Haynesworth’s agent disputes assault claim

Chad Speck, who represents Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, has responded to the allegation that Haynesworth punched a motorist in the face.

Speck, who says the allegations are false, has forwarded to us via text message his comments to the Washington Post.

“Albert has yet to speak to the authorities at all on this matter,” Speck said.  “So only one side of the story has been told at this point in time.  If contacted by the authorities, Albert will certainly cooperate in any way.  This man, who actually provoked the situation himself, recognized Albert and is now simply trying to turn it into his 15 minutes of fame and get, we can only assume, some money.

“Albert did not assault this man and looks forward to his day in court to refute these ridiculous allegations.”

Haynesworth reportedly will surrender to authorities next week.

28 responses to “Haynesworth’s agent disputes assault claim

  1. If the guy that allegedly got assaulted takes fat Albert to court I hope he gets $100M in damages, with $70M guaranteed.

  2. “This man, who actually provoked the situation himself, recognized Albert and is now simply trying to turn it into his 15 minutes of fame and get, we can only assume, some money.”

    Sounds like the motorist knows Haynesworth better than the guy’s agent! Why not let the tub of goo do something stupid so you can end up with a nice payday?

    By the way, has Fat Albert ever paid off the stripper he knocked up and who had to sue his lard butt after he kept blowing her off?

  3. I bet this guy loves his job.
    Agent: Albert what the hell did you do now

    Fat: Nothing! He gave me the bird and i yelled at him!

    Agent: Yelled?

    Fat: Yea!

    Agent: With your fist?

    Fat: Maybe… whats the big deal…

    Agent: I hate you Kenny.

  4. Albert strike someone while down or smaller?? That doesn’t even seem possible, LOL.

    This guy is a $100M waste if space, brilliant move Mr. Snyder.

  5. Thank god there are teams like the Redskins and Vikings to throw money at these bad apples. It keeps the rest of our teams from making mistakes.

  6. Well, it sounds like it was Fat Albert driving the pickup. At least the speculation that it was someone else is out of the way.

    As much as Fat Albert is fat, insubordinate, and lazy… I think the odds that someone recognized him and is trying to cash in on a non-incident are very high. I’ll be the good American and give Fat Al the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ benefit of the doubt.

  7. so your telling me that albert got out of his car and in a fast motion went up to the vehical in front of him. How long was the guy parked there, it would take him a long time to make that many movements. there had to be a traffic jam behind them for the amount of time they were parked there

  8. When Mayock was covering Haynesworth coming out of the draft, i don’t think this is what he meant by that “intial punch.”

  9. Poor Albert. I’m sure he was just on his way to Redskins Park to have coffee with the Shanahans and work out in the gym.

  10. As far as recognizing Fat boy, Guaranteed he has tinted windows, so that option is probably off the table. Al was probably in a hurry, tailgaiting, someone already doing 10 over the speed limit, and the guy flipped the bird. Most people laugh at asses like that, Al did what most sane people wouldn’t. Get of you vehicle in traffic in front of witnesses, (whose not gonna watch the big guy get out his truck looking like trouble), and puch the guy in the face, so now with your questionable past, you are open to charges, lawsuits, and ridicule. Not to mention a visit with Roger G. And probably violating the good conduct clause in your Skin’s contract, and letting Dan S. probably get some of his wasted cash back. Shannahan should hire the other driver as his D-Line coach, and guarantee Al would blow a gasket.

  11. snyder probably hired the guy shooter mcgavin hired to piss off happy gilmore so he could void out haynesworth’s contract.

  12. Would love to see this go to a trial:

    Speck: Your Honor, my client has no history of violent behavior (show clip of Haynesworth walking over face of helmetless opponent)

    Speck: He has no prior history of previous road rage behavior (enter the old woman with the son-in-law from 2006)

    Speck: Your Honor, my client has been a hard-working model citizen of a professional football team (Doors open to Plaintiff’s witness: Mr. Shanahan)

  13. Well, this would be the first time he’s come close to having physical contact with anyone in the last year and a half or so.

  14. NFL=No Fat Lardasses….need more letters for classless, useless, waste of money…children in the world and in the UNITED STATES are hungry and this waste of skin is in the NF frickin’L! “No, Mr. Haynesworth, I expect you to (die) go the hell away”.

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