Response to the weather, not the weather, is the problem in Dallas

After shuffling on an endless sheet of ice for 20 minutes Wednesday morning from our hotel to the Super Bowl Media Center, I was feeling frustrated and feisty.  Though no one wants to hear people who cover sports for a living (and thus never actually work) complain about weather, I’ll complain about the response to weather.

This week, Dallas has failed to respond to the presence of a coating of ice on every horizontal surface in the city.

Roughly 36 hours after the precipitation ended, sidewalks and roads remain treacherous.  The Dallas indifference to the extensive presence of ice creates a sense that North Texas simply doesn’t care much about the fact that the Super Bowl is in town, possibly an accurate observation since the local team won’t be playing in the game.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones undoubtedly hopes that Dallas will enter the Super Bowl rotation.  Given the manner in which the region has responded to the sleet that fused into a glare of frozen water, we can’t and won’t support a return of the league’s championship game to any point north of Houston.

But enough writing.  Here’s the segment from PFT Live during which I complain about the situation — and during which I also express amazement at the fact that none of the 50 Associated Press voters deemed Mike Vick to be the best quarterback in the league, but that 11 of the 50 regarded him to be the league’s best offensive player.

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75 responses to “Response to the weather, not the weather, is the problem in Dallas

  1. Ever think that Dallas isn’t used to mobilizing salt trucks daily in the winter like wv is Mike? “we can’t and won’t support a return” Since when do you have a say in who hosts the sb?

  2. It is not Canada! A couple of years ago in Toronto even, they couldn’t handle the snow and called in the army. Just what else do you expect when such conditions rarely happen even once a year down there?

  3. This might not mean much but I lived in DFW for the past 20 years and this has been the worst as far as temperature and ice during that time. While its fair to argue about how Dallas handled this mess, this was just a once in a 20 year at least icing which is never expected. I do think that it could be ‘karma’ in a way, perhaps a Superbowl in Texas was never meant to be. There is no explanation for the weather, its weather, it’s Texas and its never predictable. The first time where weather needed to be perfect it wasn’t. It’s just that way. Noone is hurting more than the DFW area now. The businesses that put so much into marketing, and product is now going to waste. They wouldn’t invest so much though if this was a common occurrence.

  4. Have really enjoyed the weather related bitching, crying and moaning that’s been taking place this week. I’m very sympathetic that your working vacation is cold this week. Waaaaaaaaa

    Its lame enough that the super bowl is limited to a mostly sterile environment.., the last thing we all need is to hear your endless crying, disguised as ‘reporting’. If you want to do a better job disguising you complaint.., then why not suggest the Super Bowl be played in Honolulu every year and the Pro Bowl can move city to city and deal w/ the weather issues? At least that wouldn’t sound so petty and weak.

  5. Not to mention, if it wasn’t for the weather you have Packers in Las Colinas, Steelers in Fort Worth. This is the best city to host a superbowl weather permitting. There is so much around that each team basically has their own city.

  6. Dallas is entering the Super Bowl rotation; that’s a given with that stadium.

    Maybe North Texas doesn’t care because the game is still 4 days away? Just a thought.

  7. Umm, youre in Dallas, not Detroit. Its not that they don’t care. In Texas we don’t budget or equip for this kind of stuff. Winter for us is 50 degrees!

  8. You’re right, Dallas doesn’t care about the superbowl since the cowboys aren’t playing. Have never met a more self absorbed group of people than cowboy fans.

  9. It’s not that we’re indifferent because we don’t care. We’re indifferent because there’s not a damn thing anyone of us can do about the 1″ thick sheet of ice everywhere.

    If you think you’re annoyed, we live here. This is what happens every time we get ice.

  10. Mike, you’re the same one who moaned about the miniscule chance of a blizzard in the Meadowlands when it was announced that it would host a Super Bowl.

    Don’t start acting like you’re totally against the media’s incessant whining now.

  11. hey, how’s the weather in Indianapolis, Indiana and East Rutherford, New Jersey. I know they play indoors in Indy, still it’s 20 degrees outside. For Jersey it’s a little better right now over at 40 degrees. Still wouldn’t you want to enjoy watching the game you spent a couple of hundreds of dollars to watch live and try to enjoy the other festivities or even the city? so, ask yourself this which would you prefer 20-40 degree weather or 60 and up weather?

    p.s. NFL told Miami to get a roof on their stadium and other upgrades if they wanted to host another Super Bowl, it’s 71 degrees over there right now. Forecast for Sunday is 77 degrees.

  12. I’m glad we have a report on the reporting of the weather in Dallas a week before the superbowl.

    Doesn’t get much better than this.

  13. Wow. Reading the comments noone seems to be sympathetic to the sports writers harshes of taking shuttles in ice. If you are a true fan and you came to DFW to see your team, and experience a superbowl nothing is going to stop you and you’ll still have as good as time as you expected.

  14. Try living in this crap, anytime we get winter weather the ice is the worst part.

    Most of the cities around here barely have the budget for day to day services much less having salt at the ready for maybe 2-3 days a year.

  15. we got 2and a half feet of snow in wisconsin today on top of the 10 inches from a few days ago. ice sucks but this much snow is worse. and yes i realize this is wisconsin and we get snow but they didn’t handle it well here either. and there supposed to be used to and ready for this… so i’m sorry but for you to piss and moan about 2 inches of ice? get over it, report about an actual story next time.

  16. If they salted the sidewalk from your hotel to your media center and to Peter’s Starbucks, then you probably would not be saying anything.

    Maybe Dallas would like the focus to be making sure planes can land, or highways, or the entire city on SUNDAY. It’s only Wednesday.

    Would salting 2 inches like you state work? Or would it be money down the drain? Forecast says 50s for the weekend.

    Who pays for snow removal? Jerry? Roger? Nope, taxpayers. And it’s probably not cheap. Is it the city or owners that host the game? How much of the $2000 tickets does the city get? (I honestly don’t know)

    I’m lived in harsh Eastern Canadian winters and also Edmonton. Now in Portland, OR. Winter blasts are different in cities that are not prepared. Portland shuts down with good reason.

    Once you set foot in the Cathedral and get a great game, you’ll shed a tear, Jerry will be the next PFT “good friend” and you’ll probably be eating your words.

    Not trying to be a smart ass, but you really do not have to comment and/or be cynical about everything under the sun. Speaking of which, where’s our Hines Ward strip club shakedown article? He looked like he was lying, so you should be hunting for an unnamed player that witnessed him there.

  17. Oh yeah, Dallas doesn’t care about dealing with the ice. That is why they brought in snow plows from over 400 miles away to try to clear the highways. Since a normal ice storm lasts 24 hours max in Dallas, the expense to keep and maintain equipment that may be “normal” up north is out of the question in Dallas. Give us a break. They are doing the best they can. At least none of the super bowl activities got their electricity cut off like many homes did due to several power plants failing. Go stay with the people without electricity and then complain how the super bowl has been impacted.

  18. Reporters crying about the ice makes me sick. Do your job in it like everyone else has to. So you media guys didn’t get a paid trip to a tropical paradise like you all think you are entitled to this time of year. Suck it up.

  19. You’re from the North Mike, just get a rental car and show all those Texas drivers how to drive in “Winter” conditions. You can just zip around where ever you want to go. After all you’re used to snow and ice right? Let me know when you find out what “black ice” is?

    Quit whining…

  20. How is not preparing for winter weather while hosting the Super Bowl considered okay?

    You’ve spent over a billion dollars on a stadium and you couldn’t stockpile some salt and a few trucks just in case.

    Heck of a job Brownie…I mean Jerry!

  21. I would like to point out that Charlotte was told that they could not host a Super Bowl because of weather conditions. Temperatures today reached around 70F. The predicated temperature for Sunday is 54F (Dallas is predicated at 52F). Seems pretty silly that Charlotte is permanently counted out (especially since NJ got a SB, but we all know why that happened, $$$$).

  22. It’s not that they don’t care about the ice; they just aren’t prepared for it. Would it really make sense for them to have hundreds of trucks sitting around just to be used once every 30 years or so that this happens? But nooooooo, according to you Dallas is so upset that their Cowboys aren’t in the Super Bowl that they would put their own citizens at risk! Come on now, they are doing the best they can. Quit overreacting to everything like you did with the Rodgers story and man up. The rest of us wish we could go to the Super Bowl where the only price we would have to pay is walking across a little bit of ice.

  23. It’s about preparing for every eventuality. They didn’t a hundred thousand people walking on a shee tof ice. They don’t need more strippers, they are going to need more ambulance chasers.

  24. I understand why the media is moaning. Miami would mean a week of golf, beaches, barely dressed hot women, hot clubs with last call at 5am and outside sets from South Beach which by the way is nowhere near Dolphins Stadium. So now they’re slipping on ice and freezing on outside sets. I kinda get the complaints.

  25. WHAT??? The Jones Mahal doesn’t have salt trucks??

    (ahem) Perhaps Mr. Jones can crack off a few bucks and buy himself a salt truck or two, or at the very least, shave down the sidewalks with a few Zamboni’s.

  26. Jerry Jones ordered up the frosty weather so that his frozen facial expression wouldn’t clash with the backdrop of the city? It’s a thought.

  27. “Though no one wants to hear people who cover sports for a living (and thus never actually work) complain about weather, I’ll complain about the response to weather.”

    How many times are you going to wear that tired line out? You’ve used it about 10 times already. Nobody cares about idiots complaining about the weather. Get over yourself.

  28. It’s funny watching these Dallas locals defend their weather, it’s 81 in SW FL today. Do you think there is a better place to hold a event this time a year but here?? It’s 60 at night, so maybe you need a light jacket, not a ice scraper.

    I think the Superbowl should be dedicated to S. FL only, stay warm folks.

  29. Took me a while after moving to a city that rarely sees major winter storms to realize a main weapon for dealing with icy roads and sidewalks is “wait a day or two, it’ll melt”. Cost effective, and in 99% of the cases it works pretty well. The other 1%? Sucks. But I can see why it’s hard to justify the budget required to handle those events like cities that have harsher winters. Can’t blame them, makes sense.

    Still, this sounds like one of those once-in-a-generation ice storms that can even screw up even a northern city for a few days, where they otherwise handle winter weather well.

    The fact that it happened THIS week, and messed up Jerry Jones’s Super Bowl party? Hilarious. I mean…if you’re not an area resident/Cowboys fan or all that fond of Jones. Or actually going to the Super Bowl.

  30. Mike, seriously…..this is Dallas, Texas…where the word ‘Ice’ is usually followed by ‘Cream’. This ain’t the Northeast where we’re used to dealing with this nonsense on a regular basis in the winter. Dallas probably has about 2 salt trucks that haven’t been started in 10 years!

  31. Damn that Jerry Jones! Can’t even control the weather. Ordered ice just for the media sissies. He wouldn’t de-ice several hundred miles of roadway so ya’ll could get back and forth to your silly interviews.

    There are degrees in a field called journalism. You learn a lot of good stuff about reporting and refraining from personal whining over things out of human control ( I hope).

    I enjoy PFT but Mike, please get a grip. This rant makes you appear an idiot!

  32. Mike, Mike, Mike…

    It’s Texas not Boston; they are simply not prepared for a weather situation so grossly out of the norm…

    I expect better from you!

  33. Dallas does not have the equpment to deal with a once every few years major storm. Unlike northern cities that have a fleet of equipment maintained and ready to go, it would be a waste of taxpayer dollars to do this. It simply is not needed most of the time. Usually, it ices up for a day, the sun comes out and melts everything.

  34. Um, ever think they don’t budget for ice storms that happen once every 50 years? They don’t have huge facilities filled with sand and sodium chloride so, they basically just hope for it to melt. Here in CT we’ve had over 5 feet of snow and yesterday we had an ice storm – shut up and get over it.

  35. Mike….pathetic. You are doing a job nearly all of us would love to be doing. And you have the nerve to whine about ice removal. How old are you, 85? You’re a diva. I’ll tell you what, hand me your gear and tell me what I need to do and I’ll walk across that ice on my legs that had both knees replaced last year. I will do it for free, being glad just to be there surrounded by the Super Bowl aura.

  36. Its good that the media highlights the failing’s of the City of Dallas. “We are not used to it” is no excuse for lack of a contingency plan……especially if the weather is unpredictable.

    Having the Superbowl host City add plane-trip to Minneapolis (or wherever) to see how road-plowing & salting get done and develop a contingency plan to rent equipment is something they probably should do ANYWAY…….but certainly if an extra 1/4 to 1/2 million people show up.

  37. Guess what? Nobody wants to hear you complain about the “response” to the weather either.

    What do you want? FEMA to show up? Where’s obama during this disaster?? C’mon Mike, you’re losing perspective. You are at the Super Bowl!!

  38. “The Dallas indifference to the extensive presence of ice creates a sense that North Texas simply doesn’t care much about the fact that the Super Bowl is in town, possibly an accurate observation since the local team won’t be playing in the game.”

    Mike, you couldn’t have painted yourself as a bigger idiot. To assume that the people of Dallas (and FT Worth/Arlington, since the stadium is NOT in Dallas [you idiot!]) care nothing about hosting SBs that the ‘pokes are not in is moronic on your part. I understand that you don’t come from the area, so I don’t expect you and your west virginia hillbilly ass to have the first clue about anything to do with this region. The issue is that North Texas gets hit by this kind of weather maybe once in a 10-15 year span. To expect a twin-city area the size of DFW to spend money on the resources required to clear the fallout of an event that occurs maybe 5-6 times in the lifespan of a normal person is stupid at best. Your understanding of economics is amazingly weak. In the appalachian region, there is a regular need for these resources and thus makes since to spend the money on having them (and keeping the regular maintenance up on them) ready on a regular annual basis. Sorry, dillweed, but the SB doesn’t bring THAT much money into town that we could blow it all and more on a fleet of deicing/plowing equipment.

    Also, its funny that we didn’t hear these girlish crys from media trash like you back when Detroit got completely frozen over in a near-blizzard last time they hosted the super bowl.

    You need to try and quell your east-coast bias while covering this SB. I know its tough, but maybe you could try.

  39. Living in your world where everything revolves around football and suddenly a massive storm wakens you to the fact that not everyone is catering to your world must be a shock.

  40. Who friggin cares about the weather? They’re playing the Super Bowl in the worlds largest strip club people!!!!!!!!! Weather can go screw itself!!!!! Worlds LARGEST strip club!!!!! woooohooooo

  41. and during which I also express amazement at the fact that none of the 50 Associated Press voters deemed Mike Vick to be the best quarterback in the league, but that 11 of the 50 regarded him to be the league’s best offensive player
    Why amazed? He is still the best running back in the game who can throw a bit!

    For real though, he has improved his throwing game but showed that he still remains far behind the elite QB’s in the game when it comes to decisions, pocket presence and so on. He forced a lot of throws and frankly got lucky on quite a few that easily could have been INTs. As a pure QB, he is not even close to the best in the league.

    When you combine his running and his QB skills, it becomes a powerful case though for all around offensive player.

    Its not really that hard a distinction to make.

  42. You don’t know much about weather patterns obviously. They don’t have much of the equipment required to respond to this sort of situation because it rarely happens down south. The cost of purchasing and maintaining a large fleet of the necessary vehicles is prohibitive when you only need them once every 15-20 years.

    When I was a child we lived in Tulsa, OK for 3 years, and during one of them we had 12″ of snow, the largest snowstorm in something like 60 years. The city had 2 whole snowplows, and it was shut down for 3 days. Any city in the north or northeast would have had the roads cleared and the city back working after a single day. But for Tulsa which usually had no more than 1/4″-1/2″ of snow at a time, they could not justify the cost of more plows.

  43. Hey Mike, why don’t you keep posting crap like this article like once per hour until kickoff, ok? Seriously…nothing could bring us more sympathetic response like the biggest asshat in sports crying non-stop about a non-problem. You know, Tulsa got snowed in last week for the first time in 106 years…so we better not have any important events there, cuz you just know they can’t handle the snow…the snow which will come again in the year 2117.

    You are buckets and buckets of ecnomic fail.

  44. Is it just me or has success gone to this guys head? I live in Virginia and it took 2 days to get out from the latest snow storm. It happens. Warmer areas of the country allocate money to what they need and can accurately anticipate happening. Many southern states, especially Texas, probably have their money allocated to areas that they know will need it, not where they “might” need it. It’s time for Gregg to take over.

  45. This has been the coldest week of weather for DFW in 22 years. Usually if it snows or ices it will be gone the next day.

    Quit whining.

  46. How the hell do you wipe out a 1000 square mile ice rink in two days when you might have this issue once every 3-4 years?

    Dallas has more problems to take care of than the rose-petaled walkway you expect to have ready for you when you walk to radio row.

  47. The superbowl will be played regardless of weather. So why not rotate the game to every city housing an NFL team? It may eliminate some of the very rich who can pay upwards of $5000.00 for a seat but who cannot face chilling weather; maybe some of the less affluent fans could afford to go to a SB played in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, GreenBay, Chicago, etc? Ticket prices would be lower, hotel rooms lower, etc. If a city’s tax money is necessary to build NFL stadiums, then the NFL should be playing the SB in all the cities which fund their play-pens. As a resident of a cold, cold city which has a magnificent football team, and who pays the taxes which funded its stadium, I should have a chance to profit/enjoy/host a SB once in a lifetime.

  48. AP has the worst writers in the world, why should their sports awards voters be any different than the writers?

  49. “Most of the roads in Indy after the same icestorm were clear in 8-10 hours.

    Indy > Dallas”

    …which is worse…having a hard time getting out to see all the area has to offer (DFW)…or having a hard time finding anything in the area worth seeing (Indy)??

  50. …and during which I also express amazement at the fact that none of the 50 Associated Press voters deemed Mike Vick to be the best quarterback in the league, but that 11 of the 50 regarded him to be the league’s best offensive player.

    Two things:

    1. Mike Vick is nowhere near the best QB in the league. One great season does not a superstar make, and he had as many mediocre seasons as he has had standout ones.

    2. 11 of 50 AP voters deemed him “league’s best offensive player” because of hype not substance. These are likely the same bird brains that spearheaded the “Mike Vick for League MVP” nonsense before Tom Brady was deservedly given the award.

    Vick had a great season. In the greater scheme of things however, he hasn’t accomplished anything more than Daunte “Jedi Knight” Culpepper did in 2004. Both had standout performances in career years. Just don’t set yourself up for disappointment by expecting more of the same from Vick in 2011. They don’t call them “career years” for nothing. Just ask Brett Favre – he knows.

  51. This article really pisses me off. I live in DFW and we have had to deal with rolling blackouts (including the homeless shelter) while JerryWorld stays on. Not to mention that the main roads to JerryWorld were the first ones to be sanded.

  52. richie500 says:

    Those of you defending DFW, it’s been three days, you would think the cities would have trucked salt in by now?

    Why pay for salt? According to Al Gore, global warming should miracle all the snow away within a matter of hours.

  53. Amen Mike – well said. The only positive will come in Sunday night when the game is played with the roof closed.

    I can’t wait for a repeat of the Philly debacle from earlier this regular season to strike the New Jersey Stupid Bowl in 2014. Those fans will be wishing the NFL idiots that awarded this game to New Giants Stadium had their collective heads examined.

    No more cold weather Stupid Bowls!

    Tampa, Miami, New Orleans, Houston, Arizona and San Diego only. Kick LA into the mix if they get a stadium (and maybe a team).

  54. As a Canadian, I find this laughable. Its just ice people…throw some salt on it and move on with your day.

    And I so don’t agree with the “no cold weather superbowls”…since when is football about being comfy? Some of the best games are played in crazy weather, why should the biggest game of the year be any different??

  55. I see so many comments about the lack of trucks, and the the reasons are valid. UNLESS you are hosting the biggest sporting event of the year. Sample converstion: ” So what happens if we get acrazy ice storm or something”? “Ahhh, that’ll never happen. Both God and mother nature love the Cowboys and they wouldn’t do that to us for the home team Super Bowl ever.” “What if we don’t make the Super Bowl”? “Your fired! Anyone else have any crazy presumptions.?” “Well maybe call around and see if we can find some trucks to keep on stanby?” seems simple to talk that through Two years ago.

  56. Don’t recommend Houston, they are due to receive 4-5 inches of snow on Friday and I’m sure they have snow plows because it snows every 60 years there. Their lack of planning would only give them the same grief Dallas/Ft. Worth are getting now. DFW does have salt trucks that are running continuously since before the storm hit. But they concentrate on the massive highway infrastructure. Just look at what size an area DFW is. It is huge with more highways than you want to know about. Feel for the merchants that are losing their shirts because people can’t get to them or their electricity or natural gas has been cut off. Yes, most people use natural gas for heat and it is being cut off to industrial areas to make sure that homes and places where people are congregated can have heat. But since it will be snowing in the morning, there will be even more whining about the weather. I have lived here for the last 48 years and this is the longest I have ever seen things iced over.

  57. If anybody is from a warm weather state and want to overnight me there super bowl ticket , I think I can still make it down there in my 94 mercury topaz Please respond asap Ive got to let my betterhalf know Im leaving

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