLASH..Hue Jackson is a moron!! And Farve is spelled Favre!

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