Winston Moss campaigns to coordinate Eagles defense

Packers assistant head coach/linebackers Winston Moss appeared on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia Wednesday to express publicly his interest in the Eagles’ defensive coordinator vacancy.

“It would be a great opportunity and absolutely I would be interested in having that opportunity to sit down with Andy Reid and his staff,” said Moss. “I have the utmost respect for what they’re doing, for the owner (Jeff) Lurie, those guys that are well respected throughout the league.

“The whole city will embrace that tough, hard-nosed, in your face type of football, and I’m definitely confident that I could bring that to Philadelphia.”

Moss also pointed out that he was mentored by ex-Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson in 1998, when Moss got his coaching start after 10 years as a player.

The Packers currently run a 3-4 defense, different from the Eagles’ 4-3. However, Moss was on the Green Bay staff prior to the 3-4 transition under Dom Capers.

The Eagles’ level of interest in Moss is unclear at this time.

21 responses to “Winston Moss campaigns to coordinate Eagles defense

  1. EX – Packers assistant head coach/linebackers coach Winston Moss…

    And they’re welcome to him…

  2. Thanks a whole freaking lot, Winston. I mean, the Packers don’t have a Super Bowl to prepare for or anything right now, so I’m sure they won’t mind you taking time to go on a Philadelphia sports talk show and kiss up to the Igglez.

    pathetic. focus on the task at hand, and do whatever you want come Monday morning.

  3. Meant to say “Soon to be EX Packers assistant”… above.

    And they’re still welcome to him.

  4. Winton Moss should be the raiders next dc! There is a lot better opportunity coach under coach Davis. He’s always lining up coaches to be the next boss man. Al suanders, winston moss heck he might bring in Jim fassel to be st coordinator.

  5. It’s logical for someone wanting to further their career. Moss knows that Green Bay is in the Super Bowl and taking time out to talk to a Philadelphia radio station is no big deal. I’m sure that the Packers gave him their OK to do so.

  6. Come on guys, ease up on Moss. Its Wednesday before the SB, the gameplan was put in a week ago. Basically every day is a Media Day until gameday.

  7. I think the eagles would be lucky to get the guy. I have heard nothing but good things about Mr. Moss. I do think the cardinals need him he has a lot of experience vs. the west coast offenses out in the nfc west.

  8. bring him to Philly…..I would like to see it,I think he can help but he might want to look at some of this past seasons game tape before he jumps at this job.They are my team but at times this year they were beyond brutal on defense

  9. tip1984 says:
    Feb 2, 2011 2:25 PM
    Come on guys, ease up on Moss. Its Wednesday before the SB, the gameplan was put in a week ago. Basically every day is a Media Day until gameday.

    I couldn’t disagree more. With all the rules in place that prevent teams from contacting your guys while under contract, I have a hard time believing the Packers would say, sure, go ahead and talk to the Philly media while you’re supposed to be preparing for the biggest game of your life.

    It sends the wrong message to your guys. It’s not fair to the guys he’s supposed to be coaching. Sets bad precedent, etc. They’re being asked to be model citizens this week and focus completely on the goal. Why shouldn’t their coaches be held to that same standard? We’re taking about waiting a few days.

  10. And I’m sure if/when Moss makes an appearance on the Bay Area radio stations he will say the same things..

    With that being said; Bring him to Oaktown Hue and Al! I don’t want Bresnahan running the defense!!

  11. It can be argued that CM3 notwithstanding, the LB corps is the weakest part of the Packers’ defense. It can also be argued that injuries hit them especially hard in that area, and that they did well under the circumstances. In any case, I’m not sure that Moss has done all that great a job. Nor am I sure how much of the better work has been his and how much has been Greene’s. But anyway, if we have to lose one defensive coach, Moss would be my choice.

  12. @minnesconsin…

    I get it dude. I’m just operating under the assumption that he wouldn’t have done it if the Pack didn’t OK it. If they didn’t, then of course he shouldn’t have done it. If they think its ok, why wouldn’t you?

    They almost had to have approved him doing it for one reason in particular.

    If they said no and he did it anyway, wouldn’t that make it less likely they would approve the Eagles, Raiders or whoever to interview him for DC since he would still be under contract?

  13. Being that he has a 4-3 and 3-4 background and is a former LB and currently a LB coach, I have no problems if the Eagles hire him. Washburn is gonna let the DL get after the QB, so it’s important to have a guy who can coach the young LBs to understand their gaps on run D. He seems to be a smart guy and the last LB coach who became the DC in Philly did pretty well (RIP Jim Johnson). The fact that Moss got some experience working as a quality control coach under JJ, who was the LB coach in Seattle at the time, is also encouraging.

    At the same time, the Eagles are looking hard at secondary coaches, since their pass D minus Samuel was horrific as well (esp. in the red zone), so I wouldn’t count out Darren Perry or Ray Horton of the Steelers. But I like Moss. The only problem I have with him is that it seems like he shouldn’t be feeding this kind of speculation about what happens in the offseason when he has a much bigger task at hand this weekend.

  14. I dont know much about the guy but I wanna see the eagles hire a more experienced guy running our D . Our offense is great and we need a great defense to match

  15. really? it’s not like theres a super bowl or anything, what a tool………..go to philly and take barnett with you…..loser.

  16. I think Winston would be a great hire as a def coordinator. I know his players have played well for him. Look at #55 who is really a special teams guy and now he got a new contract. Looking at his bio he is a guy from the “U” and he knows how to win.

  17. Maybe Winston Moss lost out on the job today because he used that headshot of Darren Perry next to his name….

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