Roger Goodell: 18-game season is what fans want

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is steadfast in his support of increasing the regular season from 16 games to 18. And he insists that that’s what the fans want.

In fact, Goodell said today at his annual “State of the League” press conference that it was interest from the fans that made him and the majority of league owners decide to push for an 18-game season.

“We started this with the fans,” Goodell said. “The fans have clearly stated that they don’t like the preseason. We have a 20-game format, 16 regular season games and four preseason games, and the fans have repeatedly said the preseason games don’t meet NFL standards. And that is the basis on which we started this 18-game concept, taking two low-quality preseason games and turning them into two high-quality regular season games.”

A recent Associated Press poll, however, found that fan interest in an 18-game season was lukewarm at best. And NFL players are just about unanimous in their opposition to the 18-game season.

So is Goodell right that the fans want an 18-game season? Or is Goodell using the fans as cover for something that’s really being pushed by the owners, and by Goodell himself? Let us know where the fans stand, PFT Planet.

372 responses to “Roger Goodell: 18-game season is what fans want

  1. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t support it. I hear the players, and don’t dispute what they’re saying.

    But as someone who loves to watch football, it’s simple math. 18 > 16.

  2. They didn’t ask me! I don’t want 16 games! As far as I’m concerned 16 is too many, and there are already too many teams! The league is watered down now, adding more games may lead to additional players allowed on rosters, which will add more mediocre players at key positions.

  3. Goodell is using the “fans” as a cover to generate more money. That’s all the owners care about. 18 game season would be dumb!!

    Thumbs up if you want an 18 game season, thumbs down if you want to keep it as is.

  4. He didn’t ask me, its not what I want. Goodell is over the line on this one, he would be better off saying the owners need it for additional revenue, at least he would be telling the truth.

  5. Have they considered making it an 18 game schedule-16 regular season and 2 preseason games where the starters actually play more than a series or two? If they did this people might not feel robbed when attending preseason games and everyone wins. Except the selfish owners who love charging full price tickets to watch practice squad players play all preseason. So everyone that matters wins.

  6. I don’t want it…

    It’s perfect how it is now…division alignments…the scheduling is pretty good…I would be in favor of eliminating 2 preseason games though.

  7. 16 is enough. You need time to evaluate talent, PLUS more season probably means more injuries.

  8. The fans don’t hate the preseason games, they hate paying full price for pre-season games. But gawsh forbid they lower the prices for the pre-season games instead of trying to push this on all of us (and the players).

    Look, Roger, I know the union is irritated at your for pushing the 18 game season. Don’t blame it on us, the fans, though.

  9. Absolutely don’t want 18 games. Teams that clinch PO berths have even more incentive to rest their starters. Nothing like preseason games in weeks 17 and 18.

  10. While I generally dislike the preseason, that doesn’t mean that I want to add two games that make an already bordering-on-mediocre league even worse. The play this year has been terrible and with 2 more games, more players will get injured and the expanded rosters mean even more mediocre players will be entering into the league. I don’t want an 18 game season, if we’re going to get stuck with two bad games a year, let them be in the preseason and not be in the run-up to the playoffs.

  11. really Goodell?…really? No fans want 18-game seasons, we hate the preseason so take 2 games out and make it a 18-game schedule in total. 2 pointless preseason games and keep 16 regular season games. Idiot. thanks for trying to cover your own behind. Makes me sick to think of this guy heading one of the greatest sports in North America.

  12. LIES, ALL LIES!!! Get rid of the 2 preseason games and stay with 16 regular season games!!! 18 is two games too many. I don’t need to see half my team injured by week 16 or teams like the Patriots playing 3-4 meaningless games at the end of the season.

  13. Higher quality first 2 weeks for a lower quality post season? No thanks. This fan says leave it the way it is.

  14. As a fan, I don’t support 18 games. It would only dilute the importance of each game. I just think they should reduce the price of preseason tix.

  15. No. A thousand times no.

    I wish more people would call him on this in the media, the hypocrisy of pushing for player safety in one breath, then in the next talk about extending the season.

    Just say it’s about the money, Goodell, don’t pretend me and fellow NFL fans support you on this.

  16. Sorry, Rogers, your thinking is skewed on this one. The fans don’t see a 20 game format. We see 4 meaningless games followed by 16 meaningful ones. It doesn’t mean we want (or need) need more meaningful games. It just means we want fewer meaningless games, especially when charged full price for the ticket.

  17. Leave the season at 16 games and drop 2 pre-season games. Teams will get too banged up during a longer season and I don’t want to be inside watching football in August.

  18. The fans told Goodell they don’t like the preseason games…he and the owners are the one’s stuck on 20 games. I would prefer they leave the regular season as it is and just cut the two preseason games. The more games you add to the regular season, the less each one means and the less I’m going to plan my life around watching every week.

  19. I’m an NFL fan Roger-the-doger. And i do NOT want an 18 game season. I do NOT want green eggs and ham. What i do want is for you to be replaced as commishiner. There’s alot of other fans, thousands of them in fact, that don’t want an 18 game season either. And they also want you removed from the commish position. Cuz you suk at it. You are ruining football. Find a new profession Roger. Like maybe, road construction worker. Ha Ha. How the heck did you ever get elected. Maybe that’s why the owners won’t remove you. Because then they would have to admit hiring you was a mistake. Geaux Saints!

  20. 2 Fake, 16 Real.
    4 Fake, 16 Real.

    Are the options in order of popularity that I’ve read. I’ve seen a small fraction of fans wanting 18 games.

    18 games I think is wrong for the league and the Commission and Owners should find a different bargaining chip.

  21. Roger, Roger, Roger. Just because we don’t want 4 preseason games doesn’t mean we want 18 regular season games. What we do want is 2 preseason and 16 regular season. What is so great about the NFL is that every game is SO important. More games=dilution. And we all know that next thing they will want to do is increase the number of playoff teams. NBA here we come….

  22. I love how people always have to throw Jerry Jones into it as if hes the only owner in the league. get over your hate for the Cowboys just because your team hasnt won a damn thing worth anything. Typical Eagles fan

  23. I do not want to see an 18 game regular season. 16 is perfect. And there is a difference between fans not wanting to pay regular season money for preseason games and wanting more regular season games.

  24. Fans do not want an 18 game season. I already waste as many as 21 Sunday’s a year watching football. I would watch the preseason games but they are not broadcast where I live.
    Preseason is very important; the Packers roster development in the past 2 years is proof how imporarnt it is to get the young guys in and see what they can do and get them developed.
    I understand fans not wanting to pay for a ticket to a preseason game. My family has season tickets and I can’t recall anyone ever attending a preseason matchup.

    Go Pack Go!

  25. I’m for not having fans pay full price for 4 preseason games, the first and last of which starters rarely make more than a cameo. If that means 2 preseason and 16 preseason I’m all for that. Or how about charging only half price for preseason games…or not forcing season ticket holders to buy them. Lots of solutions out there, but only one that doesn’t lessen the number of $’s raked in so that’s the one they will pick.

  26. roger has proven throughout this entire year he has no idea what football fans want or need. its like he has the easiest job in the world and only wants to make it complicated to make it seem like he is setting the world on fire and doing something

  27. Hey Rodger if you spent less time admiring yourself in the mirror every day and talked to a fan or two there are about 20 reasons fans don’t want 18 games, 21 if you include the fact the lions fans don’t want 2 more L’s.

  28. No way. I’m ready for football games to be over when they finish currently, and I certainly don’t want the average career length of players to be shortened.

  29. This fan is opposed to the 18-game regular season AND the 4-game preseason. I’m OK with the 16-game regular season and they should play a 2-game or 3-game exhibition schedule in NFL-starved cities or abroad.

  30. I dont have a real opinion about the 18 game season,
    But i am effin tired of paying full price for pre-season games.

  31. I would be for it if they expanded the roster and the practice squad and change the way other teams can rob your practice squad. Also create a one tier minor league with rules along the lines of baseball.

  32. Oh really Goodell, myself and the many other loyal fans of the sport do not want this. I don’t remember a survey coming out and asking me of my opinion, or did it just go to you and the owners.

  33. I thought he was trying to find a way to get rid of meaningless games at the end of the season. This is the exact opposite of that.

  34. An 18 game scheduled would lead to inflated stats, so even mediocre players stats would end up comparing to some off the all time greats, 16 is just fine with me, and I know its fine with the players. Goodell is a moron, who has never played a down in the NFL, so he doesn’t know what it take. I don’t either but I’m not the one forcing it upon my employees.

  35. The fans want Goodell to quit his job, and also to keep 16 reg season games, and reduce pre-season to 2 games. The end.

  36. This fan wants 16 games and 28 teams. 18 games is too many, 32 teams is too many. If you want more home games, go buy a baseball team.

  37. I absolutely DO NOT want 18 games!!!! I actually enjoy the 4 preseason games and seeing what some young guys or undrafted players can do in live game action… With only 2 they wouldn’t get much of a chance!

  38. Goofdell claims the fans want:

    1. 18 game season
    2. Games overseas
    3. Super Bowl overseas

    All negative from this fan.

    May go for the 18 game season w/ roster expansion, added bye week, and a better injured reserve alternative (like a baseball disabled list where you can bring hurt players back in season, if possible).

  39. WOW the commish is stretching that one. Just because we don’t wan’t meaningless pre-season games doesn’t mean we want 18 games. The owners and the commish are just trying to replace the revenue of the lost pre-season games with 2 regular season games and blame it n us. NO WAY TO 18 REGULAR SEASON GAMES!

  40. I don’t really care if its 16 or 18 games; I’ll watch them all. 18 games, however, is certainly not worth the risk of having less or no football next year!

  41. On paper, 18 is slightly better than 16, but 16 is infinitely better than zero. Shut up and get this new deal done.

  42. I love how people just actomatically throw Jerry Jones into this. Lol, get over your hate for the Cowboys just because your team cant and wont win a superbowl. Typical eagles fan

  43. Leave it the way it is!!

    There really is no ‘Minor League’ for the NFL and the best chance an undrafted player might have is one of those Preason Games that don’t matter.

    16 games works out pretty nice with the schedule the way it is now and really puts an emphasis on winning the games in your division. Adding more games out of the division will weaken those in-division wins!

    You might as well go to no divisions and just the two conferences and have each team play each other once and the top six teams then make the playoffs. I myself don’t like this scenerio as it would take away those division battles that are so great!

    Why screw with something that is working pretty good. Yes, Seattle made it in this year with a losing record and yes they knocked off the defending Superbowl Champs. But that is what’s so great about the NFL Playoffs, you can never getting too big on yourself or someone will be there to knock you on your ass!!

  44. I’ll let everyone in on a little secret, here is what Godell and the owners are doing:

    They are publicly pushing hard for the 18 game schedule knowing that the players will never go for it but making a big deal about it so everyone thinks it is important.

    Then during negotiations, they can give up on it after sufficient fighting and get some other concession from the NFLPA that they wouldn’t have gotten another way.

    It’s the type of ploy that has been working for Huck Finn and others for many years! Coaches do it every year – talking up players in the draft in the hopes someone thinks the player is more valuable to the coach than the player really is…

  45. Another example of how out of touch with NFL really is with its fans. I hope there is a work stoppage, just to see the fans revolt.

  46. Roger, you need to be Specific…which fans, you already have been “MIS-QUOTED” by peter king on Ben….are these fans ALSO THE GREEDY OWNERS….
    What the FANS want is you & De. Smith to be thrown into a pitt of lions & tigers

  47. I don’t want 18 games, Roger. Maybe they should consider making the preseason games 1/2 the cost. I could go for a 17 game season and 3 game preseason. That would provide an opportunity for neutral site games, i.e London, Toronto, Mexico……

  48. NO to 18 regular season games. My Browns lose enough, thanks.

    I could see cutting 1 preseason game to give roster bubble guys a chance but not drag it out quite as long.

  49. No Fuerher Goodell, it is NOT what the fans want. The fans understand the teams need 4 games to develop their roster properly.

    What they want is not to have to pay full price for preseason games and get raped for the watered down product. Especially since they’ll still be buying $9 beers, $12 sandwiches and paying $40 for parking.

    Please do not try and claim the two things are the same. I know zero other fans who actually want this black hole of suck that the 18 game season will be.

  50. What is Roger a member of the media now? Twisting words to fit what they want them to mean.

    The fans don’t like paying regular season prices for preseason games. That’s what is meant by preseason not being up to standards. It’s illogical to jump from that to fans wanting 18 games.

    Two preseason games mean that starters play more but it also doesn’t give teams a good chance to evaluate other players.

    Just stop charging regular season prices for preseason games. It’s pretty simple really.

  51. What fans did he ask?? Must have been the owners. I don’t support a 18 game season, you have 18 games and all your stars are hurt by week 17 and now the playoffs will become the new preseason.

  52. I like that he uses the vague term “fan”. If he defines fan as a person who has season tickets and is charged full price for every game then I think he can safely say that fans prefer more regular season games and less preseason games. However, he should realize that set of people tiny compared to the overall NFL fan base. 16 game season works just fine for the rest of us.

  53. What the fans want is the league to stop charging full price fo the useless preseason games so in a twisted way the owners and their PUPPET say, “well then make them regular season games”. Don’t twist this to be what “WE” want. You and the owners want the money, period.

  54. Can someone get Goodell to look at this website, read the comments, and realize the majority of the REAL FANS want the number of games to stay at 16?

  55. Fine Roger, produce the evidence then. He can’t because it’s not what the majority of fans want. It will dilute the regular season. Nobody cares about the regular season in baseball, basketball and hockey because the individual games don’t mean anything.

  56. I like the idea of an 18 game season, although I’m not dead-set in favor. I am highly in favor of reducing the number of exhibition games, or at least cutting the ticket prices by half.

  57. There’s nothing better than an NFL Sunday, but in NO WAY do I want to see 18 games.

    ESPECIALLY since the greedy owners refuse to start until after Labor Day to squeeze every last dollar out of the system.

    Did any of them bother to take note of exactly how BRUTAL the weather gets in Jan and Feb in most of the country lately??

    Snow collapsing a stadium roof, a Sunday game played Tuesday….and all of that before the weather got even worse.

    And if Goodell wants to equate the final pre-season game with a regular season one, I suppose he hasn’t watched much late August football lately.

    And uh…Commish….the only people who have an issue with a four-game preseason are the ones that are made to pay regular season ticket prices for them.

  58. What fans don’t like about the pre-season is paying regular season prices to watch guys who are going to be bounding around practice squads all season long. Morphing fan dissatisfaction with pre-season games into an argument for 18 regular season games is a pretty shady move, and dodges the real issue.

  59. Besides the overcharging for watching scrimmages, they also keep their starters out for fear of injury. So obviously the solution is to add two more regular season games so they can get injured then! I would also expect to see more teams, once they make the playoffs, sit their starters out of fear they will get hurt. So, they already sit their starters, in some scenarios, for fear of injury, but somehow adding two more games won’t significantly increase the risk of injury? Using even simple math, which is the only kind I can use, isn’t 2 more games roughly 12.5% more risk of injury?

  60. You guys preaching about the player’s safety is rich, really. Like they really care about YOUR safety and well-being!

    These guys make more money in one GAME than I do in one YEAR.

    Get them out there and play 2 extra games!!

  61. I am a HUGE football fan and I don’t want 18 games. 16 is plenty. I am even fine with the 4 preseason games giving young guys a chance to prove themselves and possibly make a team.

  62. The game is better with less games.

    I would be more inclined to support a 14-game season than an 18-game season.

    One of the best aspects of the NFL season format is that every game is so important. Diluting the schedule will diminish that.

  63. I actually like Goodell, but do not want 18 games. His statement (which is only arguably true at best) is just justification to push for why the owners really want this: $.

  64. Please someone explain to me why fans watching 2 extra regular season games is a bad thing?

  65. 1.) Good luck filling stadiums in August while the fans are away on vacation.
    2.) The NFL is adored by fans because there are only 16 games. All games are important. Unlike baseball where a team can be out of contention by Memorial day.
    3.) How about keeping the same schedule and cut the 2 home pre-season game ticket prices by 1/2?
    4.) Or, not require season ticket holders to buy the 2 pre-season games?
    5.) The season already goes into February when it used to end the middle of January.
    6.) For the good of the fans, Goodell should go

  66. I don’t want an 18 game season.

    I love this sport. I love that every game is meaningful and an event. I love the hard hitting collisions and the chess-like game planning that goes into every week. I do not want a watered down version of football due to increased injuries. Nor do I want coaching staffs to rest players for games that are not considered critical – I want meaningful games.

    What is the problem that Goodell is trying to fix? The sport is almost perfect. It is hugely popular and a money making machine. This is simply about more money. Stop saying the fans want an 18 game season. I don’t. Not a single person I know thinks it’s a good idea. The players don’t want it. Leave my favorite sport alone. Don’t f’ it up with greed. Figure out how to divide this MASSIVE CASH PIE so that players and owners are happy.

  67. I don’t see a single comment supporting 18 games. Maybe his fans don’t visit sports sites.

  68. Roger needs to stop saying the fans want an 18 game regular season, the fans don’t feel they should be leveraged by teams into having to pay for two pre -season games. T

    I would rather see less regular season games and additional teams added to the playoffs for an extra round.

  69. Fans want more games?

    This is the same psycho that said he’d look into a method of either punishing teams that rested starters or rewarding the teams that didn’t at the end of the year in terms of draft picks.

    The day he said that I knew the man was certifiably insane. Better get your daily dose of ‘crazy’ from Goodell, he’s like Centrum for lunatics.

  70. The commish is a lawyer and lawyers like to turn words around to suit their agenda. Fans have stated for years that they do not like pre-season tickets being sold at regular season prices. But he turns that into fans don’t like pre-season games.

  71. Roger Goodell is a joke using the fans as the scapegoat so the nfl and owners can fill their pockets full of cash. Fans also want defensive players to be able to crush qb and defenseless wr but, their making fines and penalties to stop that. I am a fan and I am fine with the way it is now.

  72. 15 year Raider season ticket holder. i will not be a fan of the season extending into january and later February. i sort of like the 2 preseason games for getting back into the routine of tailgating. I really do not want 18 games and season ending in mid february. To many events happening in Feb here in california, like softball and baseball league setups and 3 day weekend for the many ski resorts. NFL starts to effect many orgainization traditional fundraising dates.

  73. Clearly the fans want the best teams benching their best players for an extra week in December.

    Mr. Goodell, get a clue. This is not about the fans. Just about the owners deep and soon to be deeper pockets.

  74. As a Bills fan I have no desire to see 2 more horrendous performances a year! But seriously, I do NOT support the 18 game season at all. Things are great how they are. All the single season records will be surpassed, and all the stats will be blown up. Records that have been held for years will unfairly fall, it will be even harder to make the playoffs for small market teams. Just a disaster in my eyes. There isnt a single person I know (all football fans) that is happy about an 18 game season

  75. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. 16 is perfect! But you can lose 2 of the garbage games in the pre-season. An 18 game schedule will just create more injuries, watered down records, shortened careers, and more meaningless week 16-19 games. PLEASE LISTEN!

  76. I don’t see why they don’t just add an extra bye-week for each team. The season gets extended by a week (an extra week of ad revenue), and the players will have more time to recover from injuries (because the NFL cares about safety, right?)

    Everybody wins.

  77. alltimeballa says:
    Feb 4, 2011 12:46 PM
    He’ll probably call P. King later today and say that he didn’t speak to football fans but it was futbol fans.

    That’s good stuff!!
    Seems obvious that it’s NOT what most fans want. He is trying to stretch the FACT that fans are tired of being forced to pay for 4 preseason games, to the LIE that we want an 18 game season. This guy is becoming more and more like the standard liars you see on C-Span. ( I can only watch so much SB Hype).

    Kind of wierd reading a PFT Comments section where all of us are in agreement.

    You go PFT Nation.

  78. Fans want cheaper preseason games. That does not equal us wanting 18 regular season games.

    Goodell’s logic for this argument is so terrible that a lockout isn’t such a bad thing. My logic is that he will get what he deserves: a $1 salary which is only $1 too much as opposed to millions too much.

  79. Why not get rid of 2 preseason games and leave the regular season at 16? The fans don’t like preseason b/c they have to pay for 2 extra meaning less home games if they buy season tickets. Thereby eliminating one of the games would be a win win for everyone.

  80. NO! Real fans want the league to stay how it is, or I should say how it was before we started taking hitting out of the game as well. The fact is “real” fans love the game how it is. Coaches, Front Office people, and real fans need the preseason to look at young talent, guys trying to make a team, and see who fits the roster. The fans Roger Goodell is talking about are soccer moms, fantasy football junkies, and fair weather fans. Not the real fans. We don’t want a 18 game season Goodell and quite honestly I don’t think we want you as the Commissioner any more either. You’re a dictator and the person who will go down in history as the person who ruined this game. I guess you really don’t know what the fans want.

  81. Yes, preseason sucks.

    Yes, we said that.

    No, we do not want 18 games season.

    How about 2 preseason and 16 regular season games?

    In a nutshell, as a fan of the NFL I DO NOT want 18 games. 16 is perfect.

    But, I would love for the baseball and baskeball season to be shrunk down a bit. Can you hook us up with that?

  82. I am NOT in favor of an 18 game season. 12 games is brutal on the body. The pros play 16 plus a post-season and a pre-season for some. To subject your body to 18 at full contact plus the post-/pre-season…no.

    Roger Goodell, it’s about owners wanting more money, not about what the fans want. We love these guys for entertaining us on Sunday (and Monday, and Thursday and Saturdays on holidays). Don’t do this to their bodies.

  83. anyone old enough to remember the original rollerball? head injuries and all.
    goodnight Mr. Goodhell

  84. hell to the no. why don’t they try a scientific poll and see how it really is. no one wants it except the owners. stop screwing with the perfect formula you’ve got going on.

  85. I’d like a 60 or 62 man roster so that injuries aren’t such a blow to a team… but that would mean even less $$ in the owner’s pockets.

    The fans are already forced to pay for all 4 pre-season games, parking and $7-$10 beers, so where’s the increased revenue for the owners?

    I think the owners are “adamant” about the 18 game season so that if/when the players make a “major” concession in bargaining that the owners can/will “concede” on the 18 game schedule. Bargaining ploy…

  86. As a fan I DO NOT want an 18 game season. The season is already long enough already. How about the excuse that the top seeded teams limp into the playoffs and end up losing their first divisional round game? If you lengthen the season you’ll just have more teams limping into the playoffs, as wildcard teams who are hot knock them out.

    Another thing near and dear to my heart is the records. Every record over the last 40 years (whenever they went to 16 games) is going to be tarnished. There will be more guys rushing for 2,000 yards, it will cheapen the history of the NFL. Don’t do 18 game season.

  87. b/c the fans dont want to watch the last two preseason games with know starters and pay full price for these games that means we want an 18 game regular season, i never claimed to be mathmatologist but that doesnt add up

  88. Roger please stop worrying about yourself and your legacy and think of others, mainly your employees and customers – 16 reg season games is just fine

  89. As someone who is still ticked about going from 14 to 16 games a season, Commissioner, I can assure you that NO, I do not want an 18-game season.

    That’s your bosses — I mean, the owners — you’re listening to, not the fans.

  90. Fans just don’t want to pay for 20 games and have 20% of them meaningless pre-season games where the stars don’t play. Fans like the current 16 game season, players hate the idea of extending it – it’s the greed of the owners and the league requiring season ticket holders to pay full price for pointless games that is driving this. Goodell is delusional to equate not liking pre-season football with wanting to extend a season.

  91. I think more than anything, the owners are using this issue as leverage but I’d surprised if it actually happens.

    Not in favor, by the way.

  92. Do you know how much the NFL(owners) would make if there was an 18 game schedule ? That is who Roger is working for and nobody else.Direct Tv im sure would have to pay millions to add those 2 extra games.

    Roger has truly been one of the worst commisioners in NFL History. Once the Lockout is settled he needs to “retire”

  93. As a season ticket holder for the Steelers, I hate paying full price for 2 games (preseason) that mean nothing. They charge full price and put out a 2nd rate product. 18 games sounds good to me, 16 regular season games and 2 preseason games.

  94. This is laughable. I have not talked to one single person who has anything positive to say about an 18-game season. More money for owners is the ONLY pro.

  95. I can tell none of you idiots own season tickets. I’ll send you the bill for the pre- season seats, there all yours.

  96. No. and get rid of your ridiculous fining policy as well. FU Roger and i mean that with all my heart. You are ruining this wonderful game.

  97. Roger, Buddy, Muchacho! You know what I want?

    I want to be able to buy a decent ticket, at a reasonable price (under $100) without having to go through a ticket broker.

    I want to be able to attend a game without feeling like I’m going to die by the hand of a drunken fan.

    I want all blackout restrictions lifted – this ain’t the 50’s man… people move around, get it?

    I want free parking at stadiums

    I want free pre season games (it’s practice for crying out loud!)

    I want rookies to not make a million dollars.. oh wait… I mean 50 million dollars before they even play a down.

    I want the NFL to make real rule changes that may actually protect players…. allowing starters to play 16 games instead of 10, due to injury.

    An 18 game season? No….. I really don’t want that. How about a 14 game season instead and 2 additional teams in the playoffs? Just trying to go against the grain on this one……

    Yours Truly,
    Fan # 5,643,982

  98. Given the current season ticket policy of forcing fans to pay for all 20 games, of course fans would favor only having to pay for 2 games that didn’t matter, instead of 4.

    However, if owners offered season ticket package options of only buying the 16 regular season games, then most fans would opt for that, and be happy about not having to pay ‘full price’ to watch games featuring a bunch of guys who won’t be on the roster in two weeks.

    This is clearly a smoke screen to cover the greed/revenue desires of having 64 more ‘real’ games to televise and sell advertisements for.

    That being said, if the NFL wants to increase revenues, it’s got two choice: raise ticket prices and/or increase inventory.

    The real problem is that today’s players are valued too highly, so everyone is afraid of injury. I think what the NFL needs in the long term is to get away from treating the prima donna players like china dolls, and get used to the “next man up” mentality that was the basis of the league in the 60s and 70s.

  99. I’m sorry but for use that don’t want an 18 game season you are a bunch of idiots.

    I’m a huge football fan and a 18 game season sounds like more bang for my buck.

    Please Roger get that 18 game schedule done.

  100. The only fan support an 18-game season will ever get from the fans is when it gets to the point that we don’t care how many games they play, as long as they at least play.

  101. Preseason is needed, and preseason shouldn’t be less then 3 games, 4 is fine though.

    We (us PSL holding, season ticket buying fans) never said this is what we want. We said we don’t want to be forced to pay full price for exhibition games. It’s a total rip and we can’t even recoup half the price back trying to sell off to a fan that can’t afford to take their kids to a real season game. I give mine away just to help others and still would just don’t want to pay > $100 a ticket to do so.

    But of course GODdell doesn’t hear that and uses us to back his agenda of lining his pockets with more green. Be it 1 or 2 home preseason games isn’t the point, it’s the F’n price moron.

    God I can’t wait for this hack to kicked to the curb, hopefully the owners (the only ones with power to do so) will wake the F’up and see he’s trash and ruining the league.

  102. If they implement an 18-game schedule, what will happen to some of the great statistical records in the NFL?

    2,000 yards is a special number for running backs. There will probably be one running back per year rushing for 2,000 yards in an 18-game season. 2,000 yards will still mean something, but it won’t be as special.

    5,000 passing yards for QBs is a special number, especially Dan Marino’s single season record. Only two QBs have thrown for 5,000 yards in a season in NFL history. If this season were 18 games, 3 QBs (Peyton, Rivers, Brees) would have reached that mark. The 5,000 yards milestone will mean nothing in an 18-game season.

    An undefeated season is possible in a 16-game schedule. We have seen teams like the Colts and Saints come close to an undefeated regular season, and the Pats were one game away from an undefeated season and postseason. With an 18-game schedule an undefeated season goes from “extremely difficult to accomplish” to “nearly impossible”.

    Say “NO” to the NFL 18-Game Season!!

  103. No! The fans don’t want it.

    Goodell doesn’t care about the fans and he doesn’t care about football. He only cares about MONEY.

  104. I think Goodell is correct as follows. The league is unwilling to reduce the total number of games (regular season plus preseason) since they make money even on preseason games and the league isn’t interested in shrinking the pie (like going to 16 + 2 preseason would be).

    If you polled fans, “would you rather see 16 regular season plus 4 preseason or 18 regular season plus 2 preseason?” I’m pretty sure the latter option would win. Nobody really likes preseason football, lease of all the fans who have to pay for tickets.

  105. I an’t believe it. Roger Goodell is pulling a Barack Obama. What an arrogant ass, telling ME what I want. I don’t recall filling out any survey to back up this guy’s argument. Fire him now.

  106. Or just add an extra bye-week and only one extra game. A 17-game (19 week) season would bring in 2 extra weeks of ad revenue, players will maintain their health better, and the division/wild cards wouldn’t come down to ridiculous tie-breakers as often.


  107. What we don’t want Goodell is to pay for full price tix for pre season games. Keep the regular season at 16 and either cut the preseason games in half or the owners realize they should only charge half price at best for those games.

    We don’t want 18 reg season games…

  108. talk about spin…we DO NOT want the tw0 useless pre-season game and we DO NOT want 18 games either. The two are mutually exclusive. not wanting the first does not mean wanting the second

  109. I’d rather continue with the 16 game season and maintain as high a quality of play as possible. Look at the Packers and the number of players they have on IR; it’s great they have such depth at each of those positions, but not everyone else does. Imagine multiple teams with their rosters ravaged by injuries and picking up ex-players to try and plug in.

  110. Don’t lengthen the regular season schedule. Leave it at 16 games. 16 is a power of 2 — and there is an elegance to it. Like March Madness, which is effectively 64 teams — 64, another power of 2. The NFL and March Madness — maybe the best two things in sports. Don’t screw with ’em.

    Do stop charging regular season prices for pre-season games — maybe cut their number down from 4 to 3.

  111. Dear Roger Goodell

    would you be so kind to inform us fans of what else we want, u clearly no what we want better then ourselves

    as well i was wondering if you could tell me what i want for dinner

  112. Goodell is out of touch with the fans. Comment s like this reinforce that. All you have to do is look at this site and other sports forums where fans overwhelming “just say no” to the 18-game season. Unfortunately, an 18-game season is coming anyway.

  113. 18 games are coming… and there is nothing the pundits or the one-off fans who go to this website and comment can do about it..

    And in 4 years.. you’ll be loving it..

  114. Season ticket holders are the fans that want the 18 and 2 format over the 16 and 4 because they will be buying one less pre-season game and getting one more in the regular season. These are the people that Goodell is referring too. In honesty the season ticket holders are the ones who should get the biggest say. They are the ones paying for the games. Not saying they should get the full decision but their voice should be heard.

    Personally I don’t want the change for the same reasons as everyone else but I am not a season ticket holder.

  115. Just because people will watch the last 2 games doesn’t mean they want the 18 game season. They’ll watch because they are fans of the team. To Goddell, that’s more $$. And if people will watch it, they must want it, right?

    Wrong. Don’t do it Roger. It’s diluting the sport too much, and you’ll find out soon when the playoffs has a bunch of back up and 2nd tier players.

  116. It’s not what the fans want. The issue was preseason. Most fans didn’t like preseason. If the owners didn’t change regular season prices for preseason games fans wouldn’t care about it being 4 games long. And most big college football fans like the 4 game preseason because they get a chance to watch some of their favorite college players one last time. Goodell is using the fans to get by the players union. Minus ticket prices the NFL is perfect the way it is. Handle that and everything will be fine. But fans DON’T want 18-games!!!!! It’s a joke!

  117. No, no, no, no. No 18 game regular season. Get rid of two preseason games, extend training camp by two additional weeks, and have the teams play two controlled scrimmages against other teams during training camp so that the coaches can get a feel for the new players. Andfor the two preseason games, charge something less than regular season ticket prices; say $10.00.

    And while the NFL owners and players are working this all out, they should take a couple of hours and use them to find a new NFL Commissioner. Goodell turns my stomach. Hell, Gene Washington is already there and I’m sure he’d do a better job. I’d do a better job.

  118. I would love to watch more good football, but not at the expense of the playoffs being played by free agents off the street. And my desire as a fan is not as important as the health and lives of the players and their families.


  119. I say keep it the way it is as far as the games go. 4 preason games and 16 regular season games. I believe if you take away 2 of the preseason games you don’t get to evaluate enough talent for those guys trying to make the team.

    The only thing that needs to change is the ticket prices for preseason games. It’s obvious they aren’t up to the standard of a regular season NFL game as you state so don’t charge regular season prices. It’s that simple.

  120. No. All current statistical records would be broken within 5 years. There would be no such thing as a “feature” running back. Injuries would skyrocket.

  121. The fans know that pre-seasons games are garbage. So lets just make the owners not charge full price for pre-season games and just leave it at 4 (this is good for the Danny Woodhead’s of the world to prove their worth). Do not add more regular season games, 16 is enough an you don’t want to ruin a good thing. Goodell is a good commish, but just let it go and stick with the nice round number of 16.

  122. 9 to 12 to 14 to 16 now to 18, big deal. Show the same poll to the players where most fans say they’re overpaid, don’t just cover one side of the story. Did they ask baseball fans if they wanted to go from 154 to 162 games? Did they ask the baseball fans if they wanted another level of playoffs? And who even cares about the NBA and NHL, they’re seasons are way too long also but did those fans get asked. So don’t get all pissed off over this issue, the leagues will do what they do and that’s it and life goes on. BS that fans won’t like it when they see it, don’t believe the fan BS.

  123. NOPE NUH UH. NAY.
    16 is too many, when you push the season into mid Feb – 14 was muc better , to me – less chcne of serious injury – players able to push themselves a bit more, as they have 2 less games to play.

  124. As a season ticket holder I would love 18 games since we have to pay full price anyway- I’m guessing the fans against do not go to games because everyone I know who has season tickets wants 18 games or cutting two preseason games out which they will never do. The fact is season ticket holders don’t like paying for those preseason games and owners don’t make money on them so something needs to be done either cut 2 preseason or make 2 of them count. Players basically play preseason games for free with the same risk of injuries so why not make two games count and get paid. The players need to pick their battles better because they are making a big deal of this and they can’t do anything about it so worry about stuff they can control.

  125. Goodell’s completely manipulating us here. Yes we find the pre-season overpriced and boring but we understand it’s sort of a necessary evil and can choose to just watch on TV or avoid altogether.

    However, us disliking pre-season games has NOTHING to do with wanting 2 extra regular season games. The “more is better” argument has some merit, but what makes the NFL so great is precisely the fact that every game’s so crucial. Dilluting the one thing it has over all other sports even a little bit seems like a horrible strategy for the brand and the sport long term, regardless of a few extra bucks in the short term.

    All things being equal, with about 12% extra game action, we also have to consider the extra 12% of good players being knocked out with injuries and missing games. This plus the dillution of each game’s importance will impact TV viewership and thus TV rights revenues eventually, meaning the perceived financial benefits will erode long term as well.

    This 18-game push is a ridiculous short term revenue-driven initiative, and to use us as the ones who supposedly asked for it transforms me from someone who liked but disagreed with Goodell, to someone who now dislikes him because he’s either lying to us or he’s stupid (either way it’s bad).

  126. I’d like to know where this poll is because I certainly didn’t get asked. No way to a 16 game schedule…

    1) Owners want more revenue and in return the players are going to want compensated for the extra games so that pretty much washes that out

    2) As many people have already stated, the league is diluted enough, adding more sub par players will add even more mediocre play. Half the players have trouble making through a 16 game season.

    3) Keep the preseason at 4 games. It gives teams enough time to evaluate the personal for roster spots. If they cut it to 2 games all that does is force teams to play the starters for longer streches and opens them up to injuries more before the games matter. Offenses are shakey enough as it is at the beginning of the season with 4 preseason games. Imagine how out of sync it will be with only 2.

    Pretty much everybody summed up all the points in their posts. More injuries, more mediocre players, adding 2 games doesn’t guarantee anything as far as quality games. IMO taking away 2 preseason games is going to water down the first two games of the regular season and in an 18 game schedule as soon as any type of playoff positioning is clinched they are going to rest players so the final week of an 18 game schedule maybe even the last two weeks is a wash also. Nothing is broke why fix it? Goodell is a tool who has a zero pluse of what the fans want.

  127. Food for thought:

    Beginning in 1961 the NFL expanded from 12 to 14 games. At that time they also played 6 preseason games at a far more competitive level than the preseason is played today. That’s a total of 20 competitively played games which is more than the number of truly competitive games played now.

  128. Roger must be taking lessons from Brian France of NASCAR who constantly lies and says fans love the “Chase” and there is nothing wrong with it. I mean if someone up high says it, it must be true right???

    That being said I’m fine with a 16 game schedule and I think a majority of the fans are as well. We all know the players don’t want 18 games so this falls in the laps of the owners who want more money.

  129. I think that most of the fans that support the 18 game schedule are season ticket holders, who ONLY see the benefit of only having to pay for 1 preseason game, instead of 2 because their season ticket prices won’t go down. Personally, I’d rather see a return to 14 games and add a couple of byes and reduce the preseason games to 2. Heck, I’d even like to see them add another wild card so that it makes the last couple of weeks more meaningful, as more teams are in the hunt.

  130. Don’t want it. Don’t need it. I like Goodell, but he’s carrying the owner’s water here. Just tell the truth. You insult us, the fans, when you tell us we want something that we don’t.

  131. What if fans said they want tackle football without all the stupid fines?

    Goodell is an assclown.

    If fans say that wrecks make NASCAR exciting, should they start racing on figure 8s to make it better for the fans?

  132. seems like Goodell must be a huge Beck/Hannity fan . . . the more he says something, the more he thinks it’s true

    he is just a shill for the owners, who will never ever have enough money

  133. Fans said they don’t want 4 preseason games, the owners concluded they wanted 18 regular season games.

  134. I don’t want 18 games. That said Goodell has done a decent job with cleaning up the NFL’s reputation. He has done a bad job with the labor dispute and helmet to helmet hits.

  135. Yeah, just like we wanted the NFL Draft moving to a Thursday night… That Saturday afternoon crap where I could get together with my friends, have a beverage, wear our jerseys and be idiots at a draft party was pure hell. What an idiot you are, Baddell…

    Why don’t you just say what you mean… This is what Roger wants.

  136. This fan does NOT want an 18 game season.

    It looks like Goodell really has his finger on the pulse of the fans. Get rid of him.

  137. I want it. 18 is surely better for me. Bottom line, this is the issue that can cure the labor unrest, as the players are going to be faced with either an 18% rollback in the cap or a 18 game schudule with the cap being around the same area. I know what they will pick – more real game!

  138. I don’t want an 18 game season. I think the NFL is as good as it can be right now. Mr. Goodell is a liar. If you check him, I bet his pants are on fire.

  139. What a joke…hilarious that he continues to use that as a bargaining chip.

    It’s fine the way it is, and most fans aren’t stupid enough to think this has anything to do with them.

    Tell me, Roger, since the fans are your #1 priority, can you please lower the preseason prices for season ticket holders? Or remove 30 minutes of commercials from every NFL broadcast?

  140. If that’s what fans want then he knows a lot of fans I don’t know.

    Fact 1: Paying full price for preseason games is a ripoff and we fans don’t like it

    Fact 2: The NFL football season seems the right length to me and 75% of those I know. The other 25% is divided equally between the “it’s too short” and “it’s too long” camps.

    Fact 3: Make preseason games half price or less and that’s an enhancement we would all love.

    Fact 4: with 16 games we have many teams with over a dozen players on IR. Adding two more games at the end gives on the whole some bad football for 50% of the teams

  141. It’s pretty clear the overwhelming majority of people who read this site (real football fans) do not want to expand the season to 18 games.

    If someone (not me) is looking for a way to kill friday afternoon at work, it would be nice to see a tally of votes for and against the 18 game schedule in all the comments on this story.

    But since no sane person would consider it, here’s a quick summary of want the fans actually do want:

    1. Football in 2011
    2. To not pay full price to attend preseason games (however many there are, personally I like having 4)
    3. To keep the 16 game schedule (which is working out pretty well these days)
    4. A new commissioner who won’t try to change the game we all love

    Thank you, and goodnight.

  142. Goodell fully admits the preseason games are “low quality,” so regardless of what happens with the schedule, and since Goodell wants what is best for the fans, the prices for preseason games should be lowered effective IMMEDIATELY.

  143. Love NFL football. I literally can’t get enough but I have to say it would cheapen the value of the 16 games already played. I’d hate to eventually turn it in to a baseball type thing where you only start watching mid-late season. Slippery slope. There is such thing as “too much of a good thing”.


  144. I never comment on these things, but Goodell makes me angry… saying that because fans don’t like 4 preseason games that we want an 18 game regular season is like saying because someone doesn’t believe in a certain religion that they hate that religion! Couldn’t be further from the truth… the reason the NFL is the most popular sport is because it’s QUALITY OVER QUANTITY and we want to see the best players playing at all times. It’s tough enough to make it through a 16 game season without having key players injured in the playoffs, but if an 18 game season is approved we’ll be paying to watch 2nd and 3rd stringers just so the NFL can make more money from ticket sales and TV revenue! And running backs barely make it to 30 before they have to retire as it is! The NFL is the most hypocritical establishment there is… they claim that player safety is their #1 concern and then they try to push this garbage! Typical fat cat greed that lead to this past recession… is Goodell so far removed from the American public that he actually believes this nonsense he is spewing?

  145. Goodell is not speaking for this fan, or the other season ticket holders in my group. 8 home games is plenty. Just stop forcing us to buy the lousy preseason games that I can’t GIVE AWAY and we will be happy.

    I agree with the others responding to this board–the 18 game season will likely result in 2 more preseason-like games at the end of the season.

    Worse yet, I see the teams increasing the price of the season tickets. We are already gouged $700 for lightbulb-changing seats and $25 for the right to park within a mile of the stadium.

    Less than 10 years ago, it was $300 for season tickets and $10 to park. Our group has struggled with the price increases and is just about ready to call it quits. I could buy quite a nice HDTV for the dough I’m shelling out.

  146. As a season ticket holder, hell yes! I HATE paying full price for worthless games. I am OK if they keep the 16 games and reduce the preseason ticket price, but that is not going to happen. They will go to 18 games and increase the roster to avoid not having enough players, but there will be more injuries. The starters will basically play until they are too hurt to play anymore. The AP poll has to be slanted by people who do not attend the games, not by people who have season tickets.

  147. the pessimist in me says this is the last football game we’re gonna see FOR AWHILE… cause goodell, Jerry Jones, & De. Smith & the lawyers are too busy puffing out there chests, playing the P.R. game, & having the proverbial BLEEP measuring contest… so whether you love or hate the 2 teams left, enjoy, cause the next football we see will be NCAA

  148. I want 2 less pre-season games. Expand to 18? Fine with me.

    The NFL is so competitive and has so much parity…..18 games won’t make it less exciting. It’s more of a good thing.

    Go ahead……thumbs down me. As if I care……….

  149. Only 45% of “harcore” football fans want 18 games, that number drops by 20% when you include casual fans. You’re full of it, Roger.

    Get a Rookie salary cap in place and figure out the revenue share then get back to playing football next fall. Don’t mess with anything else.

  150. not one person that i talk nfl with wants a longer schedule.

    no doubt, the problem is forcing season ticket holders to pay full price for an exhibition game.

    so lower the price for those games, and don’t force a season ticket holder to buy that ticket.

    that is what the fans want.

    i think that pre season is critical for the players to get up to speed and their bodies ready for the impact that is the regular season.

    an 18 game season is a direct conflict to their “supposed” care about players health, and the way in which the players play the game today.
    this year we saw an attempt to alter that style of play AFTER the season was under way- NOT during off season competition committee meetings.

  151. Goodell is all smoke and mirrors. He will say anything he can to justify his stances and make himself look good, but all he cares about is money. I agree with what some of the Steelers players have been saying this week. Goodell is a hyprocrite. To claim to care about player safety and then add games to a brutal schedule, coming after a season where injuries increased, is ridiculous.

    As a huge NFL fan I am against an 18 game schedule. I remember when tickets to pre-season games were not the same price as regular season games. The league created this problem when they jacked pre-season prices up. Leave the season at 16 games. The ratings this year have been better than ever, and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  152. Season tickets are a huge rip off for most teams anyway. I don’t live in my team’s city but if I did I would by tickets for a couple games on an auction site and use some of the savings to buy a nice TV.

  153. So if you still have Division games at the end of the season, meaningless games will be at the beginning of the season.
    Looks like if this goes through, coaches will have to pick games to sit players to get them through the season.
    Quality will be bad, the best team won’t win, the team that suvives the season will!

  154. karlpilkington said it best. I don’t want a 16 game season, I just don’t want to pay full price for 2 preseason games.

    The NFL is setting itself up to suffer the same fate as the other major leagues. Too many games, too many teams leading to a dillution of talent.

    What made the NFL great was having to wait all week to get to Sunday. Then you had the cherry on top on Monday night. Now there are Sunday nights and the occassional Thursday and Saturday nights.

    The same principle applies to a 16 game season. When there’s only 16 games, you can’t afford to miss a signle game. Does anyone mind missing a baseball, basketball, or hockey game? Of course. 1 in the middle of the season isn’t the end of the world. In the NFL it is. That’s the advantage you whittle away at by making the season longer.

    Adding revenue streams only makes sense if it doesn’t weaken the product. Over exposure and dilluting the talent on the field weakens the product.

    No 18 game season and no expansion, please.

  155. Listen up Goodell you pompous assbag, let’s get something straight– you represent the owners, not the fans. You aren’t authorized to speak for the fans, you aren’t qualified to speak for the fans, and you DON’T speak for the fans. If you clowns don’t get this fixed, you’re going to find out that the fans are more than capable of speaking for themselves, and doing so with their wallets.

    Most of the fans I know are far more in favor of a new commissioner than an 18-game season.

  156. I’d be for 18. But I think the roster size should be increased. And drop the inactive crap. All players active to increase ability to rotate them in.

  157. I’m cool with 18 the same way I’m cool with 16.

    Could the game get iffy towards the playoffs? Maybe. But it also give players a little more time to get healthy before rushing back from injury. It could also cut down on players getting IR’d early in the season.

    The one thing I’m not going to do is front like I’m all that concerned with player safety/health. I don’t wish injury on any player, but it wasn’t my concern when there were “only” 16 games either.

    That’s why this is a player issue, not a fan issue.

  158. There are two things I wish you would communicate to your readers. There are two things both the owners AND the NFLPA will NEVER do.
    #1) They are not going to remove two preseason games while leaving a 16 game schedule.
    #2) They are not going to reduce preseason ticket prices.

    Why? Simply, their ticket revenue stream is calculated on 22 games x (number of tickets per stadium) x (average price of ticket). It doesn’t matter what those 22 games are in terms of type (exhibition or otherwise), it only matters that there are 22 of them. Dropping two games completely or reducing preseason ticket prices DIRECTLY decreases revenue. Neither side is going to take a position of wanting to REDUCE revenue in a debate like this! That would be an insane position. Therefore, those two arguments are inherently nonstarters and will NEVER happen.
    Alternatively, the owners are saying that if they are going to charge us full price admission and that supposition is then set in stone, then they might as well give us real football in return. Do they stand to make a little more off ad revenue, TV contracts, concessions, yes, but this deal does not make them much more money through ticket sales.

    So, therefore, let’s all collectively agree that most everyone’s posts about reducing preseason prices or games will never happen and move on to more substance.

  159. Wow, what a totally fallacious argument from Goodell. Fans do not like the preseason, therefore they want an 18-game season?

    Um, no, we like to see healthy players in the playoffs, not people wandering around with broken legs and arms.

    No fans of any sport enjoy watching the preseason, but we realize it is completely necessary to get the rookies crucial experience and to allow the coaches to evaluate the rookies in a real-game situation. Limiting the pre-season to two games and expanding the regular season to 18 games is a turkey of an idea. I really hope Manning, Brees, Brady, et al are against this.

  160. It’s been said in the 197 previous comments, but hell, this one needs as many comments as it can get.


    Nobody is buying your little shell game, Roger. The fans don’t want full-price preseason games. That doesn’t mean we want two more regular season games. Twenty total games is not OUR paradigm, it’s YOURS. Own it.

  161. It isn’t that we don’t want the preseason games – season ticket holders don’t want to pay FULL PRICE for preseason games. I want a 16 games schedule – not 18. But they will both have to suck up the lost revenue.

  162. I wish you all would stop saying the fans don’t want an 18 game schedule.

    Speak for yourself i want an 18 game schedule. Four preseason games is pointless so why not take two of them and make them regular season games?

    Most teams when it comes down to the last two preseason games play most of their starters anyway so what’s the big deal?

  163. No, we want two more playoff seeds and one less preseason game.

    More playoffs less preaseason tune up games b/c that final preseason game is a joke. Three game preseason is much better.

  164. No. And I haven’t seen a poll ANYWHERE that indicates a majority of fans want it.

    There were ENOUGH injuries by the end of the old 14 game schedule.

    There are far too many now with 16.

    And you want us to believe you actually care about player safety??? Please.

    PROOVE your statement that people want 18 games.

  165. iluvwikileaks says: Feb 4, 2011 12:41 PM

    What the fans really want is for you to be gone, Goodell. You are a clown.


    This. Quit ruining football you clown. Preserve what’s left of the tradition in the NFL. Go start your own league to experiment with.

  166. Goodell’s comments are ridiculous. Sure fans do not like the pre-season. That doesn’t mean we want to turn those pre-season games into regular season games.

    The reason we hate the pre-season is because the NFL insists on ripping us off, and charging us the price of a regular season game when the starters do not participate.

    I’m all for keeping 4 pre-season games, as I think they are an important tool to develop back-ups and determine the depth chart. However, being charged full regular season prices for this is unfair. Stop ripping us off Goodell. Cut the prices for the preseason in half, and true fans will show up in droves.

    As for expanding the regular season, the most I’d want to see is 17 games. Then each team could play a game at a neutral site. Internally and here in the U.S. Play a game in states without a NFL team. I think a game in Montana or Alabama would sell out instantly, and no team would be losing their home game.

  167. 2 preseason games to work out the kinks. 17 real games. 1 of which is a neutral city game (LA, Vegas, Mexico City, London, Baghdad, Cairo, etc.). Expanded practice squad and game day rosters. Ability to put players with minor injuries on a 2 week disabled list and tap into the practice squad w/out having to drop players.

    Problem solved.

  168. As a huge football fan, I’m all for the season being extended. However, why not add a second bye week to the season therefore extending the schedule to 18 WEEKS, not necessarily 18 GAMES…..?

  169. Here’s what I want as Joe Everyday Fan
    1. NFL Network to not have any games. At all. And if they are given games, it’s similar to Sunday Ticket and I can choose which game I would like to watch.
    2. 16 game season.
    3. Monday Night Football moved back to network TV

  170. @sterilizecromartie says:
    Feb 4, 2011 1:12 PM

    Like your points, but you get a thumbs up on the name alone.

  171. Dear Commish, if you think fans want 18 regular season games instead of 16 games you are misinformed. Although the preseason arent the best quality games I understand that these games help prepare each team for the regular season. The 16 game regular season can’t get any better so why would you change that. Extending it to 18 games will only produce more injuries and meaningless games at the end of the season. If it AINT broke don’t fix it. I think the players have a true beef here. It’s hard enough to stay healthy in a 16 game schedule so playing 18 games makes absolutely no sense. Listen to your fans and you can start with my opinion. “Don’t change the way we’ve enjoyed the game because fans complain about the preseason”. Afterall it’s just the preseason.

  172. You’re wrong, Roger. Why don’t you shut your pie hole and stop pretending to know what the fans want. For you and many of the out-of-touch billionaire owners, it’s only about more money. There probably isn’t a single player that wants an 18 game season either.

  173. Roger, speak for your self please! This fan, and virtually all others I know, don’t want a watered down 18 game regular season. leave well enough alone please!! In fact, many of us wouldn’t mind a retuen to a 14 game season.

    I could care less about pre-season. I’m not a season ticket holder, but if I were, I simply look at it as the cost of 10 games for watching 8 real ones. The 2 pre-season games are just the cost of admission. If you as a season ticket holder don’t like it, give it up to one of us who will gladly buy the 2 lame pre-season games!

    Some fans want an 18 game season where more players will be injured and a SB being played by a bunch of 2nd stringers… But some people also watch “Jersey Shore”.

  174. Why does it seem like the NFL is determined to ruin a good thing? Just be glad you’re the #1 sport in America and leave well enough alone.

    Everyone should send a link to these comments to Roger Goodell so he can see what the majority of fans REALLY want.

  175. I would like to keep things the way they are. 16 game season is great.

    If they insist on increasing the season length why go two for one?

    17 game season = get rid of two preseason games

    18 game season = get rid of four preseason games

  176. Not this fan, I like the preseason I like watching the buys at the bottom of the roster develop. Keep the 16 game season I know the NFL wants to grow internationally but that fine send the teams who can’t sell out a home game over seas once or twice a year. Not only does that help the NFL it lets the local fans watch them on TV. You would also have to give the season ticket holders some sort of break on the price since they lose a game.

  177. Maybe so, maybe not. This is sort of like politicians who like to say that the “American People” want this, want that, are tired of this, demand that.

    What they really mean is “This is what I want.”

    I am sure there are a lot of fans who are down with 18 games, and a lot of fans who aren’t. But to just summarily make an arbitrary blanket statement like that is just trying to put their desires on someone else.

    True, almost any fan will tell you that they hate the four game pre-season. But that doesn’t mean we necessarily want two more games in the regular season.

    Have an impartial third party take a poll Roger. But until you do, speak for yourself.

  178. I don’t.

    Players don’t want it.
    Fans DON’T want it.

    Oh, but the owners will make more money…

  179. “The Fans” are easy cover for Goodell because for every poll the players can produce that shows “The Fans” do not want 18 games, the NFL can produce one that shows “The Fans” do want 18 games. It is all about how you ask the questions.

    The issue is that The Owners want to squeeze more revenue out of the preseason games. They already get most of the gate money because the extort season ticket holders and luxury suite buyers into buying preseason games when they buy the regular season. Still most of them don’t show up, so concessions, parking and merchandise sales are lower than regular season games.

    This is a nice little business these millionaires have going, but they are capitalists so they want to grow those businesses. “Greed is good.” The next best thing they can think of to grow the top line and bottom line is two more regular season games.

    Even though the players arguable survived the move from 14 games to 16 games, adding two more in the bigger, faster, stronger NFL of 2011 is a much different proposition.

    There were no 300lb players in 1978 when the season expanded to 16 games. Now there are nearly 400 players at 300lbs. Many of today’s LBs would be DL before 1978.

    Mean Joe Green and Merlin Olsen dominated the defensive tackle position at 275 and 270. Today they would be “tweeners.” At 261 Gary Larsen was the only Purple People Eater to top 250. Ed Too Tall Jones played around 270 and Randy White played under 260. Even Bob Lilly played at 260.

    It’s just different. The training, the conditioning, the equipment, the season, the off season…

    16 is enough. Find a better answer on revenue sharing instead of just trying to grow the top line to make up for a bad situation.

  180. As far as 18 games diluting the stats of previous season, how is that any different from 16 games being compared to 14 or 12 game seasons of past years?

  181. I’m sure others have said this, but I’ll chime in anyway. I really don’t know how Goodell can say this with a straight face. If the NFL cared about fans, they wouldn’t have allowed franchises to move; wouldn’t have allowed cities to be held hostage by teams threatening to move so they can get new stadiums off the backs of taxpayers and fans; wouldn’t black-out games not sold out, etc., etc., etc. Goodell is the owners’ stooge, nothing more. If I was a player, I’d organize a strike as soon as an 18 game schedule is announced. No, maybe I’d wait until after week 16, strike for two weeks, and then get ready for the playoffs.

  182. Preseason games don’t meet NFL standards just as Spring Training games don’t meet MLB standards. But you don’t see fans complaining about the Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues because they get what they pay for; usually a relaxing afternoon in nice weather for a reasonable price.

    I say cut the preseason back to three games, with one game being a neutral-site game either here or abroad and work to maximize your TV revenue by bringing back the double-bye.

    The owners would loose the revenue of one pre-season game, but gain that back with additional TV inventory (an extra MNF, SNF and 4PM double-header game for each network.)

    Fans are happier as season ticket holders would only have to pay for one preseason game at full price, and starters would play more since there would be less opportunities for them overall.

    Players should be happier with an extra chance during the season to rehab any injuries and rest up.

  183. I don’t want an 18 game season… I want a 40 game season 10 post season games and a superbowl… /sarcasm off… seriously these guys get torn up in 16 games… putting them at higher risks after claiming hard hits and fines are the right direction? Get the hell out of here goodell.

  184. The majority of football fans do not want an 18 game season. The associated press put out a poll the other day that showed this quite clearly. Less than 20% of their voters said they strongly want an 18 game season. The overwhelming majority of football fans believe than 16 games is perfect, and doesn’t need changed. I’m sure it is true that most fans don’t like having four pre-season games, but the reason that is an issue is because of money. Teams make season ticket holders pay full price for pre-season games, which is moronic. If you want to shorten the pre-season by one or even two games, I feel that would be alright and widely accepted. But trying to add two games to the regular season is total ignorance and Goodell needs to quit trying to speak for the fans when he has NO proof to back it up.

  185. I would like to see where Goodell gets the Idea that the fans want 18 games. You will see more injuries and a watered down playoff because players will be wore out or playing with nagging injuries, or not playing at all because they are on injured reserve. 16 games are plenty.

  186. Roger Goodell is out of his mind. No, I do not want an 18 game regular season schedule. I don’t know any real fans who do. I hear a few people now and then say that more football is better, and I do think that if/when this comes to pass the NFL will continue on to be an unstoppable force because it seems that nothing that the league does causes them to lose fans, they just keep coming.

  187. Seems virtually unanimous: leave the season at 16 games & either eliminate 2 preseason games or at least reduce cost to 1/2 price. Don’t LIE and say 18 is what the fans want. Given the choice of 18/2 or 16/4 that we have to pay full price, then I suppose 18 is better, but that’s not the whole truth. Enough injuries already to boot.

  188. Fans do not want an 18 game season. Season ticket holders and fans do not want to be forced to buy tickets to two preseason games when they do not count and are watered down games at best.

    Using the same logic, fans would want every team to make the postseason, since we all want our team to make the postseason.

  189. I’m not sure who is telling Goodell that the fans want an 18 game schedule. The season is perfect right now at 16 games plus playoffs. We as fans want to see our favorite players make it through the season and be able to help out during the playoffs. Roger — NO to 18! Keep it right at 16 games.

  190. No, I don’t want 18 regular season games. They are twisting the desires of the fans… Fans want to see the prices of preseason dropped, and maybe even the number of preseason games drop to two, but they aren’t clamoring for 18 regular season games… I don’t really want any games, but if they wanted to make it 17 games so that they can play a game per team out of the country (Mexico, Europe, etc), that might be acceptable, but that would be the only reason to expand at all. The issue, though, would be that every team would play a neutral site foreign game, but the schedules would not align as well as they do now. This might ultimately help to further build interest overseas, but it wouldn’t quite fit with fan interest domestically, and I believe local fans make up most of the in-stadium revenue each week…

  191. I’m all about an 18 game season. These guys get paid millions of dollars a year so they need to stop complaining like a bunch of wussies. I know plenty of people who do back breaking work damn near 365 days a year so get the F over it NFL players, it’s two more games, if you don’t like it, leave and let someone else in your place that was inevitably take your spot anyways be there.

  192. ^^ Oops! I said “I don’t really want any games”, but meant “I don’t really want any *preseason* games”… Either way, we don’t need more than16 regular season games!

  193. I don’t want 18 games. Look at the injury lists for the two superbowl teams and the guys that are banged up and still playing. Do you really want to throw two more serious games on the schedule and watch more starters or even superstars out of the biggest game of the year? Rethink this one Roger.

  194. 16 games. the preseason games are for the teams to get the roster right and for die hard fans

  195. I want an 18 game schedule.

    16 regular season games.

    2 preseason games.

    I’m open to 2 more preseason games, played at neutral sites, so that the season ticket holders don’t get screwed into paying for them.

  196. i want a 17-game schedule so teams either have a winning record or a losing record…none of this 8-8 crap. plus, 3 preseason games at half-price.

  197. Based on the vote on conseannery’s first post, GODell really has his finger on the pulse of the fans. Too bad this wasn’t a credible site other wise Roger might listen to the vote of the fans.

  198. I speak for this fan when I say no to an 18 game season.

    likewise, NO to overseas expansion unless you’ve come up with a method of teleportation…remember that little thing called the WFL/NFL Europe? I ask because it doesn’t exist anymore, because, you know…people in Europe didn’t go to games.

    I know I wasn’t asked, but I do vote yes to full time referees, and to a centralized final word on controversal calls which adversely effect games.

    Also, I know it isn’t on the table either, but I’d vote yes to a playoff ranking system which has the teams with the best records playing at home in the playoffs. Why should they be punished for playing in a better division? Likewise, why should, for example, the NFC West, be rewarded for being laughably bad, collectively.

    NFLPA – you don’t get away so easily….

    I’m also in favor in a salary cap restructure, I’m looking at you rookies.

  199. NO!

    Goodell is putting words in our mouths. We don’t want to pay regular-season prices for pre-season games. That’s it…end of story.

    The more I hear from this guy the less I like him.

  200. @vikingfan23

    Despite your double post, I concur.

    In my dream world, there would be 4 preseason games, but the season ticket holders would not have to pay full price for them. And 16 regular season games. I honestly don’t feel too bad for the season ticket holders that are paying for those extra games. No one is forcing them to buy those tickets, and if no one went, we would have already seen change. I also don’t think the preseason games are awful. I like seeing all the rookies and other 3rd and 4th stringers. It’s better than no football at all (at least if you’re watching it at home for free).

    But 18 games is ridiculously stupid. I’m a 49er fan, and the last thing I want to see is Frank Gore out for the last 6 games of the season instead of 4. It would be even worse for say, a Colts fan. What if they clinch with 6 weeks to go? Enjoy 6 preseason games, and paying full price for them.

  201. Lots of opinions here so in case someone is keeping a tally (hint hint)

    I do not want an 18 game season.
    I do not want to PAY FULL PRICE for preseason.

    Any questions?

  202. Who are these fans that Goodell is referring to?

    I’m a fan and I wasn’t asked by the NFL if I’d like to see an 18-game season. I have a lot of friends who are big football fans and they weren’t asked either.

    It seems as though Goodell increated this fan base that wants an 18-game season.

    Attention Roger Goodell: Please resign now.

  203. And lets not kid ourselves here. The 18 game season thing is simply a smokescreen anyway. The NFL is manufacturing a bargaining chip to give away at the negotiating table.

  204. There’s a big difference between disliking the current format and wanting two of those games made into regular season games. Yes, I dislike having 4 preseason games. However, that doesn’t mean I want two of those games turned into regular season games. I still haven’t heard Goodell explain the logistics of how it will work. Is he going to expand each team’s roster size? Will he add a second bye week during the regular season to allow for players’ injuries to heal? How will the extra two games impact the playoffs schedule? How does he plan on making player safety a priority when two extra regular season games present a higher risk of injury?

    I actually like Goodell as a commish, but this nonsense that the fans have been asking for 18 games is absurd.

  205. I must ask this question? Who out there is paying full price for a preseason game??? You can always get good seats from the scalpers about 10 minutes before game time because pre season games almost never sell out.

    Anyway, I’m still opposed to the ridiculous 18 game season, I was just wondering who is paying full price for a preseason game.

  206. No the fans DO NOT want an 18 game season. Firstly, I want the players to be able tro play instead of get hurt. 18 games will cut careers down in half at least. Secondly, Fantasy Football will take that much more time.

  207. I want 16 regualr season games as they are currently scheduled. I want only 2 preseason games as Mr Goodell said. But I do want more games! And here is how I want them. I want them in the Post Season. NOT in the Regular Season. More teams in the post season means more excitement for us fans and more money for the league and winning players. I want expanded playoffs with seeding of teams with the very best records. All conference champs should get an automatic bye in the first round with 1 exception. A conference champ must have a winning record to get the 1st round bye. If a conference champ has a .500 record or less they are reseeded in the lowest wildcard position. And the wildcard team with the best record gets the defaulted 1st round bye. There are your added games Mr. Commish. And they will be where fans really want them. What we really don’t want is anymore below .500 teams seeded with favorable advantages in the playoffs anymore.

  208. I want a 18 game season. I’d rather have 2 preseason games. The preseason is boring as hell and we’re all ready for real football. 18 games will be here.

  209. Goodell is only trying to preserve the owners leverage as they get close to the deadline to come up with a new CBA. There are two quick ways to increase the owners’ share of the revenue: either play more games or get some back from the players.

    The owners are fully expecting to give up this crazy 18 game proposal in order to get the players to redo the revenue distribution formula.

    An 18 schedule is a bad idea that we fans do not support. Get a deal done Roger!

  210. Call me crazy, but I think the NFL is using this as a bargaining chip. They aren’t really 100% for an 18 game season. I think they brought it up as a negotiation point that they’re going to “concede” on and get something they really want in place of an 18 game schedule.

  211. Not wanting to be gouged with full ticket prices for preseason games is NOT the same as wanting an 18-game season.

    Owners say fans don’t see legitimate value in preseason games, but instead of offering a price cut on tickets, propose switching two preseason games into regular-season games, so they can make even more money on those two games (walk-up ticket sales on top of season ticket holders, extra concessions, parking, etc). Players say their goal is to win a championship, which would add a minimum of three games to their season, then complain about adding two to the regular season. Everyone involved is slinging mud and trying to distract the fans while they continue to try to pad their own pockets with the fans’ money.

    I love this game, and I admit I won’t stop watching games after the impending lockout. I feel no sympathy for either the league or the players in the fight over the CBA, though. Even the worst NFL player with a non-guaranteed contract has more financial security than at least half of American households.

    An undrafted rookie free agent who was signed before training camp started, and got cut after Week 4 of the preseason still got all this:
    1) At least 2 years of free college education
    2) Free room & board for roughly 6 weeks during training camp and the preseason
    3) Just under $5000 in rookie stipend pay for those 6 weeks
    4) A chance for future NFL, CFL, UFL, and AFL employment as a football player
    5) A chance for future employment as a coach in high schools, colleges, and/or professional leagues

    Worst case, a kid was a walk-on in school, played his heart out, got an invite to training camp, and made $800 for a weeks’ worth of camp, then moved on with his life like all the college athletes that didn’t get any opportunity for pro sports at all.

    I’m not siding with owners, and I don’t think 18 games is the right solution, but the players need to realize that the average person in this country would kill for the chance to play NFL football at league minimum for one year, let alone the average of about 3 years. Most of us would be able to turn a $1 million 3-year earning period into a lifetime of comfortable (although not lavish) living with a little fiscal restraint and planning.

  212. Any fan that has half a brain or more will be strongly against the 18 game season.

    One of the reasons the NFL season is so exciting is because EVERY game means so much. Each game is 6% of that team’s games for a season. Every game counts! Adding more games simply cheapens each subsequent game and makes all the games less important.

    Also, with 2 more games the injuries will make some of the games unwatchable. Between the Bucs and the Panthers, they put 30 players on IR, can you imagine trying to watch a late season game between those two without a program to indentify who was on the field?

    Not only that, but teams that have poor starts and are simply trying to finish out the season in front of fans disguised as empty seats, will have to play more games in front of empty seats… which means more bad unwatchable football. EVery year, week 17 has a few good games, but for the most part they are stinkfests… 2 more games would pretty much mean at least 2 weeks of stinkfest games, and in some cases a month’s worth.

    Roger Goodell has failed the NFL, he has failed the fans, he has failed the players… and soon enough he will fail the owners. If he keeps pushing these vastly unpopular agendas he will need to be replaced.

  213. I wouldn’t mind seeing more well played football, on another note..I think if making sure the players socks are pulled all the way up, while wearing revolution helmets is not mandatory, especially with all the concussions this year, goodell should go

  214. Absolutely not. 16 is just fine.

    I do not want to rewrite record books.
    I do not want to see my favorite players benched at the end of the year due to a winning OR losing record .
    It’s not fair to the paying fan to watch 3rd stringers because they got Week 19 tickets.
    It’s not fair for heated rivalries to be contested by 3rd string players.
    I do not want the season decided with 6 games left.
    I want to watch playoffs on Xmas, not Week 17.
    I want the Superbowl on the first weekend of Feb.
    I want the regular season to start on Labor Day weekend.

    Roger, did you really ask me what I wanted????

  215. “1.) Good luck filling stadiums in August while the fans are away on vacation.”

    More like “Get ready to see the Super Bowl played at the end of February.”

  216. How about we have 2 seasons per year with 32 total games. Us fans who love football would enjoy that

  217. I honestly don’t get why so many people are against an 18 game season. Consider this:

    1. Just about every poster on PFT has, at one time or another, made fun of or griped about mega-millionaire whiny athletes complaining about how much work they have to do for the money they make. Around here, those whining players tend to be roasted on a spit for making as much money as they do for playing a “kids game” while complaining they don’t get paid enough. Now, all of a sudden, everyone feels sorry for them for having to play 2 extra games? Sorry, but in my view, they should play 20 freakin’ games if they’re making a zillion dollars for it (not including insanely lucrative endorsement deals, of course!) Boo effin’ hoo.

    2. Who are these pantywastes that want LESS football when we could have MORE football? Seems to me that someone who is truly a football fan would take it year ’round if they could get it. Big deal- two more games! It’s not like we’re asking them to play 6 more games or telling them the football will be lined with lead and weigh 20 pounds now.

    3. Funny how everyone complains about having to wait through 4 preseason games, but now that it’s the same amount of football (4 + 16 = 2+18), only youactually DO get to do away with two preseason games, it staill ain’t good enough. Duh.

    4. If it’s such a horrible travesty to increase the season by 2 games because you fear for the players safety of because they deserve a billion dollars instead of a million dollars to play 10% more football, then why isn’t everyone trying to build a time machine so that we can go back to the 70s and have a 14 game season again? Funny how no one is complaining about when the season was increased from 14 to 16 games, yet everyone has this weird problem with going from 16 to 18.

    Screw that nonsense. I’ll take all the football I can get. Roger Goodell may be wrong about everything else, but he’s right about an 18 game season when it comes to *this* fan.

  218. The “fans” Godell probably spoke with who want an 18-game season the most are probably those who live in Vegas and/or make their living betting on games. Having the two extra games for many who bet on the NFL probably is very important to that group.

    If we go to an 18-game season, I would do it where each team gets TWO additional bye weeks, making for a 21-week, 18-game season. A compromise to me would be to go to a 17-game season with three pre-season games where one pre-season and one regular season game (usually interconference) is played at a neutral site within reasonable distance of fans of both teams playing the game. This can include NFL stadiums in some cases getting to host some of the neutral site games (for instance, Jets-Redskins or Giants-Ravens could be played at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia).

  219. Roger Goodell is not in touch with the fans. I don’t know one NFL fan who wants 18 games. I would hate to an 18 game schedule, but I will not underestimate the commissioner’s will to run a multi-billion dollar business into the ground. Is there a flag football league he can run? Does Hooter’s still do those?

  220. I don’t care if there are 2, 4 or 10 preseason games. Just stop treating them like real games. 16 games is enough for the regular season.

  221. “The fans have clearly stated that they don’t like the preseason.”

    To a normal person that would mean the fans would like to be charged less for inferior games. Not that the fans want 18 real games.

    “Umm, excuse me waiter, my soup has a fly in it. I’d like a refund.”
    “How about if, instead, I add more soup to the bowl so there is less fly by comparison? That is obviously what you are saying you really want.”

  222. PFT can you put up a poll??? I bet 75% or more do not want this. Just poll your daily readers like real websites do:)

  223. Not this fan! I don’t want an 18 game season. While each game counts the same amount ( a win in September counts the same as a win in January), it seems as if the games are more important toward the end of the season. I don’t want to see a good, play-off bound team lose a star player in a meaningless game at the end of the season. I don’t want to see really banged up players getting more banged up when they are about to enter the post season. I don’t want to see more games played in frigid sub-zero wind chill conditions. I don’t want to see games player before labor day.

    If you left it up to many of these fans, they would want games every week. So, if your doing what the fans want, why not play year round.

    I’d rather see quality football than quantity football.

  224. shiftyshellshocked says:
    Feb 4, 2011 1:10 PM
    I can tell none of you idiots own season tickets. I’ll send you the bill for the pre- season seats, there all yours.


    You’ll still be paying for 10 home games. Where is the savings?

  225. C’mon Man!! No means NO!!!!!

    -16 game season
    -push the draft to early April
    -eliminate at least one preseason game
    -allow all 53 active roster players to be able to play on Sunday to limit injuries so teams can substitute more players into the game

  226. Goodell has failed at understanding the fans don’t want to be constantly used as pawns between owners and players. We really don’t care. Everyone knows it will eventually be worked out and that our costs to enjoy the game are not going down.

  227. I only echo the sentiments of other astute fans that point out Goodell’s sad attempt to twist the opinion that fans don’t want the preseason games, but do want two extra games. That is NOT what we are saying. We just think it is a waste of money for us to pay regular game prices to watch third stringers and lower.

    Roger, don’t pretend that we will believe this swill. You are better than that.

    @trickbunny – You are decidedly in the minority. This time it is the vocal majority and you speak for a small percentage.

  228. Huh? Why wouldn’t we as fans be for the 18 game schedule if it did indeed get rid of two of the agonizing and useless (as a fan) pre-season games? Make those two games meaningful… what is the problem with that? Same amount of games, only two mean something!

    As long as it is not a 22 game schedule… I’m IN! Why not?

  229. As much as I hate pampered over paid whiners, I do hope the union looks at the posts on this site and the number of thumbs up and thumbs down to counter Goodell’s baseless argument.

    This is one big fat lie he’s going to get caught in….

  230. I hate Roger Goodell. Please do not lie and speak for all fans, Mr. Goodell. For each fan in favor of an expanded season, there are probably 10 against it. Please go away. We like the NFL the way it is.

    The league office is full of hypocrites… yeah let’s pretend to be really concerned over player safety while we push for an 18 game season. BS.

    Also, I think they should keep all 4 preseason games, just stop charging fans full price. They are a valuable coaching tool and help a lot of the undrafted guys get noticed by the coaching staffs. It can also be intersting to watch. In the preseason, you have guys playing their butts off so that they have a future in this league. I like the current system except for preseason ticket prices.

  231. Goodell doesn’t care what the fans want. He is using us as pawns. Just like he is not concerned about player safety. This is about money and nothing more. I am a fan and I can tell you, I don’t want a 18 game season. The players can’t play a full season as it is. I can tell you what I do want: him out as commissioner.

  232. gottaplan says:
    Feb 4, 2011 4:33 PM
    Huh? Why wouldn’t we as fans be for the 18 game schedule if it did indeed get rid of two of the agonizing and useless (as a fan) pre-season games? Make those two games meaningful… what is the problem with that? Same amount of games, only two mean something!

    As long as it is not a 22 game schedule… I’m IN! Why not?


    That’s easy for you to say. You’re not playing, chump. While I love football like it was my own mother, I have great respect and concern for the player’s health. Regardless if they “signed up for it”, they provide entertainment to the fans and who wants to see our favorite players getting more concussions, more torn ligaments, broken bones etc… I don’t. A 18 game schedule is treacherous. Look at the head injuries this year. You’d be an inconsiderate idiot to even consider two more games in which these guys go balls out.

    And four pre-season games have always been fundamental to the develop of a team. You get a chance to see how your guys are doing and it gives those guys who are on the outside looking in a chance to compete and make the roster. Some stars are born with that formula and two games just aren’t enough, whether they’re boring or not. We get 16 regular season games and the entire playoffs to enjoy football. While it’s still not enough for me, I have no right to tell someone to play two more games for my benefit.

  233. Most fans don’t want more regular season games, they want less pre-season games.

    If Goodell wants to do something for the fans, how about moving the Super Bowl to SATURDAY, so we don’t have to take a day off the next day when the game runs til close to midnight on the east coast.

  234. Nope … the real fans of the 18 game season would be the “money fans” … meaning the owners.

    What fans like myself want: the four pre-season games to cost the equivalent of one regular season game … that would be 25% of the existing ticket price for each preseason game.

    I know this is a sphincter tightener for owners and the commish … but hey, I personally don’t need to see an 18 game regular season schedule.

  235. This man is destoying football as we know it! Goodell does not pay for tickets to the game,
    Goodell shows favortism towards certain teams and players.
    Goodell wants a lockout.
    Goodell loves criminals video evidence or criminals and punishes the accused on accusations.

  236. Goodell is confusing the issue. Fans have said they don’t want 4 pre-season games largely because they don’t want to spend money on season tickets that include 2 useless games. He has twisted that into “we have a 20 game season and since fans don’t want 4 pre-season games that must mean they would want only 2, resulting in 18 regular season games”.

    Ah, no. Big fat no. I don’t want 4 pre-season games. I want only 16 regular season games. What the owners want is to still charge fans for 10 home games, pre-season or not. Since fans don’t want to pay for pre-season games, their reasoning then is to add more regular season games.

    It’s a moot point. The NFL isn’t going to roll back revenues as neither the owners or the players will accept that. So guess what folks? We’re getting a 18 game regular season whether we like it or not.

  237. You know what fans would REALLY like to see, cut the preseason all together and just have a 16 game season! Then they could actually hold some hope for their team that some star player isn’t out for the entire season because of some stupid crap in a preseason game.

    This way players wouldn’t be worn out so much, and commercial space would be more valuable! Season could start earlier, and crap like snow falling on people’s heads in Dallas could be avoided completely simply because the game would have happened before the weather hit!

    The preseason is a bigger joke then the ProBowl, with way less laughing.

  238. I know everyone else commented, but I am hoping Goodell reads this. No, we don’t want 18 games. Players and teams already lose gas towards the end of the year, what’s the fun in watching a bunch of gassed guys at the end of the season.

    What the FANS want Goodell is some kind of rhyme/reason to your rules/fines and other shenanigans. You are like a parent who lives by the phrase “Because I said so”. It’s ridiculous.

  239. I don’t want an 18 game season, so please don’t use me as a freakin bargaining chip in your negotiations.

  240. @chwtom:

    >>>Most fans don’t want more regular season games, they want less pre-season games.>>>

    >>>If Goodell wants to do something for the fans, how about moving the Super Bowl to SATURDAY, so we don’t have to take a day off the next day when the game runs til close to midnight on the east coast.>>>

    There are several problems with a Saturday Super Bowl:

    First, the game would not be able to kick off until after 9:00 PM ET. Jewish groups would be up in arms otherwise as any earlier kickoff of the Super Bowl on a Saturday would cause those that observe the Sabbath to vocally oppose it as they would not be able to see the game due to restrictions during the Sabbath (which is sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday).

    Second, many club owners in major cities would be angry with Godell as it would cost them their biggest night of the week. Particularly in New York, many clubs don’t even open until 10:00 PM and don’t get into full swing until after Midnight, and that would be a lost night for a lot of them, in some cases losing millions from people going to Super Bowl parties.

    Third, many people would not be home. A lot of people go out on Saturday night and won’t change it, even for the Super Bowl.

    What I COULD see happening is the Super Bowl moved to the Sunday of Presidents Day weekend, since many people as it is have that Monday off for the holiday. The problem is, NASCAR then might sue the NFL claiming that Sunday is sacred as the day of the Daytona 500, which has been held on the Sunday of Presidents Day weekend every year since 1959 and is the sacred cow of NASCAR.

    The thing that to me likely blocks an 18-game season is the fact that every four years, the season would have to be moved up so the Super Bowl is played before the start of the Winter Olympics (unless the winter games happen to be held in the southern hemisphere, since then those can be held when its summer in the US). The International Olympic Committee would look down on the NFL if it tried to schedule the Super Bowl during the Olympics, and is the one organization that could very well block the NFL from marketing in Europe to get back at the NFL if they did that.

  241. It is very interesting that the commisioner would inply that that the fans are all for the 18 game season. The reality is that there is something to be said for continuity within a league. The fact that any business would close their doors to customers over these issues says that the league “doesn’t get it”. The fans don’t want a lockout. Period. What isn’t talked about is that this CBA was signed and set to extend beyond 2011. The owners opt’d out because the have become greedy. The issues in this CBA are actually pretty straightforward and shuold be straighted out with binding arbitration with a minimum 10 year no opt out option.
    Issue1: 18 Game season. Sorry Roger fans in general do not want an 18 game regular season. That is clear. Doubt me? Put a poll on for the month of Feb and see the results. Here is a solution, eliminate 2 preseason games and reduce the average ticket price by 50% for those 2 games. Make them fan friendly! You don’t get an addict to get hooked at full price dude. You’re saying how can we recoup that lost revenue. Increase all tickets for regular season games by 14.00 dollars, accross the board! Yup $14. At 16 games times 75k fans that $16.8million per team per season. Not too bad.
    Issue 2: Revenue split. Currently the players were awarded a, at the high 52.74% of revenue in the current CBA. Guys lets be fair and just split the differnce 50/50. Done deal. I don’t know too many employess who get 50% of their companies revenue. Thats a very nice deal.
    Issue 3: Rookie Salary Cap. This is needed, everyone knows it and it is the quickest way to protect from bad investments, ie. flop QB’s. Vets from getting butt hurt that a rookie can come in making a boat load of money without earning it on the field. Reggie Bush anyone. The 3 year Cap at $340,000 then 2 year restricted FA at $1,340,000, 2 straight or year to year, rookie Franchise tag up though year 4. Restricted FA years 5 – 7. Unrestricted FA year 8. Losing that player would require a 1st round pick in next draft from new team. Make them earn it. The first 3 year deal should be heavy incentive laden with a matrix of getting paid for certain accomplishments. Obiously cut players don’t count.
    Issue 4: Healthcare. Give 5 years of post NFL coverage to any player that completes 2 full seasons. Increase the deductible for the player, so that to limit ongoing costs, do what other companinies do and option health savings account. Complete 5 years get 10 years. Complete 8 years, 15 years. Complete 15 years get 25 years. They players would have earned it.
    Issue 5: Veteran player assistance. This is an issue very close to many veteran players hearts. Before all the money rolled in. There should be a salary pay out by each team of 1% of their payroll. and the leage should pay 1% of All revenue to a veterans package. To the tune of about $75,000,000 Anually that can be a league post player Social Security? Or even a league rainy day fund.

    Stop whining and get it together. You need the fans a lot more than we need you. Especialy in these economic times.

  242. Actually what the fans have said for YEARS (DECADES?) is that THEY DON’T LIKE PAYING FOR THE MEANINGLESS GAMES. How do you get fans wanting two more regular season games out of that???

  243. Nope. I never said I wanted 18 regular season games, Mr. Goodell. I don’t mind the 1st 3 practice games. But that 4th one is played by guys with no shot at making the team, playing pickup ball with no reps in practice. HORRIBLE waste of time and money.

  244. Goodell has no idea what fans think or want. He’s never asked. If he did, my guess is the majority would say they want relevant games at the end of the season, their starters healthy in the post-season, no more talk of expanding to Europe and the UK, a fair labor agreement, and Goodell’s resignation. Not necessarily in that order.

  245. hehe

    look at this response – huge against

    who does this dolt think he is?
    really just the owner’s lap dog

    it’s obvious what he thinks of us. he thinks fans are stupid sheep, and sure, some are, but most are not

    we don’t want 18, goodell. go play golf with lloyd blankfein, you arrogant pig!

  246. yossariansolo says:

    Actually what the fans have said for YEARS (DECADES?) is that THEY DON’T LIKE PAYING FOR THE MEANINGLESS GAMES. How do you get fans wanting two more regular season games out of that???

    Because we are suffering the great misfortune of having a complete idiot sitting as Commissioner.

    If this tool spent as much time getting both sides to hammer out an new CBA as he does whining about trash talk and praising Michael Vick, we may actually enjoy a football season in the fall. From where I stand, the only one that is going to benfit from Goodell’s utter incompetence is the Canadian Football League.

  247. Come on guys. Goodell was very careful with his words. He never said “the fans want an 18 game regular season”, he just said “the fans have clearly stated they don’t like the preseason”.

    He never said we wanted 18 games, we just don’t like the preseason. I say just keep it the way it is and be happy. All this time whining about 4 preseason games, he probably feels we can’t have it both ways. Keep whining about preseason and this is what we get. He has a little “opening” for his idea now.

    Just be happy with what we have.

  248. What fans did he poll? I never got a questionnaire for an extended season version of the game. I’m seriously starting to hate Goodell. I’m just not sure who I hate more, Obama or Roger.

  249. What Goodell really means is that season ticket holders are clamoring for an 18 game schedule. As a two time former season ticket holder, I can tell you for a fact that being forced to purchase tickets to two meaningless, low quality pre-season games and having to pay the same amount for them as the regular season left me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

  250. 26 year season ticket holder I do NOT want a 18 game season .But I would recommend a 2 preseason games instead of 4,the owners are the only ones who want this !

  251. But even if you’re not a huge supporter of the 18-game schedule itself, consider the likely “side effects”:

    1. No more week off between the conference title games and the Super Bowl (otherwise the Super Bowl ends up being played in March) – and that means closer games in the Super Bowl because one team or the other won’t fall apart under the incessant glare of the media hype for two weeks (in years when there was not an off week in between, the average margin of victory in the Super Bowl has been considerably lower).

    2. The Super Bowl being played on the Presidents’ Day weekend, giving tens of millions of fans the following day off – and saving American businesses, large and small, billions of dollars in lost productivity, sick leave and overtime pay (the latter to cover for workers who call in sick), because “Super Bowl Monday” has far and away the highest worker absentee rate of any workday in the entire year.

    3. The Hall Of Fame Game being played the same week the rest of the league starts their exhibition schedule, rather than the week before – again, to compress the overall schedule; indeed, if both this and #1 above are adopted, the length of the entire football season becomes one week SHORTER despite the three additional weeks of regular-season play – 18 games and two bye weeks for each team (the latter a foregone conclusion if there is an 18-game season, as even the owners have already come out in support of this).

  252. As said:

    The real problem with an 18-game, 20-week season is that in Olympic years (2014 being the next), the NFL season has to start in early-to-mid August to assure the Super Bowl is played before the start of the Winter Olympics (except when the Winter Games are in the Southern Hemishpere, where they could then be held in May, June or July). The IOC would block the NFL’s efforts to expand the game globally if the NFL ever infringed on staging the Super Bowl during the Winter Olympics, as it would take a shot in the heart at the TV money it would take in from the US TV networks that pay the lions share of the rights fees for the games. I suspect that may actually be the major stumbling block to an 18-game schedule, as the IOC is the one organization bigger than the NFL that the NFL would have to listen to.

  253. i dont want 18 games, and have yet to meet a fan, writer, or any other media who does. that being said, it doesnt matter what “we” want. in their (NFL) minds, we arent smart enough to know whats good for us. it will happen whether we like it or not.

  254. I’d prefer the 16 game format as it is, but, if they want an 18 game schedule, here’s what I would do….

    (1) no pre-season games – schedule your own practice scrimmages, whatever, you don’t need those meaningless games. No other level of football (i.e. college) has pre-season games – they’re not needed.

    (2) There are 16 teams in each AFC/NFC. You play everyone within your conference once and in your division twice. This gives you 18 games and you can truly say the “best” of the division moves on, not like the luck AFC teams that drew the easier games against the NFC West this year.

    (3) Get rid of the two week break between conference championship and Super Bowl (not really an arguement for the longer season, but apersonal preference).

  255. I would never be so naive as to believe that any leader is perfect in what they do. So I must admit that I agree with many of the things Rodger Goodell and the owners have passed.

    -Moving the Pro Bowl Worked
    -Changing draft round times has worked
    -Ending NFL Europe but still have overseas game has been a success.
    -Installing concussion rules has made players safer

    So to think that Goodell has been completely wrong in everything is naive. However, this – this is baseless. But i’m not mad at him for it. He’s speaking for the owners. Still – this claim that we actually want an 18-game season is baseless, fact-less, and the owners thirst for money clearly blinds their ability to see what Fans truly want.

  256. Make Goodell read these posts – we season ticket holders don’t want to pay full price for 2 joke preseason games but don’t want injuries from extra games either!

  257. An 18-game schedule is one of those things that some fans say they are not in favor of now … but as soon as two preseason games are replaced by two regular season games, fans will be all about it. There are too many preseason games and everyone agrees. However, owners were never going to cut back on the 20-game schedule due to the almighty dollar. This really is the best solution when you think about it. I personally will like having two extra regular season games and two less preseason games. Season is still the same length, just more meat and less fat.

  258. Wallyhorse: You are living in a fantasy world if you think the NFL will make any decision based on the Winter Olympics. No one watches the winter games anymore, save for a few hockey games here and there.

    The Winter Olympics will affect the NFL’s scheduling. Now that is a good one.

  259. Goodell is all about Goodell. He doesn’t care about the integrity of the game. He’s a nanny Commissioner who care about his own legacy & making money.

    Goodell is not good for the game. Period. He needs to be dumped. ASAP.

  260. “Moving the Pro Bowl Worked
    -Changing draft round times has worked
    -Ending NFL Europe but still have overseas game has been a success.
    -Installing concussion rules has made players safer”


    Sorry but you are wrong on almost all of these points.
    -The pro bowl is still a huge flop with fans
    -NFL Europe, while not profitable, is missed by NFL teams as a way of developing players and its loss represents the failure of Goodell’s dream of internationalizing the game. His experiment with the annual international game(s) have also been very poorly received by everyone as well.
    -While the draft round times are improved, the three day format has disappointed a large amount of fans.
    – As far as injuries go, it’s good that head hunters and cheap shot artists were cracked down on, but on the whole the game is more dangerous than ever with more players going on IR than ever before.

  261. You can tell owners are desperate for more revanue. I think there is a point when there are too many games though, I don’t know if 18 will be too many or not. But one of the main things that makes the NFL so exciting is that there are so few games. Nearly every game means something. I almost think adding another round of playoffs would have been better, but even that is a dumb idea and it wouldn’t mean more revanue for everyone. Good luck NFL.
    PS how do you spell revanue?

  262. Blitzdorsey said:

    >>Wallyhorse: You are living in a fantasy world if you think the NFL will make any decision based on the Winter Olympics. No one watches the winter games anymore, save for a few hockey games here and there. >>

    WRONG!! The Olympics get HUGE numbers for two and a half weeks (relative to regular programming), which is why networks still pay close to if not more than $1 BILLION for rights to each Olympics, whether they be winter or summer. Even the Oscars (which are considered to be “The Super Bowl for Women”) are moved out of the “February Sweeps” so as not to compete with the Winter games.

    >>The Winter Olympics will affect the NFL’s scheduling. Now that is a good one.>>

    You REALLY have NO IDEA of how big the International Olympic Committee really is. While we think of the NFL as the 800-pound gorilla in the US and rightfully so, the IOC is a completely different animal from ANYTHING we have here in the US. The NFL’s attempts to expand the NFL globally would be adversely affected if they EVER tried to schedule the Super Bowl during the Winter Olympics, as the IOC would take that personally. The IOC is the one organization that can take on the NFL and create all kinds of roadblocks the NFL has in expanding the NFL globally if they ever staged the Super Bowl during the Winter Olympics.

    THAT is what may very well block an 18-game season since in 2013 and 2017, we are looking at having the season start the second week in August (if not earlier) in all likelihood due to the Winter Olympics if we go to an 18-game, 20-week season.

  263. There are a lot of things fans probably “want.” Fans want more pizza for the same price. Fans want six extra bottles of beer for the same price. Fans want more fellatio from their wives. Fans want more vaction for the same salaries. Fans want bigger trucks for less money. But for the love of God, just because it would be nice doesn’t mean it’s RIGHT or MAKES SENSE. And if you really want to know what we want…eliminate the Pro Bowl or put it back behind the Super Bowl. Just get the F’ing players on the field next year. Simple.

  264. Personally, this fan wants my out of town friends to be able to come to my NFL Draft parties again. Thursday night draft really screwed up my favorite event of the year. But, it made more money the other way, so it was suddenly “best for the fans.” We are a convenient scapegoat, when I wish he would just say, “Yeah, we want to make more money, so that is the way it is going to be whether the fans like it or not.” The truth shall set you free, Roger.

  265. backuppunter: It’s way too difficult for teams to overcome a poor start – not only has no team ever made the playoffs after starting 0-5, but no team that started 0-3 has ever so much as gotten to a conference championship game, and only one team that has started 0-2 with both losses having been at home has ever made the playoffs in a non-strike year (the ’03 Eagles). With two more games, it will at least be a bit less hopeless for such teams.

    The 18-game schedule will also foster competitive balance, for two reasons: First, the 17th and 18th games can be interconference games, assigned on the basis of the previous year’s standings, with first-place teams playing each other, and last-place teams playing each other; and second, with only two exhibition games, teams will inevitably make mistakes and cut talented players – and when they do, those players will be snapped up by the weakest teams under the league’s waiver procedures.

    Parity is essential to the mutual survival of all teams – and 18 games means more parity, and more hope for everybody.

  266. @gbfanforever

    First, Go pack!
    Second, I must disagree with you.

    The probowl is still garnishing more viewers than ever before. While not perfect, it is currently at it’s best in terms of viewership.

    How many NFL Europe players can you name which are currently in the league? Also, Wimbley stadium has sold out so prolifically that they’re considering making it two or more games overseas per year.

    Also, the Thursday draft day was the most viewed even that Thursday night. Also, the draft is also peaking at it’s highest point yet in terms of viewership. Also, attendance at the draft is out the Wazoo. I was in NYC last year and it was intense.

    Finally, you made my point for me. It’s more dangerous than ever, faster than ever, with more people on IR than ever and thus it’s good that at least some – as opposed to none – measure have been taken.

    I feel like nobody actually read my final statement in that whole post a made. It basically said I agree with some things he’s done but as for this issue…18 games…the claims were “baseless, fact-less, and the owners thirst for money clearly blinds their ability to see what Fans truly want.”

  267. The arguments against an 18-game schedule CONTINUE to not make sense. The injury argument is palpably false, and the argument made about dilution ignores that there is no such thing. 18 games will alter the varied playoff races by allowing more opportunity to erase a gap.

  268. What I find highly fascinating about this whole debate is how those who are liberal politically strongly tend to be against 18 games, and you can tell they’re liberal the way they constantlly harp on the “greed” theme – while those who support the 18-game schedule seem to be conservative, and their political leanings are just as easily identifiable in how they go out of their way to say bad things about unions.

    But I voted for Kerry in 2004, and Obama in ’08 (although I usually voted Republican before that) – yet I’m probably both the most vocal, and dare I brag, the most eloquent spokesperson on here in favor of the 18-game schedule.

    Go figure.

  269. anthony, I’m puzzled why you voted for Liveshot Kerry and Blockhead Barack. I knew they were phonies and bullies from the start and they’ve done nothing but prove it.

    Nonetheless you’re manifestly on to something in discerning the worldviews of those in this 18-game debate – those opposed see the players as fragile and in need of protection; those supporting see the players are strong enough to handle whatever adversity comes – an irony here is this dichotomy is also at work in the whole concussion and general injury issue.
    Those opposed seem to view the owners as criminals to be punished (certainly reading the writings of Mike Vaccaro and especially Ron Borges this view comes out rather nastily); those supportive seem to understand there’s far more to this than the myth of lining one’s pockets.
    Those opposed see risks to avoid; those supportive see opportunities to seize.

  270. According to Roger Goodell’s logic, if I don’t like paying crazy ticket prices, I’d probably like paying a ridiculous “COA” fee…

    But hey, I’m sure we’ll get our 18 game season, and when everyone’s playing with their 3rd string by week 17, the NFL will be awesome!

  271. Its funny that the VAST majority of fans don’t even want an 18 game season, but Goodell keeps trying to act like we have been asking for this for years.

    I would love to see a real scientific poll done by some of the major news organizations. I bet over 80% of fans are against 18 games.

  272. freestyle – you will never see teams playing their third string in Wk 17 -too many teams will still be in the playoff hunt; the extra two games will see teams erase a gap to the playoffs.

    badcallsfootball, here’s a scientific poll – you will never see a single fan boycott because they get to go to additional games. Give them more games, they’ll go.

  273. I’ve got the solution. Let all the owners and league administrators play those extra two games and bang heads and wind up in wheelchairs….and THEN we can talk about adding 2 extra games.

  274. Well that’s funny, I don’t remember Roger Goodell EVER speaking with me…

    Listen to the fans AND the players, Goodell! There’s enough injuries that happen with a 16 game season. Just look at teams like the Packers and the Colts. Don’t fix what isn’t broken!

  275. Is Goodell going to run for Congress or President? They all seem to think they know what we want too regardless of polling. Self righteous turds.

  276. @anthonyfromstatenisland

    Please, Sir Eloquence of Calgary, please, I beseech you! You mustn’t take that tone with we pea brains of the PFT Nation. I bow to you, good sir!

    Seriously – how are you determining or judging the political stance of people on here in correlation with their stance on an 18-game schedule. You have nothing but their names and their comments. How do you do it? In research terms we call this a “hasty generalization.”

  277. He wants 18 games because he will get a nice gift wrapped pay raise & signing bonus the moment he strong arms it into affect…that greedy, power hungry, Machiavellian bastard.

  278. gunnyd – where has there ever been a correlation between number of games and incidence of injuries?


    phoenixsong17 – so you’re saying you won’t go to the extra games once the 18-game schedule comes?

    No way. You’ll go like everyone else with tickets will. And why listen to the players? Because they have less respect for their own durability than Goodell does?

  279. “Just look at teams like the Colts.” No – it’s time to get rid of the tissue-soft Bill Polian football that has been there all decade and force Indy to build their teams like the old Tennessee Titans – teams that win with hitting and durability, not speed and finesse.

  280. I guess the fans Goodell is referring to is the owners because an 18 game regular season is not what the real fans want.

  281. ravensfreak00 says:
    Feb 7, 2011 10:30 PM
    I guess the fans Goodell is referring to is the owners because an 18 game regular season is not what the real fans want.


    No he is actually referring to season ticket holders. Most them do want the 18 games so they can buy less exhibition games and more real games. Have to think about it from their perspective too and not just the circle of friends you have.

  282. The Fans: Paying full price for preseason games is stupid

    The Commish: The Fans want an 18 game schedule

    Sorry but one doesn’t translate into the other! Goodell is conveniently twisting what the fans want to suit his needs. He doesn’t care about the fans but 2 him and his employers (the owners) the look at an 18 game schedule as 2 more games with increased attendance, conessions and most importantly – TV ratings.

  283. Nobody really wants an 18 game season. Lots of people would like to see two less preseason games. What owners and players really want is more revenue which they can get by televising more games. They can get this in a number of ways:
    1. Add 4 more teams to the playoffs and spread the first round of the playoffs over two weekends. This does away with the big advantage that 4 teams get with the first round bye by requiring all teams to play the same number of playoff games. Coaches will love this as getting in the playoffs tends to ensure job security. Fans will love this as they get another weekend of high intensity dramatic playoff football. This year, two more 10-6 teams in the Giants and Buccaneers would have made the playoffs along with a 9-7 team (San Diego) and a 8-8 team (Jacksonville). In a year when a 7-9 team made the playoffs and a #6 seed won the Super Bowl, I think no one would have considered adding those four teams as somehow watering down the playoffs.
    2. Make the Thursday night football package last all season. Eight more televised games means more revenue.
    3. Add a second bye week. In season vacations are popular with coaches and players alike and while it can be tough on the schedulers, you get an additional week of football to televise.
    Do all three of these and the league will generate more revenue than an additional two weeks of regular season would. Cut out the two preseason games, and shorten the allowable off season programs, and I think you have a bunch of happy coaches and players alike.

  284. If there is an 18-game season down the road, as noted, I suspect we may actually see a 21-week season with THREE bye weeks per club. I do think such a season could include more mid-week games, but I don’t see a full Thursday night package because I think NFL Network realizes they would get hurt in October by the baseball playoffs (especially with the new schedule for MLB) and ESPN has a well-established college football game on Thursdays that does well even opposite the NFL Network.

    Where I do see additional mid-week games in an 18-game schedule:

    FOX and CBS each getting one Wednesday or Thursday prime time game in weeks 2/3 in September (one per season per network each), before the official start of the TV season.

    FOX and CBS alternating a prime-time game on Thanksgiving Eve, with each getting that game every other year. In this, the network NOT having such a game gets one week aside from Week 1 where they the normal blackouts that occur when a team is playing at home on the singleheader network is waived and is also permitted on one other week to provide a doubleheader when the doubleheader network can only show one game in a market where the local team is playing at home (Example: Eagles playing at home on a CBS doubleheader week with FOX permitted to show a doubleheader that week in Philadelphia since they don’t have the Thanksgiving Eve game if such comes up).

    NBC getting Thanksgiving night with NFL Network perhaps starting their existing Thursday night schedule one week earlier. This would be in exchange for NBC giving up a Sunday night game during the World Series.

    NBC also getting a Tuesday or Wednesday night game the week after Thanksgiving at The Meadowlands that would be incorporated into the tree lighting ceremony at Rockerfeller Plaza that can be billed as “The NFL Holiday Kickoff.”

    That to me can be how an 18-game season gets done that pleases Las Vegas in particular as I believe they are the ones quietly pushing Godell more than anyone for such a season.

  285. The first two games of the regular 16 game season are almost as bad as the preseason games because teams aren’t fully prepared.

    Now “we,” “the fans,” want 18 games?

    Not this fan. He’s watering down the product.

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