Presenting the mumbling, stumbling Eagles new defensive boss

When the Eagles shockingly converted offensive line coach Juan Castillo to defensive coordinator on Wednesday, the move was met with heavy criticism.

Whether Castillo is capable of effectively executing defensive play calls, game planning, and motivating linebackers and defensive backs remains to be seen.

One thing of which we’re pretty certain after hearing Castillo with 97.5 The Phanatic’s Mike Missanelli:  Castillo struggles to communicate.

The Eagles’ new defensive coordinator stumbles through the interview (listen here), speaking in the third person, at one point calling the host “Joe” when his name is actually “Mike,” and comparing himself to Rocky Balboa.

So check it out.  And remind yourself to skip all future “opportunities” to listen to interviews with Juan Castillo.

83 responses to “Presenting the mumbling, stumbling Eagles new defensive boss

  1. Evan, what matters is if he is able to improve their defense or not. You don’t improve NFL defenses via style points during interviews.

  2. He will be fine, after all they let mumbling stumbling hacks like evan silva write for websites don’t they?

  3. Look, Juan Castillo is a really, really good coach and I am positive that he CAN coach the Defense… But that’s not what the Eagles need. This team desperately needs a defensive-minded mastermind, not just a guy that can coach up players (no matter how much Castillo claims to be a “defensive guy”). Can Juan Castillo seriously call the plays on Defense? Can he help find the right personnel for his fledgling Linebacker corps or a stud Defensive Tackle? Can he come up with a Defensive gameplan to dominate a playoff game, ala Rex Ryan versus the Patriots?

  4. He was one of the best o-line coaches before making the switch. And he’s just about as good at communicating on the fly as you are in your articles, yet you have the opportunity to check your work before posting it…

    Just sayin’

  5. Say how you feel he isn’t qualified for the job all you want but don’t make fun of the man. This isn’t an elementary school, Cronkite.

  6. Hey pft why u delete my comment did I hit a nerve or was I right, people like This that write articles like this, it shows that you have no knowledge of football, how is a good interviewer or a bad one makes up a coach. Like he said he rather do the talking on the field then on some dumb and dumb questions you guys ask, and then if you go and make it a big deal.

  7. Juan being the o line coach as a rule by the team was not allowed to speak to the media,be it print,radio or TV. His public speaking will improve i am sure so lets just judge the man on the job he does coaching the defense which needs some coaching and players going into next season.This guy is a hard worker and to take a offensive guy and appoint him as your DC the organization and Andy must have a lot of confidence in him.With the uncertainty of the CBA and a possible limited time to get ready I don’t think I would have chose Juan but the team knowing that really shows a lot of confidence in him so I looking forward to see how he does at his new job…he was one of the best o line coaches in the NFL no one disputes that.Go to you tube and watch “JUAN CASTILLO O LINE COACH” and you will get a feel of what he is all about

  8. we still need two defensive coaches. Whos gonna run the secondary, whos gonna coach up the linebackers.

    I hope by droppin all them 1st round names means we are gonna draft some talent on the Defense.
    No one questions this guys heart, but he needs players that can make a difference.
    & if Reid dont bring in a few more experienced coaches, this D is toast.

  9. Wow! The worst piece of journalism I read in a long time… So he´s mumbling and stumbling through an interview. He´s got to be a bad coach. What has that to do with anything?

    And this from a weblog, which often can´t even run a spellcheck on their own articles… Tabloid journalism at it´s best.

  10. The guy grew up only speaking Spanish. English is his 2nd language. Maybe he stumbled a little bit but the guy can communicate. He was on Daily News Live here in Philly tonight and he communicated just fine.

    Im more concerned with him being able to communicate to the defense. I could care less how he talks to a stupid radio host.

    Get a life Silva.

  11. i love all you jerks,, boooo-ing this & calling out for a defensive master mind.

    WHO is left out there that is bonafide as a mastermind. NO ONE..
    shut up, no one even heard of any other the other canidates before.
    at least we know this dudes work ethic and attitude.

  12. Ease up. Because he’s not good in the media you’re judging his coaching skills? Half the staff at PFT can’t proofread or spellcheck but you still expect people to read what you write. If people stopped reading PFT because of a lack of ability to communicate without mistakes you would have no readers.

  13. I was shocked when I listened to the link. The guy speaks normally in my opinion. His first language is not English but Spanish, yet he is very clear in all he says. I HATE the Eagles, but I think the title of your post is very offensive. I also hate the whole PC thing, but I think you are flirting with racism in this post. I flat can’t believe you are so bad at what you do that you have me on the side of the Eagles in this one.

  14. This is coming from a Redskins fan. I listened to the whole interview expecting to hear all this mumbling and stumbling, and I think he did just fine. What are you talking about?

  15. Communicating with the media is different than communicating with players on a football field. So he called a guy by the wrong name and considers himself an underdog? Wow, that guy needs to be made fun of!!! Tell us again how Chad ran into your wife in a mall…really…cause that stuff is fascinating.

    Bring it home Juan! Love your attitude. Just because Mike thinks it’s cool to make fun of people with accents doesn’t mean you aren’t going to do a good job.

  16. Clever move on his part, by your reporting his communication failings, he will likely now see fewer invites to deal with the press and their often inane and boring questioning. Good work Silva, you fell into his clever trap.

  17. Yeah pft and silva racist bastards, making fun of a guy for not communicating well, why don’t you guys try learning Spanish and speak it let’s see how you do.

  18. Also, I want you to invite him to PFT Live and make fun of his accent. You would think NBC would be a little more worried about your borderline bigotry. That sounds really harsh when I read it aloud, but I don’t think it’s a stretch…

  19. I just can’t figure this move out. Castillo has basically been an offensive coach for the majority of his career. When Brian Billick hired Mike Nolan as a WR coach, Nolan was a defensive guy and a good coach so Billick basically found a position for him until he could give him the DC job once Marvin Lewis decided to leave the Ravens. But Nolan’s history was on the defense and he moved to a position coach. Much difference from being a position coach and moving to a coordinator on the other side of the line.

    Andy Reid has had a great run as the Eagles HC. Hopefully this move doesn’t signal the end of that run.

  20. Looks like PFT is trying to bury your “blog” here Silva. To make fun of a guy that learned English on the fly and he sounds fine to me. Real classy Silva. Real classy.

  21. PFT: A place where they promote racist, anti-religious, anti-gay, etc. material while also supposedly being against offensive posts by the users

  22. I think it’s pretty funny how a hack “writer” for PFT attacks someone for mumbling during an interview. THis has to be one of the worst pieces of so-called journalism I’ve ever read.

    Speaking of communication skills, love this:

    “Whether Castillo is capable of effectively executing defensive playcalls, game plans, and motivating linebackers and defensive backs remains to be seen.”

    I think what you meant to COMMUNICATE was:

    Whether Castillo is capable of effectively executing defensive playcalls and game plans and motivating linebackers and defensive backs, remains to be seen.

  23. This guy’s life story is amazing. He’s switched from defense to offense and back and what he’s gone through for an opportunity would be too much for most to handle. That said, Evan can only muster up a sorry excuse of an article doing nothing but making fun of the guy.

    You work for NBC Silva… Way to stay classy.

  24. regarding racism, it is always ok for nonwhites or leftist turds to say whatever they want to about whites.


    the guy isnt the guy for the job. get over it and quit making excuses.


  25. Hey Evan, how good is your Spanish? The guy is promoted for his football knowledge, which is far superior to yours….as is his second language. Go find yourself, you smart*$$!!!

  26. Why not talk about something that people actually care about? What a stupid story. The guy has talked to everybody and there brother in the last 24 hours, and probably hasn’t even slept. I’d sound like a bumbling idiot too! Who wouldn’t. Talk about something that matters.

  27. I held Evan Silva in high regard, but today I found out that he’s just an everyday bully. Use your NBC affiliation and large media presence to make fun of a guy for no reason other than his elocution.

    People around the world (including tons of NFL players and personnel) come to this site for news and entertainment and today you’re picking on a man in front of that huge audience when he should be feeling great about himself. Just mean. Mean. Mean. Mean.

    I’m a Saints fan, and the Eagles are a good team who could be standing in our way some day, but because of this I’m going to be pulling for Juan Castillo. And don’t take solace in thinking that you just made this guy a fan, Mr. Silva. You deserve to feel ashamed of yourself.

    I hope Juan Castillo enjoys great success and someday skips any “opportunities” to work with PFT.

  28. PFT hits an all-time low criticizing a man who learned how to speak English as a second language. Besides that, he sounded just fine to me. You guys need to grow up.

  29. hey joe, i mean, evan, (not that it matter’s. you’re just a nobody low life journalist, anyways.) go to mexico and try not to f**k up when you speak spanish. PRICK!

  30. Look, Juan Castillo is a really, really good coach and I am positive that he CAN coach the Defense… But that’s not what the Eagles need. This team desperately needs a defensive-minded mastermind, not just a guy that can coach up players (no matter how much Castillo claims to be a “defensive guy”). Can Juan Castillo seriously call the plays on Defense? Can he help find the right personnel for his fledgling Linebacker corps or a stud Defensive Tackle? Can he come up with a Defensive gameplan to dominate a playoff game, ala Rex Ryan versus the Patriots?

  31. hey evan, what’s your other job, seeing as i doubt this one pays many bills? border patrol? cuz juan just got promoted and makes way more money than “you” will ever make. and i assume, “you” have lived here your entire life and has always spoken english. and you just sat down, thought about what to write and wrote something extremely stupid. yet, you make fun of juan, who was speaking on the fly, while probably doing interview after interview after interview. what’s your excuse?

  32. To all of you haters that want to say that Castillo isnt a good coach because his O-line didnt play well: Look at his players he has to work with. Jason Peters was an undrafted rookie free agent when he came into the league and is now a 2 time Pro-Bowler for the Eagles. Todd Herremans turned into a solid guard after being a 4th round draft pick. Jamaal Jackson was a 4th rounder. Mike McGlynn a 4th rounder. Nick Cole undrafted rookie. Max Jean-Gilles 4th rounder. Winston Justice was a 2nd rounder who still has a lot of questions but has greatly improved since he came into the league. Not many coaches are going to make a bunch of Hall of Famers out of consistent bunch of mid to late round picks. And even with these “nobodys”, Philly has managed to break their scoring record for the past 3 years in a row, so their offense has still ranked among the best in the league.

  33. @firethewalrus:

    Quit being an idiot. Please! You obviously don’t pay attention to the entire story behind the Eagles deciding to make Juan the DC. It is widely known that he spent countless hours with JJ during weekly gameplanning, discussing blitz packages vs. possible protection schemes. So if you would pay more attention, you would see that he worked with and learned from a “defensive mastermind”. Pay more attention before you spout off.

  34. As a Raiders fan, it’s nice to see another group of fans calling out Evan Silva for being the hack that he is.

    To reiterate… what does a guy’s ability to give a radio interview have to do with his ability to coach?

  35. I actually thought he was fine. I expected some atrocious interview but it was fine. I dont know if he will be good or not but it wasnt nearly as bad of an interview as i was led to believe.

  36. I hate the eagles, I laughed at the choice of Castillo, I hope they fail, but I hate bias in the media even worse.

  37. Evan Silva

    (Insert throwing snowballs, batteries, etc)

    Really? I am embarrassed more for you and your prejudice remarks than I am for my teams choice of DC, and that’s saying a lot…

  38. Evan, you are a F#%$@ing A$$O. Whether he is a good coach is oen for debate. But for you to insult the man is sick and you should go face to face with him and see if he accepts your apology, or kicks your F$%#@ing A$$.

  39. Not a Eagles fan, but anybody who has followed the NFL for any length of time knows that Juan Castillo is a great coach. My guess is he’ll do just fine on the defensive side of the ball. He’s done it before.

  40. I didn’t find his discourse hard to follow. He’s been put into a new situation and I believe he will do well. If I had reason to suspect his earnestness then he would be talking like Roger Goodell.

  41. Evan:

    Good effort and you’re a good writer, but
    your Packer story said:

    “McCarthy’s comments seem to indicate that Driver was held out as a precaution. We’ll see.”

    How could we NOT see? Time moves forward whether you like it or not.

    So, obviously, “we’ll see.”

    Same for this article when you use the well-worn and meaningless “it remains to be seen.”

    Of course. Time marches on without you have the ability to stop it. Again ANYTHING remains to be seen that’s in the future.

  42. Silva, our Aussie friends have an expression that fits small people like you you perfectly…”You’re weak mate, weak as piss!”

  43. If you want to be the best you have to hire the best.This is the reason the Eagles will never win a Super bowl because Jeff and Joe are cheap and don’t go all out.

  44. It’s almost as if people not ripping this hire didn’t read the article correctly. They Eagles turned their OFFENSIVE line coach into their DEFENSIVE coordinator. This isn’t freaking high school football. The guy’s been an offensive coach nearly his entire career and now is suddenly coaching defense. Even more bizarre considering their were real strong candidates like Winston Moss in Green Bay pushing hard for the job. Bizarre.

  45. Hey Silva you are just a passive aggressive bitch!

    Why don’t you say what you really mean?

    Be a man not just a loser with a blogging license.

    Go Eagles! and Go Castillo!

  46. actually, i thought he was eloquent compared to most ex-player coaches. he’s not a GM, get over yourself.

  47. Lame man, really lame. How about instead of wasting 1s and 0s discussing how the man talks that you discuss how he coaches? Next time, why not check the dude’s bio and try and figure out why the move was made instead of making fun of how he talks? Stay classy, Silva.

  48. RAMSEYTOWN, Yesterday I read an article on here that said Mike Nolan and Bill Belichick were OFFENSIVE coaches before switching over to be DEFENSIVE coaches and having successful careers. Mike Nolan did a great job when he was coaching the ravens defense. Juan Castillo was originally a defensive coach but was offered an offensive coaching job so he took it, like any other up and coming coach would.

  49. “It’s almost as if people not ripping this hire didn’t read the article correctly. ”

    Did YOU read the article correctly, or at least all of it. Two paragraphs were on Castillo’s new coaching position and the rest of the post was on how he didn’t speak well enough to meet Mr. Silva’s exacting standards.

    What a garbage post, Silva. So what if he isn’t a good interview? This was absolutely ridiculous.

    I hope Castillo does a great job and tells you to kiss his ass if you ever ask him for an interview.

  50. trigdaddy says:
    Feb 3, 2011 7:17 PM
    Im an Eagles fan. Worst move they have made that I can even recall. I mean our o-line was in shambles last year

    Our O-Line sucked last year because the players were garbage. Winston Justice and Mike Mcglynn, what did you expect? I know one thing – Juan Castillo’s work ethic is undeniable. Give the man a chance, and stop hating!

  51. It does not matter if he can speak english its filthy after all
    As far as talking to national media not an issue as the egals have zero chance of making the Super bowl Vick will be back in jail prior to preseason

    Cobb will have been traded and Andy Reid father of the decade will still be the head coach

    It does not matter

    The rest of the owners in the NFC East crave the trophy named after vince
    The owners of the egals crave more money

  52. this site blows….they deleted my comment because I said “press 1 to continue in english”…you moderators suck !!

  53. “And remind yourself to skip all future “opportunities” to listen to interviews with Juan Castillo.”

    Better idea: remind yourself to skip future “articles” written by pathetic Evan Silva.

  54. What interview were you listening to Evan? I thought he answered the questions with no issues and sounded like a professional. How many second languages do you speak? I really hope this clown stops writing for this site.

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