Tomlin says he’ll know Pouncey’s status today

We’re clearly running out of things to talk about during Super Bowl week when Steelers coach Mike Tomlin has his final pre-game press conference, and there are so few questions that the whole thing is over in a few minutes.

But Steelers coach Mike Tomlin did address what may be the only piece of real news to come out of the Steelers today: Tomlin said he’ll know the status of center Maurkice Pouncey this morning, when the team convenes for its 11 a.m. practice.

“I’ll let you know when we practice,” Tomlin said. “We practice about 11, so we’re a couple hours short.”

Although Pouncey is still claiming he expects to play, just about everyone else expects Pouncey to be out with the ankle injury he suffered in the AFC Championship Game.

Backup center Doug Legursky, who is reportedly practicing well this week, will get the start if Pouncey is out.

12 responses to “Tomlin says he’ll know Pouncey’s status today

  1. Hopefully he’ll be able to play ….NOT start, but play in the event Legursky gets hurt. We saw, a few years back, what happened when James Harrison had to play center against the Giants.

    Go Steelers!!!

  2. Legursky representing Marshall University just like Randy Moss. He played against the Ravens and the Jets so he’s familiar with how to ID the defense. Green Bay will not intimidate him

  3. Pouncey will play. I have a connection on the inside. He will start and be close to 100%. Bank on it!

  4. krow101 says:
    Feb 4, 2011 9:57 AM
    I thought he was out? Guess they lied huh?


    Not sure what “they” you are referring to, but the Steelers never officially listed Pouncey as out. Only the media and their ‘sources’ said he wouldn’t play.

    Hard to believe he could be effective against Raji in that condition.

  5. This sounds like an attempt to gain any advantage possible by keeping the starting center a ‘mystery’. Lame.
    Go Pack Go.
    I’m so sick of the Steelers and their fans.

  6. starderup says:
    Feb 4, 2011 12:59 PM

    I’m so sick of the Steelers and their fans.

    That would expain the bitterness of your comment.

    Pouncey has had this same injury on the other ankle in the past, and came back in a few weeks, so he knows he may have a chance. Odds are against him but he is a 21 year old superior athelete who’s recovery could be shorter than the standard month that the experts predict.

    Tomlin is going to give his Probowl Center every chance to play in this game.

    Can’t believe a Coach would try to gain any advantage possible in the Superbowl.
    Name one NFL Coach who wouldn’t do exactly the same thing.

  7. Censored AGAIN????????????????????????

    Why is it that Krow can call Tomlin a liar, but I can’t post that they’ve said all along he was questionable and he sounds like an eight-year-old in a sandbox when he says silly things like that??????

    Censorship is heinous, but I can understand your desire to filter obscenity and inflammatory speech. But you don’t do that. You censor ideas. you censor comments defending coaches and players against slander. You censor lucid comments challenging childish rants.

    You have judgment issues.

  8. @Deb

    I just had the same thing happen to me today 5/17/11 and find it very troubling.

    Is there any chance that he doesn’t know it’s happening? Perhaps it is someone else censoring comments and they would lose their position when he finds out.

    It just seems so crazy as he is so anti anything like this in all of his posts and articles.

    But, truth is truth. It happened to me today multiple times.

    PS) it’s extremely important to never use his name in a comment as it immediately blocks the comment from being posted. Cussing where you rearrange one letter is ok but don’t have a clear thought that uses his personal name.

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