Packers can’t escape Favre questions at the Super Bowl

The Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers can’t totally escape Brett Favre, three years and a Super Bowl appearance after trading him to the Jets.

Favre fatigue notwithstanding, this is a logical time for the Packers brain trust to look back at the decision that helped shape their franchise and set it up for lasting success.

“It was very difficult for the organization,” Packers president/CEO Mark Murphy said this week.  “You don’t have many players that have that kind of impact on an organization that Brett did. It tested us.”

The decision said everything you needed to know about Packers G.M. Ted Thompson.  In a column for, I wrote that his steadfast nature touches the entire Packers organization.  The Favre decision more than any other defines him.

“I think we all knew that we were at a moment in history, that this doesn’t happen often,” Murphy said.   “Nobody wants to be known as the one that traded Brett Favre away, but we all had the confidence in Aaron.”

Thompson was typically less reflective.

“There’s a lot of difficulties you go through in this job and that was one of them,” he said.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy and Rodgers have been gracious, although not overly forthcoming when asked about their past with Favre.  Thompson said Favre would eventually be re-embraced in Green Bay, and noted that Rodgers sitting behind Favre for three years was a positive.

We’ve heard that this Super Bowl appearance somehow validates Thompson’s decision, but that’s ridiculous.

Thompson was right even when the Packers didn’t immediately win games with Rodgers as a starter. He was right in October of  2008, when he handed Rodgers a contract extension that now looks like a bargain. He was even right in 2009, when Favre nearly reached the Super Bowl as a member of the hated Vikings.

First-round quarterbacks make or break personnel men.  If we are going to kill general managers for taking Ryan Leaf or Akili Smith, we should reward for being right when they make an unpopular decision.   Thompson was so right.

Thompson had the patience to let Rodgers develop, the foresight to see Favre’s drama on the horizon, and the football smarts to find the right coach to develop his new franchise quarterback.

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  1. It wasn’t Favre’s waffling in the offseason that was the catalyst for the decision…it probably had more to do with the fact that for the better part of the decade Favre underperformed in the late season games and especially the playoffs. They did not want to waste the young nucleus they had developed.

  2. It’s surprising that Favre himself hasn’t attempted to hijack the “All-Hair Super Bowl.” (Look for him to swing a quick endorsement deal for his own personal line with the “There’s Something About Mary” gel distributors.)

  3. Nice article 3G…it’s just a shame that the Pack has the stigma (stench?) of Favre hanging over them right now though. They’ve worked hard to get to the Super Bowl and don’t deserve to share the limelight with the “Ghost of Green Bay Past”.

  4. Just about every Packer fan with brains was tired of the whole Favre training camp duck and dive. We all loved that man with all of our hearts and stuck by him through all of his ups and downs. He just didn’t have the desire to give his team the extra work that was needed to achieve greatness. The players aren’t stupid they saw the special treatment he felt he deserved. When Rodgers wins multiple Superbowls with a team he eats sleeps and practices with even the brainless Packer fans will finally appreciate this whole learning experience. Go Pack!

  5. See, I told you. Contractually obligated to mention Favre not to exceed a 10 day span. Dang you, Rosenthal.

  6. Why do people feel it’s even necessary to ask questions about Favre. He left there 3 years ago and has played for 2 different teams. He’s totall irrelavent to this game.

  7. I’m not a Packers fan, but I want Rodgers to win this Super Bowl and at least one more so he can have more SBs in GB than Favre. That will end it for good.

  8. I love how the media can create their own stories. It goes like this:

    Media asks tons of questions about Brett Favre story. —> Breff Favre story is prevalent during media gatherings —> Media writes about how Brett Favre story is prevalent during media gatherings —> Media marvels at how Brett Favre stories keep coming up. It’s circular and silly.

  9. Favre won 1 SB in what 17 years as a Packer? Was he really that great. Oh yeah he had ALL the records, give it 3 years Peyton will have all of them except for 1, that pesky INT record.

    If I was GB I would applaud my franchise was smart to rid themselves of a player who in the last decade was subpar on the Packers.

  10. It’s somewhat of a good thing that Green Bay traded Favre when they did. It was time to move on. Fan bases were on either Rodgers’ or Favre’s side. Only one possibly would have stayed. Since Rodgers has taken over, he has been more than exceptional. He has been great. But, as a steeler fan. I hope he dies NOT play more than exceptional on Sunday.

  11. Close. The Packers can’t escape the utterly uncreative press who can’t think of anything new, or relevant, to ask.

    I wonder if one day the press will realize that we aren’t interested in something just because they say we are.

  12. TT has built the perfect model for an NFL franchise: Develop young players through the draft and sign them to long term deals if they pan out. Mix in the occasional free agent if need be, but don’t overspend.

    Too many Thompson haters were screaming “we’re way under the cap, just go and get someone”, basically the Dan snyder method of building a winning franchise. To all those knuckheads I say only this:

    You better thank TT for not wasting money on high end free agents just to fill holes. Its because of this philosophy that he was able to extend contracts to Tramon Williams, Aaron Rodgers. C-Wood, etc, etc, etc. in the next few years he’ll need cash to sign BJ Raji, Brian Bulaga, Des Bishop.

  13. I have read that McCarthy and Thompson gave up on Favre the instant he threw his last pick for the Packers. He threw to the only covered receiver on the field. For rational Packer fans it was easy to see him leave on a high note. It was clearly time to move on. To squeeze the last bit out of him would have meant leaving a future great QB sitting on the bench another year. It was time and it was the right thing to do.

  14. I would give anything to hear what these guys are actually thinking. Kudos to them for continuing to answer questions at all on a necessary move they made in 2008 from an already old QB who had helped the team to a 3-6 playoff record with 16 tds & 18 INTS since 2000. I mean come on, what team wouldn’t want to do everything in the world possible to keep a Qb like that?? It’s hard to find a QB who saves his worst games & worst decisions for the worst possible time! So consistent!

  15. After the year Favre has had, it almost seems destined that GB wins this game. GB winning a SB and ultimately validating without a doubt they made the right move to get rid of Brett would put the icing on Favre’s “Year from Hell” cake.

  16. Favre is my favorite NFL player EVER. This is due to 16 seasons of rooting on the Packers with him at the helm. At the same time… since he forced his way out of Green Bay- he’s been the enemy because I am first and foremost- a DIE HARD Packers fan. Favre will always be a Packer. He’ll go to Canton as a Packer and everyone will remember him as a Packer. Aaron Rodgers is simply the next chapter… and early on- what a great chapter it has been so far. GO PACK GO!

  17. nitschke66, you do realize Favre won a SB his 4th year in GB, right? This is Rodger’s 5th year there… your post ain’t exactly sensible.

  18. carlgerbschmidt says: Feb 3, 2011 4:25 PM

    I’m sorry? Brett Who?!?!?? Who is this “Brett” they keep referring
    Favre is the answer to this trivia question now and after Sunday: What QB took the Pack to the SB and WON in the last 43 years?

  19. Rodgers reminds me a lot of Brady. Mechanical and methodical, but never really exciting. Favre may have been half crazy, but he was always entertaining, which I will miss. I don’t care how much success Rodgers has, he just doesn’t excite me like Favre did……

  20. The relentless bashing America over the head with BrettFavre is one of the most glaring examples of the media not reporting news, but trying to create news. Not coincidentally, it’s why the media has lost s much credibility and is thought so lowly.

    I’ve never liked BrettFavre and had no real favorable opinion towards the Packers for the better part of the last 20 years. However, something funny happened when BrettFavre forced Packers management hand, and they called his bluff…I began to root for Green Bay, and Aaron Rodgers, not only because Rodgers was a victim of Favre’s unrelenting egomania, but because if he succeeded, Favre’s grossly overstated legacy might be put in its place.

    So now, here we are, Rodgers in his 3rd year is poised to equal BrettFavre’s single Lombardi Trophy. I am thrilled to see Thompson and McCarthy vindicated, and for Rodgers as well.

  21. It’s the media, which is full of Favre kiss-ups, who keep bringing up this irrelevant character. I actually think most members of the media are lazy in the extreme; they simply cut and paste from one season to another. I’ll bet most of them never even bothered to notice that Favre has sucked canal water in the playoffs for more than a decade. They simply keep cutting and pasting the same ridiculous stories season after season about “Brett is like a little kid, he plays because he loves to play. The only thing that he loves as much is cutting the lawn back home.”

    Gag me.

  22. The REAL question reporters should be asking: “do you expect us to believe you invented that wrestling-belt routine, Aaron Rodgers, when in fact you ‘borrowed’ it from Freddie Mitchell?”

  23. Fixed/

    Down 24-0 in the 3rd Steeler fans at the game will start to chant, “WE WANT FAVRE! WE WANT FAVRE!”

  24. Of course who even knows if the Hines was at the strip club or Ben was boozing. I mean, the reporters are so dumb and so willing to lie just to get a story out that will cause some pandemonium in the media. Just like the guys that released the “Defensive Player of the year Reward” before it was actually announced, and they ended up being inaccurate. Who knows maybes they were partying or maybe they were not.

  25. The whole Favre story has been media drive. He was guilty of waffling and ducking out of training camp but the media just wont let it go.
    Media asks favre a question> favre answers>media overreacts and doesn’t shut up about it. The media needs to stop asking the current packers about him
    Call antonio freeman, bill schroeder orwilliam henderson. He was relevant to their careers. Not these guys.

    Give it up media! Its not a story anymore!

  26. Kind of sick of Packers continuing to use Favre as some type of crutch or excuse because the Favre situation was so “tough” and “trying” on the organization. First of all, the reason it was so “tough” and “trying” was because of Ted Thompson’s mishandling of the situation. You want to get rid of a legend without creating a huge stir, Ted Thompson needs to take notes from the Eagles and how they handled McNabb. Secondly, if there were any tough and trying times it ended last year when Favre sweeped them. Time to stop using that as an excuse or for people to keep feeling sorry for them.

  27. And he’ll still be right next year when the Packers drop to 6-10 after the NFL finally gets a look-see at what’s in Clay Matthews urine and Aaron Rodgers misses the year after herniating a disc doing his awesome “championship belt” TD celebration.
    Assuming of course there is a next season.

  28. The decision was based largely on Favre’s playoff performances from 2000-2007. He was either terrible or God Awful and the Packer brain trust knew it was time to move on even though some fans didn’t agree.

    The fact that Favre would go on to ruin the Viking’s 2009 post season with one of his infamous INT ‘s and then lay an egg in 2010 was not a planned conspiracy as some Viking fans think. Honestly, the biggest playoff choke QB playing for the NFL’s biggest playoff choke team was not our doing. Blame that one on Col Klink.

  29. As a life long Packer fan”and that may be a bit of an understatement” I would like to chime in on Brett one time before I put it to bed. I loved the guy, everyone in GB loved the guy until the day he didn’t run out of the tunnel. He gave RELEVANCE back to the packers for a long time. I was disappointed in Green Bay with regards to his exit, but i understood it….from both sides. I don’t believe there is any need for criticism towards either side. He is gone and hopefully one day he will come back as an iconic figure to the organization. That being said i dont think there are any monkeys on Aaron, or the Pack. This is a different team…different year. These guys are creating there own legacy for the 2010 season. The match up between these two teams should make for an awesome “nail biter” of a Superbowl.

  30. TT is right – they were definitely at a crossroads as an organization after the 2007 season. Bringing back Favre would have meant losing Aaron Rodgers – his rookie contract was up after the next season. The fact was, AR hadn’t proved anything at that point and was injury prone in the few games he played in. TT obviously knew what he had and we now know the rest of the story. It couldn’t have turned out much better for the Packers.

  31. 3 years Peyton will have all of them except for 1, that pesky INT record.

    So you think he will break the starting streak record? I bet if we look there are a few that he won’t break. But no doubt he will break most of them.

    That is if he(manning) plays that long. He’s starting to look tired and his supporting cast looks weaker and weaker every year.

  32. Favre remains the most popular QB in the league according to online activity regarding his name. Then Brady, Vick, Tebow, and Manning. A. Rudejerk doesn’t make the list. Brady needed Giselle, Vick needed a stretch in federal. Favre and Tebow are the game.

  33. “When Rodgers wins multiple Superbowls with a team he eats sleeps and practices with even the brainless Packer fans will finally appreciate this whole learning experience.”

    “brainless packer fans”? just call em what they are…favre fans. enjoy the superbowl;)

  34. Thompson had this guy fall into his lap.insert your own get joke here…..No seriously its not like it was some great pick. What would all have you been saying if Rodgers was no good? You’d be screaming they shouldn’t have let Favre go. You want loyalty from the players, but as soon as they are gone,” they weren’t any good anyway”. Packer fans are pathetic. Look at all you telling Barnett he’s a pos and he won’t be on the team next year. Where you get your superiority complex from is beyond me. The guy was good for you for years and now he sucks. Same with Sharper, Longwell, Favre and any other player that left. Oh, except Kampmann because he kissed butt when he left, he showed “class”.99% of you wouldn’t know class if it sat on your face. Pittsburgh by a FG. FAVRE cloud continues to hang over the franchise.

  35. “I can’t remember, what did Packers get in exchange for Favre and what has that turned into(who was drafted etc)??? Thanks”

    the pick received in return for brent was used to move back into the first round and draft some scrub named clay. madden, matsen, matthews? clay matthews AND bj raji in the same draft…what an idiot!

  36. Murphy says they knew what they had in Rodgers…and they were right. The problem I had when this whole thing went down was the way it was handled. Favre is/was the biggest name in the game and a legend in GB. If you don’t want him anymore then release him if that is what he wants (which he did). They didn’t want to release him because they were afraid he would sign with the vikes and they didn’t want to play against him…plain and simple so they traded him to the Jets and made the Jets pay extra if they released him after a year…they even tried to pay him $20m to not play. Come on…man up.

    Now, Rodgers is a great QB, no question…Like I said before I get flamed by the pack…they made the right decision, just handled it wrong imo.

  37. nitschke66 says:
    Feb 3, 2011 4:25 PM
    Rodgers winning this SB will allow him to accomplish in 3 years what the diva did in 20!

    I think your drunkin Sconi math has failed you this time around. Being that Favre entered the league in 1991 and won a SB in 1996. I would say that he accomplished that feat in 5 years, not the 20 you have come up with.

  38. “They didn’t want to release him because they were afraid he would sign with the vikes and they didn’t want to play against him”

    i agree, why wouldnt you want to give your competition something for free…poor decision.

  39. For all the records he set Favre still pales in comparison to the greatest qb Green Bay ever had…Bart Starr! Winning 5 championships in an era where the qb wasn’t overly protected by the League or the refs…..Starr is hands down better than Favre.

  40. Everybody raves about Favre’s broken records. The fact is, if a guy spends 20 years in the league he’ll eventually break records (unless he’s really bad). What I want to know is why he did Wrangler commercials. He should have been doing commercials for Medicare.

  41. >If you don’t want him anymore then release him if that is what he wants (which he did).<

    I agree with most of your post shallowfan, but let's keep in mind that it was BF who decided he didn't want to play for the Packers anymore and staged a retirement to try to get out of his contract. It was well known where he wanted to go, so why would you allow another team in your division to get better if you had any say about it? The Packers were simply protecting their own interests, as any other team would have done in the same position. I agree that they could have handled the situation better from a communication and PR perspective. At the time it seemed like a very questionable move, but there's no doubt they made the right choice now.

  42. Actually Brett Favre is the answer to the trivia question

    Which NFL quarterback singlehandily ripped the hearts out of Minnesota Vikings fans everywhere last year by throwing a boneheaded int in the NFC championship game?

  43. ted1sheckler says:
    No seriously its not like it was some great pick. What would all have you been saying if Rodgers was no good?
    Really? You do realize that is what makes a great pick, right? Alex Smith hasn’t panned out…..therefore he was a bad pick. When a player excels he generally is a good pick. When he flops he is considered a bad pick…jeez. And if Rodgers didnt pan out they would be saying “How is your roommate Ryan, as in Leaf…..

  44. And dont say that Packers fans turned there back on him. He spit in all Packer fans faces when he went to the Vikings. The Buccs and Jets both wanted Favre when Green Bay traded him. When he made the decision to put on the purple he turned his back on the entire packer nation. How ironic is it that the three teams he didnt want to play for (Packers Jets Buccs) all have bright futures while his team of choice (Vikings) is facing years of rebuilding.

  45. Kudos to the Minnesota Vikings for helping make Ted’s decision to hire Mike McCarthy that much easier.

    The purple ‘triangle of power’ refused to allow Brad Childress to leave minny-haha after his initial interview by offering him their head coaching position on the spot.

    Childress thus canceled his upcoming interview with Green Bay, signed on the dotted line in purple-ville . . . and the rest is history.

    *This moment in history has been brought to you by StarCaps … they’re legal in Minnesota, you know.

  46. I’m sick of the ignorant Favre sympathisers who say “they should have released him”. If the Packers would have released him, THEY WOULDN’T HAVE MATHEWS!

  47. Butt: dummy, taking a potential#1 overall pick because he slid to #24 does not take a lot of brains. Way to cherry pick the post tho, you packer fans are phenomenal at that.
    Jarmon, you act like its a foregone conclusion that they are going to win( wow,why am I not surprised?) When theyose, they are just like the other 30 teams that didn’t. I love that ALL of you pack fans are SO overconfident. It’s going to make this fall so much more sweeter.

  48. Ugg! For any bystanders, this is why there is such animosity between MN and WI. Vikings fans keep saying (in their typical whiney voice): “Well why didn’t you just release him like he wanted?”

    Umm…ok. So after Favre flip-flopped THREE times in the same offseason, we’re suddenly to either immediately bench Rodgers and proclaim Favre the starter again, or else release him? So how does releasing him (rather than trading him to a team of our choice) benefit a football team? Why would a team release a player who demands such, just so that he can sign with another team he likes better, let alone a division rival? Why would any GM do that? How would that benefit the TEAM, to give up an assett for nothing, just to benefit a competitor? And even if they did so, would that not set a precedent? So then any player who is under contract who wants out of a team can simply demand his release and the team should just grant them a release because he wants one? If that’s the case, then alot more players would trying it. (Favre is such a great example for the younger players, isn’t he?)

    No doubt, the whiney Vikings fan will retort: “See, you call him an “asset”, you baddie!” Umm…last time I checked, football is an entertainment business, not a church, let alone a liberal one. And Favre was paid handsomely as a player, and would’ve been as a retired player with the Packers. But they will not hear any rational argument, and still to this day think their clear “tampering” towards the end of the Favre-Packers marriage was no big deal. That’s sort of like the neighbor enticing your spouse to consider divorcing you, offering something you’re crazy spouse thinks is a greener pasture, when in reality its just an ugly purple…no daisy at all!

    The mentality of the Vikings fan is amazing, in it’s ignorance that is. But hey, in the end, they got what they wanted…..Karma is a beehatch. They’re not now set back a number of years…but then again, unless they get a new stadium built (which is still 50/50 chance), it’s off to L.A. As far as I’m concerned, they don’t deserve a team. The worst Karma of all will be that they’ll either be compelled to buy Sunday Ticket, or they’ll be left having to watch the Packers every Sunday on regular tv. Now THAT is definitely Karma for the Vikings fan…well earned. Justice will be served, at least eventually.

  49. Lastly, I would love to buy one of the “Hey Packers fans! Got Favre? No you don’t! We do!” t-shirts copying the “Got Milk?” commercials which so many Vikings fans donned last year in their Minneapple Dome when they played the Packers. If any Viking fan reading this still hasn’t thrown their t-shirt away, let alone still claims to be a fan of the Vikings, I would love to buy it off you. If I had thought of it, I could’ve made alot of money this season selling t-shirts which say, “Hey Vikings fans! Got Favre? Yes you do!”

  50. Brett Favre used to be one of my heroes. Then he started the diva retiring routine. Once is ok, twice is WAY too much.

    He lost my respect and I’m sure that of many others with this nonsense, not to mention the texting garbage with that mexican hottie from the jets.

    His wife and daughters must be SO proud.

  51. It’s the PRESS that won’t let the Brett thing die. Name ONE Packers Player or coach or ANYONE from the organization who mentioned his name. He is GONE.

  52. One more thing and then I’m outta here – the title of this article ‘Packers Can’t Escape Favre Questions at Super Bowl’.
    Why? Because dummies like you

  53. It would be meaningful if Favre had left the team, maybe last year. But, he’s been gone 3 years. This Packers is no more Favre’s than it is mine.
    Why don’t you idiot sports reporters ask some meaningful questions to the teams about what really makes sense and about how the actual team is performing, not ghosts of seasons past.
    And keep your stories accurate, not like Peter King.

    The Packers are in the SB because they played a heck of a year and have a heck of a team, and a great QB in his own right.

    It’s simply a shame that they are going to lose to the Steelers though. (28 – 17)

    In spite of that, Rogers and the rest of the team did it themselves and Favre had nothing to do with it. Congratulations to them.

    Here we go Steelers, here we go.

  54. Favre gave us 17 great years. Damn, he was great to watch. Never gave up. Let me count the years that anyother team had a guy play that long for them. He was a warrior, and the last guy I saw play like that was bradshaw. If Aaron lasts 17 years for the pack Ill post the same thing for him when he becomes a diva. Thankyou Brett for all the memories, enjoy retirement and Rodger’s , you just keep gunnen that ball. Go Pack. And remeber steelers fans, BJ is HUNGRY and Clay,s gonna rock your world! Enjoy the game.

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