Jay Gruden to Bengals confirmed

Last night, Florio broke the story that Jay Gruden would be the next Bengals offensive coordinator.   (To Chad Ochocinco’s disappointment, Bob Bratkowski was let go earlier this week.)

Florio mentioned we were awaiting confirmation of the story, and it’s been provided by Adam Schefter of ESPN this morning.

Gruden is currently the coach of the UFL Virginia Destroyers.  We’re guessing the UFL won’t make him pay a transfer fee to head to the NFL.

19 responses to “Jay Gruden to Bengals confirmed

  1. Would Jon Gruden consider coaching the Bengals next year, or try to steal Jay Gruden from the Bengals wherever he lands?


    The transfer fee only applies to UFL players.

  2. No no not McDaniels mom, has to be a cross between Gruden and Lane Kiffen’s mom jumped in the action there somewhere

  3. There is long time NFL Qb coaches that could’ve had a chance…. and then they go and snatch this guy ? what the heck has he ever done ? and with all the people Marvin Lewis has known and worked with… he picks Jay Gruden ? yeah right… NO POWER !! As I have said before…

    Talk about the Raiders and Cowboys… but the Bengals.. are by far.. the most dysfunctional team .. and shooting for NFL history at it..

  4. I have played in fantasy football leagues for years and won twice. Who knew I had shot at being the next Bengals offensive coordinator. Maybe I should add my Madden NFL record to my resume. That could have put me over the top. First, I think I’ll change my name to Charles Vincent Lombardi Noll Landry Jr.

  5. ” Revenge of Chucky’s Brother” tops box office in first week to the tune of $2.2 million. Cincinnatti enquirer movie critic Chadwick Johnson gives it two thumbs down.

  6. mikebrownmakesmefrown says:
    Feb 3, 2011 12:27 PM
    Go UC!!!! At least we have on football team in town.


    After Kelly left, UC is back down to the bottom of the barrel. But nice try though. Good thing we have some damn good high school teams in the area.

  7. the funniest and most telling line of this article is that Rosenthal considers Adam Schefter “confirmation”

  8. @shotobourbon

    I’d have you beat out. I have coaching experience on top of winning a fantasy football championship. I successfully coached a pee wee team to a winless season. I’m a perfect fit for the Bengals organization.

  9. 2 years from now, Marvin Lewis will be fired… 2 years from now Jon Gruden will be hired as the Bengals head coach to help his little bro out in Cincy…

  10. I like Rosenthal’s writing on this story better as there’s no cheap shot at Jay Gruden included.


  11. Maybe it is not the BEST thing, maybe not the RIGHT thing, but at least the Bengals changed SOMETHING. If they went into the next season with exactly the same coaching staff, I was going to find another team to root for and give all my Bengals shirts to Goodwill…if they would take them.

  12. I love when you get used to seeing at someone, and then you see their sibling who looks similar to them but different.

    No matter what, that sibling always looks “special”.

  13. Brat should of been fired after the playoff loss to Pitt, your franchise QB goes down, your diva receiver throws punches and headlocks, and you have Jon Kantna at QB now. YOU RUN THE ROCK YOU WERE LEADING! No he still wants to implement the game plan as if Palmer was still in there. Ridiculous.

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