Goodell, Jones defend Dallas’s response to winter weather

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones are defending the response to the ice storm that hit North Texas, saying that the local authorities did what they could to deal with the frigid conditions and frozen roads.

Asked if the response to the weather would affect Dallas’s chances for hosting future Super Bowls, Goodell said: “I don’t believe so. This isn’t the only part of the country being affecting by this weather. This community has responded favorably and we’re excited to be here.”

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone here in Dallas who agrees with Goodell that the community has responded favorably. The streets and sidewalks here remain like skating rinks, two days after the storm passed. That’s not favorable.

And it’s also hard to accept Jones’ comment that, “‘I’ve seen a lot of salt, lot of sand out there.” The salt and sand has not been sufficient to keep people and vehicles from slipping.

It’s important to stress that this is not a complaint about the weather. I live in Chicago. I can deal with cold weather. But if you’re a city that gets cold weather and you want to host the Super Bowl, you need to make sure you’re keeping the thousands of visitors safe when they’re on the streets. Dallas hasn’t done that.

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  1. Mikey attacking Dallas (and Ft Worth) is akin to me going on vacation in New Orleans and insulting everyone living there for not all having boats in their lawns. Seriously, this isn’t a regular event…you only make yourself look pathetic and small when you attack a community that is suffering through a freak act of God.

  2. “I live in Chicago. I can deal with cold weather. But if you’re a city that gets cold weather and you want to host the Super Bowl, you need to make sure you’re keeping the thousands of visitors safe when they’re on the streets.”

    So if Miami hosts it one year and there is a freak snow storm, you’re gonna rip them for not having the equipment to handle it? You are missing a key element here – this weather is not NORMAL. You are in Dallas right now, not Chicago. In Chicago this weather is EXPECTED in Dallas it is NOT. I’m surprised that even your thick skull hasn’t allowed this simple fact to sink in.

  3. …except that normally, Dallas DOESN’T get cold weather.

    I live in Wisconsin, and it’s great because we know that every year, there’s going to be a crapton of snow. Our government budgets for this, and every morning by the time I leave for work there are hundreds of snowplows doing their thing to make sure the roads are clear.

    The people know there is going to be snow, so they shovel themselves out and in many cities it’s an ordinance that your sidewalk must be shoveled/de-iced shortly after a snowstorm.

    This kind of care is a result of living in an area where snow comes every year.

    When was the last time that there was this much snow and ice in Texas? Really? How many people down in Dallas thought to themselves “Man, better be sure to stock up on salt and grab my shovel in case it snows?”. How many Texas politicians thought “You know what would be a great way to spend taxpayer money? Snow and ice removal equipment”. Of course, the answer is few to none.

    Cut them some slack. They’re not equipped for this sort of weather, and it would be a waste of their taxpayer’s money for them to consistently make themselves prepared.

  4. Say what they will fair or not when the next vote comes up the commitee is going to remember this once in a blue moon storm and may for another location.

  5. It’s only ice Dallas. Got salt? Got sand? Got trucks to ?Humans to spread it ? Get to work. You act like its the Mayan apocalypse.

  6. I moved to Dallas from Iowa a year and a half ago. They are pathetic when it comes to this weather. In Iowa, it takes 2-3 feet of snow across the entire state for everything to shut down like this. This is the 3rd day we haven’t been able to get to work. And this is the 3rd work day since the storm was here. It is just absurd. They don’t have plows. They don’t have salt. The put a little bit of sand on the over passes and entrances to government building parking lots. That’s it.

  7. It was a freak storm once every 10 years….It happens…they aren’t used to those types of storms down there…Could be worse look at Chicago’s weather…

  8. Dallas is handling it the best they can (some cities just arent used to storms/weather like this) its the media that is the problem ….. *cough cough. Its about the game and the game is indoors!

    I do hope that the new york SB is an epic weather disaster.

  9. …and Goodell is sitting in an office trying to figure out how he can fine Mother Nature.

  10. good thing the game is inside…it would be a disaster if they played a super bowl in a place that got weather like this and then they had to play the game outside…ohhhh waitttt they’re doing that in 2014…STOP COMPLAINING PEOPLE…if there is this much complaining about the indoor game i don’t even want to hear the complaining before 2014

  11. OH MY GOD! A freak weather storm comes through and you people can’t stop whining about it. I know there is little to talk about, but give the whining about the weather a break.

    The NFL is going to make record cash off this Super Bowl, so if you don’t think that will play a bigger factor in determining if Dallas will get it again then you are all idiots.

  12. As far as Chicago goes (since you brought it up), they are experiencing “thunder snow” now…something that caught the meteorologists by surprise. This isn’t a local event…much of the US is being hit with unnatural weather.

    And as far as the “The streets and sidewalks here remain like skating rinks, two days after the storm passed” comment…its still BELOW freezing (~23F) in Arlington. What do you want…people with mobile flamethrowers melting the ice??

    It saddens me that I have to explain this to you non-basic-science guys AGAIN. Salt does NOT melt ice. Salt ensures NEW ice doesn’t form in contiguous sheets. When you spray salt down, you need the pressure of vehicles/plows driving over the ice to break/melt it and allow the salt to mix in. If you never break the ice or the sun doesn’t melt it some, the salt won’t help. The sand is an abbrasion/traction assistant…it also needs cars driving on it to be effective. When there is nobody driving, there is no assistance.

  13. Can someone please send the headline writer to English class? It should read Dallas’ response, not Dallas’s response. Must be farming it out to those countries that know “Engwish berry dan who”.


  14. Stop saying you aren’t complaining about the weather. That’s all you’re doing, and nobody feels bad for you that you have to deal with ice at the SB.

  15. What the author doesn’t understand is Dallas doesn’t have this kind of weather all the time. At most the city experiences a couple of snow/ice days per year. They don’t have the equipment to handle a sustained weather problem like they are experiencing. It’s ridiculous to say they weren’t prepared. It’s bad luck..nothing more. (Jerry shouldn’t have made that deal with the devil to get his 3rd Lombardi in 95) Understand the climate before you have a knee jerk reaction. Typical internet reporting…make broad statements, don’t know the facts and then run to the next “topic of the day”. What a joke.

  16. I’m sick of you guys complaining about the weather. What more do you want them to do other than salt the roads and sidewalks? In case you’ve never lived in a winter climate the salt only helps melt the ice, it’s not an instamelt! Get over it and shut the He!! up already.

  17. you are talking about DALLAS! not Detroit! Texas gets snow every what? 2 years and maybe an inch or 2 at that…

    And here you have one of the biggest snow storms in recorded history (that burried your beloved Chicago as well, i might add) and you are going to bitch about ice on the ground? grow a pair.

  18. I know I am excited to see two good football teams on the Dallas field at one time. It’s been a long time…

  19. I’ve lived in Dallas for 7 years. This is the first time it has snowed where the snow/ice hadn’t melted within 24 hours. Usually the snow hits and the next day it is 45 degrees, the sun comes out, and everything is fine.

    It is well documented above, but this is RARE here. Won’t happen again for another 15 years probably.

    Fortunately journalists don’t make these decisions. Look for Superbowl L to be in Dallas.

  20. Pressed on the “salt and sand” remark, Jerry revealed that he was stopped at an intersection when an elderly lady carrying groceries slipped and fell, spilling her box of salt on the sidewalk. Later someone came by and threw sand over the bloodstains where her head struck the concrete.

  21. I have a better solution to this HUGE issue…revoke the PFT crew’s press passes.

    If a tree falls in the woods and there’s nobody to see it, does the tree really fall?? I say “who cares”…as long as I don’t have to hear anybody complaining about falling trees, I’m good.

  22. We Dallasites are really sorry that you Chicagoans aren’t enjoying your stay here in the Metroplex. You shoulda been here last week when in 75 degrees. That said, I’ve been on the roads here in downtown Dallas, and yes there is a little bit of ice left here and there (mostly in parking lots that don’t get much traffic), but for the most part, its gone. And this is ice, not snow. a lot harder to get rid of ice, when the temp hasn’t been above freezing in 72 hours. Either way, try to sidestep the little bit of ice that is left and we look forward to having you back here another time.

  23. Clearly your systemic Anti-Dallas bias is showing again! How would you have North Texas respond?

    We don’t get much ice and snow here. One or two days a year. Seldom more than two days in a row. It’s been 15 years or so since the last time we had three days of sub-freezing temps in a row.

    How many plows and sand trucks do you think we’d need to please you? And who’d pay for keeping that equipment idle most years?

    How ’bout driving them down from somewhere up North in response? Even if it made economic sense, anybody between here and Canada NOT using their snow gear this week?

    Is it more important to get folks safely to and from work, or pseudo-journalists out and about?

    Grow up boys! Life (and Weather) happens – even during Super Bowl Week!

    Most years, we just wait a day – two at the most – and the sun takes care of it. Homes here aren’t insulated like they are in Chicago, school buses don’t have snow tires or chains, and even the Mail doesn’t always get through. But it’s usually a day or two a year at most!

    Texans handle-up – mostly with charm and grace.

    For every tourist like you who suffers, there are a hundred kind folks in Dallas who counted on their good will and Texas hospitality being enough to make your week special. Some of their homes are cold, they aren’t going to work and their kids can’t get to school.

    Texans are hoping you’ll show some grace, too.

    Or just keep whining. You COULD be in Chicago wondering how you’re going to get your car out before Spring!

  24. Jerry: The weather gods are against me! How can I get people to sit outside the stadium and watch my TV for money when its freezing outside!!

  25. How quickly football fans forget about the Ice Bowl? I wasn’t alive then, but have seen enough highlights and specials on it, to say this one thing: Buck up everyone. It is the way football was meant to be played, not that this game will be outdoors, though it should. I think they should have the roof open. It would be more entertaining in my opinion. As for the other commenters, I agree, these people fortunate to have a rare opportunity to do something millions of us will never get to do, should just shut up and find real stories to cover, that is what you get paid to do.
    And lastly, yes the weather is bad all over, and worse than normal. My person feeling tells me something is amiss, if the truth must be told but that is for another forum and website. I’m just hoping the bigger story gets resolved and that is ensuring football starts in Sept. 2011 without a hitch. Looks very gloomy, much like the weather right now. Here’s hoping for the best.

  26. Poor Michael David Smith…I can just see you laying there in your short pants, propeller cap, and lollipop, having just busted your backside on a patch of ice. If you are still writing for PFT in 2014 ( odds are you won’t be and will be Peter King’s gofer ) and covering the Super Bowl how much are you going to cry when the snow is up to your backside? By the way, just a heads up, there is a better than zero chance there will also be ICE!! Perhaps you would be better suited for Honolulu and the Pro Bowl

  27. The Super Bowl should always be in Miami, LA, or California. Freak of nature I agree, but response is horrible. Rolling blackouts, NOT icing the roads, and not being prepared. Unless you’re here in Dallas you dont know how bad it is. Terrible.

  28. The PFT writers are just intent on showing how ignorant you are of weather patterns I guess. The fact that you seem to think a place that virtually never gets weather like this should maintain a huge fleet of vehicles and personnel to deal with bad weather is beyond stupidity.

  29. Those corporate suits attending the Superbowl (but who don’t care one iota about the actual game) want perfect temperatures. They’re not going to like the weather being a little cold or a bit of snow. The New York Superbowl is going to be a disaster and hopefully greedy Goodell will finally come to his senses and put the Superbowl in warm environments.

  30. angricorgi and all Dallas and cold weather Stupid Bowl advocates –

    This Dallas ice and snow situation is the cake, the New Jersey Stupid bowl – with fans actually sitting outside – will be the icing. Then all talk of more cold weather Stupid Bowls will be a thing of the past.

    Based on what is happening this week in Dallas – I hope there is a re-vote and that Stupidest of Stupid Bowl decisions to hold it in New Jersey is revoked and its given to Tampa where it should have gone in the first place.

  31. To all the Dallas-ites who are defending the city’s inability to respond to the ice: It isn’t the city or the ice that is the real problem. I can drive on this ice as good as anyone. But I come very close to getting in a car wreck every day on my commute to work…when it is sunny and warm. Dallas-ites are the worst drivers I’ve ever encountered. That’s the real problem right now.

    Yes, the ice is rare. The city is very ill-equpped for that reason. But the bad driving is inexcusable.

  32. duanethomas and scratchdaddy – WORD!

    I hope this sticks a fork in any future cold weather Stupid Bowl sites the NFL comes up with.

  33. And ice like this is the easiest thing to take care of. You don’t need to plow the roads twice a day like a snow storm in Iowa. You need to put the liquid salt stuff down before the ice comes. That’s all.

  34. jc1958coo says:
    Feb 3, 2011 2:48 PM
    dumb & dumber can defend anything, except a lockout!

    This is the best post i’ve ever read.
    Dumb and dumber describes them goofy rascals to a “T”. Ha Ha! Geaux Saints!

  35. Listening to northeasterners talk about how horrible it is Dallas isn’t equipped to handle snow makes me laugh. I think about the stories that roll out every couple of years when the temperature hits 90+ degrees in New York and people start dropping like flies and the power grid overloads and goes out.

  36. Airplanes have been grounded during this ice storm so give them a break because this a freak storm that will have no affect on the actual game which is what most of care about anyway. So stop whining and crying because it makes you look like baby! Its easy to sit back and criticsize them after the fact and really no one cares where you are from and how they deal with ice and snow!

  37. PFT now stands for “Phony Frail Trolls”. This is my toned down version of the one yall censored. Moderator is now playin protector for the PFT boyz! Ha ha! Geaus Saints!

  38. Another weather report? Are you bored or what?

    Have you actually looked at a map to see the size of the greater DFW area?

    Quit whining or go home.

  39. I do not want to sound like I am complaining about you complaining about the weather but could you just stop already?how many times does it need to be pointed out to you that this does not happen all the time so of course they are not prepared to deal with it! also as it has been pointed out salt is not going to do anything as long as it is frezing out! also where do you get off whining about it when there are people who are suffering there?those would be the people without power who have it just a little bit rougher than you,so considering that you might understand that most people could care less that you do not like the weather! also people come here to read football stories not to hear you whine about the weather!either find something to write about or just wait untill you do but stop talking about something nobody has any control over!

  40. @lilrabbi – 35N will take you right back to Iowa. Have a safe trip.

    No salt? Notice how’s there’s no rust on any car?

  41. Really not sure how this is a big deal. The weather in Dallas this year is an aberration. It’s not like anyone could call Mother Nature and schedule something better.
    Not a fan of Jerry Jones, but I don’t know why anyone has to bother defending this or why anyone else would try to make something of it.

  42. “And ice like this is the easiest thing to take care of. You don’t need to plow the roads twice a day like a snow storm in Iowa. You need to put the liquid salt stuff down before the ice comes. That’s all.”

    Great call…now where did I put my time machine so I can implement your plan…

  43. No more Stupid Bowls in cold weather cities!

    64/56 will be the weather this Sunday in Tampa – a real Super Bowl City, unlike Dallas and New Jersey.

    Wise up NFL – this is your most important game of the season – stop being stupid and take the weather out of the experience. I hope it snows and stays freezing all the way through next week. And when the Stupid Bowl lands in New Giants Stadium in 2014 that the weather is 10 times worse for all those idiots that will be sitting outside in it on game day. Dallas’ only saving grace is they will have the roof shut this Sunday.

    Tampa, New Orleans, Miami, Arizona, Houston and San Diego only!

  44. How about jasncondit going back to English class?

    Dallas’s is entirely correct usage. Just because the newspaper industry (AP Manual of Style) promotes the stylistically inferior and technically incorrect nonuse of the apostrophe after any word ending in S doesn’t make it correct. That’s a decision made in the interest of saving typespace more than anything else.

    Also, salt doesn’t “melt” ice, it merely lowers the freezing temperature of water so that ice (frozen water) liquefies at lower temperatures than 32 degrees. It can be “too cold” for ice to melt in the low 20s.

    Can someone please send the headline writer to English class? It should read Dallas’ response, not Dallas’s response. Must be farming it out to those countries that know “Engwish berry dan who”.

  45. Jerry, Thanks for building that beautiful stadium for greenbay and the steelers to play in . Dont worry, anyone from these two cities can deal with the weather. Hell, we just had the storm of the century and were already dug out. Thats why we like cheese and drive 4×4’s . We dont care much for sushi or euoropien wines but we do breakout the bud lite and say HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOO. we also say stupid things like ‘ITS CHILLY’ If it hits 30 degress and HOW MUCH FOR THE WOMEN. And if y0u call 911 on sunday,dont worry , theyll get back to you after the game.

  46. Hey , I forgot you “cold weather stupid bowl” . You need to come to a real football game in lambeau field, soldier field or pitsburgh stadium. You will love the ambiance. Long underwear,frozen face and a bear in your hand. Just stay home and watch your 42inch plasma screen, its a short walk to the refrigerator and you can enjoy the great commercials. You should have attended the pro bowl, there sure was a lot of excitement there.

  47. “And ice like this is the easiest thing to take care of. You don’t need to plow the roads twice a day like a snow storm in Iowa. You need to put the liquid salt stuff down before the ice comes. That’s all.”

    “Liquid salt stuff”? Really? …and whatever this magical compound might be, at what cost does it come to cover the entire city in it within an appropriate amount of time so that the magical liquid salt doesn’t simply evaporate. How much staff would it take to spread this liquid salt? has a definition for liquid salt, but i don’t see how that would help anything.


  48. I live in NC and we get an ice storm every 3 or so years. We’ll get about 2-3 snows a year.

    If they couldn’t handle cleaning up snow (with snow plows), didn’t prep with salt, that would be fine to be critical.

    However, ice is just nasty. When ice, hits you are screwed. You can put salt down, but that doesn’t really do much to a serious ice storm. The ice is hard and sticks to everything. You can’t run snow plows and get rid if it. You are stuck.

    So, cut Dallas some slack and quit belly aching about the ice. There’s not much they could have done or can do now, except wait for it to melt.

    For those of us who can’t afford to go, because of cost, time away from work, or couldn’t get tickets, we really don’t want hear you whine about ice.

    You want to complain that there should be no cold weather Super Bowl’s? That’s OK, make that point. That’s a reasonable position to stake out.

    Personally, I don’t mind cold weather superbowls and all that goes with it. Football is meant to be played outdoors, in the elements. It’s not a damn dog/pony show (although it’s getting there.)


  49. The south isn’t equipped to handle snow. They shut down the whole city for 2 inches of snow. 2 inches! Meanwhile in WNY, 8 inches ain’t nothin’.

  50. jasncondit says:

    Can someone please send the headline writer to English class? It should read Dallas’ response, not Dallas’s response. Must be farming it out to those countries that know “Engwish berry dan who”.


    Actually, either is acceptable. One is just more commonly used than the other because “s’s” looks weird. But it’s not wrong.

  51. Let’s have Superbowl @ the team that is ranked higher … ie: this year would be in Pittsburgh … If ya want a Superbowl @ your home teams place, field a good team …

  52. Maybe Goofdell can randomly fine the weatherman for conduct detrimental to the league.

  53. Too bad your wife’s been on your ass since you got to Dallas and she hasn’t been able to go out in the ice and cold! I don’t feel sorry for you! You’re on the company’s nickel to what amounts to a free vacation! Freeloading “writers” complaining about the weather and blaming the city of Dallas who’s average temperature in the month of February is 47.9 degrees F. Stay home, save the company some money, buy your own food and beer, watch the game on TV and write your story! Otherwise, STFU! I’m happy they scheduled one in New York, too. Why not, we the fans pay the freight, we should get to see the ultimate game in a cold weather venue now and then. By the way, hate you Jerry but what an awesome stadium you built! I tip my hat to you! HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!!!

  54. All you transplants that moved here to Dallas and are complaining that we don’t remove stuff like Iowa or Indiana is pathetic.
    And not able to get to work? Go outside and drive, its not bad, just dont speed.
    Missing work Tuesday was expected but by now you can get out on the roads.

  55. I have missed work the last 2 days because of the ice. I have lived in Dallas for 10 years now and this is the first time that I have missed 2 days in a row due to ice. I guess the leaders from the Highway Department you are talking about also happen to manage Home Depot and Lowes, because they don’t even keep salt and snow shovels in stock here. It was 80 degrees here on sunday, were you complaining about it being to warm outside then?

  56. Maybe the PFT crew should chug on over to mamby-pamby land where maybe we can find some confidence for you, you jackwagons.

  57. Miami got rain…
    Dallas has some ice (game is still 4 days away though, and indoors)…
    new york will have guidos (but at least the mafia is behind bars)…
    what are the other options??? its February & WINTER everywhere in America! Knowing Goodell, the season will just be moved.

    just suck it up and enjoy your damn vacation/”work” and if your not man enough to get wasted and deal with slipping on a little ice then you should probably be at home watching figure skating or something.

  58. I find it just as incredible that the state of South Dakota doesn’t have a solid hurricane response plan. I mean, come on… when we say it rarely gets cold in the South, we are NOT exaggerating. This may happen once every 5 or 6 years, I’d say.

  59. I think all these out-of-towners (from cities that regularly see snow and ice for months on end every year) complaining about the job the city is doing should move to Dallas run for city government, and push through budgets that match places like Chicago when it comes to allocation of funds for sand, salt, plows, brine trucks, etc.

    Then see how fiscally irresponsible it is when 19 out of 20 winters, you never have much reason to use any of it.

    I’m still laughing that Mother Nature picked this week to give Jerry Jones and the city of Dallas a good hard sucker punch, but this blasting of the city ‘s response by people from up north is comical.

    And I’m not from Dallas. I’m just a born-and-raised northerner who moved further south and have spent enough winters in an “in between” climate to realize it would make no sense to allocate all that money every year preparing for something so very uncommon for the region. Get over yourselves, already.

  60. While local utility companies are subjecting hospitals, police stations and fire departments to rolling blackouts, they are intentionally exempting the stadium from them.
    Got that, Gutter Filth?
    While the community infrastructure and all of our citizens – you know, people, like the people who live in your states – are constrained to deal with the level of relief that’s available, the powers that be are siphoning off disproportionate amounts of those resources to supporting Super Bowl venues. In addition to getting the electricity that would otherwise go to hospitals, Super Bowl media routes get the attention that otherwise would go to morning commutes.
    Got that, Flucked-up? Got that, Rose-in-ass? Got that, Michael Dystrophy?
    Quit whining about how poorly you’re treated. You’re an insult to real lives. And this real life is tuning you out, now that I see it.

  61. As people have pointed out the response is terrible because it would be absolutely stupid for us to have a ton of equipment for this situation — due to it’s rareness.

    Anyway, I’ve absolutely enjoyed this week. My office has been closed from Tuesday on, so I’ve gotten 4 free days off from work with pay that don’t count against my vacation. The roads are good enough for me to easily make it to the grocery and beer store and the Super Bowl will be indoors so everything is fine.

  62. Thousands of people missing work, thousands more without electricity, travelers stranded, thousands of square miles covered with ice and yet we’ve got the two biggest whiners in the world named Mike crying because Dallas didn’t provide them with their own personal sand trucks.

    Guys, the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex is about 7,000 square miles of area. If the ice is that big an imposition in your lives, grab a shovel and lend a hand. With 4.5 million acres of ice covered real estate to chose from, finding a place to start shouldn’t be an issue.

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