Jay Gruden, Marvin Lewis’ philosophies align

The Bengals are changing their offensive philosophy under first-year NFL coordinator Jay Gruden, officially hired by the club on Thursday. Gruden will install a West Coast offense emphasizing short passing and a power running attack.

“We have to run the ball between the tackles,” said Gruden in his introductory press conference Thursday. “We have to be a physical team up front. We’re going to challenge our offensive line to be physical. We’re not going to spread out and go no-huddle every down and throw the ball 65 times a game.

I intend on pounding the ball.”

Gruden’s offensive plan aligns with the preferred philosophy of Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis. Lewis was unhappy with last year’s attempt at a pass-happy offense featuring both “stars” of the T.Ocho Show.

Gruden also expressed confidence in quarterback Carson Palmer, whose arm strength hasn’t been the same since he opted against Tommy John surgery following the 2008 season. This offseason, Palmer requested a trade.

“I think everybody’s positive (about Palmer) coming back,” said Gruden. “There are obviously issues right now with the quarterback, but I think everyone is hopeful we can get a deal done where he comes back and he plays like Carson can play.”

16 responses to “Jay Gruden, Marvin Lewis’ philosophies align

  1. loser coaches also align, seems to be the philosophy here! talk is cheap, it’ll take 2 yrs. minimum, by that time carson will be over the hill if he isn’t already! hey marvin when is the cage match!

  2. Ring Ring… This is reality, hiring a unproven pawn to run the offense exactly how a defensive head coach wants you too fixes nothing…

    Palmer is over rated and the bengals are junk.

  3. Marv was half way there. His runners ran the ball between the offensive tackles, but could never manage to make it between the defensive tackles.

  4. Does Gruden know that the only reason he was hired is because he came cheap? Mike Brown wont pay big money to bring in good talent. Can anyone name the last big name,talented free agent that signed with the Bengals ? ………..crickets

    They should have got rid of Bratkowski years ago. The only reason he is gone now is because Palmer said he wanted out of Cincy so they think by bringing in inexperienced Gruden is going to make Palmer and the fans happy…WRONG !! We have seen this trick before mike Brown
    Mike why is it that almost every top player you have had for the past 15 years has said publicly they wanted out of cincy ? Carl Pickens, Dan Wilkerson, Takaeo Spikes,Cory Dillon,Chad Johnson, Carson Palmer. I`m sure I missed a few
    Mr Brown you are a horrible GM and a even worse owner. Your record proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt.
    No respectable head coach will want to come to Cincy as long as you are in charge. Of course you would never pay a proven head coach what he would deserve so you will continue running the Bengals into the ground as you have been doing for the past 20 years

  5. Given these comments, TO and Ocho are gone but Benson might have a chance to come back. Even if Benson is back, I still see the Bengals looking for another RB who can run between the tackles, since Bernard Scott isn’t that type of back.

  6. That sounds like a sound offensive philosophy. After they dump one of the Divas, hopefully Ocho, and draft a new running back, who knows?

  7. Marvin’s going into his 9th year and finally gets an offensive coordinator of his own choosing. Classic Mike Brown. I have to say, I do feel good about this hire as a Bengals fan.


  8. As a Steeler fan, I am totally thrilled that the new Bengals intend to pound the ball.

    Looking forward to a lot of 3 and outs when they play against the Steelers.

  9. Truth is, when they pound the ball and play good D, this team can win. And yes, yes, I know how many rings the Steelers have, I am just saying when they did that they swept the division. Its not a ring, but as a Bengals fan that was a really good feeling.

  10. WCO should benefit them if they draft or get younger WR’s off FA to compliment Shipley with his speed and quick cuts. Sadly Ocho and TO wont fit too well into this system id think…

  11. Seems like these guys swept the division with a power running game and good defense…lets see them do it for more than one season.

  12. I love the hire. The Gruden’s are a football family and Jay will bring in exactly what this offense needed, CHANGE!!! I like the WSO, now lets get AJ Green in the draft and bring back Benson and Palmer. WHO-DEY!!! oh yeah GO PACKERS!!

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