Kurt Warner says Roethlisberger not a Hall of Famer, yet

With the annual Hall of Fame vote coming up on Saturday and increased chatter that Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will nail down a spot in Canton with a third Super Bowl win, a guy who won only one title in three tries takes issue with the idea that Roethlisberger belongs among the game’s immortals.

Former Rams, Giants, and Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner says it’s too early to bang out a bronze bust for Big Ben.

“I like Ben,” Warner told 620 KTAR in Phoenix.  “I think Ben’s great and I think he’s a winner.  And to me that speaks volumes for your legacy.  But when you’re talking about the best quarterbacks in the league, you have to look at all the factors here.

“I mean, he won a Super Bowl and he was 8-23.  But he won the Super Bowl and he gets that on his resume. But he was still 8-23.”

Warner is referring to Super Bowl XL, in which Roethlisberger completed nine of 21 passes for 123 yards and two interceptions.  He also had seven rushing attempts for 25 yards and a touchdown.

In Super Bowl XLIII against Warner’s Cardinals, Roethlisberger completed 21 of 30 passes for 256 yards, one interception, and the game-winning touchdown pass to Santonio Holmes.

“I’m just waiting to see Ben as the guy that carries his team at some point in time,” Warner said.  “The fortunate thing for him is he hasn’t had to do that.  He carries them in the last two minutes.  He makes some key plays.  [He’s] phenomenal out of the pocket and ad-libbing.  But for me, if you go to the Hall of Fame, you have to be a guy who can carry your team week in and week out as a quarterback.  That’s my opinion.”

Sorry, but we’d rather have a guy who carries the team when it counts than when the game isn’t on the line.  Even though Roethlisberger may not have had impressive numbers in Super Bowl XL, he presided over three straight road playoff wins to get there.  In each of this year’s playoff wins, Roethlisberger delivered clutch third-down throws to Antonio Brown, including a  58-yarder on third-and-19 that, if the Steelers beat the Packers on Sunday, rightly should be remembered as one of the biggest plays in NFL postseason history.

Then there’s the fact that, since losing in the AFC title game to cap his rookie season, Roethlisberger has led the Steelers to nine of 10 win in postseason games

Nine of 10.  Warner didn’t do that.  Brady hasn’t done that.  Manning hasn’t done that.

So while we respect Warner’s opinion, we’ll disagree with it.  If Roethlisberger gets his third Super Bowl win in three tries, he’ll be bound for Canton five years after calling it quits.

Especially since he may end up with four or five rings.

127 responses to “Kurt Warner says Roethlisberger not a Hall of Famer, yet

  1. he isnt. hes only got superbowl rings. and pretty much all mediocore performances. id take philip rivers over him just based on passing skills.

  2. people may take offense to this because of their favorite team, but to me roethlisberger is right behind brady and manning, and should be a HOF.

    -Ravens Fan (But that shouldn’t matter)

  3. Kurt Warner doing his best ROGER GOODELL impression as judge, jury & executioner…so sick in tired of all the RETIRED players who think they automatically become “analyst”…opinions are like BUTTOCKS…everyones got at least 1…

  4. Would take a non-hall of famer to know a non-hall of famer.

    Super bowls are overrated when it comes to judging any individual players, quarterback or otherwise. They’re a team accomplishment. No better examples than Roethlisberger and Warner.

  5. @johndank …

    You’d take Rivers over Roethlisberger??? HAHAHA!!! That’s HYSTERICAL!!!

    Baby …. take him ROFLOLOLOL

    Nothing against Rivers, but he and Norm are the choke kings!!!

    I’ve been a diehard Steelers fan for 33 years. Have watched a lot of Steelers go into the Hall. That was great. Sat through 26 years between championships and a lot of bad quarterbacks. That sucked. Given a choice between celebrating a Hall of Fame induction or a Super Bowl victory, I’ll take the Super Bowl. Ben may look like an idiot in that photo … but you’re nuts. 😯

  6. “Nine of 10. Warner didn’t do that. Brady hasn’t done that. Manning hasn’t done that.”

    This is incorrect. Brady started his career with 10 straight playoff wins.

  7. Big Ben is 29 for 53 passing with 1 TD/3 INT’s in 2 SB wins. Before we throw him in the HOF lets remember that Theisman also won 2 SB’s

    And unless the Steelers begin to retool real fast that 4 or 5 Super Bowls may be a bit of a reach considering their starters have the 2nd oldest average age in the league.

    They also only seem to make the playoffs every other year.

  8. You have to look at the entirety of someone’s career. Ben is absolutely building an outstanding resume, and if he can keep playing at a high level — and avoid raping people — for the rest of his career, he’ll get in.

  9. I think what Kurt was saying is that he has 3 of the best games in Super Bowl history but only has one ring. Hes saying that you shouldn’t be in the HOF just because your team won the game. He is saying that you can be good and win titles on a great team. The HoF is for the great and he is waiting for Ben to be that guy. He is saying that he doesn’t think he is there yet. I don’t think that this is a knock on Ben. I think that he is saying that he has to be great to be considered great. His last SB win takes the first one and kind of cancels that performance out. If he has a great game, Super Bowl MVP type performance and most people will forget about the first game. I like Ben and I think he will be in the hall because he will continue to progress and become even better.

    Go Steelers.

  10. … and yes that picture looks stupid. I can’t stop laughing at it. It looks like the ref is patting him down and hes saying “how did that get in there.”

    or the ref searched him and grabbed his junk.

  11. I agree with Warner that Ben’s not yet HoF-worthy, but don’t agree with his reasons.

    You’re right, Mike. Ben has done quite a bit of carrying where the Steelers are concerned–more than the fantasy-obsessed statisticians want to admit. Without him, we wouldn’t have gotten to SBXL. Yeah, he had a bad game, but he was also the youngest QB ever to win a SB. His stats for XLIII were good. And Kurt’s comment that “he carries them in the last two minutes” is almost tragic in its irony.

    Stats are nice, but football is a team sport. A QB’s job is to help his team win a championship. Period. No one cares if he throws for 500 yards in a loss. And since I remember what he did to get us to SBXL, I couldn’t care less that Ben was 9 of 21 when he was hoisting the Lombardi.

  12. B.Ben HOF LOCK if he wins this SB and probably even if he dont when his career is over… it dont matter what the loser of SB 43 say’s! Sounds like alil jealousy in those statements since when does a HOF Qb has to carry his team week in and week out! Before Ben is done he is gonna have more wins than Kurt.. Kurts had big talent around him when he played in SB’s.. in NY he was trash and he could never carry a team without the great talent @ wr.

  13. Nine of 10. Warner didn’t do that. Brady hasn’t done that. Manning hasn’t done that.


    Actually, Brady won 10 straight. 3 wins in each of his first postseasons and then one in the 07 playoffs before being knocked off by the Broncos.

    About the actual article, I don’t get why people are discussing weather or not he goes to Canton before the Super Bowl. This SB will be absolutely huge in how people view him. Last year people were crowning Manning before the game even started and we all saw how that turned out. Same thing with Brady before SB 42 (sigh).

    Why don’t we wait until after the biggest game of Roethlisberger’s career before we decide weather or not he goes to Canton?

  14. As much as I think Roethliberger is overrated, I have a hard time seeing him not being inducted if he gets one more SB ring (as a starter).

  15. If Roethlisberger gets his third Super Bowl win in three tries, he’ll be bound for Canton five years after calling it quits.

    Especially since he may end up with four or five rings.

    I think you may be missing the point of what Warner was saying that he hasn’t done quite enough at this point (i.e. if he retired on Monday he wouldn’t have accomplished enough to deserve enshrinement).

    Don’t get me wrong if Big Ben can continue to play at anything close to the rate he has so far for another half decade or so he will definitely be worthy of a spot in Canton, but he’s not there yet.

  16. I think it’s a little premature to be talking Canton for a guy who isn’t even 30 years old. Sure, if he keeps up his current pace he’ll get there, but if for some reason his career is cut short, he won’t have the statistics that are typically associated with HOF QB’s.

  17. PFT (Pittsburgh Football Talk) strikes again. SOMEBODY is about to have a fit over their precious Steelers not being hailed as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Maybe somebody needs a smooth young woman from the rural south. Try it, hick. You might like it. Ben sure did.

  18. Gosh, Kurt, all Ben did was beat you head to head. Oh and has twice as many rings.

    Shut up Kurt, please. You’re embarrassing yourself.

    Yet another guy who tries to push this bogus “game manager” thing — only this isn’t your yahoo fan who has an excuse for knowing better, this is an ex-NFL QB.

    Worry about whether or not you belong in Canton, Kurt. Ben’s time will come later and in good time.

  19. Thanks for this relevant info btw:

    “Then there’s the fact that, since losing in the AFC title game to cap his rookie season, Roethlisberger has led the Steelers to nine of 10 win in postseason games

    Nine of 10. Warner didn’t do that. Brady hasn’t done that. Manning hasn’t done that.”

    Nor will Philip Rivers (got that johndank?) or probably Eli Manning. Or about any other QB that comes along.

    Kurt sounds about as jealous and bitter as Steve Young. Another one-ringer who always takes these backhanded “compliments” to Ben.

    Keep on dissing Ben, he’ll keep excelling.

  20. Putting him in Canton already? Really? Name all the QBs you would rather have that are in the NFL right now:


    Warner is dead on about Ben’s first ring. The guy is a great quarterback, certainly one of the top 10 in the league. But this is the hall of fame. THE HALL OF FAME. It’s reserved for the greatest ever. There are only two QBs in the league guaranteed a spot-Manning and Brady. Everyone else still needs to put in several more years of impressive work.

  21. I’m tired of hearing how when the game is on the line, Big Ben eludes sacks and makes the play… Wasn’t he sacked over 40 times this year? When you hold on to the ball and run around for 10 seconds looking for someone to get open, sometimes you get sacked, and sometimes you don’t. It’s NOT his offensive line’s fault!! And besides, what good is eluding sacks if it doesn’t translate to production?

    Wow, he eluded 4 sacks today… but went on to go 10/19 for 133 yds 0 TD’s 2 INT’s! But he’s great, because he eluded 4 sacks!!!!

    Last time I checked, Manning eludes sacks too and has been the least sacked QB in football over the past few years. He doesn’t have the greatest O-line, but good footwork to avoid the rushers and gets the ball out quickly. That translates to statistics that actually help his team win. And he has to do that THE WHOLE GAME if his team has any chance of winning…. not just that “one clutch play at the end of the game”

    Everyone can point to the “clutch” 3rd down conversion at the end of the Jets game, but Ben had like a 21 point lead at half time despite playing poorly and was responsible for 3 turnovers against the Jets!!!! If he would have converted almost ANY of the other 3rd downs during the 2nd half, his team wouldn’t be in the position to NEED one at the end of game!

    He came back on Baltimore, but that was after his D gave him 3 POSSESSIONS inside the opponents 30 yard line and a lot of other 3 and outs!!! Manning doesn’t get that from his Defense in an entire season… neither does Brees!

    There’s a reason that a lot of analyst don’t consider Ben an elite QB… It’s not because they’re haters… it’s because they actually see all the facts.

    I don’t understand why people don’t acknowledge the main reason the Steelers do well: When Steelers have an ELITE DEFENSE, they make the playoffs and are 10-1 in the post-season… When they have an average Defense and Big Ben is counted on to make SEVERAL key plays in a game instead of just 1, he’s average… (8-8 in 2006 and 9-7 in 2009).

    Manning, Brady, and Brees can take an average team and push them to 10-12 wins… Big Ben can’t…. give this a thumbs down if you must, but you can’t argue the facts… Sorry, he’s just a good QB on a GREAT team.

  22. Tired of hearing about this dumbass, His stats suck, put him on the cards, miami or browns, he’d already be out of the league, Dilfer won the SB with the ravens, with slightly better stats in the Bowl, and he gets tossed under a bus, this dumbass comes along and wins a few cause of the defense that surrounds him and he’s the next coming of christ, IF Dilfer had not been cut by the Ravens, he may have won 2 SBs in Balto, WOULD you be saying, Dilfer for Canton! Hell No, neither deserve it, Palamou(sp) maybe a few others belong in canton, But never Dumb Ben.

  23. “Nine of 10. Warner didn’t do that. Brady hasn’t done that. Manning hasn’t done that.”

    Manning, Brady, Warner, and Brees have never had a consistently great D to complement and sometimes carry them. When Brady did have a great D, they won back-to-back Super Bowls.

    Put Ben on a team that requires him to carry the offense for 60 minutes and you’ll see he’s above-average. How many games are won due to Pittsburgh’s defense forcing a key turnover to give Ben and the offense a short field? Or returning a turnover for a TD? They’re probably the best defense at doing so. Hell, how many games does their defense keep the opposition to under 20 points, which allows Ben to score a late TD for the win?

    Ben is a great player with the game on the line. It’s those other 58 minutes that show he isn’t great. With a defense like that, a truly great QB wouldn’t need so many late victories.

    Just the act of winning Super Bowls doesn’t prove you’re a great player. All it means is you are on a great TEAM.

  24. You can name all of the qbs you would rather have and I will call you a loser unless you select Brady. I like Rodgers. Lets see what happens on Sunday. If he can’t win then he is just like all of those other fantasy QBs without a ring. I hate that fantasy football has changed the way we look at players now. Rivers puts up stats but lets look at his season. He had the #1 D and put up huge numbers and still couldn’t make the playoffs in a crap division that had the Chiefs trying to hand it to them. He couldn’t win a game when it counted. Brees is solid. Stats and a ring but lets see if he can keep it up. I wouldn’t trade him for Ben though. Manning is past his prime but still a really good qb. If it were 3 or 4 years ago, I would agree with Manning but not now.

    Warner is dead on about Bens first ring… but at least Ben has a second ring to talk about and a game winning throw. Everyone forgets that Warner got the ball back and what did he do? He fumbled to end the Super Bowl. Throw for all the yards you want but when its all on the line and you fumble… nobody remembers for how many yards you had because you lost. History remembers winners not whiners.

  25. I didn’t see anyone complaining about John Elway’s first ring.

    Pull those numbers up?

    Face this fact, and move on:

    EVERY HOF ELIGIBLE QB who has started at LEAST three Super Bowls is in the HOF.

    So Ben should be in.

    And if he isn’t? Warner and his 6 year “career” shouldn’t be in either, he stunk from 2002-2006.

    For a Bible thumper he sure is bitter.

  26. Roethlisberger in the HOF! They should put him in a special room next to OJ Simpson’s bust, and call it “Death Row”. The NFL can proudly display its finest murderers, drug dealers, and rapists, all in one convenient place!

  27. malgorthewarrior you are an idiot. Brady, yes, but Manning is crap when it comes playoff time, except 1 season. Manning and Brady both have always had 5 seconds to make a throw as well. If BB had that time he would have tripled their output by now.

  28. Considering he has had an opportunistic, turnover-forcing, top-5 defense in both of those 2 Super Bowls…I’d say that diminishes his role in those wins somewhat. Should he win this one though…well, it’d be hard to keep out a QB with 3 rings.

  29. Warner sound like he’s jealous of Ben I mean I dont like the guy but as a football fan I see his greatness-I mean look at Bens passer rating, yards per completion and completion percentage and he’s as good or better than any QB in the NFL? Not to mention his playoff record so I’d say he deserve being in the hall of fame more than Warner who was cut twice in career. Warner has no place to talk since he was only good since when he had hall of fame WR in St Louis and Arizona.

  30. You gotta love this one by Warner:
    “I’m just waiting to see Ben as the guy that carries his team at some point in time,” Warner said. “The fortunate thing for him is he hasn’t had to do that. He carries them in the last two minutes. ”

    Really Kurt? Here’s a summary of Ben’s first Super Bowl run — he’s actually been carrying the team since just his second year in the league. See if any QB’s done more during a playoff run with less run support than Ben got that year:

    Quarterback: Roethlisberger (2385 passing yards, 17TD, 9 INT) had an outstanding regular season, posting a 98.6 passer rating and generally displaying the presence that led him to be named 2004 NFL Rookie of the Year, but reserved his best play for the post-season. “Big Ben” is 49-of-72 passing (68.1 percent) for 680 yards with seven touchdowns and just one interception through three 2005 playoff games, for a lusty passer rating of 124.8.

    Running Backs: The Steelers running game has struggled somewhat during the playoffs, with both Willie Parker (1202 rushing yards, 18 receptions, 5 TD), and Jerome Bettis (368 rushing yards, 9 TD) averaging well under four yards per carry. Parker has just 132 yards on 47 carries (2.8 avg.) on the ground…

    Whoops! So much for the idea that it’s just been one cushy ride for Ben. Now run along Kurt, before you embarrass yourself further.

  31. I’m a Kurt Warner fan, but I disagree with him here. It doesn’t matter that Big Ben went 8-23 in his first Super bowl, he played great in all of the other playoff games before that Super bowl, which were all on the road. If Big Ben gets his third ring, he should be a first ballot Hall of Famer. Throw style points out the window with Ben, he makes big plays at the end of games, and that’s what counts.

    I have to wonder though: Will Hall of Fame voters prevent Big Ben from being a first ballot Hall of Famer because of his off the field behavior and because he was a jerk to sportswriters?

  32. It would be nice to have someone who is actually in the hof to say rapistburgur doesn’t belong not singe overrated lefty who was only above average with god like receiver corps.. And rapistburger only has these super bowls because of the defense

  33. Brady threw for just 145 yards in his first Super Bowl and the Pats had a defensive TD in that game which was the real difference in the game, not Brady’s mediocre performance.

    Brady did lead the drive for the winning FG but that wasn’t exactly Montana vs the Bengals. It was a 50 yard drive on 9 plays that led to a 48 yard FG.

    That game isn’t that much different than Ben’s game against Seattle. Hines Ward actually dropped a TD in that game and Ben did make plays with his feet, plus he converted a 3rd and 27 with a great scrambling throw to Ward.

    Speaking of Montana’s last second TD against the Bengals, you know what actually was like that drive? Ben’s drive against the Cardinals scoring the game winning TD with one of the best throws in Super Bowl history. Does that count as carrying a team?

    BTW Kurt, Marshal Faulk carried the Rams.

  34. Steelers fans need to settle down a bit.

    Sure, IF he wins he will have 3 rings @ age 28. WOW! Looks like he will get 4 or FIVE Rings!!!!

    Just remember…..Brady won his third by age 27….he is 33 (34 by next season)….how many rings does he have now?

  35. Hey Kurt Warner, Roethlisberger did carry the team in 2008 and 2009; barely a running game and same problems with offensive line. He doesn’t need to apologize for playing with a great defense.

    He is correct that its too early; HOF QB’s need lifetime stats of 10+ years. BTW Roethlisberger is ahead of schedule in wins and yardage.

    Remove Marshall Faulk from St Louis and Warner makes one trip to the Super Bowl with Arizona. Remove any Steeler WR or RB and they still make the trip with BR at the helm.

  36. Wow, sounds like somebody is trying to lobby for himself to get to Canton!!
    “I like Ben”

    Means I can bash him if I say this first, kinda like sayin ” I’m just sayin”.
    ” But he won the Super Bowl and he gets that on his resume. But he was still 8-23.” (Actually it was 9-21… just sayin)

    Means ” I was 28-44 in one SB loss and 31-43 in a second SB loss so really I should be going to the HOF because stats make the QB great, not wins.”


    “I’m just waiting to see Ben as the guy that carries his team at some point in time,”

    Means ” I didn’t watch the AFC Championship Game that year when Ben was 21-29 for 275 and a bootleg TD that beat Denver in Denver.” OR “I must have been practicing my MVP speech and missed Bens 8 play 88yd drive (with holding call)
    to beat us in SB 43.” OR ” I didn’t realize that

    Roethlisberger has the most comeback wins (19) and game-winning drives (25) through the first seven seasons of a player’s career.”
    “But for me, if you go to the Hall of Fame, you have to be a guy who can carry your team week in and week out as a quarterback. That’s my opinion.”

    Means ” If you ignore half of my NFL career( 2002-2007) when I was 13 and 29 as a starter, I had great numbers week in and week out. So I probably won’t be going to the HOF…..wish I hadn’t said that.”

    Face it Kurt, if the Steelers win sunday Ben is HOF bound. You did have a great career and great stats, but are on your way to the announcers booth. Based on your stupid comments in this story, you are perfect for the job.

  37. Kurt sounds about as jealous and bitter as Steve Young. Another one-ringer who always takes these backhanded “compliments” to Ben.

    Keep on dissing Ben, he’ll keep excelling.
    Yeah, about as jealous as a guy can get about Ben playing possibly the worst superbowl performance any QB can have in game 1 or the pedistrian one he had in game two. Young threw for more touchdowns in one game than Roethecrapberger has in two appearances. Modern day Trent Dilfer.

  38. Keep on dissing Ben, he’ll keep excelling.
    Excelling as in 9-21 and 2 INTS or 1TD/3INT overall. I can see you have low standards. Ben has been gifted with two rings, courtesy his teammates and zebras.

  39. Kurt Warner who claims to be a man of god is a devil in a blue dress! He sounds like the man that gives a 1000 dollars in church offerings every Sunday that thinks he should go to heaven before the man that can only give 10 dollars in church offerings. To say that Big Ben is not a hall of famer based on a bad Super Bowl passing day is not god like for someone who plays the bible card. The body of work for Roethlisberger speaks loud. For some reason this man of god forgot to look at the playoff games before the first Superbowl win to see how well Big Ben played for his team to get their. Warner couldn’t survive behind the Steelers offensive line and with all your Super Bowl passing records your still 1-2 in the Super Bowl.

  40. AWWWW Kurt,Don’t be mad…YOU got all of your yardage in the 2nd half after the Steelers D pulled the “WOLVES” off of you and played basic “PREVENT D” to protect the lead. AND when you got sacked and fumbled it was because you were “PRESSURED” like you were the 1st half…Don’t be “SALTY” like that a “ONE WIN” Steve Young whom at every opportunity he has to bash the Steelers, no matter who they beat! Ben might not be HOF worthy to you and the other idiots right now BUT say that after SB45 and we’ll talk then…..okay???

  41. I’m totally with Kurt on this one. When it comes to assessing an individual’s performance winning is [i]not[/i] everything.

    Consider two QBs, one is 5-1 in playoff games and has a superbowl ring and the other is 8-10 with no ring, which one belongs in the Hall of Fame?

    Oh yes, I forgot to mention, the former is Trent Dilfer and the latter is Dan Marino.

  42. Kurt Warner is NO Hall of Famer. Neve will be. Everytime I see this bum, I think of that God-awful pick he threw to James Harrison. Who, in turn, rumbled about 100 yards for the touchdown.

    Kurt? No one cares about you. Loser.

  43. Funny how a mediocre QB is considered a HOF candidate. Did the Steelers defense have anything to do with those Super Bowl wins?

  44. What does this have to do with Ochocinco? You haven’t slobbed him in atleast 8 hours. Or atleast not in print.

  45. By the way, just like Roger Goodell and his old man, the now deceased N.Y. Senator (R), Kurt Warner is another one of these right-wing, conservative (Christian) Republicans. I hate this guy!

    Kurt, YOU SUCK!!!!

  46. All I can say is this , hes taken his team to three Super Bowls in the last six years . Hes already won two of them and has a great shot at winning the third one . Even if Ben doesnt win this one , hes going to have other opportunities , hes only 28 . Montana and Bradshaw won four and Ben is going for his third . Sorry Kurt , youre way off base on this one . If Ben wins his third one this year , hes a first ballot hall of famer , period .

  47. You just made the case for the enshrinement of Ken Stabler in the hall of fame.

    “Sorry, but we’d rather have a guy who carries the team when it counts than when the game isn’t on the line. “

  48. Kurt Warner isn’t ever going to be HOF material. Who cares what he thinks. Ben will get in. Yea its too early but I think when its all said and done there will be a bust in Canton with a big bulky broken nose!

  49. I love how idiots like Warner continue to point to Ben’s first Superbowl when he was a 23 yr old kid. He admits he played bad that day. His QB rating was just 22. You know who has had a lower rating than that in a Superbowl?? John Elway and his rating of 19 in 1989. I think he turned out pretty good. Everyone fails to remember that it was Ben that got the Steelers to that Superwbowl with his play in the previous playoff games.

    Regarding Warner, I think it was #7 who took the Superbowl away from you Kurt with the greatest game winning drive in the history of the Superbowl.

    Like Bill Polian said, Roethlisberger is elite and he is a winner. All you Ben haters can suck it when he is holding his 3rd Lombardi at the age of 28 while your favorite Fantasy QBs are sitting at home watching.

  50. malgorthewarrior says:
    Feb 4, 2011 1:01 AM
    Putting him in Canton already? Really? Name all the QBs you would rather have that are in the NFL right now:


    I not have anyone playing for the Steelers than Ben. He is not a statistical monster, nor were the majority of the QBs in the HOF, go ahead and look. The only real statistical monster in the HOF is Dan Marino. The HOF is reserved for the best players, not the most statistically worthy. Phillip Rivers, Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning have to prove that they can consistently win the big games. None of them have yet…

    Yes, they have won big games, but not over and over. This is Ben’s third Super Bowl appearance in only 7 years. That means he has been in the Super Bowl nearly every other year. That is clutch, HOF material.

    Now, if Ben were to retire tomorrow, no, he would not go to Canton (immediately) purely based on stats. Eventually he would make it. Just like Warner, he will NOT be a first ballot, nor second ballot HOFer. It may take him three, maybe four tries.

    All-in-all, statistically Ben has been as good, if not better, a QB than Warner was: 500 more yards per year, 2 more TDs per year, almost identical QB ratings and completion percentage.

    If the Steelers win this Super Bowl he is nearly guaranteed a spot. If they lose and he still continues playing the same way his whole career, he is still a guaranteed first ballot HOFer.

    FYI, look up Terry Bradshaw’s stats. Sorry to say, but he stunk as a pure passer. He was simply a winner that knew what it took to beat the team he was playing. Guess where his has a bronze bust???

  51. Ben’s record as a rookie was 15-1 during the regular season before losing in the AFC Championship game.
    Even with a good team how many rookies have done or could do that?

  52. Fact is, in terms of winning Roethlisberger has already done more than most QB’s in the HOF. You may not like it or think it’s fair but that how QB’s are judged. Bob Griese is in the HOF and while I know the game was different then, fact is all he ever really did to get to the HOF was win. Griese played in 3 Super Bowls and won 2. Even if Steelers lose Sunday, Roethlisberger has equaled that tally.

  53. People care about stats, not wins. Peyton racks up stats, but always comes up small in the playoffs. Ben racks up efficient stats, and is money in the clutch.

    Ben’s also played behind a terrible OL for the past four years. No other QB in the league would survive behind that line.

  54. Deb says:
    Stats are nice, but football is a team sport.

    And the HOF is an individual award. I’m sure Rothburger wll get in, but Warner is correct. He was a better QB as well.

  55. Haters hate . Lovers love . Ben played terrible in his first SB and well documented . But what ppl dont remember is how he played to get to that sb . Ben went on the road 3 times and beat a high powered Bengals team . Went to Indy and beat Manning which shocked the world cause Ben did it throwing all over the place . Then he went to Denver and smoked that team . Ben had like 12 td’s and 1 int in that playoff run . I believe his passer rating in those 3 playoff games was 114.7 . So while he sucked in SB XL he outplayed Manning Palmer and Plummer . Not bad in my opinion .

  56. I like Warner, he is a great guy, but this is just something he shouldn’t be talking about considering he is a borderline hall of famer. He seems very interesting in some statistics, but not in others (such as yards per completion, 3rd down completion rate, etc….where Ben excels)

    Not everyone can play in a dome half of the year.

  57. Ben will be in the hall of fame, probably whether he wins this super bowl or not.

    He doesn’t deserve to be a first ballot hall of famer though. That team is carried by the defense, not Ben. Put Manning on the Steelers, and he probably has 5 of the last 7 superbowls, if not more. You could probably put 4 other QBs on the Steelers (besides Manning) and they would have just as many Superbowl rings as Ben has.

  58. johndank says:
    Feb 4, 2011 12:08 AM
    he isnt. hes only got superbowl rings. and pretty much all mediocore performances. id take philip rivers over him just based on passing skills.

    “he’s only got superbowl rings”

    What do you mean ONLY? Isn’t that why you play the game? Go ahead and take your fantasy football stud. I’ll take the guy that wins championships.

  59. Some you idiots have no clue. Warner is the biggest idiot of all. He talks like he’s going to the HOF. More like HOShame for Warner. Dude was a back up most of his career and Ben is clearly the better QB.

    Win or lose Sunday, Ben is headed for a HOF career. Easily.

  60. Warner is a moron. Is a 4300 yard season carrying your team? Is a 32 TD season carrying your team?

    Ben was 23 when he won that first Super Bowl. To get to that game he won 3 playoff games on the road where he threw 7 TD’s and 1 INT with a combined QB rating of 124.7. The media is now crowning Aaron Rodgers for winning 3 road playoff games with 6 TD’s and 2 INT’s and a QB rating of 109.

    I think Ben carried the Steelers in SBXLIII when he engineered the greatest game winning drive in Super Bowl history. Why do morons like Warner remember Ben struggling in his first SB and not him putting together the most clutch drive in the history of the game to win his second SB?

  61. Um Mal…..think again. Ben is top 3, or higher. Nobody can take the punishment and deliver like Ben. Not Brady, not Manning, and sure as hell not Rodgers. Ben is top 3, and the best clutch QB since Elway.

  62. I love how everyone wants to sum up his ENTIRE career in A game that he played poorly in and WON. The HOF is a subjective induction process, which is fine, but it makes all of this discussion kind of moot. Ben is a great qb…since so many of you love stats, look at them. he played very well in the SBXL playoff run….ON THE ROAD…yes, he laid an egg in the SB itself, but if i recall, the team still won. so he basically played poorly enough to win, i get that. in his second SB, he went 21 for 30 and led an 80+ yard drive for the game winning td, but nobody wants to talk about that.
    he does what a qb is supposed to do, WIN FOOTBALL GAMES. The argument that the defense does it all is ridiculous. it’s a team game and no qb should be faulted for having a good team around him. nobody’s defense does it all, and nobody’s offense does it all. ALL 3 phases of the game must be adequate, so please stop with all the ‘defense has carried him’ hateration. i’m willing to bet that if he played for a team that you didnt despise (as many of you obviously despise the steelers, and some of you despise him personally), you wouldnt be so quick to try and knock him and his performance ON THE FIELD.
    and on to philip rivers. where exactly has this guy “carried his team”? their defense is always decent at worst, he has had a pro bowl TE, strong running game, and yet, he’s never done much with any of them except fail to get to or win a superbowl, so why does he continue to get a pass with some of you? you can have him, i’d rather take Ben and his championshipS.

    o, how anyone with fewer rings in more tries can say another guy is undeserving of a HOF induction is beyond me

  63. Sorry, but we’d rather have a guy who carries the team when it counts than when the game isn’t on the line

    Ok, lets play a little game. Lets say the Ravens with Trent Dilfer had won another Superbowl. That would put him in the same catagory as Ben. The rest of the team (esp the D) carried that team. Do you think Dilfer belongs in the hall of fame in that situation?

    Because that is basically what you have here. The rest of the Steelers carried Ben to his first ring and even to his second, although he was better. Now Ben is clearly more talented then Dilfer but that does not mean he belongs in the hall of fame yet.

    Now Warner, he carried his teams. All you have to do is look at the Cardinals without him. Look at what the Steelers have done without Ben – They still pretty much won the same way they always do.

    Warner has a great point and Ben needs to do more to prove he belongs there.

  64. We always suspected that Warner wasn’t that bright and his comments about Ben prove it. When is someone going to mention that in the playoff run UP TO that 1st Super Bowl that Ben was terrific. He beat Cincy, Indy and Denver on the road ALL by getting us out to early leads. I was at the Indy game and the place was so loud it gave you a headache. In that environment Ben led us down the field for 2 quick touchdowns that pretty much sealed the game.

    As to another comment about him being ‘mediocre’ bowls. Was that a mediocre final drive against the Cardinals? Come on, Ben is already the 2nd best QB in the NFL (behind Brady) it’s all about wining. Phillip Rivers? What has he won?

  65. Warner = 3 SB’s. 2 SB losses.

    Roethlisberger = 3 SB’s 0 losses thus far. And outplayed Warner to win the 2nd SB.

    I guess Warner feels he doesn’t belong too.

  66. Finally someone is making sense Rothlisberger is just an average QB with a killer D, he has done nothing to deserve hall of fame praise. A hall of fame QB should be able to carry a team not the other way around.

  67. Warner seems like he is trying to boost his own HOF resume here. I think he owns the top 3 spots for most yards thrown in Super Bowls, and he only has one ring to show for it. It sounds like he is trying to say “Ben may have 2 rings but he went 8-23 in one of those games. I have 1 ring, but played great in all three games.”

  68. I kind of disagree here strictly on the fact that rothlesburger is really going to really be the stepping stone of the new age quarterback not just a pocket passer but a mobile outside the pocket kind of guy ( you can say the same about Rodgers to)

  69. Since when did the decision on whether you are worthy of the HOF hinge solely on your Superbowl performance? I think Ben’s performance in the regular season games, his ability to win crucial games with everything on the line, plus his ability to improvise makes him worthy. As a person, I despise Ben and his past behavior, as a player I would want him as my QB anyday. And yes, he would get my HOF vote.

  70. Kurt’s right.

    People forget that one guy doesn’t win the SB, its a team effort. By that definition Trent Dilfer should be in the HOF instead of Dan Marino.

    That being said, Routhlisberger is a lock for those 2-3 plays a game that his team needs him to make to win.

    He’s well on his way but I’m not willing to put him in yet.

  71. Caldon says:

    Ok, lets play a little game. Lets say the Ravens with Trent Dilfer had won another Superbowl. That would put him in the same catagory as Ben. The rest of the team (esp the D) carried that team. Do you think Dilfer belongs in the hall of fame in that situation?

    but they didnt, and dilfer did not do anything close to what ben is doing both in the regular season, and the playoffs consistently. argument is flawed.

  72. Ok Ben has benefited from playing on a great team with a perrenial great defense, but would he be going for his 3rd ring if he played for the Browns or the Raiders?

    Also, can’t believe nobody has “refutiaded” this statement yet:
    Before we throw him in the HOF lets remember that Theisman also won 2 SB’s

  73. palyer says:
    Feb 4, 2011 12:25 AM
    “Nine of 10. Warner didn’t do that. Brady hasn’t done that. Manning hasn’t done that.”

    This is incorrect. Brady started his career with 10 straight playoff wins.

    Their talking about non-cheating wins…

    in that category he is 2-3…

  74. Then there’s the fact that, since losing in the AFC title game to cap his rookie season, Roethlisberger has led the Steelers to nine of 10 win in postseason games

    Nine of 10. Warner didn’t do that. Brady hasn’t done that. Manning hasn’t done that.


    You’re right Mike, Brady hasn’t done that. He won 10 of his first 10 playoff games, starting his career off 10-0 in the playoffs (lost in the AFC divisional round in 2005). No other QB has done that.

    As for Ben being a HOFer, I’d say he’s got a good argument, but don’t go assuming he’s going to win four or five rings. That’s what they said about Brady after his third ring. Also, don’t go make Ben out to be better than Tom until the Steelers come within 10 points of the Patriots in a head-to-head game.

  75. Before we throw him in the HOF lets remember that Theisman also won 2 SB’s

    Theismann WENT to 2… only won 1..

  76. kom2k10 says: Feb 4, 2011 1:06 AM

    Manning, Brady, and Brees can take an average team and push them to 10-12 wins… Big Ben can’t…. give this a thumbs down if you must, but you can’t argue the facts… Sorry, he’s just a good QB on a GREAT team.


    This, sir, was a great post. I didn’t copy/paste the whole thing because it was long, but the entire post was spot on. Though the post will probably get several thumbs down by the steeler fans who think every single player on their team has to be considered the greatest of all time. Every. Single. One.

  77. “Ok, lets play a little game. Lets say the Ravens with Trent Dilfer had won another Superbowl. That would put him in the same catagory as Ben. The rest of the team (esp the D) carried that team. Do you think Dilfer belongs in the hall of fame in that situation?”

    What a load of crap. The Ravens were playing Tony Banks a bunch back in those days and they set a record in 2000 for most games without a TD by a team that went on to the Super Bowl. Lewis also had his 2K+ yard season that year. Trent Dilfer did virtually NOTHING that season while Ben (as has been pointed out over and over in this thread by Steeler fans) did a hell of a lot to carry his team through the playoffs to get them there.

    The comparison is absurd and all you jokers who keep using it just out yourselves for being completely clueless about how that season went down.

  78. He has every right to be bitter about SB 43. If Arizona had a decent defense at all, BR would be 1 and 1 and to be fair there were calls on both sides of that game that didn’t get called that should have. The Cards also hurt themselves by scoring too quickly with that Fitzgerald touchdown. It is what it is though and was a great game and I hope for a great game this weekend, though I can’t stand either team.

    I just wanted to say it’s a shame that Warner couldn’t have been more consistent in his career and won another ring himself. He won’t make the Hall of Fame but was very good and no doubt carried the Cardinals, just look at them now. My grandmother has worked with Warner on some mission trips, helping with the flood in Iowa few years back etc. and she said he is a wonderful person. But as people have said, it’s not a Hall of Good People or Classy People, it’s the Hall of Fame based on performance, stats and place in history of the games played. I don’t think he was out of line with his comments. He was being candid about stats being more consistent and impressive because the selectors look at the entire body of work typically, although three sb rings probably makes BR a lock, as it does most QBS.

    On a personal note, I can’t wait for Brady, Manning and BR to all regress…ready to see some new faces and teams back at the SB, like they started to see early in 2000’s. It was great seeing a different team every year, or so it seemed. Anyone else remember that, what I think were the good old days. Rams, Ravens, Patriots, Buccaneers. A great four year stretch in my opinion because someone who had never won the big one, did just that!

  79. Deb says:
    I agree with Warner that Ben’s not yet HoF-worthy
    I am honestly STUNNED by this admission. It gives me a whole different perspective on you, Deb. Really.

    Taking his personality oand behavior out of the equation and looking at him strictly on the playing field, I would agree with Warner and many of the posters here that while Roethlisberger is a solid QB results-wise, he’s no HOF lock YET.

    First, people need to realize that while no less a legend than Paul Brown said basically “it’s all about the rings”, Roethlisberger essentially “Dilfered” his way to that first one. That was the worst performance by a game-winning quarterback in Super Bowl history, and that has to be obvious to everyone.

    His second SB, he was 21/30 @256 yards, 1 TD/1 INT. A decent game, but not dominating. A lot of guys could have done that job that day. It was the Steelers defense that won that game.

    Two Super Bowls, zero memorable performances by Roethlisberger..

    Now the Steelers are in another Super Bowl, having won three out of their first four games without Roethlisberger even being on the field. Granted, we’ve seen some great “3rd and a thousand” plays from him during these playoffs, but he still hasn’t shown himself to be the equal of guys named Montana, Young, Unitas or even Brady and Manning.

    Not yet.

    And while three rings can’t hurt his resume, he needs to have been a key factor in each of those rings to be on the level of those guys. Trent Dilfer could have ridden the coattails of a great Ravens defense to three SB rings, but if his numbers were the same every time, would they make him HOF worthy???? Vinitari may have kicked new England to a couple of rings, but Tom Brady clearly put his a$$ in position to make those kicks.

    This game is truly very important in the legacy of Roethlisberger’s career. But I honestly don’t believe it’s going to be as long a career as it could be anyway. He is either going to be seriously injured because of his “all over the place” style of improvising, or honestly end up out of football because of his propensity to put himself in positions of bad judgment (ie; drinking, and asaulting).

  80. Big Ben is more of a sure thing than Kurt Warner is. Big Ben is in his 3rd super bowl, while competing against the likes of Brady, Peyton, and Rivers in his conference. He will never be asked to carry this team through the air like Peyton and Brady. That is not Steelers football. Kurt to me is the guy who lost his starting job to Marc Bulger and Eli Manning, and had fumble issuses through out his career. Big Ben could use the Patrick Roy saying “I can’t really hear what Kurt Warner is saying, I have two Super Bowl rings plugging up my ears”

  81. Of course, Ben is not a hall-of-famer yet. He is still playing and his story is not yet done. But for Warner to mention that one game, out of Ben’s entire body of work, and merely focus on stats, that is pretty short-sighted, and likely shows he has sour grapes from Ben beating him in the Super Bowl. Ben led the end-of-game comeback to beat his team. Ben has played pretty well in his entire career. His record is generally up there.

    But all this HOF talk is silly. If Ben does what many expect him to do before he is done playing, and that is win at least a few more Super Bowls and mature even further as a player and person, then he will in fact be a lock. I expect him to win more Super Bowls that Brady, and clearly more than Manning. However, he won’t beat them in completing a ton of 5-7 yard passes. That is not his game.

    Frankly, Warner comes across as pretty small to me with his comments above. But maybe they were taken out of context with everything he said in the interview that I did not see.


  82. At least Roethlisberger wasn’t a back-up to Matt Leinart and Eli Manning in the prime of his “Hall-of Fame” career.

  83. Big Ben is a lock for the Hall like it or not. The hall isn’t going to deny a 3 time SB winning QB.

    As for everyone chiming in with Brady’s stats, lets not forget Spygate. Once the Pat’s cheating was exposed their playoff wins ceased. Coincidence?

  84. As a Steeler fan, Warners comments make some sense… True, Ben is not HOF material right this second. That being said, he does have 2 rings and hopefully a 3rd come Sunday . He also has a number of years left to perhaps fill his fingers full of rings!

    If Ben does nothing else during his career ( and I highly doubt that), he will still be considered for the hall. I expect that he will add more accolades to his resume though,and he will be a HOF member when his playing days are over

  85. Anyone that doubts that Kurt Warner is a HOF, do yourself a favor and Wikipedia him and check his resume. It speaks for itself. By the way, I’m not a fan of the Cardinals or Rams. I hate Haters.

    Hail Redskins!

  86. network17:

    As for everyone chiming in with Brady’s stats, lets not forget Spygate. Once the Pat’s cheating was exposed their playoff wins ceased. Coincidence?


    I’m not defending Spygate, but yes, it’s a coincidence. After the Spygate years, the Patriots went 18-0 before the Giant Super Bowl. Differences the 07 Pats and the Super Bowl winners? Prima donna Asante Samuel instead of stud Ty Law, no running game instead of Corey Dillon, and a horrible o-line.

    Patriots may have went 14-2 but 16 of their starters were 3rd year players or younger, not the vets like Roman Phifer, Mike Vrabel and Tedy Bruschi that anchored the Super Bowl teams. Even with the young guys getting better though, they won’t win another one with arguably the worst left tackle in football. Yes, Light was a Pro Bowler, but so was Brandon Merriweather who wasn’t even starting when Sanders and Chung were healthy. Light’s awfulness is covered up by Brady’s pocket movement and Alge Crumpler’s double team help.

  87. has anyone ever done enough in 7 seasons to be a LOCK for the HOF?
    for some of you, Ben could never throw another incomplete pass and win the next 5 Superbowls and you’d still find some way to knock him. HOF or not, you cant dispute the fact that he’s a two time super bowl winner, and i bet that’s just fine with him. ask dan marino which trophy he’d rather have

  88. @ PhillyPatsFan.

    Pat’s were 18-0 when Spygate broke. They lost the Superbowl right after spygate broke.

    I’m not denying Brady his HOF, he’s a lock. But so is Big Ben when he wins another championship.

  89. Also, Jamal Lewis didn’t have his 2K yard season that year. The Ravens superbowl year was his rookie season, but feel free to keep commenting on how people are clueless to how that season went down, what a joker.

  90. “Then there’s the fact that, since losing in the AFC title game to cap his rookie season, Roethlisberger has led the Steelers to nine of 10 win in postseason games…”

    Of course, there were also two seasons he did not make the playoffs, and of course those were the two seasons Pitt ranked worse than 4th in defense. The year they ranked 9th in D, 2006, Ben led the league with 23 INTs and Pitt finished 8-8.

    Sorry, but Warner is correct. D has always carried the Steelers, not Ben, and Ben is not a HoFer. Fans who think he is are simply making the mistake of giving him too much individual credit for team accomplishments. However, I also don’t doubt that there are enough people who have trouble with the whole individual versus team accomplishment thing (after all, many people thought Matt Leinart was going to be a great NFL QB because he was supposedly a clutch, champion QB in college) that you’re right Ben will end up being a first ballot HoFer one day.

  91. @Network…HUH??? Cameragate broke after week 1 of the 07 season.

    People whining about Warner having no right to an opinion since he’s not in the HOF : grow up. The whole HOF is sort of a joke anyway since MOST writers should have NOTHING TO DO with choosing who was a great player and who wasn’t are the guys who choose the HOF players. They choose sometimes based on who was nice to them or who made their job easier or who they felt has charisma (Seriously…JOE NAMATH IN THE HOF??? I know Deb will be mad @ me since she loves her Tide but seriously girl…even you have to admit that choice was a push as far as carrying his team or being a great player. It was mostly the off the field & swagger type stuff;)) Peter King’s opinion means bubkes to me good or bad & he’s a HOF voter I believe. Anyone think he’s a better judge of talent than most of the guy who played or any man who was a great coach or GM?? Not I. SOME writers/media guys are quite astute but most were at least a decent/contributing player in the league (IE Matt Bowen or Mike Mayock. One could make a case for guys like Dr Z who were students of the game instead of gossip monger types like Peter King. But I think that the most important thing to know about awards & honors are how qualified the people who choose them are.

    At least Warner played the game at a high level for years. I don’t think he is being bitter. The man lost a SB his team was a HUGE favorite in to my team (the Pats) and has written nice letters to BB which were very complimentary. I think it would be only human of him to be a little bitter and sure being bitter can affect a player’s (or coaches or anyone who is human’s) judgment but I don’t think Warner’s that type of guy.

    Also let’s not downtalk Warner for having to be a backup at points of his career. Everyone with an ounce of brains knows that first round highly compensated draft choices like Ben or Sanchez or Ryan Leaf whoever you care to name talent or no talent…QB or not QB….are by and large going to get MANY MANY MANY more breaks and chances than a UDFA longshot like Warner gets. Those type guys HAVE to light it up or at least help their team win the very first time they get on the field or they are toast. I mean had Brady stunk it up in his opportunity (even though it came due to injury) instead of being smart and efficient anyone think he would have gotten a second chance with the Pats? Nope, not I.

    Bottom line Steelers fans: you guys know how you feel about him and so does his team. Do you guys REALLY TRULY CARE if he makes the HOF? I know that Bruschi, Vrabel ,McGinest, Rodney Harrison…those guys probably have an 0% chance of making the HOF but most of us Pats fans know the Pats have an 0% chance of being 3X champs without them. That’s what matters.

  92. @richm2256 …

    You’re surprised because you mostly focus on my legal posts. I argue those issues with such intensity because I’m convinced he’s been falsely accused and tried by media. (Google Jason Whitlock and Ben for a good column on Goodell’s machinations.)

    But I’ve also posted vehement personal and professional criticism of Ben. He set himself up for Georgia and his behavior has been appalling. His ego has overridden his work ethic, and OC Arians has taken hits for Ben’s lack of discipline. I pray his life changes are genuine, or he could get into trouble again–not because he’s a predator, but by being an idiot. And yes, he could have a short career if he doesn’t improve his work ethic and adjust is playing style.

    That’s my issue with Ben and the Hall. You mentioned Dilfer–who takes too many hits as a “lucky” Super Bowl winner. Trent didn’t “luck” into a SB. He’s the opposite of Ben. He had marginal gifts but worked his butt off to develop them. So he was ready when his opportunity arrived. That’s not luck. That’s preparation.

    Ben is naturally gifted. But he hasn’t had to do that much work. When the heat’s on, his instincts kick in. They’ve brought him early success–and fed the notion that he doesn’t need to bother with study or technique. But he hired a QB coach to keep up during his suspension and the guy improved his throwing motion. That seems to have taught him he can improve. To consider him HoF-worthy, I need to see serious, ongoing effort to enhance his gifts and make himself the best he can be. That’s what truly elite QBs do. And I’ll know he’s serious about it when I see the results on the field.

  93. abninf says:

    Deb says:
    Stats are nice, but football is a team sport.

    And the HOF is an individual award. I’m sure Rothburger wll get in, but Warner is correct. He was a better QB as well.


    Way to take a comment out of context! I agreed that Ben isn’t currently HoF-worthy.

    Yes the Hall is an individual accolade given to those who are best at their job. QBs have ONE job: Help their team win championships. So no matter how many stats they collect, if they haven’t helped lead their team to a championship*, they don’t belong in the Hall.

    *Super Bowls/league championships and/or conference and division championships.

  94. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Deb, Great disertation. But why dont you go on a legal site and post. This is football, not church, courtroom or legal forum. Yes Ben will be going to the hall of fame. Like it or not his performance and stats will put him there. He,s tuff and big and hard to get down. Has a good arm and gets the job done. And in the NFL thats all that is needed. Now can you shorten your posts because if I wanted to read a book I would go to the library. OhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhBoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Bet this will ruffle your skirt ,sorry, pants

  95. Really this comes down to what makes a QB HOF worthy? Is it numbers (Marino) or Rings (Bradshaw) or both? IMO its winning plain and simple.

    Media types and fans, right or wrong, seem to constantly lay losses at the feet of the QB, regardless of poor defense or bad coaching or a crap running game. Its the QBs job to find a way for his team to win. If that is the case then shouldn’t QBs that win get their praise? Why is it when a QB wins, then, people revert to another stat to take the QB down (in this case – great defense) a peg? They always seem to make excuses for the guys with the big numbers like Manning and Marino. Leave poor Trent Dilfer alone. Plenty of better QBs have botched fantastic opportunities like he had..ahem..McNabb, Jim Kelly. If the Ravens would have lost, everyone would have blamed him. But when he wins, everyone says the Ravens win in spite of him. No win situation and a stupid double standard.

    Ben has pulled way too many games out of the fire to be considered a guy that rides to coattails of his D. Best clutch QB around in a close game. He always finds a way and does what ever it takes. For those who constantly bring up XL, go and rewatch the 3 prior games against Cincy, Indy and Denver, all on the road. He was amazing.

  96. @newreality1 …..

    Heeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy little booooyyyyyyyyy.

    Don’t like my posts … skip them.

    Sorry, takes a man to ruffle my skirt.

  97. @CKL …

    No Namath in the Hall??!!?? Pfffftttt!!!

    And here I thought you were such a sensible girl 😉

    Joe Willy belongs in the Hall. I guarantee it!

    ROLL TIDE!!!

  98. Look, winning the SB is not the gold standard for defining one’s career and whether or not they belong in the HOF. IF that were the case Dilfer would be a lock. Stop listening to the same old watered down opinions on ESPN and the NFL Network and form your own. They are already saying Rodgers is up there with Brady and Manning……really?

    Ben isn’t great. If he played for just about anyone else his name would almost never come up. He’s been incredibly lucky and obviously that defense takes some of the pressure off of him. Just one man’s opinion but he has never been spectacular. He is almost always plagued by some injury. Look at the way he grabbed his knee in the SB only to break a 15-20yd scramble off and not even limp afterwards. So was he actually injured or was he just sooooooo tough that he shrugged it off? Tired of his act and the overreaction of this article.

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