Patriots win offensive line honor

A great week at PFT Live gets even better Friday when Florio welcomes John Madden to the show.

While we wait for that appearance, we can pass along a bit of Madden-related news.  The Patriots offensive line won the second annual Madden Most Valuable Protectors Award by Prilosec.

While the award is sponsored, we like the notion of officially recognizing line play.  The NFL should seriously consider a similar award; we suspect it’d mean a lot to the linemen and it would make a nice antidote to fantasy football’s emphasis on skill position players.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

The Patriots continue to rack up postseason awards after their surprising 14-2 season.  That probably doesn’t make fans in New England feel much better.

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  1. “The Patriots continue to rack up postseason awards after their surprising 14-2 season. That probably doesn’t make fans in New England feel much better.”


    It doesn’t

  2. I think the Pats O-line is well-deserving of this award. I know Brady is good, but his solid O-line makes him great. I hope ESPN’s Skip Bayliss hears of this award because its annoying to hear him talk about how Tom Brady is a great player surrounded by a bunch of nobodys. He has some exciting weapons and a great O-line.

  3. We’re all waiting for a new ‘The Missing Rings’ to come out for the 2007 Pats team, I wonder if they’d consider making one for the 2010 team.

  4. jc1958coo says: Feb 3, 2011 6:12 PM

    should be the whine honor , after that loss to the j-e-t-s! bellichick needs a new camera guy!


    What are you, a Jets fan? What did they win this year? At least the Pats can hang up yet another AFC East banner next year.

  5. Brady doesn’t get hit much because no one rushes him,everyone is afraid to get suspended or fined if they lay a hand on his fragile body..if teams rushed him more he would be a just above average QB.and his career would be very yea the O-line gets an award for having it easy

    i am sure some fans will react to what i just lay it on me..the truth hurts… so be mad….wanna know why?I don’t care.cause the Stillers in the Super Bowl not them…guess there O-Line isn’t good enough to help get them there right?i am just saying

  6. The award should rank right up there with the VISA “Five Layers of Protection” commercials featuring the linemen and the lovely Bridget Moynahan. (Oh, and some QB as well…)

  7. The Jets haven’t won the Super Bowl since the freaking moon landing, and they’ve only won the division twice since then. So cram it.

  8. i am a pats fan and you have to be kidding me. brady almost lost senses vs. the jets. offensive line, much like the team, very overrated. bb did a hell of a job, but choked it out vs. the jets.

  9. When do they get their “biggest choke job of 2010” award for their egg laying in the playoffs?

  10. dirtdawg55 says:
    When do they get their “biggest choke job of 2010″ award for their egg laying in the playoffs?
    They were picked to go 7-9 this year……. I’d hardly call this a “choke job”.

    Now, the Jets – who proclained themselves “Super Bowl Champs” in the preseason – that’s another story.

  11. This O line got the job done in top form even playing without their best player for most of the season.

    They deserve to be recognized…

    In general its nice to see so many independent voices acknowledging that what that team did to be in the midst of a rebuilding project, hit with a rash of injuries, without Moss – and still go 14-2 – is an amazing accomplishment.

    In many cases its the very young starters thrust into the limelight that have made this possible – and with 6 picks in the first three rounds, they’ll probably add a few more young starters

    Next season – if there is one – is looking pretty bright already

  12. I guess this is a “regular season only” award, too. They looked lost vs. the Jets and made Ellis look like an All-Pro all day. Shades of the game against the Giants.

    Time to resign Mankins and get the youth movement going. Light, Connoly, Neal… thank you for the great years.

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