LaMarr Woodley fine with the franchise tag

The NFL and players’ union are doing battle over the franchise tag, with the league office saying the franchise tag can be used starting next week, and the union disputing that claim.

That could make the existence of the franchise tag a key sticking point between the two sides, even though the franchise tag is only used on maybe 1-2 percent of all the free agents in a given year. And even though one of the free agents who could get franchised this year, Pittsburgh’s LaMarr Woodley, says he’s fine with it.

Nah, I wouldn’t be against it at all,” Woodley said. “Whatever happens, happens. Would you like to have a long-term contract? Yeah. But a franchise tag, it doesn’t matter to me.”

Woodley said he hasn’t given a whole lot of thought to the franchise tag.

“I honestly haven’t been thinking about it,” Woodley said. “I’ve just been focusing on where we’re at right now. Eventually things will get taken care of. So I just want to focus on what’s in front of me right now, and that’s going out and winning this football game.”

Although any player would prefer unrestricted free agency over being franchised, the franchise tag isn’t necessarily a bad deal for the players. Woodley seems to understand that.

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  1. Woodley is the ultimate team player. He knows once the CBA is figured out he will be taken care of. The guy has been a standup man/player since he was drafted out of Michigan.

    He may get the franchise tag until a long term deal is hammered out.

    Woodley loves the Steelers and the Steelers love Woodley.

    I applaud his thinking. He will get rewarded. The Rooneys are excellent business people.

  2. LaMarr knows what he has with the Steelers organization, and his ability to get back to the Super Bowl a few more times sooner than later. They have a ton young talent on both offense and defense. I am sure he talked to Larry Foote about his situation. Money isn’t everything and it’s not like he won’t be making good money. I think the Steelers will probably try to take care of him at the right time. They rarely let a very valuable talent get away without making a reasonable offer.


  3. “Although any player would prefer unrestricted free agency over being franchised, the franchise tag isn’t necessarily a bad deal for the players.”

    LaMarr Woodley was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers, therefore he is committed to the team.

  4. Nothing against the Steelers. Not right now, anyway. Woodley knows a franchise player gets the average of the 5 top LB in the NFL. D#@! good money. He also knows that as a free agent, he gets a contract with somebody, maybe the Steelers, with a signing bonus & maybe a roster bonus. And the only thing guaranteed for a player in the NFL (in contrast to the NBA) is the bonuses. He’ll be an accidental shot to the knee away from the end of his career. Sure, the Steelers might be good guys, but they’re not going to pay somebody millions when he can’t play anymore.

  5. The Steelers said Woodley was their top priority, which means Colbert and the Rooneys have assured Woodley he’ll be taken care of. And it’s obvious he believes them, either because he and his reps trust them outright or because players like Rod Woodson have told him about promises made to them that were honored when their contracts were renewed.

    @jc1958coo …

    What do you know about what kind of contract Woodley is getting, doofus? 🙄

  6. @jc1958c00 …

    Not good enough? Pffftt

    Like Woodley, I don’t care whether they franchise him as long as they pay him what’s required to keep him. That big Wolverine and the rest of the linebackers on our top-ranked defense suit me just fine 😎

  7. Woodley isn’t worried because either way he’s going to get his money. Every player on the field faces the possibility of a career ending injury. Mr. Woodley likes the organization he’s with and I believe he doesn’t want to go anywhere else. Except for some owners, football isn’t always just about the money.


  8. Steelers team philosophy:

    You want to make the MOST amount of money, go play for another team (cowboys, redskins, etc…)

    You want to have the best chance to win championships, take less money (but still pretty good money) and be a Steeler player

  9. Woodley has 47 sacks in 4 seasons including playlets and is fantastic against the run. He is often unblockable, and the fact that he and Harrison have combined for over 20 sacks three years straight makes them the past 3 seasons makes them the best duo of OLB’s in the league. Anyone who thinks Woodley isn’t worth a franchise tag, or good enough as I read earlier on these comments, simply does not know how to evaluate football. Name one other LEFT outside linebacker in a 3-4 that’s as effective as Woodley. 10 sacks in 6 playoff games should say it all.

  10. Don’t look now, Steelers fans, but you’re looking at your real team leader. Woodley is tough and smart, the exact opposite of his blustery counterpart on the other side. Woodley is proof that you don’t need to play cheap to be noticed. He’s solid and reliable, and before this season I was hoping to see him play opposite Matthews in Green Bay.

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