Michael Vick’s Super Bowl party is off

The last time we heard about Michael Vick hosting a party, his former dog fighting co-defendant got shot. So some eyebrows were raised this week when it was reported that Vick was hosting another party during Super Bowl week.

But Tony Dungy, who has served as a mentor to Vick, says that party isn’t happening.

“He’s not,” Dungy said when asked on the Dan Patrick Show why Vick was hosting a party. “He is not going to be attending. I don’t know where it started or what, but he’s not going to be there. . . . I think he understands it’s something that’s just not worth it to him.”

The Eagles have also said Vick won’t be attending. Vick hasn’t commented publicly.

Vick apparently initially agreed to serve as the host for a party, but thought better of it when he thought of the potential consequences. Sounds like a good decision, even if it’s a disappointment for people who planned to attend the party, which was billed as “Super Bowl — Dallas Dynasty 2011 — The Michael Vick Experience.”

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  1. I don’t know what really happened, and there are undoubteded few that do, but I’d much rather him further his “commit to things and fail to show up” legacy than his “show up to things and have violent drama” leagacy. So…good for you, mike.

  2. Well, the smartest thing for him to have done was not have the party in the first place. At least this is the next smartest thing: realizing that with no margin for error, hosting yet another party is a stupid move. Wish it didn’t take his advisors to tell him this, though.

  3. Good for vick. Unlike Big ben , he’s got someone in his ear giving him gooooooooooooooood advice. Maybe Ben should call vick for some pointers

  4. I agree. Sounds like he was advised not to do this. By the way. Packers rode the mike Vick experience 2 times this year. Not that impressive.

  5. When you host a party you are responsibl­e for your actions and the actions of everyone at YOUR party. If you don’t want to take those risk, don’t have nor host the party.

  6. Looks like someone talked some sense into him. It’s a shame a grown man needs someone to point out what a bad idea this party was. I guess money can’t buy brains.

  7. Um .. let’s see ,, how WRONG you are here,
    Mr. Michael David Smith.

    Here in Philadelphia, the story is:
    Philadelphia Inquirer/ columnist Ashley Fox
    QUOTE: TMZ.com reported that the owner of Deux Lounge, the club hosting the event, said that there would be increased security at the event provided by Vick, the NFL, and the club, including three off-duty members of a SWAT team.

    Jeff Skaggs, identified by TMZ.com as the operating owner of Deux Lounge.

    Jeff Skaggs, identified by TMZ.com as the operating owner of Deux Lounge, did not return messages for comment. Vick also did not return a text seeking comment.

    It is possible that Vick did not know about any event, that an invitation using his likeness in what appears to be an Eagles uniform was designed without his approval. The invitation shown on TMZ.com did not say that Vick would be at the party.


    Mr. Skaggs or M. Vick NEVER talked to ANYONE at TMZ. or EVER said M. Vick was going to be attending any party in Dallas.

    but,,If using a TABLOID-RAG Magazine, as a “reliable source”,, just shows your real skills as a journalist, Mr.Michael David Smith.

    Any proof of this story at all ? ?

    thanks for a meaningless NON-STORY

  8. Yes I agree that the best thing would have been for him to make this choice without advisors telling him, BUT……

    Please keep in mind this is a guy that just a few years ago was the lowest form of scum in the NFL. With everything from his Ron Mexico alias, to flipping off fans, to torturing puppy dogs.

    Lets give me a little credit for atleast coming far enough to have decent human beings around him as advisors and actually LISTEN to their wise advice.

  9. Just the fact that this guy ever thought this was a good idea speaks volumes. Some day he’s going to do something that his “advisors” are not around to save him from.

  10. That’s a shame he can’t attend- I heard they are going to have state of the art dogfighting pits and a canine dunk tank. He would have had a good time.

  11. Give credit to Tony Dungy for continuing to mentor Vick and Vick for listening to what Dungy had to say. Assuming Dungy talked him out of going.

  12. I’m just glad this circus freak is out of Atlanta. He had ability, but no judgement, and still doesn’t.

  13. Ya, he was advised all right.

    “Hey Mike, you have that party and your ass is grass.”

  14. Wow, you removed that comment??? Was he not involved in dog fighting and didn’t a person get shot at the last party he “hosted?” Come on. Give me a break.

  15. so it’s okay for Ben to go out drinking again and give the finger to Goodell but Vick can’t have party?

    I don’t know but sounds a little racist to me.

  16. Whoever’s monitoring these comments was probably picked last a lot in high school, or probably participates in bestiality with dogs on a regular basis.

  17. “The Michael Vick Experience”
    The club was going to be decorated in an Alcatraz motif!

  18. newreality1 says:
    Feb 4, 2011 12:25 PM
    Good for vick. Unlike Big ben , he’s got someone in his ear giving him gooooooooooooooood advice.


    The fact that a 30 year old manchild still needs that kind of advice pretty much says it all.

  19. “It’s not worth it to him………”. By the sounds of it I guess it is a given that any party he attends will have to have gun violence and he has no choice in the matter.

  20. 2 seconds of thought would would have determined that no good could come from this unless he was there to recruit free agent Ofensive Lineman.

  21. Who cares? it was JUST a party! not like it was a dog killing party or something.Whats with all these people hating on just going to a party or having a drink or 2 lately….Stop being so damn uptight

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