Dan Snyder hasn’t given up on Albert Haynesworth

Despite a recent arrest, Redskins owner Dan Snyder hasn’t given up on Albert Haynesworth’s run with the Washington Redskins.

“It may still work out,” Snyder told a group of reporters in the media workroom Friday.   “You never know.”

In this case, we know.  Haynesworth wouldn’t even speak to coach Mike Shanahan at the end of the year.  And Snyder made it clear that Haynesworth’s signing has been a “disappoinment” as a business investment.  As one reporter asked Snyder about signing Haynesworth two years ago, Snyder slyly cut him off.

“Well, now we have a new G.M.,”  Snyder interjected.

Asked if bringing in Haynesworth was Cerrato’s decision mostly, Snyder responded: “It’s a fact.”

Snyder admitted he supported Haynesworth’s contract at the time, in addition to Donovan McNabb’s recent contract extension.

“I think we’re headed in right direction,” Snyder said when asked about the Shanahan regime, noting they were competitive in 14 of 16 games.  “I’ve never seen so many missed field goals and extra points and blocks.”

We’ll have more from Snyder’s session later — and Florio will have him on a bonus PFT Live this weekend —  but we couldn’t help but notice Snyder said more than once how he viewed things “as a fan.”

Some of his comments seemed more grounded in fan-like optimism rather than reality.  The Redskins have a long way to go.  They have very little young talent on their roster in a competitive division.

Shanahan and Snyder still have to prove they can break the Redskins’ cycle of mortgaging the future for short-term gains that rarely arise.

33 responses to “Dan Snyder hasn’t given up on Albert Haynesworth

  1. Maybe one day Snyder will learn to hiding out in the backround is a more effective way to run a successful,competitive team…Like Dan Rooney for example.

    But yet, the Al Davis’s, Dan Snyders,and Jerry Jones will never learn..

    Glad I’m a Ram Fan and we just got past this mess.

  2. Of course you say that. He is trying to get something for him. You can’t say “this guy is a bum. I can’t understand why we did this” and expect someone to want to give up a pick for him.

  3. He’s taking a page out of Andy Reid’s press conference manual. Talk up a guy you hope to get something, anything for in a trade.

  4. He’s never seen so many missed field goals and extra points? Guess he wasn’t watching any Chargers games….

  5. and people make fun of al davis…..as crazy as some of you believe he is, he at least has enough common sense to get rid of a player who does not want to be there.

  6. Snyder I hope you keep him. While with the Titans, Fat Albert only played when he wanted to. Then he expected Tennessee to pay big bucks to keep him. Fat Albert is poison in the locker room. Good luck Redskins.

  7. Well, now that we know that the skins goal is to be competitive in most of their games…they are certainly headed in the right direction.

  8. Non-story. Haynesworth will play as many downs in a Redskins uniform as I will this season and beyond. This is just to float it out there that teams will have to give up something if they want him. It’s simply posturing. Problem is, Snyder has made so many mistakes that it’s hard to view any action as anything but another in a succession of errors.

  9. Just to set the record straight, those of us that have worshipped the Skins for years (42 and going for me) HAVE given up on Fat Albert. And Danny Boy. Too much money for too little ( almost zero) production. Millions guaranteed. This was BEFORE all of the shenanigans. I have a fans optimism, but reality is Danny wasted his millions. I would love to see Albert turn it around and be what he is paid to be, or at least close to it. But I’m not gonna bet on it like Dan did.

  10. The proper way to handle this would have been for Snyder to take full responsibility for the Haynesworth signing. You lose a lot of respect from your fans and current staff when you throw others under the bus.

  11. What else is Snyder supposted to say? He just dropped some serious coin on a guy that hasn’t played like a guy that deserves to start in two years.

    Snyder is more likely to get starter-like play from Rex Grossman than Haynesworth.

  12. Snyder would have been better off investing in a unicorn ranch, where you feed them lollipops and they fart magical rainbows.

  13. @radrntn

    Regarding Al and him getting rid of a guy who does not want to be there; Then how do you explain the whole “overhead projector” episode? BTW, just because DamnHugeBust wants to be there, doesn’t mean he deserves to be there.

  14. Well Dan Snyder may not have given up on Haynesworth but if I was a Redskins fan I (long ago) would have surely have given up on Dan Snyder

  15. its amazing how slow a lot of owners are… big Al isnt staying and everyone in the NFL knows what his problems are so talking him up is a wasted move…

  16. I just worried that with the coming lockout how are the Redskins going to defend there free agency championship title. Every one knows that the DAN SNYDER free agency championship trophy is awarded to the team that spends the most money on crappy players every March. The Redskins are a dynasty. Stupid lockout!!

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