Capers: Charles Woodson reminded him of Rod Woodson right away

It didn’t take long for Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers to realize he had something special with Charles Woodson.

“When I first started watching tape, 5-to-7 tapes, it reminded me of when I went to Pittsburgh in 1992 and watched Rod Woodson,” Capers told PFT Thursday.

The two defensive backs share a last name, and the same sort of hard-hitting versatility.

“We moved Rod into nickel cornerback so he could blitz and he could be closer to the action.  We basically use Charles the same way we used Rod back in the 90’s. ”

Capers said Charles Woodson can be an excellent safety in the future.  In many ways, he already is.  Woodson played safety almost exclusively in the NFC Championship when the Packers were in a 3-4 alignment.  Capers lauded Woodson’s instinctive feel for the game and his versatility.

“Charles plays corner for us, he plays nickel, he plays safety, a lot of times we put him on the best interior people.  He just gives us a lot of flexibility.  . . . You can do that with Charles because he’s very bright. He sees the big picture.”

Packers receiver James Jones said you have to stay creative to beat Woodson in practice.

“He’s ridiculously smart.  He’ll be breaking on your route before you even run it,” Jones said.  “I remember one time in training camp and I thought I ran a great route.  And he was all over it.

“‘I’m like, ‘Charles, how did you know I was going run that route?’  And he said, ‘I could tell how fast you were running, you were going to stop.”’

That type of smarts and flexibility gives Charles Woodson a chance to extend his career as long as Rod Woodson once did.

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  1. charles will take heath miller out of the game! just like celek, gonzales, olsen. what does pittsrugh have left old hines, and one fast guy wallace! long day for big ben! 34-24 packers

  2. I’m not going to call Chuck Woodson a “class act guy” because i’ve never encountered him off the field.

    All i know about him is what i see on sundays during games and on highlight reels.

    He has been one of the best, down-right cerrebral players i’ve seen in the league. Game in, game out he is a force. Go get that ring, Charles. And while you’re at it, I bet you can snag the Super Bowl MVP.

  3. Been a big fan of Charles Woodson since the Raiders days. If he was as dedicated as he is now when he was in Oakland he would no doubt in my mind be the best CB ever. Funny how he is playing better now that’s he’s in his 30’s rather than when he was in his early 20’s. Seems like he’s still getting better.

  4. Glad Charles Woodson is finally getting his due. He’s been one of the best players in the league for a very long time now.

  5. @iluvwikileaks, who says:

    Charles Woodson is no Rod Woodson. Not even close to that level.

    And this is based on what exactly?

  6. Rod Woodson was voted to the 75 year team while he was still an active player. . . That says it all.

  7. Green Bay’s secondary is scary good. Tramon Williams is becoming one of the leagues best man cover corners. Sam Shields has the speed and ball skills to negate any teams speed guy. Yes Pitt fans, don’t be expecting Mike Wallace to be torching the GB secondary all day. Wallace may be the fastest guy in the league but Shields is in the argument as well. Nick Collins is probably the 3rd best playmaking safety in the league. Then of course you have Woodson wreaking havoc wherever he is on the field, better protect the ball or he will be knocking it out of there.

    Pittsburgh has the edge in run game both offensively and defensively but that won’t matter because they will not be able to stop the pass and then will be forced to try and throw the ball to keep up, letting Bloodline come off the edge and our stellar secondary free to make plays on the ball.

  8. @11inthebox …

    When Charles Woodson becomes one of only five active players named to the NFL’s 75th anniversary team of the best players EVER at their positions, holds NFL records that still stand six years after his retirement, goes to the Pro Bowl at three different positions, and is a first-ballot Hall of Famer … come back and talk to us. That would be why he said Charles isn’t even close to Rod.

    Having said that, Charles is a great DB and I’ll always remember him fondly for finally breaking the barrier and becoming the first defensive player to win the Heisman. You go, Charles (just not against my Steelers 😉 )

  9. @myspaceyourface who says:

    Rod Woodson was voted to the 75 year team while he was still an active player. . . That says it all.


    That list is totally subjective.
    It was also compiled in ’94—before Charles Woodson was even in the league.

  10. Rod Woodson was one of the best ever and before it is done Charles Woodson will be with him. He belongs in the HOF. I am neither a raider nor packer fan, but think the guy is at the top of the game.

  11. Whatever my opinion or your opinion, there is one guy who matters and thinks CWood is one of the best………Rod Woodson.

    That’s the same Rod Woodson who’s been picking Green Bay since early December.

  12. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Woodson’s play was perceived to improve by leaps and bounds once he left Oakland. Undead Al’s strict adherence to man-to-man exposes perceived weaknesses in all CBs. But it’s not the athlete; it’s the scheme. When Raider CBs play Undead’s man scheme, they’ve got their backs to the QB more than in any other scheme. The action is never in front of them. Zone has given Woodson the flexibility to get a good jump on the play.

    What really drives me insane is how Raider CBs give up chunks of rushing yardage as a result of Undead’s scheme on early downs. Opposing O-coordinators KNOW that the Raiders are playing man exclusively. So they just exploit it by sending a wideout out deep, while calling a sweep to that side of the field. Before the CB can read the play, he’s already ten yards down the field. This is the reason why the Raiders D consistently gives up huge plays on the ground. As you can tell, this drives me nuts; has for years.

    Raiderkarma. Thank you, Undead Al.

  13. @Deb:

    I know you’re a Steelers’ person. And all opinion—objective or otherwise, is founded on that position. Got it.

    As I told “myspaceyourface,” the aforementioned list is totally subjective—as are Pro Bowl selections and all things Hall of Fame.

    Also said list was compiled in ’94—before Charles Woodson had entered the league.

    I know that you, like me, aren’t especially moved by ‘stats,’ per se. I also know that picks are as much a result of pass rush, scheme, and circumstance.

    All that said, I’m taking into account Dom Capers, the man whose statement not only launched this discussion but who coached both Woodsons in question, as the ultimate authority on the topic. Should he say that one Woodson is vastly superior to another, then I’ll gladly concede the point.

  14. @11thinthebox …

    Now there was nothing remotely negative in my post about Charles Woodson. What I said was come back to me when he’s achieved what Rod Woodson achieved. Charles’s career isn’t over yet. Yes, I respect Dom’s judgment and have supported him throughout his post-Steelers career. For him to compare Charles to Rod is a tremendous compliment (though I already knew Charles was one of the best corners in football).

    Have recently been told on Ravens, Pats, and Bengals threads that I’m one of the most objective Steelers fans because I post positive things about opposing players and coaches on teams I hate and negative things about our guys when it’s warranted. Yes, I’m a devoted Steelers fan, but I try to be fair. It just happens that Rod is and forever will be my favorite Steeler and I still view him through the eyes of a fan who thought he hung the moon. I say he’ll forever be my fave because when he left I swore I’d never again fall in love with any individual player in a free-agent world. And I won’t.

  15. Packer backer 12 you nailed it. What a class act on and off the field. It has been a pleasure watching ALL the defensive guys this year. I really hope this guy and Driver another class act get that ring this year.

  16. @ Deb, all accolades and awards aside, Rod Woodson never played better ball than Charles Woodson has over the last 3 years.

  17. No doubt Woodson is one of the best. Its great to have him with the Packers…. not only for his play, but these younger guys like Williams and Shields will learn a lot from him.

    I really hope Woodson gets his Super Bowl ring this year. He deserves one.

  18. @trollaikman8 …

    You really are a pathetic pig. There has never been an allegation of Rod Woodson using steroids. Are you really sinking that low because your supposedly Super Bowl-bound Cowboys laid down and quit on the field while the Packers and Steelers overcame real obstacles to get to the championship? And don’t give me any crap about Romo’s injuries. The Cowboys had gone belly up before he was injured.

    The Browns have 10 times more heart than your team. At least they played to win. Your guys were like prize fighters who took a dive. And since you’re not man enough to live with it, you trash players who’ve never been involved in any scandal. You know, I’d really love to hear what Mike Irvin, Troy Aikman, and Emmitt Smith would have to say to your comment. They–especially Irvin–would spit you out so fast you wouldn’t know what hit you.

    Of course, like your gutless team, you didn’t have the balls to make the comment until the thread was dead. Pathetic.

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