Roger Goodell opens up on Tank, Belichick and Senator Charles Goodell

The cover story in this week’s Sports Illustrated is Peter King’s lengthy profile of Roger Goodell, and it’s a story that captures so much about both Goodell the NFL Commissioner and Goodell the man that there’s not really much for me to say other than that you should read the whole thing.

But I will say a little: The profile includes a fascinating anecdote about how Goodell convinced Tank Johnson, whom he once had to suspend for eight games for violating the league’s personal-conduct policy, not to buy a gun. Johnson said he needed a gun to protect his mother; Goodell convinced Johnson that was a bad idea and arranged to get private security for Johnson’s mom.

Also interesting is that Goodell says that Bill Belichick “deceived” him during Spygate, not only about Belichick’s actions but also by refusing to issue the kind of public apology that he says Belichick had privately agreed to offer.

The most interesting part of the profile however, focuses on Goodell’s relationship with his father, the late Senator Charles Goodell. In 1981, Goodell wrote a letter to his father saying, “If there is one thing I want to accomplish in my life besides becoming commissioner of the NFL, it is to make you proud of me.”

Again, read the whole thing.

42 responses to “Roger Goodell opens up on Tank, Belichick and Senator Charles Goodell

  1. You know what makes people proud of you?? Integrity and professionalism. Neither of these are traits are evident when discussing a QB’s personal conduct violation investigation with the media!!

  2. Somebody should “open up” on Goodell for his outrageous leaking of private investigative details in the Roethlisberger suspension. I’m talking about you, sports media. This out-of-control ego needs to be grilled and fast. Goodell screwed over Roethlisberger, and owes him a public apology for this betrayal.

    Thanks to Goodell we may not have football next year. His “screw you, I’m the king” attitude and wussification of the game is bringing our top sport down to the level of badminton. He’s been nothing short of a disgrace.

  3. Deceived or not, Goodell got his pound of flesh with the draft picks and the fines. What’s he referring to? All of the unsubstantiated rumors that came out after the punishment he meted out?

    I’m sick of this. Time to pick sides and I’m opting for the dark side of the force; Darth Hoodie. There will be no apologies.

    Watch your mouth, Roger. If you want BB to say more he just might. And as long as he’s been in this league he just might name names, dates and teams when he does. You don’t know where half the bodies are buried and you’re screwing with someone who put some of them there. You do not want a Canseco on your hands…..

  4. Hard to believe that Mr.Pro-Jet, Goodell, is again bashing the Steelers and Patriots. This fraud, now pimping out Peter King, has had it out for Big Ben, the Steelers and Belichick for years. Total fraud.

    I hope the Steelers win just to spite him. Nothing better than the team that beat his precious Jets winning it all.

    Go Steelers!

  5. The extent of his comments on BB are pretty limited but make me wonder why he expected an apology from BB. A foot up the butt maybe but an apology? Seriously? Goodell seems too often to forget that the game is football and he is merley the commissioner – not the principle.

  6. Belichick apologized by lighting up the scoreboard against the entire league the following year. There was no deception involved in any of those ass whippings. The Patriots were a solid lock every week.

  7. Re: Goodell says that Bill Belichick “deceived” him during Spygate

    MDS fails in reading comprehension.

    The author writes “Goodell told Kraft that, as part of the disciplinary action, Belichick would have to make a verbal apology in front of the press that week.”

    Therefore, Goodell argues that Kraft deceived him.

  8. “Bill Belichick, Master of Deception”
    Once you get beyond the physical aspect of the game, football is a game of exactly that: deception.

  9. ampatsisahypocrite wrote: Goodell screwed over Roethlisberger,

    roethlisberger is one of the biggest turds in the nfl. you are so blinded by your ‘love’ for thwe steelers that you fail to see what a jerk he is.

  10. Bill and Robert Kraft did apologize to the OWNERS at the next owner’s meeting in Palm Beach after the punishment was handed out. This was widely reported at the time, and that the owners felt that it was a sincere and heartfelt apology.

    So they were supposed to also call in the press and apologize to them too? Please. Those jerks from the Boston Herald and ESPN that made up all sorts of crap about Matt Walsh and non-existant walkthrough tapes shoudn’t be getting any apology. They apologized to the audience that mattered: their peers.

  11. Don’t try to humanize this punk. Goodell is soft and making the league soft and all in the name of player safety? Please resign. That would make your daddy proud of you!!!!

  12. This is pretty freakin’ ridiculous.

    If he didn’t appreciate BB’s “deceit” after the fact, then why not suspend him for a whole year?
    Or fine him/NE more?
    (I agree w/ 8man, I think he’s afraid BB would go Canseco on him & start naming names & more )

    Regardless of which team you root for, you have to wonder why this guy is crying to Peter King about it 4 years later, while he is still commissioner.

    He is a joke, and so much of what he says & does seems like PR posturing.

    Hopefully when the whole labor situation is resolved, maybe we can see a new commissioner @ the helm of the NFL. This guy’s a clown.

  13. lemmam says:
    Feb 2, 2011 2:17 PM
    ampatsisahypocrite wrote: Goodell screwed over Roethlisberger,

    roethlisberger is one of the biggest turds in the nfl. you are so blinded by your ‘love’ for thwe steelers that you fail to see what a jerk he is.

    Yeah, nothing says “I’m impartial and fit to judge” like a guy who refers to someone as a “turd.” Nah the facts are indisputable as to what Goodell did — and I’m not the one who’s “blind.” You are, except with your hate. And if there’s a jerk here, it’s certainly you and your petty name calling.

  14. Jesus Roger, you sound like Jan Brady “Marsha…Marsha….Marsha!” (yup I went all the way back to the 70’s for that reference)

    What spoiled brat!

  15. Sorry Roger…but for $9-10 Mill per year….your league is a mess.

    You SIR, are as phony as a $3 bill….Just ask the players…after the CBA gets done.

    Thank you B Belichick…for not taking this idiot seriously & not giving into his PR campaign…which is all spygate was.

  16. Seems like Peter King got Goodell drunk to spill the beans on a bunch of opinions that should never have been revealed. Not to mention that Goodell seems to have hung King out to dry regarding Big Ben’s teammates not sticking up for him. King was forced to print a retraction about ‘ misunderstanding’ Goodell when it’s obvious that Goodell doesn’t want Big Ben to spit on him when he presents the Lombardi on Sunday.

  17. Roger Goodell
    If your objective was to make your father proud? You have failed miserably. You are destroying the national football league. Your father is rolling over in his grave in disgust of you. Facts are facts. I wouldn’t pi$$ on you if you were on fire. I can’t wait to watch you hand Big Ben the lombardi trophy! I will laugh in your face from my man room. And Big Ben will be laughing at you inside himself. Actually i hope Big ben tells you as he takes the trophy from you, “How do you like me now”!

  18. For all you haters who used Belichick’s punishment as proof that Spygate was so serious, I offer you this.

    What I get from this Peter King article is that if Belichick apologized the way Goodell wanted, then his fine would have been less (maybe $250K instead of $500K). The reason I assume this is that Goodell has a history of reducing the punishment he hands out as long as the perpetrator does what he says. Roethlisberger got his suspension reduced from 6 to 4 games. Vick had his NFL suspension reduced from 6 to 2 games (I know he missed 2 years, but the official league suspension was 2 games). Even in the Spygate issue, the draft pick would NOT have been a 1st rounder if the Pats MISSED the playoffs (it would have been a 2nd rounder).

    So, Belichick was fined the $500K and didn’t have it reduced because he didn’t apologize the way Goodell wanted NOT because of Spygate itself, and the Pats were penalized more for having success WITHOUT the cameras. houldn’t they have been punished more if they didn’t make the playoffs, which would have lent credence to the fact that the cameras helped in some way?

    To clarify, I think Belichick violated the taping policy by having a camera on the field (remember that there is NO rule about what a team can film despite what is said). I do not think this incident tarnishes the Pats’ success. This article starts to chip away at the haters’ arguments over the severity of Spygate if only they would look at the facts.

  19. The Commish has the emotional maturity of a 5th grader. He felt deceived because he didn’t get the proper grammar from Belichick in his apology? He had just reamed a half-million dolars out of Belichick’s bank account along with another 250k from the Patriots, PLUS the first round draft choice…. AND he didn’t get his public humiliation along with it?
    What a turd they have running the NFL.

  20. ampatsisahypocrite says,

    if there is a jerk here , its you and your petty name calling.

    Take a good look in the mirror Frank, I see I still consume your simple mind !

  21. hedleykow says:
    Belichick apologized by lighting up the scoreboard against the entire league the following year. There was no deception involved in any of those ass whippings. The Patriots were a solid lock every week

    Ya, except for the Superbowl when it really counted, then they choked.

    Notice how they didn’t win a Superbowl since Matt Walsh was let go? Coincidence? Think not.

  22. @JimmySmith

    Yes they lost the Super Bowl, but your argument is so hilarious. So they were 18-0…crushed everyone in the league…had a lead with 39 seconds to go in the Super Bowl, and essentially lost on the back of a once in a lifetime miraculous catch (and a dropped INT by Asante Samuel).

    So under your theory, if Tyree drops that ball and the Patriots win 14-10, then it means Spygate meant nothing, but because the Giants make one crazy play, and Samuel drops that pick, it means that Matt Walsh was the secret to all of their success…yea, got it…LOL

  23. ampats says:
    Feb 2, 2011 3:55 PM
    ampatsisahypocrite says,

    if there is a jerk here , its you and your petty name calling.

    Take a good look in the mirror Frank, I see I still consume your simple mind !

    Well, look who showed up. Hey, what do you think of LT getting busted officially now? Charged and all — unlike Ben. Does LT finally tick you off as a daddy, or are you going to keep telling us to “lay off the jokes”?

    Just wondering.

  24. Good article on Roger, but you can’t blame Bellichek. He doesn’t know how to answer straight. You ask him if the sky is blue he will exhibit some evasiveness. It’s who he is

  25. Goodell’s lucky that BB takes the game itself more seriously than he takes Goodell and his chump PC touchy feely garbage. BB apologized not only at the owners meeting but also generally to us fans Mr. Kraft etc in a statement. Personally that’s good enough for me. Why is it ANYONE ON EARTH’S right to ask more info than that? Goodell felt he had enough info to make the decision. He made it, and handed out an unprecedently heavy punishment. He said from all the info he had he didnt’ feel it added a competitive advantage (ie could be used on that same gameday etc). He reserved the right to re-prosecute BB in his own court of law if they ever found any other info on this topic or he discovered BB was lying to him. He hasn’t found any new info, he hasn’t re-opened this case. Now FOUR YEARS LATER he’s whining because BB wouldn’t write a tell all book about it???

    Seriously…could it be any more obvious with every world out of his lying patronizing mouth that Goodell has ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE what the game of football is all about? He needs to host one of those weepy drama queen like shows like Dr. Phil. That’s what he wants the NFL to be.

  26. Sell this pathetic story about a father and his son to someone else…Goodell is a complete fraud and needs to be shown the door before any ink touches the CBA!!!!!!!!!!PFT posted an article showing how Paul Talib. is still getting paid by the league this new CBA needs to not give Goodell a dime he is a complete fool and is doing all he possibly can to sabotatge the league…. every time I think Goodell couldnt do anything more stupid he has to go and prove me wrong….Hand this guy his walking papers now!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. You took their first round pick and three quarters of a million in cash. Come off your high horse. Maybe he should have had to stay after school and write lines on the chalk board.

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